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  1. Started riding about 1989 with friends, then bought an 1981 KX80 motorcycle for myself from a family friend for 40 bucks and been upgrading every since now on my 6th Kawi. In the mid 90s I started going to Glamis a lot so I switched to quads, but now thinking about going back to motorcycles.

  2. Where Exactly do you ride????

    I ride all over Southern California. Johnson Valley and Stoddard wells mostly, but I try to make it to Glamis, Rasor Road, Dove Springs at least once a year and in the summer we head up towards Mammoth and Bishop, Azusa Canyon cruise the forestry trails in the local mountains. All the info and pictures from my riding and information from places to ride are on my website OHVguide.com Off Highway Vehicle Guide for Southern California for Glamis, Dumont, Johnson Valley, Pismo, Desert, Canyons and Moutains

  3. Hi, Thought I would finally register, although I thought I did already back in the day. Some of you may know me as GoDunes.com or OHVguide.com, or on other offroad forums as Brain411. I've been riding and camping for over 20 years in the Southern California Deserts and Mountains. Currently ride a 05 KFX400 and try to get out riding 1-2x a month

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