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  2. I did a search on ebay for p/n 13091-1443 and come up with 4 posts ,all about 30.00 or so with shipping. Did you search for anything else to get yours? good price I like the black
  3. Got the left side tore down ,found the reverse cam broke in two pieces. Did you say you found one for 13.00 oem? Nice looking bike in the pictures Frank. What are you asking for it? Where do you live?
  4. i'm going to check it this week, good point
  5. 2x4 thanks for the good info.. i'll pull shifter shaft hope I don't have to pull motor. I am age restricted for to much labor and lazy too. 71
  6. I'll check the left side to see if something there is blocking it and recheck the right side to see if I got it back right. I don't want to tear into the trams. maybe up for sale every thing else seems good. Later
  7. trying to think I replaced the shifter shaft didn't take the other side apart. Don't look like it has been worked on, wish I knew it's history. i'll tear it down to see if can see anything. I'm guessing someone had trouble shifting and kept kicking it till they broke the shifter. thanks i'll let you know what I find
  8. Well I got it back together today. neutral switch was bypassed, ok reverse lockout didn't work, ok Found gears ok, except couldn't find 4th. and 5th. gear Could the reverse lockout be blocking those gears. run fine, shifted fine. happy for right now with 3 gears and reverse.. think it will work out in the end. any thoughts on the gears?
  9. If every thing checks out ok i'll probably order parts and do the switch next week. I have tried to download the manual 1986 - 2006 Kawasaki KLF 300 Bayou Service Manual several times and it comes back corrupt. Is there a trick to download it.
  10. If you know how to combine the posts that would be great. Not sure what parts to get now until I tear the left side down ,just got the right side gasket, should have got the set ready to put right side back together so I can try it out. I will work on the neutral switch later..I want to make sure every thing else is ok .I just bought it and don't know its history
  11. I TRIED to download this manual twice and it was corrupt .Can you check this file to verify it is good. I guess I am only allowed 2 downloads a week.
  12. I got to this post finally found it. Good pictures very informative. thanks maybe I'll learn to navigate this forum
  13. I didn't find a link to a post ,how do I get to that post. New here not sure how to get to the post. better mechanic than computer operator!!!
  14. update grounded green wire to bypass neutral switch. starter works ,sarted up was in reverse so i'm happy. thanks a lot frank for the help now waiting on gasket to finish putting it back together.
  15. was there supposed to be a link for me to read?

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