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  1. I have finally found & ordered all parts needed, plus repair manual, except the internal clip. I overlooked it, when looking at diagram when ordering. Now all parts except it should be here by the weekend. Now my dilemma is to find this clip, i have part number, but can't find one. Not sure exactly what was wrong with it, beforehand. But when we bought it, they just said it needed rearend fixed, so my brother n law came up & helped my husband. They tore into it & said it had been apart before.
  2. Sounds good. Wish i had known that earlier today. Just ordered from partzilla, hoping it don't take too long... will definitely remember that in the future. Thank you very much.
  3. No, i hadn't. I had absolutely no idea of where to start looking. We have never had an atv, or dealt with them at all. I will see what i can find on there. Thank you very much. Thankful there are people that will take time to help.
  4. I need help please. This is all new to myself & my husband. We have gotten 2 used fourwheelers so we can ride with our kids (kids have go carts). One of the 4wheelers is a 1998 Suzuki Quadrunner 500 4x4. It has rearend trouble. We are having a difficult time finding new or used parts, & no luck with aftermarket parts. Hoping someone here can help. We were told by Suzuki dealership that some Artic Cat parts will interchange, but he wasnt sure which ones & said there are companies that produce aftermarket parts, but wasn't any help there either. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.... Thank you.

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