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    Shorter video than most of our videos but ALOT of work has been done in this video! The Yamaha grizzlys 700 will LOVE this cave! At first we were not sure if we would be able to fit two yamaha grizzly 700s in the grizzly cave but since the cave is all cleaned up I think we have more than enough room!
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    I'd bet the brushes are bad in the starter. Try holding the start button down and giving the starter a tap with a wrench. I bet it'll pop right off. When it's warm, metal expands a bit and I bet the change in tolerances lets the brushes contact.
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    Nice Fluke! I use a 73 series 3 i've had for probably 15 years or so. Can't properly diagnose without a good multimeter!
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    Ok so that wire your pointing to should be the main ground to your battery? If so loosen it up or take it out and clean and put it back. Check and clean all grounds while ur at it. As far as the relay goes the contacts could not be making contact, those two black wires completes the push button circuit. Try again to jump them together and see if the push button works. You may also want to take that push button control off of the handlebar and make sure its not full of water or corroded inside. I would also identify the color wires on the push button and do a continuity test on the button to see that its working. Continuity testing: set your tester to the symbol that looks like a horse shoe or the symbol that looks like a volume control. Either setting will work. Take the two leads of the tester and touch them together. The horseshoe setting will show numbers the volume looking symbol will make the tester ring. Depending on the tester. So all you have to do now to do a continuity test is lets say you want to test a doorbell. You take the two test leads and put one on one screw of the door bell wire connection and the other lead on the other screw. Press the door bell and the tester will ring or show a reading. If so you have continuity! So treat the start button like a doorbell and test it. As far as the green wire on the relay, put a tester lead on the green wire and the other lead on the ground. Put the engine in gear and test. You should not get a reading. Put the engine in neutral and you should get a reading. If so the neutral safety switch is working. I hope this make sense? Pics of a tester attached.
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    @Steven Urban welcome to QUADCRAZY! @Frank Angerano gives the best advice as usual!
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    It’s been a pleasure serving all of you. I can not ride anymore. My illness has turned to the worst and I can barely walk anymore. I will still be here helping where I can. I might just get an oddsey and work the sh!t out of it. But I’m done. I didn’t want to be in this situation. But I have to take it. It’s been so much fun here guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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