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  1. how do you get 400lbs?

    its 396 dry,

    a gallon of gas will run about 5.8 to 6.5 lbs. and with a 2.9 gallon tank you are looking at around 414 lbs. thats just gas not counting everything else.

    i see claims of about 428-430.

    but thats ok. im 460 dry lol.

    I said ABOUT 400...notice I didn't specifically say under. Also depends on how many mods you have and what you've taken off. I've taken off the parking brake, and the heel guards and have light weight handlebars that don't have a cross bar. Jeesh...

  2. Pinky's a woman. lol

    Joet....Just cuz I'm a woman doesn't mean I don't know how to ride. You 'onry one! I've ridden dirt bikes and had my own GPZ 750 that would do 133mph on the freeway. I change my own oil and filter in my bike, and also don't mind getting grease under my fingernails. (Thats what GOOP is for)

    Shame on you....:wink:

  3. Thanks Guys & Ms Wheeler!

    I race in Albany, Oregon at the Albany MX Track/Sand Drag Track. Out of 57 riders, I'm currently in 7th place. Not too shabby for my first year riding quads & racing. I used to ride a Suzuki 175 dirt bike that was originally my dads (until he taught me to ride....then I sort of confiscated it...LOL)

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. This site is great!

  4. I just wanted to say hello to all fellow ATV enthusiasts. My names Pinky if you can't tell by the hair in some of my pictures...LOL.

    I love to ride my bike in the sand. Especially on the Oregon Dunes. My avatar is a pic of me drag racing in Albany, Oregon at the sand drag track. I just can't seem to keep the front end down when I take off the line.

    So....How is everyone?

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