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  2. this steering knuckle is not the same as the other. I would think they should be same height. The right is about 1/4" or so taller and further back. I do not have an image with tape, here's best I have right now without correct angles.. when I measured, however, that is 1 thing. Another is the distance from the rotor to end of wheel bolt is also about 1/8" or maybe 3/16 difference between the two. i do not see how compression could play into those measurements. it's all metal I need a either a larger right wheel n tire that'd look sweet heh or I have to find a correct right buckle which most seem to sell as complete housing left side: right (rubbing) side:
  3. Yep maybe a collapsed bearing. Only thing that gets me is the rotor would have some play in and out.
  4. yes perhaps it is not the color/nut there, but the compression of the hub. I recall doing something like this with brakes/calipers. I measured and left side appears to be compressed in a bit more.. might take photos and upload to confirm what I am seeing.
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  6. Frank Angerano

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    I know it’s frustrating. Take a deep breath. Is the shaft spinning when you crank the engine ?
  7. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    The water pump seal has also been replaced after me trying to remove it and making a mess of it. I am beginning to think it's something internal within the case that's making the impeller not function but im no mechanic so have no idea. Just very frustrating having only owned it for 5 months and its been off the road for a month.
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  9. Ok so take some measurements and see what’s didfent. Feel around a bit see what’s wrong. You will find it.
  10. Frank Angerano

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    You should not need to take the engine out or split it to replace the water pump. I would have done that while the head was off just to eliminate the possibility of it being bad. But no way should you have to pull the engine or split it open.
  11. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    OK, I have finally got somebody to change the head gasket on my quad and also needed to have the valves seated as one wasn't closing. All is now back together but when I took it for a test ride it's still pinging and the Temp light still flashes on. I guess the engine will need to be taken out again and to split the crank to inspect the water pump?
  12. yeah I def see differences. looks like different hubs. I have not measured the mounting bolts
  13. I've been working on a wiring diagram for the Kazuma Cougar 250. I've already started doing the connectors and wiring for each connector. Its been taking awhile because some of my connectors were cutoff when I bought it as well as a new ignition switch was wired in so I had to do some backtracking from the splice. Anyway, I hope to have it finished here shortly and I will try to post it soon. I have a very hectic schedule between working and school or else I would have already had it posted. Hopefully this will help someone when its finished.
  14. artis allen


    I HATE people who steal stuff. I'm sorry about someone's selfishness, stealing your grandson's ATV.
  15. Does there look like any welding was done on any of the parts ? You are going to have to turn the wheel in both directions. And while doing so take a few seconds and try to wiggle the parts on that front end for movement. Also look behind the rotor and compare one rotor to the other sidde. Also clearance between the back plate. Compare both sides take some pics and post. Maybe we will see something that stands out.
  16. tire off.. about to switch left/right to see if I see any difference. right now, I can't tell other than that rod end looks like it should be replaced and if you want to clean and keep rust off cast metal, rub a tire on it for about 2-3 hours while I'm rotating, can anyone tell me more about this steering knuckle/plate setup (again this is right front wheel)?:
  17. pokerl0w

    My First ATV 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220

    btw, check this out: http://www.craigshunter.com/
  18. pokerl0w

    My First ATV 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220

    lol @ email eagle eyes well then my beer was correct, you didn't get it heh we need some alert system for new bike postings. I can't spend my better time searching when I'm trying to figure out part names still ffs. it's just all metal n oil. parts is parts. but time kills me. I realize my garage is not setup for these projects. takes me about an hour just to get setup to start breaking something apart. as with my first 300 .. be nice if I had the smarts to do this on a cheaper bike. what I have learned on this bike I could have done with on a cheaper and then I bet I'd have picked this 300 apart quick and either passed or saved myself $400+ (talked him down)... now, I figure I'll enjoy this enough to make enough back in fun learning and ending up with better bikes/deals in the future.
  19. i don't mind someone painting over a dent or using non-oem screws and parts, etc. but this guy said he rebuilt things - I bet he bought a chinese carb, new tires and that's it. claims he bought it from auction. I can not find any vin heh yeah.. well I'm learning tons, which is fun since it's not forced schoolwork heh I'm hoping wrong rim. You are right, that steering knuckle is thick metal and lined by 2 bolts, I do not think that can be adjusted. Must be wrong rims or tires (probably both).
  20. JacobSlabach

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    heres the pic i put up at the beginning btw
  21. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    I will give that to Honda- they do take about anything you throw at them (at least the es and foot-shifts do) I really dont like how the automatics like the Rubicon perform-- they are 500cc (big) atv that feels like its got a 110cc engine in it) I will say that after watching my buddy run his 02 Sportsman 500 70+mph (no joke) and jump it over 4 feet in the air over and over again and swamping it just about every week with no snorkel and mud/water up to the racks, I feel pretty good about how Polaris (at least the sporstmans) hold up. His carb finally blew up after keeping the throttle pegged on some trails for over an hour.. He takes care of other peoples stuff..not his own.. He used it this way for i think about 4 or 5 years before the carb blew up and he popped a front axle.. now hes switched over to his 04 sportsman 400 and uses the 500 for parts..
  22. Brandi Nedley

    2007 polaris saawtooth

    did u figure out?
  23. Brandi Nedley

    break pads

  24. Brandi Nedley

    06 polaris sawtoth

    We just bought a used polaris sawtooth 2006. Any advice on pros and cons or things to look out for. were 1st time owners. basic maintenance?
  25. Brandi Nedley

    Polaris ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

  26. yea some folks are like that... just out to scam people.. I got screwed on the bayou 300 I bought too.
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