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  1. Hi. You can't fit a regular clear plastic filter to a fuel injected bike.. They have about forty pounds of pressure in the lines and it could burst and start a fire. I'd be suspecting an electronic fault. That time related aspect sounds like an electronic component getting hot then failing, then cooling and starting to work again. I'd suspect cdi or ecu. That said, there was a case in here the other week that turned out to be a tight valve clearance. Checking the valve clearance would be a good idea. And, in all problem diagnosis they always say as the first step.. do a standard tune and check everything is to specs.. So fuel pressure, voltage, aircleaner, tank vents .. It's boring but you really want to know everything's right before you start fitting parts..
  2. Dang... Posted in the wrong thread.. Problems with a slow connection.. Haha So is the battery going flat while the bikes parked up, or after two days of being used.. I'd be checking the charging system's working. Put a multi meter on Dc on the battery while it's running and see it's got at least thirteen volts. Then I'd put the gauge to AC and check the power for ripple.. if it has a faulty diode in the regulator there will be some AC showing, and a dud diode could be what's draining the battery.
  3. Hi. You can't fit a normal clear plastic fuel filter to a fuel injected system, they have about forty pounds of pressure in the line. I'd be suspecting that your problem's an electrical fault, and an electronic fault to be exact.. So cdi unit or something in the ecu. The fact it takes a certain amount of time, rather than load or throttle to cause it is what makes me think that, and the fact it takes a few minutes to cool down again. Overheating electronics do that. That said, there was a case in here the other week with similar symptoms and it turned out to be tight valve clearances.. as the engine gets hot the valves must have been loosing their clearance and holding a valve open.. Perhaps check them before trying a new cdi or ecu...
  4. The symptoms don't really sound like the advance curve. Have you had a timing light on it ? The five you returned, are you saying they wouldn't even make a spark ? Because that sounds so unlikely that I'd have to suspect you have some other problem. Have you checked the wiring, and the trigger and stator outputs ? I think I've seen a few instances in here and other places of yamahas having wiring problems up around the steering head..
  5. Ok, well I'm not sure what's wrong but it sounds like the bike's trying to start off with the driven pulleys too far apart or the drive pulleys too close together. Either thing will make it seem like it's in too higher gear. Since you've had the driven pulleys and centrifugal clutch hub apart I'd guess you might have assembled that wrong. I think you will have to take it apart again and check how it's assembled and that everything's nicely lubed and free to move. I think that if you look at an Arctic Cat manual it will be pretty much the same. There's probably manual on this site.
  6. So what was the original problem with the clutch, what was it doing ? And was it the belt you changed ? And just to confirm, it didn't have this problem before you changed the clutch/belt.. it was some other problem ? And did you check or notice whether the two pulleys could change their inner and outer plate's, distances apart ? Was there a lot of chewed up belt in there, and did you clean it all out really well ? It sounds to me like the changeable diameters of the pulleys isn't operating correctly, possible just dirty with chewed up belt.
  7. Hi. I've never heard of a linhai. Does this have a manual clutch, with a lever on the handle-bars, or is it an automatic clutch ?
  8. It sounds like the key switch isn't letting power get through from the battery to all the ignition fed things, and it's not letting the charging power back through from the charging to the battery. But when the motor's running the charging's running everything that should normally be fed from the battery. so the lights and starter work. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Found it... §2381. Treason §2383. Rebellion or insurrection §2384. Seditious conspiracy §2385. Advocating overthrow of Government
  10. Trump was inviting the Russians to interfere in the elections.. As a by the by.. Now they are saying his talk is sedition.. That is so far short of what he's been doing ever since he got in that it's a joke.. It's been deliberate treason from start to finish. What's the punishment over there for treason ?
  11. Ha good one.. getting hot and tightening up.. I've seen it before on things, but normally with a whole lot of spitting out the carby.. In all the manuals for auto stuff the first thing they always say we should do is, do a standard tune and servic and check everything is to spec... Boring !! Haha.
  12. Sounds good Billy.. A late christmas.. Hope the little fellah's keeping you amused.
  13. And there we go... Burning the place down as he leaves..
  14. Well things are getting interesting over there now.. Amazing in fact.

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