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  1. We just wanted to remind everyone to get your picks in for this weekends racing! The cut off is tomorrow night at midnight. You can pick for the GNC in CA or the GNCC in NC or both!

    We have a couple great prizes this weekend.

    For the GNCC we have a new Rath Racing Bumper!


    For the GNC we have a new Rath Racing Grab Bar!


    Remember that your score adds to the total for an end of the series prize.

    And don't forget to check out the last two GNCC race photos and some new misc photos of BMX and skatboarding!


  2. A heads up folks!!!!

    Here is the official first announcement.

    The Florida GNCC Race – Round 1 prize

    An HMF Slip on pipe of your choice!!!


    You HAVE to be signed up and have your picks in on Friday nights this year. The system automatically closes the selection screen at midnight on Fri prior to the race weekend.

    Let's have some fun and kick this season off to a great start! And don't forget the new issue of AEM comes out in two days!


  3. Couple of things:

    1. There are no more print copies available. We actually ran out of the first run and some people are still waiting for their copy. I am aware of who you are - no worries! However if you really want a print copy you can also purchase via self printing as well. It's a higher price and more like a paperback book. Click here for details

    2. We are now also offering a copy that can be downloaded via the net for $1 each month. It is in PDF format. And should open on any machines made today with no problems.

    3. Our online store is up and can be used with PayPal or mailing in payment. Our merchant account is being worked on right now to accept all forms of credit payment. Check it out! More products will start to be added right after Indy.

    The store can be found here: AEM Online Store Be sure and check it out!!


  4. Well we really don't right now...but maybe down the road we can come up with something. Do the press releases have to include product? For instance, can a press release with you include details about the community, features, what's going on, what members are saying, history..etc or no?

    That time will come when we do an interview. ;)

  5. It’s been six months in the works, but AEM is proud to announce that the very first print edition will be released tomorrow and available to order advance copies.

    What you can find in this issue, as well as future issues, are some new articles and interviews not found online. It’s full color and we are excited to share it.

    The cost is $5 and you can contact us if you are interested in purchasing a copy. Contact me via [email protected] to order. We will also have an online store to purchase magazines, shirts and videos later this week.



  6. Well we realize the season has not started yet but we are ready! As we did last year AEM is hosting a fantasy pool contest for each round of GNCC,GNC & WPSA races. You have the option to play per round, but your score is also collected for an overall season winner!

    Come check out the new design put together by Josh Haidet - founder of Ohio Quad Racing. We have become partners to bring you the best fantasy racing around. The design allows for easy registration and you can see the whole season as it pans out!


    While there register your account and get setup for round 1! As always we are going to be offer great prizes each round and hope we have a lot of entries each round.

    We also want to announce a new editorial went up today. It was writen by Greg Condon and is titled 'So You Want to Race?' Check it out here!

    We hope everyone is having a great January and can't wait to show you what we have lined up next month!


  7. Check out the Jan issue of AEM! We have tons on new press releases and information.

    This months interviews are with Team Cardio Stack Racing, Steve Casarez - founder of YFZ Central & the other Central sites, Jesi Stracham, a new Product from OMI and GNCC Racing!

    We also have a new Health & Fitness editorial by Phil Cole. And updates from Panama!

    So take a couple minutes and check it out!

    ATV Exposed Magazine


  8. wpsaatvheader.jpg



    WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (Jan. 2, 2007) —The WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour has unveiled its PowerSports ATV Rewards Program for 2007. The Program, which is open to all racers who competed in at least two events during the 2006 season, features a discounted membership price, as well as a “Buddy Program” to reward last year’s racers.

    Eligible riders will receive a membership at last year’s price of $40 if they register prior to Feb. 1, 2007. In addition, the “Buddy Program” will allow eligible riders to invite their friends to register for membership at the discounted price. The rider with the most friends registered prior to Feb.1, 2007 will receive half price entries for the entire 2007 season. Information packets have been sent to eligible riders, and should be received some time this week.

    “There were many riders who took a chance on us in 2006, and this program is our way of saying thanks for their support during our first season,” said PowerSports Entertainment, Inc. Executive Vice President of Operations Kent Lungstrom. “Along with the discount, and a shot at half price entries for the season, we are giving our loyal racers the opportunity to pass along the savings and benefits to their friends.”

    About the PowerSports ATV Tour

    The PowerSports ATV Championship Tour is North America’s premier professional ATV racing circuit, featuring QuadMX, QuadTerrain and SuperSport Pro series action as well as more than 20 amateur classes for adults, women and children. The Tour is sanctioned by the World PowerSports Association, North America’s most respected snowmobile and ATV sanctioning body, and a promoter of ATV and snowmobile racing on both the regional and national level. For more information, please visit www.PowerSportsTour.com.

    Click Here to view Press Release on AEM


  9. wpsaatvheader.jpg




    WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (Dec. 28, 2006) — The WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour will sanction 27 Pro, Pro Am, Youth and Amateur classes during the 2007 ATV racing season. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the Tour has added the Pro SuperSport “UTV” class to its Pro lineup, which also includes the popular SuperQuad Pro 450 MX and the Pro Stock QuadTerrain Challenge classes.

    “When we ran the side-by-side vehicles at our last race of 2006, the excitement from our fans, our teams and our stakeholders was unmistakable, making it an obvious addition to our already thrilling Pro ATV racing show,” said PowerSports Entertainment, Inc. CEO Rick Murphy. “This, along with some important changes in our Pro-Am, Amateur and Youth classes, should make 2007 one of our most exciting seasons on record.”

    In addition to the changes in the Pro classes, the Tour will provide alternative lines for riders wishing to run in the Amateur QuadTerrain Challenge classes, which includes Stock Lites (601-700cc), Stock Unlimited (601+cc), and Modified.

    “We are dedicated to our ladder system in the PowerSports ATV Tour,” said Scott O’Malley, president of PowerSports Entertainment, Inc. “It’s important we allow Amateur riders, who have limited budgets and experience, a place to compete with an eye on stepping up to our top QuadTerrain Challenge Class. Alternative, amateur, lines will give these riders a place to compete without the concern of damaging equipment or racing at a level beyond their experience.”


    The Tour has made several notable changes to its youth classes. Production Lites 13-15 will remain the same as in years past, while the 0-50cc Junior and Senior Classes have been modified. The 0-50cc Limited Class (4-6) will be open to quads with automatic clutch, and CVT belt drives, while the 0-55cc Production Class (6-8) will be open to quads with auto clutches.

    The balance of the youth classes are: 51-70cc (production, auto clutch 6-11); 70cc (shifter, 6-11); 71-90cc, 2 Stroke, 75-125cc, 4 Stroke Production (8-11); 71-90cc, 2 Stroke, 75-125cc, 4 Stroke Production (12-15); 90cc Production (CVT belt drive, 8-15); 75-125cc 4 Stroke Production (8-15); 90cc 2 Stroke, 125cc 4 Stroke Modified (8-12); and 105cc 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke SuperMini (12-15).

    The Tour has also split the women’s class into two classes: A and B/C.

    The 2007 Rulebook, which is in the final stages of completion, will be distributed soon via www.PowerSportsTour.com.

    About the PowerSports ATV Tour

    The PowerSports ATV Championship Tour is North America’s premier professional ATV racing circuit, featuring QuadMX, QuadTerrain and SuperSport Pro series action as well as more than 20 amateur classes for adults, women and children. The Tour is sanctioned by the World PowerSports Association, North America’s most respected snowmobile and ATV sanctioning body, and a promoter of ATV and snowmobile racing on both the regional and national level. For more information, please visit www.PowerSportsTour.com.



    SuperQuad Pro 450

    SuperQuad Pro Am

    A Class

    B Class

    C Class

    Women A

    Women B/C


    Plus 25

    Plus 35

    Open Amateur

    Youth Classes

    Production Lites 13-15 yrs

    50 cc limited auto clutch CVT belt drive 4 to 6 years

    50 cc production auto clutch6 to 8 years

    51 to 70 cc production auto clutch 6 to 11 years

    70cc shifter 6 to 11 years

    71 to 90cc 2 stroke 75 to 125cc 4 stroke production 8 to 11years

    71 to 90cc 2 stroke 75 to 125cc 4 stroke production 12 to 15 years

    90cc production CVT belt drive 8 to 15 years

    75-125cc 4 stroke production 8 to 15 years

    90cc 2 stroke-125cc4 stroke modified 8 to 12years

    105cc 2 stroke 150cc 4stroke 12 to 15 years SUPERMINI

    QuadTerrain Challenge (4x4 ATV)

    Pro Stock 601-700cc

    Stock Lites 0-600cc

    Stock Unlimited 601-Unlimited cc


    SuperSport (Side-by-Side UTV)

    Pro SuperSport

    Check out the Press Release on ATV Exposed here.


  10. Congrats to Thomas Brown. The count and numbers are official and he is the

    2006 AEM Amateur Racer of the Year!

    Thomas' name was put in as a nominee by someone who holds him in high regard and others on the committee felt the same way. This was then backed up by his peers.

    Congratulations Thomas, you have earned this award and from the entire AEM staff we hope you enjoy receiving this for years to come and we wish you a great future in the sport we all love.

    Look for a full article and photos of his award in next months issue of ATV Exposed Magazine (www.atvexposed.com)

    Chuck DeBault


    ATV Exposed Magazine

  11. Well it's almost the end of the year and AEM needs your vote!

    AEM is inviting everyone to come and vote for who they consider the '2006 Amateur Racer of the Year' from their peers.

    Currently a panel of 14 invited people who include Pro Racers, Print Magazine Journalists, E-Zine Owners & Journalists, Industry Vendors and select Peers have offered or agreed upon nominees.

    This award is based on what the collective group has noted from the 2006 season. Each rider nominated is on this list for different reasons. And AEM is proud to let the world know that people are watching them.

    This list of names will be complete on December 9th, voting starts on Dec 11th and voting ends on December 15th.

    Although many racers will deserve this award only one will receive it. So look at the list of names, think it over and then start voting December 11th!

    To see the names and vote please visit this link!


  12. It's that time again! ATV Exposed Magazine has released our December issue and it has a whole new look!

    This month we talk with a musician who is into the ATV scene and just came out with a new song for you to download and check out.

    We interviewed three ladies as we plan on doing at least 2-3 times each year.

    We also providied a quick interview with Joe Byrd founder of the Joe Byrd Quad Riding School. A training tool for racers around the world.

    Starting with this issue we will now be adding weekly articles and interviews. Plus we have some international racing that will start sending photos and input into us on a consistant basis.

    Plus keep checking back for our next contest starting in just a few days.


  13. That's right, AEM now has a partner in the country of Panama for riding information and photos! Be sure and check out or scroller for the official introduction press release!

    Also be looking for the new issue of AEM to go up in a few days. We have another fresh look and some great new info. We have another informative editorial, the next installment of Health & Fitness with Phil Cole. Plus! AEM makes a trip to North Pole for a special December interview! And more!


  14. ATV Exposed Magazine is pleased to announce this weeks new editorials.

    The first editorial is title "Preach The Gospel!" and explains the basic importance of showing a confident attitude during interviews or podium appearances at banquets.

    Click here to view Preach The Gospel!

    The second editorial we are very excited to offer up is by Ms Christa Watson. She has taken the time to make sure all you fashion challenged guys know how to dress to impress the ladies at any one of the upcoming banquets!

    Click here to jump right into 'Dress To Impress!'


  15. Come check out the Novemeber issue of ATV Exposed Magazine!

    This month we interview Rick Cecco who runs a new Can Am in the GNCCs. We also speak with Podium Productions from Cali. Carl from Elka, Kristen Atwell & ATP Racing.

    We also have a new editorial by Jennifer Albright and a new series of health and fitness articles by Phil Cole (aka Britboy). A new photo collection too!

    We have another new contest coming out next week and a mid month article as well. So keep checking back.


  16. The race is over and the results are in!

    First Place Winner is: Watts16 with 90 Points

    -- Grand Prize: Ballance, Borich, Jenks Jerseys. $120 off a set of Fasst Flexx

    -- bars, T shirt and stickers.

    Second Place Winner is: CT330R with 60 Points

    -- $250 Certificate from Rated X Motorsports off a set of long shock

    -- A-Arms, T-Shirt and stickers

    Third Place Winner is: Hasbeenttduner with 60 Points

    -- 3 T-Shirts and stickers

    Fourth Place Winner is: Panda with 50 Points

    -- GT Thunder T-Shirt, hat & stickers

    Fifth Place Winner is: 03GNCC270 with 50 Points.

    -- GT Thunder T-Shirt and stickers.

    Remember to shoot me an email or PM with your addy to claim your prizes!

    You can all finishes here.

    Check back in a few days for the new issue of AEM that should be ready to read on Nov 1st. Lots of changes and more great info. Plus the next round of 'Get Madd!' starts up where you can win swag from PowerMadd just for sending us a photo!


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