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  1. since work is dead I decided to get in a ride at Rampart !! Place was empty great for me !!
  2. Sweet Viveo !! THX for sharing !!
  3. Great pics !! Being from Colorado we have tons of riding on public land But all the good spots are still snowed in
  4. Damm Id be scared chit less LOL What are u doing way up there ?
  5. Cool Video !! Ilove riding my sport quad in the snow !! I run a bigger tire (front & rear ) on my trx450R helps alot !! THX for posting !!
  6. WOW what a frickin mess this coronavirus thing is causing !! People are going nuts over this !! Our famil;y isnt worried about this !! We arent changing our daily routine in the least !! NOT out power shopping either !! Im 64 yrs old Ive survived all the other flu that have come down over the years . Ive survived 40 yrs of marriage Booze, some drugs in the 70s and a hand full of crazy ass girlfriends 50 yrs of riding and lived to tell about it 😁 Think ill go for a ride Mon !!

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