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  1. Yeah That Sounds Pretty Cool. Just Add Some Good Background With The Flames Down The Side. I Like The Idea Of The Card Where The # Plate Goes That Will Be Aesy Cause A Graphics Place Can Just Blow One Up. Keep Thinkin Sounds Great.ttyl

  2. Hhhhmmmmmm Did You Just Do These Mods Or Did It Run And Just Start This? What Compression Does The Piston You Put In It Have 50 Over Is Pretty Big So I'm Sure You Have Alot Of Commpresion In There. If This Just Started You Might Need A Larger Cam To Get Rid Of The Exhaust Gases It Might Be Vapor Locking In The Haed. Till It Bleeds Off. I Don't Know For Sure Though Thats Sounds Kindda Odd I Would For Sure Check The Timing One More Time I Had A Warrior And Had Nothing But Problems With The Cam. If Its Off That Could Do It.

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