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    • took a ride and played with gas cap when it started acting up...don't think it is the cap or lack of gas when it started happening I took the gas cap of and nothing changed I changed the petcock to PRI and RES and nothing happened differently then out of the blue it was fine for a bit, then happened again. The video below shows that it doesn't appear to be the gas cap   Could it be the coil?  Do you know the ignition system on this thing? What tells the coil to fire? Starting with the stator/magneto wires must be going to the voltage regulator to produce the 14v+ to the battery, as well some wires must be going somewhere to provide 100-200v to something that has capacitors (like a boat's powerpack), then something to trigger that to send the volts to the coil that ups the volts to something like 20-40Kv that goes to plug....right? Again I don't know this machine very well, so no clue what triggers the timing of the spark....I don't think the coil itself would know when to trigger, so a bit in the dark.   oooh found the ignition system for the quadmaster...it HAS a powerpack thingy...now where is it? 🙂  
    • oh shit I think you nailed it. "Or maybe a plugged fuel cap vent causing vaccum lock on the tank?" I DID open the gas cap when it started missing then moved the petcock to PRI then back to ON..... Thank you!! going to get a new cap...once I do one more test.  
    • Probably not a lot you can do for power since those are weird hybrid honda knockoffs usually. Lot of proprietary stuff. Maybe you can change the clutch springs or add a shim to lower the gear ratio a bit?
    • Have you checked the plug to see if its rich or lean? Sounds like it's running out of fuel once its warm, I'm wondering if the plug shows it to be lean. Or maybe a plugged fuel cap vent causing vaccum lock on the tank?
    • So I've had my bro-in-law's 4 wheeler to get it running again.  Ended up buying a new aftermarket carb, cleaning fuel tank, cleaning petcock and it works near perfectly . put the petcock to PRI for about 5 seconds , turn it back to on, pull full enrichener , start it  up (starts right up), slowly release the enrichener and put it in gear and go up down the road. Slow, fast, idle etc all good BUT then out of the blue it will start missing badly (by this time the motor is hot), to the point I can't move the ATV. Then out of the blue, maybe 30 seconds later, it is back to normal and I can go up and down the road for testing just fine. I'm trying to get the ATV in tiptop shape to return to him, but bugged by this miss, I'm sure this machine will come back to me if it keeps missing... Thanks in advance   BTW I am mechanically inclined, but not an expert on this atv...

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