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  1. hey there i spent all day trying to get my quad to start but it would not we tried pulling it after we fixed the pull start tried the jumper cables to the starter and even tried to push it and drop the gear but it would run. bog pick up bog pick up then die the longest i lasted was a munite it sounds like it is flooding out but im not sure maybe not getting enough gas but its back fireing like crazy sounds like gun shots. when its started and boging i put new coil and wire to cap and cap cleaned the carb really good but still not running the quad still has tones of compresion but refuses to run any ideas?

  2. hey dirt demon not just the cap was broken but the wire that comes from the coil to the plug cap was rotten so i just replaced it all not OEM but it works. today i changed it all over to the new coil wire and cap it tried to start but be for i could get a good pull the pull start cord snapped and i didnt really get much out of it but it tried to turn over when i did pull it or push start it unlike the old one. thats why i was asking about the being able to pull start the quad in the ignition off position because i wanted to figure if i need to turn the key to use the electrical start because the electrical start dose nothing currently and same for the head light and break light.

  3. so i was having no issues with my quad the last ride but last friday i took my quad out and had a good run it ran all day no with no problams and then it hit it started to act up the same way it usaly dose but this time i couldnt feather out the bog and shifting down did nothing either and so it died so i did what i always do let it sit then it would start fine but this time it wouldnt start i pulled and pulled on the pull start nothing i tried getting a tow and droping the gear nothing so we took it back to the trailer and did the old air fuel spark after checking the first two we took out the spark plug and checked for spark what a suprise there was none so we took the spark cap off and behold my issue it was broken and smashed all to hell how it happened i have no clue but it had been like that for awile now to replace it all and try again ill let you know the out come

  4. i bought this suzuki lt230e that i have been working on you should take a look at how far i have come its still rough but im slowly smoothing out the edges take a look at the pics in my profile

  5. I love this quad it really has some power for a 230cc motor and the gearing is amazing in first gear i can litterly crawl any thing. I have the 250 front tires and rear tires so i have alot more clearance and traction. On friday i crossed a fairly good size river just left it in first gear and the thing putted through. This easily was the best 440$ i have ever spent!!!.:biggrin:

  6. Well i managed to get my quad running properly and dirtdevil ide like to thank you for making sure i didnt buy the cdi box be for i went over the little things. it happened to be a little set screw that is on the carb that drains the float bowl it happened to keep backing off due to the shaking of the quad on the trails. i hope that this was all the issue was but it ran fine all day after adjusting so ill keep you all updated!!.:yes:

  7. Hey there i have 1994 suzuki 230 or 250 im not sure what one it has no plastics at all as you can see in my display picture a pull start and is semi auto and is not 4x4 the guys at the store said it was a 250 but it looks nothing like the ones i seen on google could you help me figure out what one i own.

    also i am having issues with it some times i run it for a bit and it begins to bog and sounds like it is missing and other times it runs fine.

    if i baby it i can run it all day but if i push it and not to hard but giving it a good run or top out 5th gear for 5mins it beguins to do the same but after letting it sit for 5-10 mins it will bog out or start fine.

    any one with any info to this i would love to know what you think i havent the slitest clue and im to go riding this friday!!!![/size][/size]

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