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  1. The cdi is a sealed until. And it’s that way for a reason. It hates moisture! Any moisture gets in and it’s dead. I learned this a little while back while I was putzing around with my old cdi and went on YouTube to see what anyone has to say. One guy pointed me in the direction of putting the cdi in my oven. It worked believe it or not! Check this out.
  2. Welcome to Quadcrazy! Those are some nice bikes you picked up. What kind of shape are they in ? Post some pics, and any help or questions please ask away. You will love and enjoy this forum. We have a lot of knowledgeable members here.
  3. Welcome to Quadcrazy, sounds like a nice find. All the things you want to do are all easily within reach. Post some pics and start ordering some parts! The new stereo mounts are easy and very cool. They connect with your smart phone and connect via Bluetooth. I picked up a really nice winch on Amazon for $90 bucks led lights are a dime a dozen and work well. Any help you need ask away.
  4. Sunshine the two wires going to the thermo sensor at the radiator, take a piece of copper wire and jump them together!!! With the key on the fan should immediately come on. If so then your good to go and it’s just a matter of the engine coolant reaching temp. I also want you change that thermostat if you can. It may have trouble opening and not allowing coolant to circulate properly. I don’t think it would be a water pump but start with the thermostat.
  5. Do you feel the relay clicking when you turn the key on and off?
  6. Try this. Leave the key on and pull the relay. See if the relay clicks when you pull it. If so then the relay is working. Or just touch the relay and see if it clicks when you turn the key on. What I would do next is trace the wire that feeds the lights and disconnect it. See if that changes anything. Does that bike have a digital screen on it ? Any codes ?
  7. That is a great idea. That’s redneck 101 right there. Quick question. That front of the ac where the filter is. That’s the intake portion, how come you leave that exposed taking in the hot air from outside ? Why not build another cowl like you did and connect it to the tent as well. This way your recovering more cooler air from inside the tent then drawing the outside hot air ? Either way I freaking love it.
  8. Looks great. What year is that? The headlights and bike over all appears to be a newer bike ? Very well done! And welcome to Quadcrazy!
  9. You can bench test it. Basically put it on your work bench and put power to the stater for a second. It should spin. Black cable on the metal part of the body of the starter and touch the red cable to the lug where the wire bolts up to the starter. If it does not spin then it’s dead. Order a new one.
  10. Ok great so keep going trough everything to rule out any shorts including a good inspection of that 4x4 selector switch and see what you come up with. Hopefully you put the oem regulator in and the cdi and she fires right up. Leave that 4x4 selector unplugged before you try to fire it up and see what happens.

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