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  1. So i rode for the first time with my thor quadrants the other night and i gotta say they are gonna take some getting used to. I was ridin my mans quad and i just couldnt get my foot under the shifter. When we put my quad back together i think im definantly gonna have to move the shifter up some.

    trust me you'll get used to it...i use the steel tip of the boot to shift my gears ...took a little getting used to but once you get the boots broken in you'll be fine..they are pretty stiff when there brand spank...:laugh:

  2. Ooops!!! I was gonna Post in here but realized it was just for Sport Quads....Not Quad Spanking Trikes:laugh:

    haha....always promoting those death trikes lol to each their own...i ilike trikes there awesome but thats old technology....show me a 4 stroke fuel injected trike and im game ...:rolleyes:

  3. I ride a 2006 700r...I chose it because i wanted something that could haul... like stoopidbot said...i like to go fast too...although the type of terrain around here would be better suited with a utility I still love my raptor and i dont think i would trade it for anything..it has all the power and torque of the 450's plus it has reverse and reliability...(not saying the 450's dont) but my raptor has about at least 175 hours on it and its still running as good as new... I think that the real reasons of choosing a sport quad are because there so fun to throw around ,you can go up pretty much any sand hill around and mostly they haul....:)

  4. actaually for most aftermarket exhaust on 4 strokes the head pipe will turn cherry red...ive heard this b4 not a big dealsigns of running rich or lean will be backfiring...

    rich will backfire out the exhaust pipe and lean will backfire out of the carb/airbox...hope that helps.. if your bike isnt backfiring id say your fine...

  5. (ATC) 3 wheelers where already banned from sales before the Quadzilla attack. Any how I was talking ATVS , NOT ATCS. ATCs got banned for simialer reasons, but before the shights got set on ATVS. Just like motorcycles. Look how common streetbikes are now. They have a higher sales rate than th U.S. has a divorce rate.

    Also ATV seals increased when ATC where banned. No more new ATC to compete with.I also said early 1990's not mid to wanna late Eighties. Correct me if I wrong but ATC were banned in 1985 or 1986 for new sales in the US.

    no your right the atc's were banned in the mid 80's....i was just saying that the trike also had a toll in lowering the overall intrest and sales juring those times... too many people got killed on those things cuz there nuts.... ..

  6. Stock vs. Stock, a 650 has a higher top speed, by 3 to 5 mile per hour. Simply because the EFI has a rev or shut off point just like a car. This is a bone stock right from Honda . Good guess.

    But one thing you kids should think about is, when MWKE and I started riding a 110 Honda ATC was not even introduced yet.I also remember when a 250 cc engine was and to some us still is the ultimate FAT BLOCK.

    Go back through the early 1990's you will notice the ATV scene nearly died off. The 500 Quadracer was what helped almost kill this sport off.

    not the only atv but the one that nearly killed Suzuki. Powerful Quads , fast quads , and STUPID people. Make people get hurt, and produce lawsuits.Which equals everyone suffers .Back then I saw 2 people get hurt and watched a guy get killed on a Quadzilla. So if I get ouchy about speed sorry. I have not rode a sport quad for more than a 1/4 mile since 1987. Only reason I ride a 1/4 mile is when my buddy gets his Quadzilla out to drag race the new Heavy stuff. The Tecate ATC is still my favorite 3 wheeler.

    if i remember correctly it wasnt only the quadzilla that almost killed the sport and people.. it was actually the trike....

  7. Hey Billy!!!!

    Looks like we were trying all these Tricks before or During their Diaper Days:laugh: They are still young enough to hate a Good SPANKIN!!!! But old enough to think we are Stupid old people:laugh:

    Gearing and Tire Selection Depending on Soil Conditions as well as Cat like Reflexes to get you OUT THE HOLE!!!! Anyone can Win a Top Speed race but do you guys have the Reaction time to Take a True 300' ATV Drag Race...

    I can see it now.....Us OLD guys will be poppin Tops and you youngins will be gettin Put on the Trailer....It will look like a Preschool yard with all your bikes in a Playpen and in Time Out:biggrin:

    Bud Lights and Red Lights...

    Two bikes out the HOLE!!!!!!

    GIT IT RAGGGGG!!!!!!!

    sounds like your pretty confident....i wish i lived closer ...ive got some reaction time...and a big bore.... as for a 300ft drag...i also drag my raptor on the 1/8 mile drag strip.... i dont think i would be seeing the trailer...lol

  8. Other than the clutch kit, I would start out with an air filter. Another thing I have seen people do is drill some holes in the top of your airbox lid. Secure a piece of fine metal mesh to the bottom of the lid(the inside). This will open up your airflow alot. The down side to it is you have to clean your filter much more often.

    i would also imagine if your putting more air into the motor with a new filter such as a K&N and put holes in the lid your going to have to jet the bike....from what i understand its hard to find a jetting kit for the trailblazer...hey trailblazer_02 have you found a jetting kit yet?

  9. Hey 08 Rappy-350 got an answer for this ?

    im no expert...especially with utes...but from what ive heard and researched the 650 would probably be faster.. the 680 is fi with a snappier throttle response but the carbed 650 would be able to be adjusted enough to take the 680... i have no clue what the top speed of the bikes are either... like i said im more of a sport quad guy but i try to be as imformed as i can...if im wrong please by all means correct me...

  10. Change sprockets like bigger and you could go faster. Instead of blaming your front tires. Top fuel dragster can hit 330 plus MPH and they just DRIVE it , when floating occurs. KingQuad hit 72 and wieghts 200 pounds more than the Rappy . I think put a clutch kit on the King Quad and say BYE,BYE, and Bye.

    Thought you would carry this topic better. Oh I forgot , I had to start this topic in the first place. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    i didnt blame the lack of speen on my front tires...i blamed the floating issue on the tires....btw my 700r doesnt lack speed at all...I just want more...plus i dont believe a king quad hit 72mph anyways....my buddies brute force 650i can only do 60mph....my rappy would spank most quads out there unless they are heavily moddified...Ive just done some upgrades to mine ie...a fuel controller and intake so im guessing my top speed incresed probably to the high 70's or low 80's...not to much around that can touch that... and i dindt need you to start a thresd for me....thought you said to keep the high speed talk to a minimum something about tree huggers...lol i dont ride on any actually park or organized trails just straight up bush roads up here in Canada...so we dont have to worry about the tree huggers aroubd these parts...its just the yanks that are conserned about that...

  11. fastest ive gone on my 700r is the high 70's..i think...id like to say faster but i dont realy know for sure,....my raptor likes to float around the trails when hauling that fast too....but i think that was because i was running the stck worn out tires in the front...this season ive got new rubber all around so the floating issue should be resolved... now i just need to go faster...lol

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