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  1. i'm only about 30 min away from it and i hate it. it's too small and the track was made for dirtbikes. i've been out there a bajillion times with others but only rode my wuad out there once and it's not worth it IMO. i would rather drive out to hollister and use the track up there.

  2. Boondockers Nitrous Kit- $650 OBO shipped.

    This is a Boondockers nitrous kit that i paid $850.00 for and I only used it at 2 trips to the dunes. It is a fun toy to have, i beat banshees and raptor 700's with no problem. I have a water temp. gauge and the motor never got any hotter than normal when I would squeeze.

    My method was when I would shift into third I would hit the button for about 2 seconds and then again when I hit fourth. I was usually far enough ahead that I really didn't need to hit it after fifth gear. Like i said it was really cool to have, don't really want to get rid of it but my girlfriends quad needs a new front end. I will miss it but my girlfriends safety is a little more important to me than all the looks i would get with the nitrous bottle hanging in front of the quad. My quad just has a pipe, k & N with no lid and re-jetted. I will include the k & n filter so you don't have to worry about drilling the hole in the back of it for the manifold. ( The hose coming from the bottle to the solenoid is steel braided.)


  3. jersey [ when too hott it's a wifebeater]

    riding pants





    the b/f is making me get a chest protector.. not too excited about that one.[because until recently i never saw the womens ones and was umm a little concerned] funny thing is after me throwing a hissyfit about it, i didn't see a dropoff at the dunes and ate my bars. so therefore i lost the arguement..:aargh:


  4. Dunerider07, hello thanx for welcoming to the site. 2 hours south from Monterey huh? Is it Paso Robles, maybe? Hey thats cool. Do you have other friends that ride, because I'll be going to Hollister Hills next weekend 4/ 26/08 if you're up for it? I go mostly alone cuz my riding friends always have something to do on the weekends so I go alone. Thats ok I'm becoming a better rider then them.

    no, i live in the modesto area. sorry about not being able to make it to hollister, the boyfriend races every weekend so we have to know waayyy ahead so we can make arrangments. we're actually going to pismo in about a month, you should come along!

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