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  1. I would check used parts at http://car-part.com/ it will show you some compatibility and local junk yards.
  2. I read somewhere it can have a suzuki engine. There are a few quads out there that have internal suzuki engines from what I remember. That's good in my opinion. Here's an old topic that might be of interest: There's also a few other topics https://www.quadcrazy.com/search/?q=baja
  3. You just find all the deals!
  4. Will it shift with it not running? Check out this topic:
  5. Nice job getting it running! I hear a little whining noise, is the air filter on or are there any intake leaks?
  6. Thats a good deal, hopefully no engine damage. Depends how it went in the water and for how long. You'll know once you drain the oil and pull that plug. Take the belt cover off, there also should be a drain plug somewhere. Inspect everything. Hopefully the engine is good, the rest is probably ok. Worse case scenario I think is an engine rebuild. You can then look used, look for a rebuilder like https://www.rev6sports.com/sportsman-500-engine-rebuild/ or even buy one on amazon - Polaris Ranger 500 99-13 Sportsman 500 96-13 Engine Motor Rebuilt :
  7. How much did you get it for? I think you are on the right track... Remove spark plug and crank the engine to make sure no water is in the cylinder/hydro locked. Is it belt drive? There should be a drain to let water out. Check all the electrical, buy a new battery because its probably shorted. Change the oil and filter and plan to do it again after you get it running. You may have other electrical issues but you wont know until you try to get it running.
  8. I'm using a quadboss atv cover currently and its pretty good. But if it tears or get another one, I've been looking at this one on Amazon for $27 and has pretty good reviews.
  9. Topic title updated to reflect component in question and moved to Kawasaki ATV forum. 😎
  10. That's the fuel petcock. I just changed mine on my yamaha grizzly last week because it was leaking also. You can get it on amazon for $9
  11. Black Friday is definitely not what it used to be. You can pretty much get every deal online for the last few years. If you are savvy enough, you can also get all the Black Friday ads in advance online and make a plan of what to get. The sales start early all the time and it takes away from the actual “Black Friday”. We check Amazon, Walmart, target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, etc. The deals are there and no need to go to any stores in my opinion.
  12. Put her back together and just in time for the snow! Getting the plow back on...
  13. This album included photos of my 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660 repairs. The quad gets used a lot, has some rust, scratches, dents, etc.
  14. Did you find a deal on one? This one from home depot seems like a good deal We picked up a bunch of stuff for the xmas gifts, some toys, got another ring doorbell with an echo show from amazon for my mother's house. We have a ring already and love it.

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