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  1. Check those valves and let us know what you find, good luck.

    Okay, so I am REALLY slow with getting things done. I FINALLY got around to buying a set of feeler gauges and checked the valve lash, turns out the intake side was WAY off. This solved absolutely EVERY problem I have had with it. I also checked the exhaust side, and it seemed to smooth things out a little further, but the initial problem IS fixed. Thanks everyone!!! I could not be happier with my ride. :)

  2. Well, tried out the quad after gapping the spark plug properly, though I did see SOMEWHAT of a difference, the underlying problem still exists. Slight hills, steep hills, even level roads, it just seems to pick an inopportune time to cut out on me. Guess I will have to wait until I buy a book to figure out how to check and adjust the valve lash. Oh, I did check for air leaks with MAP gas, surprisingly, I could not find a single leak. I do not have the compression tester to check for that either. I can not complain THAT much, it DOES run, I just can not climb hills or try to give it full throttle without expecting problems. But just to put around, it is a great ride, LoL!

  3. Well, after messing with the float and the air/fuel screw(set at 2 3/4 turns out now) for a while, it is running a LITTLE better. Though, under heavy(ish) load, it still wants to cut out. I have had the carb apart quite a few times to check for sticking mechanisms and such, everything seems to be moving as they should. I have run compressed air through every channel, every jet, and even removed the emulsion tube and cleaned it. The only thing I have not done is replace the air filter. Though, nothing changes with or withOUT the air filter installed. I have tried different grades of gas, gas treatments, to no avail. It sickens me how well it idles, but when I REALLY need the power, it falls on its face. Maybe I have the float COMPLETELY wrong though. I have just been adjusting to see where it gets better at. I have no way of knowing what the float height is SUPPOSED to be. Being on disability, money is a bit tight, so a bit longer before I can buy a manual for the beast. Any help in the meantime is VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks everyone!

  4. Hate to wake up a thread this old, but I have a 2000 Arctic Cat 300 that seems to spit and sputter when climbing hills. Yesterday I decided to try something different...I was climbing a hill on which this happened before, when I got stuck(Because of it acting up), I turned the fuel valve to the off position, after about 30 seconds, it seemed to balance out and carry me the rest of the way up the hill. I really think it is loading up with fuel. Now, I am trying to figure out why. I would like to adjust the float height, but I have no clue what it is supposed to be set at. Any clue?

  5. Hi everyone. My name is Michael, I am from a small town around Central Pa. I recently bought a 2000 Arctic Cat 300 4WD with a couple problems and happened to find this place, so far it seems really nice here. I think I will be sticking around for a while. :D

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