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  1. On mine I had to loosen up the foot pedal adjustment, I guess it needed to move more. I adjusted my rear brakes and that's what caused the problem, after loosening them up it worked again, Also had to be in 1st in order to go into reverse. Seemed to be a problem an each Yamaha I have owned. Just got rid of one and same issues.
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  2. I recently read an article about restoring or at least improving the looks of faded and discolored plastic body parts. In the article it suggested using a 50/50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and paint thinner. You mix it up and apply it with a brush or rag to rub it in and remove the oxidation. I curious to find out if anyone has had experience with doing this and what was their short/long term results of doing so. I would hate to try it and find out that a few weeks/months down the road my plastic body parts self destruct.
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  3. Thanks, thats good to know. I decided to try and test the boiled linseed and paint thinner 50::50 mix on a small test area and was impressed with the results. It didn't leave it looking new but it did make it look a lot better. The best part was that is very easy to apply and with little effort. I have used armor all in the past but after a few hours the chalky white oxidation starts to show through again. The test area with the 50::50 mix was applied about 4 weeks ago and it still looks much better than before. I just have not done all of the pannels because I was concerned about the long ter
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  4. I can honestly say I've tried it all! Linseed oil, water sanding with 2000 grit paper and trying to buff it out, heating with a heat gun (worked the best) but nothing will bring them back! I use armor all to give them a decent look but nothing is going to ever bring them back to the way they were.
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