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  1. Yes I rode rock run last year not a bad place ...a little pricieee that I thought ... thanks for the info..I riden south of indiana anout 20 mile .... there is alot of ridding there..
  2. I am from Butler,Pa. about 35 mile north of Pittsburgh..
  3. I am looking for someone to ride with ... Friends machines are down and people just dont want to ride ... I have a 07 700 grizz ...and I am 55 but can ride ..... thanks I have cabin fever so I am ready [email protected]
  4. We are planning a trip to the Haliburton area this summer. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to stay. I would lke to stay somewhere in the middle of all the action .We dont cook so near a restraunt .... Thanks it will be needed
  5. Well I feel as if safety is the most important thing . In the news here in Pa. we see someone dieing because of a ATV accident way too often. Usually it is riders fault. Drinking,no helmet, and of course other things . i provide FREE safety training to kids 8 to 16. SOME PEOPLE CHARGE $50 . This is law in Pa.Our last class we had 2 adults who took the class. Do not pay for this class when we offer it for free. You do not have to belong to our club. Please feel free to contact me for a class. [email protected]
  6. I have a camp for lease in WEST HICKORY ,PA. IT IS A OLDER MOBILE HOME. IT HAS TWO BEDROOMS . WATER, FURNACE, ..YOU can have cable tv , phone. walk to bar. within 1 mile beer dist.,pizza shop , 2 stores,2 bars.archery shop. You are responsible for all utilities plus yard work...$1500 for one year ...
  7. I Have a 3 place atv trailer, or 2 sleds. I have towed it to Hatfield McCoy trail from north of Pittsbugh,pa. It has two axles,2 new wheels and tires. It towes great. Clean title. I need a bigger trailer. Picture available upon request $650. [email protected]
  8. Well it is electrical. Yes my wife has one also. You could ride with one hand ...that part is nice ....polaris I have had about 4 or 5 of them ...500 to 700 efi.. We ride alot in WV and KY. Some times we ride with friends who live there , not the hatfield trails. Great bunch of guys .... I am the baby at 54. These guys ride ...tuff old boys ..
  9. Hi there yes I own two of them ... wife got the outdoor , and mine is just plain red ... power steering is GREAT ... I had a sportsman 700 .... this will out run ,drive and out maneuver [email protected]
  10. BUTLER,PA......Anyone want to start a club for ridding and whatever???

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