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  1. The axles ant other parts will run you probably another $300-$400 or so and miscellaneous nuts bolts and gaskets a few more bucks. Keep in mind this all depends one the existing transmission working properly? Why was it disconnected in the first place? These are the things you have to look into. Double check that all the tires are the same size as well. 4x4 vehicles have to have the same size tires all the way around so they all rotate the same. It’s possible that after the 4x4 was removed the front tires were downsized ?
  2. That may the problem! We’re there any bees left inside the nest ? Also does it run any better ?
  3. Are the original hubs there ? Wow that’s a lot of parts. The differential is gone too ? Your prob going to put about $1000 in parts to get it back to 4x4. Not sure if it’s worth it.
  4. What make, what model, what year ? If the bike had 4 wheel drive then you can most likely restore it back to what it was. Parts will most likely be used from eBay or other vendors depending on the brand of the bike.
  5. There you go. Nice work, aftermarket stators are commonly available for lots of different engines. Happy yours worked out. Ride safe.
  6. What’s up Zac welcome to Quadcrazy. Not having spark could be a few different things but they all can be checked with an electrical tester if your handy with one?
  7. That’s strange. I wouldn’t think it’s the cdi maybe a rectifier/regulator??
  8. There have been a few member that have asked about the aftermarket power steering. How involved is it and what’s your choice of brand of there at a lot of brands ? Me as a hunter, outdoor person love the 4x4. Big fan of Honda, Ive yet to ride a power steering bike so honestly I have no clue.
  9. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Roger-Ashley Freese Looking forward to your input!! You will find a great member base here.
  10. My guess is that bike should idle at about 800 to 1000 rpm warm and 1200 at maybe a choke position. If it’s reving high after it warms up you can make an adjustment on the carburetor or intake if it’s fuel injected. 7500 would be the maximum revolution limit where the cdi would go into safety mode and shut down.

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