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  1. stator bolts are usually torqued in, maybe wasn't torqued to spec ??

    can you do anything with the shifter linkage to try and correct the F and R ??

    thanks for replying

    they are not out of adjustment.they are switched somehow.

    i can`t get it started now to trouble shoot it

    i bought another 95 trailboss just like it to compare them

    both engines have 90 psi of compression

    the one i just bought smokes real bad,but it starts real easy

    the one that i can`t start has never smoked

    is it likely that the one that won`t start has a broke skirt on the piston

    when i had it running ,i put it in foward to drive it to check the engine,that`s when i found out the gears were switched.

    can anyone figure this out? thanks for any help or suggestions

  2. Could someone please explain how this could happen?

    The bolts that hold the stator plate in place came loose and broke all the wires going to the cdi and coil.there`s 7 wires coming out of it.

    I rewired the wiring and finally got it to crank up and run but..........for some strange reason when you put the gear selector in f for foward, it`s in reverse and when youi put it in reverse it goes foward

    any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.

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