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  2. Yep, new to the site and quads in general. Have an 01 polaris 500 that I am working on. Feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project, but I keep finding things which were neglected and in my opinion should be taken care of. Rather do it now then during hunting season.
  3. New to the sight and from Wild & Wonderful West By God Virginia. Having a quad that is reliable and can take some abuse is a necessity in these hills. The pic is of playground Honda 400 Fourtrax 4X4 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4
  4. Here to watch over 4.1 million AMC retail shareholders ride the rocket to the moon.
  5. A-is correct C-is correct, the overflow just hangs down. B- Is a vent that connects to a t-fitting that branches off connecting to a vent tube on the left side of the cylinder head and to a vent tube that runs to the rear diff. Not a big deal if left disconnected, just runs a little lean.
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  7. From Brooklyn NY Gerritsen beach!!! We have many trails and beach to ride probably the place in Brklyn NY with the most trails for years we been creating bike trails have high turns and many woppdie s I have a 86 Suzuki quadrunner 230 GE shaft drive and looking for another bike just havent found one yet
  8. I bought a new carb for this byou 220 refurb. But can't figure out where the hoses go to from the carb. I have the obvious 2 figured out. The Fuel Line (A. RED ARROW) It's barley visisble. But it's there. And C. Carb overflow.... I think. (C. GREEN ARROW) That would just hang down. It's line B. with the BLACK ARROW AND Line D. with the BLUE ARROW That I can't figure out. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
  9. Hi all i have a 08 outlander that will start and run fine but when i try to shut it off with handlebar switch and or key switch, it just stays running? Speedo and all stays on? Only way i can shut it off is to unplug the main relay? Iv replaced ign key switch and relay? Any ideas? Thanks guys
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  11. Anybody know how I set this float height on linhai 300 been blowing in gas feed pipe and setting cut off when bottom float is just above shortest jet is there easier way? Manual says float height >3 what ever that means 🤔
  12. I have a Honda 2017 DCT Independent Rear Suspension and I'm wondering if the rims and tires from my blowed up Massimo 700 SXS will bolt right on and work fine? It is the same bolt pattern but I didn't know about how the wheels dished etc.
  13. Could you contact the seller and see if he has the original part still?
  14. Hello People, Back in the quad world after a12+ year absence. Just purchased a '21 Polaris Sportsman 570 Premium (be here in 5 weeks). Never though I would buy a Polaris, back in the day they were the swear word of ATV'S, but researching they have come a long way. I have been on quads my whole life and have had probably about 8+ quads from racers to my Brute 750 (loved that machine). I was considering a '21 Griz 700, but being in Ct we have no areas to ride so the 570 was perfect price for it's use. In the past I was registered in MA & ME and rode Paragon in PA which was Awesome (believe
  15. Our ride with Enduro and Cross KTM continues on great trails, unfortunately my inside tie rod end was loose and our ride was stopped incidentally. Luckily succeeded after a short repair to go back on wheels! My YouTube Goal is getting really close. Last 10 subscribers to the 1000 subscribers point. Thanks to all!
  16. this is the best i found doing reserch, also its a good idea to get some stainless mesh to imbed on the backside. it wont ever look like new, but it will be functional. https://www.polyvance.com/ATV-Fender-Welders-1/ATVPRO/
  17. Drained gas from crankcase and gearbox. Cleaned oil pump screen, blew out oil cooler lines, changed oil filter. Runs great now. It didn't like 2 gallons of gas added to oil I guess.
  18. Just discovered the engine crankcase is full of gas. Young one never told me the fuel tank shut off valve was stuck in the open position. Tank was empty when I changed the shutoff valve and fuel line.
  19. Köszönöm fdocuments.in_4187-kawasaki-kx125-kx250-service-manual-repair-1992-1993.pdf
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  21. out of the blue my vinson wouldn't shift into park and when I am in H or L and go past a slow pace (maybe in 2nd gear) it grinds and Low grinds even louder. It sounds as though it may be in the rear diff. I have not tore into the rear end or anything yet. I was looking for advice before tearing it apart. Reverse has no grinding at all and H gear doesn't grind until you get moving past a walking pace. L grinds as soon as it moves. It shifts into gear smoothly and 4wd works just fine. There was no issues leading up to this. Any advice is appreciated thanks.
  22. 1998 Arctic Cat 300 4x4 Red This quad formerly ran fine but started to run poorly as it wouldn't idle or rev easily. The current problem is as specified below. Starts and idles fine when cold. Will rev to mid range when cold. As it warms up it will not rev and idles poorly as it gets warmer. I thought might be a problem with the ignition coil so I replaced it with a new one, no improvement. It doesn't backfire or stutter. It just falls on its face when the throttle opened. Also no smoke out exhaust. I changed the carb to a new Mikuni VM32 which is a common swap. Fuel tank
  23. My guess is a wonky temperature sensor. Like all electronics / electric relays and switches , they can go intermittent---- work one time and not the next, then work and fail again at random times. I'd replace it and see. I'm not a Honda dealer or service mechanic but I can't see their thinking in replacing the fuel pump and filter when the bike runs fine until warmed up to the point the fan should come on. That's not a fuel starvation issue that should show up well before the motor reaches operating temperature. That points far more to a sensor/ fan circuit problem to me
  24. I'm new to this sport and would like to replace the factory tires on my 1995 Polaris Scrambler 4 x 4. Any suggestions and where is the best place to get them would be appropriated.
  25. Todd from Boston, NY. 1995 Polaris Scrambler 400 is the latest. I've heard they have some potential issues. I'm here to find out what they are.
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