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  1. OK.. Sorry I can't help more. The starter clutch should grab so hard that it stops if the motor doesn't turn over. That is normal . Spinning over without the motor turning over is not. Did you change the piston when you worked on the motor? It might be a little too big for the cylinder and binding before the motor warms up and the cylinder expands .
  2. It sounds to me like the one way clutch for the starter is not grabbing properly. You should not hear the starter whining it the clutch was locking to turn the motor ovrr. With the plug out, the clutch holds just enough to turn the motor over slowly , but it is still slipping badly. Since you had the motor apart, you may have installed the clutch backwards. Try taking it out and turning it around to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't, a new one way clutch ( sprag clutch) should fix your problem.
  3. Voltage to the positive terminal of the starter while cranking should be between 10.5 and11.8 v while the motor is turning over. If it is less then either the battery is weak or there is possibly corrosion creating resistance and dropping the voltage to the starter. A fully charged battery should have between 12.6 and 13.2 volts
  4. davefrombc

    Yamaha 400 Kodiak 4x4 help please.

    Yhat appears to be the correct brake handle for the right side ( master cylinder for front brakes. The left brake uses a cable to activate the rear brakes. From everything I found in searches , there is no cable attached to the front brake ( right handle) lever
  5. davefrombc

    what is the best brand of ATV?

    I think everyone has their own valid opinion of which is the best brand. I like my Honda , and friends who have them also swear by them . Yamaha , Kawasaki and Suzuki also have their fans. Kymco, although much less well known also has a very good reputation among those that can get over their prejudices against "Chinese junk" . Kymco is Taiwanese, makes parts for a few high end car makers and as well as for some of the more name brand Japanese ATV builders. I can't speak for the reliability of some of the newer models of US/ Canadian ATV builders, but some of the older ones did not have a great reputation here . For example , among the riders I know the old Polarises were better known by the name " Pullhairis" for the troubles they had . I think the best ATV is the one that does the job for you, is liked by your riding circle of friends and is the one you can afford. Keep the maintenance up and any of todays machines will serve you well, although I too am wary of unknown brands that sell cheaply. None of the name brand , domestic or foreign should let you down whether the machine is 40 years old or new .. Maintenance means much ore than age .
  6. You might have a vent line for the fuel pump blocked. It should prime by gravity feed. The bike should roll reasonably easy when in neutral and 2wd; a little harder if in 4wd. the centrifugal clutch automatic transmissions take a little throttle to engage, and a little more if the belt is worn but but it shouln't take a lot . It does sound like you have something dragging to make it so hard to roll. I'd look for dragging brakes before digging into anything else.
  7. davefrombc

    2000 Arctic Cat 300 Cuts Off On Acceleration

    It sounds like a lean issue with both quads. Is the stock air filter in place ? Some quads lean out and don't want to run right without the air filter . Check to make sure there's nothing restricting the fuel flow to the carb. Also check to see if a small piece of crud has gotten into the carb inlet and resstricting fuel flow past the float needle . The new carb you bought might not be calibrated properly for your machine. Check the clip on the main throttle needle. You may need to move it down towards the needle tip to make it open more under throttle. Check is the idle air screw. It may be adjusted a little too lean. That would let it idle but when you go to open the throttle the mixture goes a bit to lean and it stumbles. All these lean burn symptoms would be more pronounced when the motor is warm. Those are about all I can think of to suggest checking .. Good luck and Happy New Year .
  8. davefrombc

    800 Outlander dropped valve

    Do you know anyone in the US you can trust to pick up the parts and ship them to you? I looked for Canadian dealers but BRP must have the same deal with them . No shipping outside Canada even to the US, and I didn't find any that showed pistons or heads available online.
  9. davefrombc


    Have a very Safe and Happy New Year everyone.
  10. davefrombc

    1995 Polaris 300 2x4

    There is a shop manual that covers your quad in the download section that you can access after 10 posts .. I hope you enjoy your machine and find the forum here is great for far more than just finding manuals .
  11. davefrombc

    5 Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

    Rear tires on most 2 wheel drive quads are a little bigger than the fronts. Your quad likely has stock size tires on it and the one in the video has rear tires that someone has swapped for the stock.
  12. I hope everyone is having a safe and merry Christmas and Santa's reindeer powered ultimate ATV was loaded with toys when it stopped by . Merry Chriastmas.mp4
  13. Have a very Merry and Safe Christmas everyone.
  14. davefrombc

    The End is Near

    I made it 388 Dan
  15. Here is a link to a site with the service manual for the 2005 Sportsman 500. It won't let me download the manual unless I sign up with the site so I'm just posting the link for you to do as you wish.. You can view the entire manual online , just can't download it . https://www.scribd.com/doc/51630928/2005-Polaris-Sportsman-400-500-Service-Manual-NoPW