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  1. Weather starting to get colder..I now hear a single pop when I rev the bike up in idle. And excessive popping on deceleration. Can anyone suggest something for me? I have a 175 main, sparks needle, 2 and a half turns on a/f screw with a 42 pilot
  2. What i meant by 4k and less than a mx quad is going all out. With 4000$ my bike will be pretty much as drag of a bike as you can possibly make it with as many parts as you can get. The only thing that wont be high dollar is the engine, becuz of course you can get more than 5k just in an engine. But comparing to amx, thats 4k and ive got a top of the line drag bike, to get a top of the line mx bike your going to spend ALOT more than 4k. But to each their own. If you look at the four stroke war videos on youtube, the majority of the bikes you see with no plastics what so ever are TRXs, and that
  3. So far ive added, as you can see, blaster shocks which are slightly lighter and lower the quad significantly. Removed front brakes, parking brake and all cables/levers attached to it, front light, front fenders, a few tabs here and there, nerf bars, heel gaurds, Have some lightweight drag bars on the way. Soon to come is a +6 swingarm (cant keep front down as it is without hardly any engine work!), ported head, bored carb, bored cylinder, possibly higher compression but still pump gas, and in the far future drag arms, axle, stem, lightened frame, spindle mounts etc. All in all for everything i
  4. If you look closely, it's more like "What did you do with your tank, head, and cylinder?"
  5. Actually, I thought my crank bearings were going out cuz i had shavings in my filter, but I hadnt changed my filter in a while evn after a cam install and nothing looked wrong after I tore it down so Im waiting for gaskets to get it back together. And the rears are Pro Wedge II's, but I just got some 4snows on rims for free last night so Imma try those out.
  6. Well, Ive decided to go the Drag route. Heres some stock pics and what it loooks like now. New Tires pipe, lid off. Latest drag frenzy Gaping hole of an engine
  7. What kinda pricing would I be looking at for a drag port on a 450r, and a carb bored to 42mm if you do that also...And possibly stock cylinder bored to a 470 and replated on a 07 ER
  8. Where? Workin on my bike for the last few weeks and school and work Im usually always on the 450r.org site getting answers to all my engine problems. Going pick up the shims i need tomorrow and see if it all goes together good.
  9. thanks for the responses, yeah i checked them right and they were in spec the first time i checked them and i just checked them again today though and 2 are off by .001 away from the .001 tolerence, which im saying is .002 tighter than spec so Im going to reshim, my cam sprocket bolts were loose and 1 was hanging half way out even tho i loctited them.
  10. Well, in process of installing cam, all the clearances were in check timing was on on a new hotcam stage 2 and I started it up and the engine is much louder and i hear a littl rattling noise now and it dies after idling for like 3 minutes. Could this be a bent valve? I really dont wanna take off the head right now.
  11. Imma drill em, so many people have told me its ok and have done it with NO problems on hard riding, + the rims are douglas .190s, which some of you know are some of the strongest rims. Plus there going on paddle tires, which means no jumping there strictly drag tires so theres hardly any chance they will break.
  12. I love doing em when ever I get the chance but my local riding spot is all rough..No place to practice em and I dont wanna screw up my tires on the street. I went off the back doing a wheelie twice but it was on sand.
  13. My friend is obsessed with wheelies..I love em too but my local riding spot isnt exactly the best place to practice them.
  14. I know, ive already said that i know its the jets.. And im rejetting it tomorrow.
  15. Well..Like i said..I use 80/85 Honda performance tranny oil...the synthetic would be for the engine side..I never use the same oil in both sides so it wouldnt be synthetic in the tranny side.
  16. iM prettttty damn sure its the jetting by now. I believe when i first noticed it when i was riding i was in 3rd..so yeah pretty much every gear. FORTUNATLY my exhaust, jet kit, cover, filter kit all get here tomorrow! Woo cant wait to get it all in Hey, bot, how often do you change your oil, what oil do you use and how often do u change your oil filter ...and how often do u change your tranny oil.. Some run down, my bikes 4 weeks old, Ive changed oil in it about 2 weeks ago? Maybe 1 week i forgot, changed tranny oil a few days ago. Havent changed the oil filter yet but Im probly changing
  17. Yes, unless its been riden all day, it stalls alot. Not overly too much but more than id like. But i dunno if its only in fifth..It does it in 4th too..ive never just nailed it in any other gear
  18. Probably not the most reliable quad to get..considering its a 2 stroke and a 89..unless its in REALLY good condition..but you can never be too sure..but i could be wrong Sun could be really skilled at mechanical stuff. If its in decent condition id snatch that up..would be a blast!
  19. Can you drill yamaha wheels to fit a honda bolt pattern? In theory i dont see anything wrong with it..other than you having more holes than normal..or would that make it weaker or something
  20. Yes..like i said low fifth and i pinned it instantly..
  21. I only know anything about them on trucks..but im sure thats different as ive never had a utility..and that information can easily be found on the internet..so no luck here sorry
  22. After searching google..I couldnt find one..I would think your best bet would be either ordering one from suzuki..or your local suzuki dealer..usually they can get older parts..I know my honda dealership sells old parts for bikes..worth a try?
  23. I highly doubt it is too..My friends says it will always do that pretty much..so imma just rejet and hope it goes away..Im so relieved
  24. ..Well chit..cuz im at sea level....My full pipe and jet kit is coming early next week. PLEASE let it be the jetting, could it be that somethings broken in the carb, or dirty or something? Cant see how never messed with it, whats the chances that its all factory jetting and it will be fixed once i rejet

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