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  1. Gladwin Michigan Quad Trails 3-14-20 Had A Great Time at this New Location for us to Ride.
  2. Did not make it last weekend Wife was on Call,might try to go this coming Saturday. Weather calling for this on Saturday Partly sunny, with a high near 38. We shall see. Good riding to All!
  3. Sad to hear about no snow for You Frank! With the Temps in the °50's today the trails around here will be muddy as well.
  4. Division 3: East North Central (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin) Leota Michigan Trail Riding First One Of The New Year! http://www.upnorthtrails.org/trails/leota-trail.html
  5. I gas it then coast up the ramps.
  6. Thanks Ajmboy! been watching videos all morning on these bad ass machines! Just looking to see if there are,or has been any major issues with them. I have found that some have had problems with some crankshafts,but a Engine guy says it the operators fault ,not the machines.
  7. Looking at maybe getting A Raptor 700R in 2020 Was looking to see of anyone in here has one,had one,can you tell me your likes,dislikes,and so on!
  8. Changed my mind,added to the front of the Trailer.
  9. pablo Blake we first started to sand these down,but then gave up and found a local powder coat shop in town to sandblast them and coat them
  10. Suspension Question? Shocks for 250X I bought the wife a 2019 honda 250X,it does not have adjustable shocks,I'm thinking of maybe getting one as well,for her she does not notice it as much as I do but the ride is not as good as my 1991 250X with adjustable shocks. So I'm looking at maybe getting new shocks if I get one for myself,I find these. Elka Suspension LEGACY SERIES FRONT & REAR KIT SHOCKS for HONDA TRX250X, All Years $ 999.99 https://us.elkasuspension.com/product/legacy-series-front-rear-kit-shocks-for-honda-trx250x-all-years/ anyone here use these shocks?and how good are they?
  11. Well I will be Off the Trails for awhile...who will be riding ?? I said awhile ago that we would be done for awhile,and we made it back out,but now I know we are off for at least two weekends,Wife is on Call. and I might send mine out for some due repairs,that I do not want to do because of the timing,and that I have not done them before. I need new brakes,front and rear! and A Chain and Gears. Deer Season is Nov.15th thru Nov.29th so no riding during that. And we need to clean the Garages to get the daily drivers out of the snow,and cold weather. So I hope that others step up and get in some riding while we are down.

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