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    I bought a middle of the road gasket kit on the last rebuild and the head gasket blew and orings crushed. Buy OEM on partzilla, it's about $20 difference and you won't be pulling it apart again in 2 weeks.
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    Thanks for tagging me @Frank Angerano, that's what brought me to this topic 😉 The issue is that iphones save videos as .MOV, and android, windows, and browsers like chrome do not automatically play .MOV files like MP4 files. Its usually the browser. .MOV is a quicktime file and will play in iphones and in safari browsers. I've converted it to .mp4 IMG_3837.mp4
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    Always watch when you have a passenger (if you do). I've seen so many people on the rear of an ATV that isn't intended for two riders get their feet caught in the back tires. This is especially easy on sport ATVS because the fenders don't protect much.
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    Very nice. Some wide open areas !!
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