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  1. Kent Mettler

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    I wasn't saying tear the top end off or anything like that. I always adjust valves as part of a complete tune up on any ATV or whatever i'm working on. On these models while your adjusting valves it takes an extra 5 minutes to check the cam and followers by simply removing four bolts and lifting off the followers. You don't have to remove the cam or cam chain or mess with the cam timing or anything. Then you can at least rule out the cam as being a possible issue. Flat or rounded off cams were somewhat of a problem on these engines in the past. That's the only reason i mentioned it. Machines would not accelerate,no power, etc, but they will idle and sound perfect,no ticking or rattling to speak of. Again this , and everything else mentioned in the post , is just part of a thorough tune up,no major surgery here. I also make it a point to check the charging system during a tune up. An overcharge condition can be very easily mistaken for carburetor problems or ignition problems. A big wasp nest in the muffler will cause lost of head scratching too!! Like i said earlier i'm not saying this is whats wrong with your bike for sure, just something to keep in mind while your tuning.
  2. Kent Mettler

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 issues

    When i get an older Sportsman 500 in the shop with what appears to be carburetor problems,believe it or not,first thing i check is the camshaft. Pop the valve cap off,remove the rockers and verify the cam lobes and followers are in good shape. Adjust the valves while your in there.It only takes about 30 minutes to check and then you can rule it out. I can't tell you how many cams I've replaced over the years on the 425s and 500s. A bad cam cam will act like carburetor problems and you will end up chasing your tail because of it. After that get a manual and get the carburetor up to spec. Fresh fuel and clean fuel system is a must. Make sure the air box lid and gasket is in place. Without the lid and gasket they won't run properly. This is not a diagnosis,just my opinion. You should first verify proper spark (at the correct time), good compression and clean fuel supply. Try to make sure its actually a carburetor/fuel system problem and not an ignition problem or something else.
  3. Kent Mettler

    1991 LT-F4WDX 280CC King Quad Need Right Front Axle

    Got a brand new one on the shelf. 54901-19B81-000 They retail at $505.41
  4. Kent Mettler

    Suzuki King Quad clutch problem

    Are you sure of the year and model, 2004 300 King doesn't sound right. The tenth digit on the VIN will tell you the year.
  5. Kent Mettler

    Suzuki King Quad clutch problem

    Sounds like it may be idling way to high. Idle rpm should be around 1k or so. Just a guess with out any more information. Get your manual and read up on the specs. It will tell you everything you need to know. Sounds like a thorough tune up is at hand.
  6. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    How did the pulser coil test? Before this post goes in to many more directions,lets get back to the original problem. No spark. According to my wiring diagram power is sent from the key switch to the handle bar kill switch ( and other places as well ) via a brown wire. When the handle bar switch is in the run position power is supplied to the CDI box via yellow/red wire. Power is then also present at the starter button. Only when the starter circuit relay is satisfied will the electric starter solenoid work. Using the recoil starter will still produce spark ( when we get it fixed) even though the electric start circuit is not working. Start first with the pulser coil,verify it is good. Since you have it apart check the gap between the flywheel and the pulser coil and check the flywheel key as well. Let us know the ohm reading you come up with then we'll move on.
  7. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    All I have is a wiring diagram for that model. Basic testing is the same. The pickup coil test connection will be between black with yellow strip and black with a white stripe. The colors may change to black and yellow on the stator side of the connector. You should see approximately 200ohms testing the pickup coil. A - 0.00 reading indicates a short, no different than touching the test leads together. This could be a pinched wire, the pickup coil could be burned up,etc. If that's the case you will have to remove the mag cover to get access to the coil.The stator on your machine does not contain an exciter coil so you won't have to worry about that. There is a small starter circuit relay, under the seat i believe. Not the starter solenoid,this is a smaller one. Check its connection and operation. This may be where your trouble is.
  8. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    My apologies Benjamin,i got the year wrong. I'll have a look tonight and see if i have a wiring diagram. The newer ones are different.
  9. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    There is a white and a brown wire that are connected when the switch is on,but those wires don't have anything to do with the ignition system. Like i said the ignition system is powered by the exciter coil,not the battery. To kill the engine a simple ground circuit is completed when you turn the switch off. Start with the above tests first. Were looking for a failed component,if they check out good we'll move on to the next tests.
  10. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    With your last post it sounds like the electric starter is not working,we'll look at that later. Your using the recoil starter and your not getting any spark at the plug,ok. There is a cover on the front of your quad just above the front rack and below the handle bars. This cover needs to be removed. Behind it you will find the CDI box and connections to the stator and, pickup coil. Make sure these connections are good,then test for spark again. This is also where you will test the exciter coil (responsible for supplying power to the CDI) and the pickup coil (responsible for telling the CDI when to spark the plug). Disconnect both connectors at the CDI box. First test: Connect one ohm meter lead to the Blue wire and the other to the Black wire. Connect to the wires coming from the stator. This is the pickup coil connection. Your meter should read 85-130ohms. This would indicate a good electrical connection to the pickup coil. Second test: Connect one ohm meter lead to the red wire and the other to the Black wire with red tracer. This is the exciter coil connection. Your meter should read 100-190ohms. This would indicate a good electrical connection to the exciter coil. Just because the electrical test passes doesn't rule out physical damage to either coil. If the exciter needs to be replaced you will need to replace the entire stator,the exciter coil is part of the stator assembly . I believe the pickup coils can be replaced independently. The CDI on this bike is not powered from the battery,it is powered by the mag. Let us now your results.
  11. Kent Mettler

    No spark no power to cdi help me

    I need some basic information. When you turn the key on do you have lights and power where it should be,neutral comes on ,headlights,etc ? Does the engine turn over normally when you push the start button. This will tell me if main power is ok. Check the spark plug cap itself,unscrew the cap from the wire and check for spark right out the end of the wire. Next you will need a multi meter in order to do some testing.
  12. Kent Mettler

    2005 Suzuki King Quad 700 not firing

    Ok, first things first. Battery needs to be fully charged. Now we'll get into the diagnostic part: First check the stator connections.One plug will have three yellow wires and the other will have two wires ,Blue with a green stripe and the other should be black, that is your crank position sensor connection. Make sure the connections are good. Second check: You need to measure voltage between two wires at the ECM. Orange with white stripe and Black with white stripe.You should see battery voltage here with the key on. If you don't there is a problem with the key switch, handlebar switch,fuse, or the harness itself. Other tests involve a peak reading volt meter, do you have one? From my own notes a quick resistance test of the crank sensor should read about 200 ohms. If you get a 0 or infinite reading you have a problem with the crank sensor,which may explain why the entire stator was replaced. Sometimes they are packaged together. The wires going into the crank sensor from the plug should be blue and white. Try to avoid just throwing parts at it, that can get expensive quick. Testing will eventually reveal the problem. One other thing,if your going to install the stator anyway,check the flywheel key while your in there. Make sure it isn't sheared. Check these things first and let us know what you find. Then we can dig deeper.
  13. Kent Mettler

    2005 Suzuki King Quad 700 not firing

    What do you mean doesn't fire? It has no spark? Or do you mean it cranks and just won't start? The recall for ECU was for parasitic drain on the battery ( I can give you a cheap fix for this after you get it running again).As you turn the key on listen for the fuel pump in the tank to run. It will only run about 3 seconds or so without the engine running. That's normal. Without fuel pressure it won't run. Second, remove the spark plug and verify you have spark at the plug when cranking. Be careful with flammables when doing this. The stator on those machines doesn't have anything to do with spark, your interested in the small trigger coil that is located in the same place. I'll see if i can find the specs. Fresh fuel always helps. A fully charged battery is a must on theses machines. Check the air box for critters/obstructions and get them evicted/removed if need be. I can help you with other electrical checks later on.
  14. Kent Mettler

    2001 polaris sportsman 90 will not shut down

    If memory serves,there should be a black wire with a white stripe coming out of the CDI box. It may turn into solid black. This is the ignition kill circuit. When you turn on the key switch,handlebar switch to run and the safety tether is in place, this wire is grounded. In other words the wire must be grounded in order for the machine to run. When you turn the key switch off or the tether is pulled off, this circuit is opened,thus shutting down the engine. Since yours won't turn off i'd be suspect of that circuit be grounded all the time for some reason. Either a pinched wire,bad switches or somebody has been in there. A quick test would be to disconnect the black w/white stripe wire at the CDI box and see if the motor dies or if it quits sparking. Then all you have to do is check the circuit and find the fault.
  15. Kent Mettler

    trx 300 4x4 reverse light on

    Where did you get the CDI box? I ran into this with a customers bike (more than one actually) which he replaced the CDI box with a cheap one from one of the big internet sites. I replaced the CDI with our "known good shop box" and the trouble was gone. The last bike i ran into this with was a TRX200D i think. I usually replace CDIs with stock Honda, or one from Ricks Motorsport Electrics,about the only ones i trust. I'd direct you to my website but i'm putting together a brand new one at the moment. www.mettlers.biz in case your interested. As davefrombc stated above,rule out the reverse switch to be sure.