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    @mikeexplorer hopefully today you got some! @Gunny Great video as usual! Do you ever see any wildlife? That's a lot of snow...some of those snow drifts are insane! Feel like I'm riding when watching, pretty cool. Just need a VR headset and I can ride on a quad with tracks vicariously through you!
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    Hey, Hey, Hey ... I'm lov'in winter ...... ... Hope you enjoy the video !! ...
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    Been a mechanic for 55 years. Never knew there was a metric zerk!😲
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    Give em hell bro [emoji1598] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Give em hell bro [emoji1598] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The next switch that goes bad hold it and to selectively take it apart and inspect the contact board to see if its burnt inside. There could be a fault like @Ajmboy said maybe a back feed of 12v from someplace. Are there any aftermarket parts like a winch or lights on the bike ?
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    Nice video, winter here has been terrible. Ski slopes are not that good right now. The snow in the trees is from snowmaking, They only got a few hours in before it warmed up.
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    Parallel twins don't fire at the same time. While one piston is on the way up to fire the other is on the way down. They are designed like this so there is a constant velocity power band and produce a lot more torque. Tandem twins have the pistons firing at the same time as the pistons are at the same location on the crank shaft. These are a pain in the ass to dial in since the air/fuel delivery to the cylinders has to be very close because they both fire together.
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    For my 2018 570 (may be it's the same ), i have to press and hold "Mode" button to see "Diagcode" on the display.
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