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  1. @markinar i have no idea about anything possibly in the exhaust and its a great point. I will pull the exhaust pipe as soon as i get in and get back to. Good point though.  
    Stator/pick up should be here tomorrow. 

    @Dra O thanks buddy, wish i was posting them under different circumstances but the mystery continues! Maybe saga is a better choice of words lol 

    Thank god for 🍺 

  2. I seen that with not posting the year.

     I'm the last one to go into an engine without checking all the basic non invasive problems first and would continue to do so. Use this as a last resort if he gets nowhere with the other stuff.   

    But if it is this problem and one of the magnets comes out.... oh boy. 
    Also pulling that cover off is not so bad anyway.  

  3. @Admin thanks! 

    @MarkinAR i have a new oem harness on the atv and all wiring is solid from top to bottom. I have not found a rev limiter on this machine so far but definitely a good guess.

    Heres where I'm at;
    I checked the flywheel and all magnets are solidly in place and have plenty of magnetic power.  I have seen where magnets will slide along the inside of the flywheel due to the epoxy holding them in place failing. No such luck, i did however find a spliced wire coming off the stator coil so I'm not taking a chance since i have it all apart im going to throw a new stator and pick up coil in.  

    After that the only thing left is the cdi!  I put another one in (aftermarket) but it ran the same.

    This ones a toughy !!! Going to get it straight though.  

  4. You could have just gotten a bad run of tires off the line.  It happens but the question is how many tires were made before they picked up on a production problem? 
    Have you reached out to the vendor or checked any complaint reviews etc? 

    I feel that one item you should never try to go cheap on  (especially street bikes) are the tires.   Its what the bike rides on and your life depends on when it comes to traction and stability.   

  5. Wow its in pretty good shape for a 94. That was a simple atv. Just look under the front end, theres nothing to it.  Simple and effective design.   
    Same thing goes for the engine. If your mechanically inclined you should be able to pull the motor and split it open.  

    BUT before all that have you drained the oil and looked for pieces of gear that may have broke off In the drain pan? 
    How does the shifter feel when you shift up?

    Do some simple checking first before anything crazy and make sure of what's going on. 

    But this all depends on how handy you are.  


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