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  1. JacobSlabach

    2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 Reversed Terminals On Battery

    ok so I took the pod cluster apart and it has a short in it. I put it back together and took it out just to see what it would do with the water drained out... worked perfect. I'm sooo confused with this thing lol I went ahead and ordered a new pod and just ate the $280 lol I'm done with this old one. I'll get the new pod and the front axle fixed and see if the pump will decide to work for me............ dunno how thatll go..
  2. JacobSlabach

    Valves maybe.

    I would be the one to get out there and go hard and wreck but yea I would love to go riding! right now, I dont have a good reliable quad (bayou seems to have issues weekly lol) the sportsman is still under the weather. That, and if I came, Id have to go with my dad (I'm a minor) and then Id have to have two quads... I mean, I could bring the bayou and sportsman once i fix it, but I cant promise we wouldnt be towing one home at the end of the day...
  3. JacobSlabach

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    didint mean to say dont do this! I was just making a point that it saves a lot of butt pain to check the easy stuff first like sp, s, gas, etc (lol dont want to repeat my earlier post )
  4. JacobSlabach

    How 4-cycle ATV Engines Work Discussion

    thanks for the great explanations guys!
  5. JacobSlabach

    Valves maybe.

    haha I'm not sure. I think thats one of the closest trials to me... I dont know how all that works as I've never 'been riding' (other than at a friends house or at my grandparents farm)
  6. JacobSlabach

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    thanks for the input! never heard this before. I would say that personally, I would check the easier stuff first- (spark, compression, starter, gas, carb(in that order)), My dad is a general contractor and he always says check the easiest thing first (say a bulb instead of the light fixture) an example: my bayou just randomly wouldnt start- checked spark, then compression, gas supply and made sure my valve was on, checked the kill switch, then replaced to sp. I was positive the sp wasnt the issue because it was maybe a few weeks old- I was wrong. I am not saying it isnt the cam on your bike, I just saying its a shame to pull the guts out of the head and it was a spark plug all along.. P.S. lol to see the whole story behind my bayou, look up my thread '97 Kawasaki Bayou Runs Bad'
  7. JacobSlabach

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    @AlanN what he said! welcome to the forum!
  8. JacobSlabach

    Valves maybe.

    ever been to Hatfield McCoy in WV? those trails are pretty savage... I dont have any trails near me
  9. JacobSlabach

    Valves maybe.

    count me in too......except I cant drive yet
  10. JacobSlabach

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    I would do the same as what @Frank Angerano said with the air screw. I have an 04 sportsman 500 that I had to replace the carb on so I will be working through the same issues of adjustments. as for not getting moving by 1/4 throttle, sounds like a worn out belt to me. mine does the same thing, but I dont worry with it cause it still runs good- just doesn't get moving as soon on the throttle. I also have a kawasaki bayou that has a Chinese carb on it and it would start cold or run right ever till I turned the air screw out about 2-3 turns past what the manual called for... runs flawless now, easy to start in any weather condition... It would also bog out if I had it pegged at high speeds- not now- the thing is a speed demon now.
  11. JacobSlabach

    How 4-cycle ATV Engines Work Discussion

    ok. I understand what your saying. Any input from other forum members would be great too! Do you know of any chain-cam lawn mowers? maybe 0-turns? (just wondering haha)
  12. JacobSlabach

    How 4-cycle ATV Engines Work Discussion

    ok, so what I'm hearing you say is a OHC (overhead cam) engine has the chain driven cam above the valves, and the OHV (overhead valve) engines have the cam in the crankcase and pushrods operating the rocker arms...? So why would atvs have mostly OHC engines and general purposes engines (lawn mower etc.) be OHV?
  13. JacobSlabach

    How 4-cycle ATV Engines Work Discussion

    how do I do that? lol didnt know that I could edit a thread after starting it...
  14. in this thread, I want to discuss how 4-cycle atv engines work- what the different types are... how they are set up and which you prefer. To start off, are the cams on ALL atv 4-strokes powered by a cam chain? I know that on say a lawn mower or logsplitter engine, the cam is turned by the tappet, pushrods, and valve rockers. Which is better and why? Chain-driven cams or pushrod-driven cams? Are the pushrods just an old version and everything is transforming to chains or the other way around...or not at all? Just looking for some explanation, history, and downsides/upsides...