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  1. Yo...how's life treating ya??? Hope all is well buddy,...been about a year since you last stopped by so figured I'd reach out!

  2. Were there any indicators, lights or anything when it started to overheat? Did the fan come on? Kind of odd for a 2018 to blow a head gasket so soon. Shouldn't it be under warranty?
  3. Probably, need to check. Never thought of that. Nice idea!
  4. Did you get this fixed? Sounds like misalignment.
  5. Here's some similar topics you may want to check out:
  6. Might be carb related, Have you messed with that? Did it sit for a while? You might want to just pop on a new carb, they run pretty cheap for those chines atvs on amazon. Something like:
  7. Sounds like fun! Where are you located? Might help to post that info
  8. Are you looking at some online that are used? Whenever a question like this comes up, it's difficult to answer unless you have someone who has gone through the same thing. I usually suggest you look at parts manuals or OEM arctic cat websites and start comparing part numbers for various models and years to see if they match.
  9. Might just feel like that because its new. Does it go down at all when you sit on it?
  10. @Frank Angerano I like your style!
  11. Sounds like fun, have a HAPPY B-DAY! Post some pics!!!
  12. I forgot to mention that I can't get it to charge through the accessory plug like I wanted with this black+decker, that's what sole me on it...lol. I have to test the plug. I had to use the alligator clips, but works good.
  13. Can you see the oil filter on your atv and see if there are any numbers on it? Unfortunately that number doesn't cross to anything or come up online. That may be their part number but they may be using an already manufactured filter or engine from another manufacturer. The trick will be to cross it.
  14. @4tracker Topic moved to Midwest ATV & Off Road Forum. Please update your existing topics rather than create new ones. They'll be bumped to the top if you reply to them. At any time, just view your own profile page to see what topics you have going https://www.quadcrazy.com/profile/17917-4tracker/ or go the page that lists what you are following: https://www.quadcrazy.com/followed/ You currently have 4 topics
  15. Do you have the OEM number on the filter that is on it now? is it by chance 12 050 01 or 49065-2071? I took a quick look where I would normally look, but its not an easy lookup.

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