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    QuadBoss Pile Driver ATV Snow Plow Review

    This is a review of the QuadBoss Pile Driver ATV Snow Plow system, mounted on my Yamaha Grizzly 660 ATV. I've used other plows before and was excited to get this plow on, but the dilemma of no real snow in the part of New York where I live, made my anxiety grow, as I wanted to get out and move some snow! Well we finally got a few inches, not really a massive storm like I had hoped for, but it will have to do...  

    Assembly and mounting.   The instructions are very clear and all the hardware that came with the package is superior in my opinion. There were 3 packages, which included the plow, push tube assembly, and universal mount. There is a decent amount of assembly that is required, along with installing the mount under the ATV, so if you aren't too mechanically inclined, get some help. It's actually fairly easy if you like putting things together. There's also some fantastic instructional video on YouTube.   I decided to start with the universal mount. I did this outside and it was bit cold, my mistake, should have done this in a heated garage...but I can tell you this, anything can be done if you put your mind to it, even outside on your back in 37 degree weather. I put my quad up on car ramps and crawled under to get a look at how I wanted to install the mount. I had to remove the factory plastic skid plate and after 2 attempts, ended up installing the mount with the provided extra brackets, along with sideways. I had installed it straight forward but then noticed that I didn't have at least an inch of clearance for the push tube hook...very important. Also, it is very important to get the distance from the front of the plate to your winch fairleed to the distance recommended. Lesson learned after a few tries, and I finally got the mount attached with the included hardware as you can see in the picture (the picture is my second attempt). That was probably the hardest part for me and would have been easier for anyone else who was smart enough to measure, not rush, and check clearances!  

    So, moving on, I removed the push tube assembly out of the box, carried it over, and slid it under the ATV. I attached my new Promark Offroad 4500 Outback Series winch to one of the two places available, and slowly lifted it up. I slid under the ATV and lined up the push tube hooks. I then pushed up the back of the push tube assembly to snap them in. I tested it a few times by cycling the winch up and down, and also released the lock and re-attaching it a few times to check. The nice thing here is that if you want to go do a little riding without the plow, it's easy to release it and the universal mount stays on as a great skid plate alternative to the factory plastic one.   Now that I had the push tube mounted, I decided to assemble the plow in my heated basement! The Pile Driver plow assembly is pretty straight forward, the hardest part was getting the struts/springs in place for me. If you are only one person without any air tools, it may take some time. Nevertheless, it's not hard to assemble. Check out the video below that I referenced when putting this together, every manufacturer should have something like this!

    Now the fun part, let's plow some snow!   So we finally got a little bit of snow here, about 4-5 inches to be exact. It was a perfect opportunity to pull the quad out of the garage and test this plow out. To give you a little background on where I live and what I'm testing here...I plowed my asphalt road in front of my house, my gravel/dirt/rock parking area and 250' rocky and unfinished driveway that I get up in my jeep only really (needs to be blacktopped in the worst way), so the plow will take some abuse! If it holds up…we're good. Check out my test video...      

    Final Notes   I have to say that I am extremely happy with this plow set up. There are some adjustments that I need to make to ensure the wear bar is positioned properly, but having plowed the terrain of my driveway, the strength of QuadBoss Pile Driver Plow held up without issue… I was very impressed. It's nice to be able to lift it with the winch, adjust the angle to the desired setting, and remove it when not in use. I would recommend this plow to anyone looking for a plow assembly for their ATV and look forward to putting this to the test some more during the next storm!    

    Check out QuadBoss for all your ATV Accessories!    


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