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  1. I would check the spark plug color after it starts acting up. See if it’s dark and fouled. If so then your fuel mixture is off. Stick with the oem carb and set the mixture screw as per spec and maybe a slight adjustment. But first check what your spark plug looks like as soon as it starts acting up. Black color bad, nice light brown color is good.
  2. That’s a great video. Sounds like the terminator doing the timing. Lol. Let me know what you find out.
  3. Nice work, be sure to use plenty of grease so you don’t have any crazy friction during initial start up. Maybe change the oil one more time after break in. Hopefully everything worked out good and your ready to roll. Ride safe.
  4. Have you taken a tester or a test light and check for power at the relay ? Not the larger red wires. There is a smaller plug on the relay as well as a fuse. I’m sure you checked the fuse but have you checked for power on the smaller wires ? We just had a member with a bad relay that had no power coming into the fuse.
  5. There are marks. Someplace on there. Unless the sprocket was put on backwards and your not seeing them. It’s either a dot or a line.
  6. Honestly if that engine is having trouble at the top of the stroke plus the backfire makes me thing the timing jumped a spot. I would double check before you keep cranking.
  7. That’s some good stuff. I would def like to see them diagrams. Post a few pics if you can. We just had a member that needed a diagram for the water cooled rapidity.
  8. Ok well that’s a great post Lisa 43 and single! just kidding. All I’ve ever used with Quadcrazy is my iPhone it’s easier for me. Any additional information you have in the Kymco can be posted right here. If it’s a downloadable manual then maybe @Admin can explain how it’s vetted for any malware and put on the Quadcrazy platform library. Its very much appreciated since there are quite a lot of members that have these machines. As far as a valve adjustment that should be pretty standard as any other machine and most likely long over due. Did you happen to do a compression test ?
  9. Ok now I understand. Well I would assume it would not fire because of the water in the fuel. I would set the air fuel mixture screw at 1-3/4 just to get the engine fired up and adjust from there. If your not familiar with the final adjusting let me know and I will explain. It’s pretty simple. But this all hinges on if the bike fires up. My guess is once you change the fuel you should be good to go if carb is clean like you said. Double check for spark as good practice and make sure your plug is not fouled and give it a shot. If spark is good and the bike still does not fire up then hit it with a little starting fluid into the air intake. If she tries to fire up then there’s obviously a fuel delivery issue.
  10. I do think they get them up and running, I think that’s why we never hear from them. Once they get on that thing and start to ride it’s see ya later !!
  11. It’s amazing but people do it more then we think. Well hopefully there was no damage to the harness. Have you some anything to the bikes yet ?
  12. Ok I was just curious. Looks dangerous! I thought it was a metal tube or something rigid.
  13. What do you mean a bit of a choke issue ? Did you disassemble the carburetor? If not you may need to open the carb up and take it apart. Ultrasonic cleaning will only go so far. They loosen things up quite well but if the stuff that came loose can’t get out of the carburetor then it’s useless. I would open the float bowl and blow the crap out of it. Blow into where the fuel line connects and raise the float up and down while you doing this to make sure air is coming through and into the carb. Blow out all the jets etc, that should clear things up, by chance did you mess around with the air fuel screw ?
  14. Have you checked that drain screw carb diagram for a washer of any sort ? I find it strange that nothing goes there. You can always add a drop of the high heat silicone and send it in. Be sure to wipe away any left over silicone.
  15. The main reason I’ve experienced in rectifiers going bad is heat! Some people paint them while cleaning up and painting a bike. Also a lot of them are located close to the exhaust and in a place where air flow is limited. The diode inside is the first thing to go and that causes a back flow of current. So it may just be that.
  16. @Ryan Geiler what kind of gas cap is on that bike ? That small vent tube that’s sticking up is that flexible ?
  17. That’s a way high rpm for a start up. A cold start rpm should be about 1500 and come down to 800-900. Hopefully your new cheap carb will give you some good indicators as to what’s going on. My guess is the engine will fire right up, idle and run well sitting. Once you go to ride it then you will see how the cheap carbs react and have flat spots on the throttle but maybe you will get lucky.
  18. That’s a good price range to go off of. I have a max of $500 when buying. Hopefully that bayou is not burnt up due to the wires being backwards. I’ve never seen that color pattern on a bayou either. I’m really hoping they both only need a good tare down and cleansing of the carbs and that’s it. What’s with the seat for the bayou did it come with the bike? I don’t see it. I’ve gotten into making and installing my own seat covers and they come out great. I use an air powered staple gun and they look sharp. I but whatever material I need from amazon. If your going to keep the plastics the original color then spray them down good with armor all now and let it soak in, it helps a lot. Keep us posted.
  19. They really could only be maybe two things. An electronic choke control or a throttle position sensor. I don’t think your machine had the TPS. Some models also came with a warmer on the carb for the colder days Two wires they were located on the rear of the carburetor attached to the bottom Intake? What color are the wires? Can you post a picture or two?
  20. Def going to make your money back two fold minimum. Keep us posted.
  21. In would start by pulling the cylinder off of the engine and then the piston out. Take a good look and see if you can find where the failure happened. Maybe the wrist pin clip came out, the rings maybe went etc. As @06kfx440 stated check the main crank shaft for any play. If all else checks out on then your good to go. If it’s just the cylinder head and piston then try to locate a new or used on on eBay. If you find a good used cylinder head then spend the money and put a new piston in as well. Makes sense to do this since your going through the effort. Make sure your oil pump is working properly and that the oil is getting to the head and lube all areas up good prior to start up. My guess is it was prob a failure of some sort with regard to the piston and the wrist pin clips or rings.
  22. Wow great finds!!!! You have to be over the moon with that find. What did you pay ?
  23. Very nice. I love that last pic of that wide trail or maybe a sand dune? but that’s great stuff. That fourtrax is in great condition, and looks like a good mix of bikes. Looks like you had a blast.

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