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  1. Well....at this point....it looks like I"m going with the Honda. My dealer has a few 07s left and is selling for $6005 out the door. The KFX is $7100 otd and the YFZ is $6762 otd. I don't think either bike is $700-1100 better than the Honda and it's really growing on me.

    Thanks for all the help. I'm still price shopping and have already put a refundable deposit down to hold the Honda til tomorrow night, but most likely, that's what I'll be getting.

    Thanks again,


  2. Was it $6900 out the door? That's in the ballpark of the rest of the bikes. I really appreciate the help.

    I'm considering longer A-arms and a wider rear axle (I ride trails too, but we don't really have nearly as many trees as you guys here in AZ, so I'd like the extra high speed stability). I'm thinking of spending some coin on piggyback reservoir shocks (maybe Ohlins) just to help the suspension if I go with the Honda....is this a bad idea?

    What about intake and pipe mods? From what I understand the Honda responds very well to these...enough to make it have better accel and top speed over the YFZ....true or false?

    Thanks again for the help.


  3. I highly recommend the TRX450ER or 450R. The only difference is electric start on the ER. If you read all the reviews of these 4 quads, They rank them Yamaha#1, Honda#2, Suzuki#3, and Kawi is a respectable 4th. It is very close between the 4. I'm 6' 2", the honda is best suited for a taller rider than the others. The reliablity for Honda is still there, I have not seen a single problem and I ride the piss out of mine. The stock shocks are made by Showa, not top of the line but by all means they are great. I have just an after market exhaust for now. Made by 2 Brothers. Any other questions, fill free to ask.

    What year is your Honda? There's a recall on the 06 for lower a-arms.....I assume that's fixed for 07-08 models?

    Any links to these reviews? Everything I'm reading is quad specific and only touts the greatness of the one quad they happen to be testing. I'm not seeing any shootouts.



    PS. It looks like around here (AZ) I can get the Yamaha for $6800 OTD. The Suzuki will be about $6900-7K. I have no idea on the KFX but I'm guessing they are going to want over 7K. What should I expect to pay for a Honda? I'm leaning towards it more and more....guess it's all the Honda's I've owned in the past. :)

  4. So, I'm in the market for a new quad....been out of the sport for over 10 years. Used to ride almost exclusively Hondas, but their fit and finish quality has really seemed to have tanked in the 450Rs that I've looked at at the dealer.

    I'm not a fan of the KTM or the DS 450.....just something about them I don't like.

    In order of preference, I think I like the KFX450R, the YFZ450, the TRX450R and then LTR-450.

    Out of those 4.....which do you prefer and why? Why don't you like the others?

    I like the Kawasaki most b/c it seems like the highest quality, and it's got fuel injection. Downsides: 1st year of production, unproven aluminum frame, heavy...but has reverse. I've heard of a few overheating problems from too small of a fuse on the fan (10A vs. 20A) and that they've recalled 6K of the bikes b/c of a fuel tank problem that has since been fixed. Warranty has been extended to 1 year to entice people to buy.

    The Yamaha looks close to the KFX in terms of quality, but doesn't have fuel injection. The oiling problems were corrected with the 07 models. Seems pretty dialed in to jump on and ride. I'm not one of those guys that has to have the fastest quad out there....I'm really looking for something that's reliable. I'm not looking to trade out quads every few years. I'm also not planning any major mods. At most, maybe a pipe and intake, some paddles and possibly wider a-arms and rear axle for better handling.

    The Honda is starting to grow on me, but it sucks that the small fit and finish items seem so cheap compared to even the older 400EX line. The shifter, pegs and controls just look cheapo....like they sourced the parts from Suzuki's supplier. I've heard the TRXs are the best if you want to really mod the engine with a big bore kit, etc. Don't know if that's true, but even Can-Am's site is comparing the target 4 features to mostly the Honda.

    The Suzuki is only in the running b/c it's wide and has fuel injection. Otherwise, this bike just seems cheaply built....from frame weld quality to controls and parts. I'm still interested in what people have to say about it though. I've never been a fan of Suzuki in general....win me over. :)

    Any input is appreciated.


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