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  1. The ltz250 was my first quad and then I switched to KQ450 and love it. I liked the dependablity of the kq and the 450 is plenty cc's for me and riding Michigan trails.
  2. Hi, my name is Melissa. I ride a KQ450 and I've got my old fateful LTZ250-just can't give up the sport quad. We ride mostly trails here in Michigan. I do luv riding in the mud. I ride with my hubby, and friends.
  3. My husband and I both like to ride trail, and mud, haven't done the dunes. Silver Lake is not far from us but it can take hours to get on so we don't go. We were riding every weekend last year. It was great stress relief with my mother-in-law having colon cancer and since passed away (July '07). Riding was and still is our stress relief away from our jobs and family issues. We like how we can be miles away from anywhere stop and eat lunch and listen and you hear nothing, well maybe another rider a few miles away. It's awesome to see the wildlife in person instead on some tv show. The scenery is great too. We only ride in the L.P. of Michigan, especially with gas prices the way that they are. It's an awesome family sport. Melissa
  4. I ride on '07 KQ450 and ltz250. I'll get pics up soon. I had to get a bigger quad to pull the hubby out of the mud with:wink:
  5. I'm not really new to this site. Just haven't been on here for a long time. Both my husband and I ride. He rides a Z400 and I ride the KQ450 and our Z250 is just taking a break for a while. Our niece usually rides that one. We're from Michigan and we ride all year round.
  6. I ride for fun. Mostly trail riding and play'in in the mud:biggrin:. We mostly ride in Michigan.
  7. I got the KQ450 and I'll tell you it's different. I was riding a LTZ250, but I need something bigger to pull my hubby out when he got stuck. The engine braking is awsome especially going downhill. I didn't use the brakes not even once. It's harder to steer when the diff. is locked, but I managed it pretty well. The first up-grade we did to it was change the air filter from the useless paper to a Uni-foam filter. It's got the bells and whistles that I need for the trails in MI. I'd recommand it to anyone especially if it's their first ulitiy machine. We also put a winch on it and it was easy to install. Next upgrade is a brush grade and then tires. It's overall a good machine.
  8. We went riding on Saturday. Our club ATVoffroad of Michigan had the annual Toys for Tots ride 4th year running. It was an awsome turnout. The ride was held at The Mounds ORV park, in Mt. Morris, MI. Its cool that our club steps and gives a little something back to the community. As always the Mounds is very muddy. So if ya like mud that's the place especially in Michigan. It a little chilly, but who cares if you're riding and getting muddy.
  9. Hey everyone....it's been waay to long since I've been logged on. Another Michiganer here. no kids unless you count my husband as one. My hubby got me into riding I started off with a LTZ250 in '05 and now I graduated to the "queen" ( I meant King) Quad 450. I know Warriorchick, we both belong to the same atv club here in MI. I like riding the trails and the mud. I'm a little shakey on hills with my ltz250. We haven't had a chance to take KQ450 yet on the trails, but so far I'm liking it alot seems soo good not to shift.
  10. My husband and I particapted in the Atv Challenge Rally in Stanwood, Mi at Stanwood Motorsports over the weekend. It was pretty cool. My husband got 2nd and 3rd place trophies for his class 2wd/sport uitily 0-700 amd I got a 2nd place for 2wd/ sport uitily 0-300 women's class. It's the first time that either of us has competed in something like that. Here's some pics. http://s92.photobucket.com/albums/l16/mi_smiley2000/
  11. I got the perfect sticker for us women who like to get muddy riding;
  12. Well, the michigan weather was finally nice enough to go riding. A liitle dust, and few water spots across the trail. I only got stuck twice. Oh well it happens.
  13. Check out http://www.atvoffroad.net. We're the premeir atv club in Michigan promoting safe riding habits. We have planned events and rides. There's 4x4's, 2-ups and sport quad riders. It's like belonging to a family more than "just a club".
  14. I usually go riding with my husband and another couple. Last year was the first time that we went trail riding. I'm just learning the different hills and stuff. I "Tread Lightly" just because there's alot out that don't ride safe.

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