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    Got my Yamaha Grizzly buttoned up finally and went for a quick 2 hour ride in the power lines with my neighbor, who has a Yamaha Kodiak. We have access from his yard, which is nice. Was a beautiful day today to get out and will try to go more often. Ran into two other quad riders with a sportsman and I think grizzly. Also ran into a dirt bike rider. 😎
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    Nice. I decided to skip town once everything shut down. Not many people around at 6500 ft. 🙂
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    Look at this. https://www.mobilityquad.com/
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    Yes. I saw those with tracks and mud tires. My mind is with me still. Hell. If I can make a dirt bike out of spare parts, make it run and drive. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Thank you Ajmboy. Your kind words are inspiring. Just because I can’t use my legs anymore wont stop me from finding other means. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Getting older and the progressive diseases that too often go with it sucks.......but it's still better than the only alternative. At 76 I've lost too many of my old friends. Take care and keep on fighting... I've seen some pretty fancy offroad wheelchairs if it comes to that .
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