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  1. Yesterday
  2. Luanne Price

    Honda ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

  3. Steve NK NightShift Parvin

    14 KQ 500 Rev Limit , top speed problems

    I burrowed A good friend of mine's KQ, I partially submerged it and now I lost top end, it runs fine no power loss until you get to 37 MPH then it bogs out like it is limited. Any help would be nice since I don't want to give him his quad back messed up
  4. I've got some good parts left over from my recent 4wd 2003 Big Bear adventure. Used on 2000-2010 Big Bears. Very good complete head-fits 350 also, came off 400 2002, Have timing chain, gear, guides, case & trans (2wd) Fuel tank, harness, misc. electronics, front shocks/springs, also have some other stuff. Most parts also fit some 90's models, (Kodiak 400 '93-'98), check it to verify. Located near Chattanooga, LMK what you need, offer, cash/trade.
  5. They call em snakes, hammer handles, spawn of satan... the poor Northern Pike. They are somewhat slimy, they have a stronger flavor than pickerel, and the bones... If these things were boneless there would be none left on the planet I am certain. There are boneless filet techniques for Pike but I think the main reason people can't take them apart is because they don't know how they are put together. Learn the lore of the pike and it will open a new world. Regardless I love Pike and I think they are an under utilized resource. Ground pike balls are not the only way. Especially pre-May opener, or even may opener (we had snow last year) when the weather is cold, one of the ways to get around all the bones even with the boneless techniques is to cube the meat and make soup. Here is my recipe In a large pot cube (1/2" x 1/2") 4 medium potatoes and 2 large carrots. Coarsely slice 1/2 a large white onion. Cube up 2-3 stalks of celery ( I like to use the celery core, it tends to be a little bitter to eat but has the leafy sprouts that act with a parsley). If I use the core I add 2 more stalks, otherwise 3. Fill with water (to a point where it won't boil over)… yeah I know not that accurate but its a bish recipe... we don't measure Black pepper to taste 2-3 heaping table spoons of powdered chicken broth (this is also the salt, I don't add salt) bring all to a boil and simmer until potatoes an carrots are tender add cubed pike meat, and raise temp until it is all at vigorous boil (the pike will be easily cooked by this time. In a small bowl crack 2 full eggs and coarsely wisk it with a fork and drizzle into the boiling water remove pot from heat and serve (warn starving bush guests not to melt their face on the nuclear soup) This is super easy for camp, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery (celery less so) can keep for a long time. The powered soup broth is shelf worthy. We use potable water we cart in. Just need the fresh pike. Enjoy.... I do !
  6. LMI

    Maiden Run

    will do … the wally batch from opening day cleaned and eaten. the follow day wife and I, those are cleaned and frozen. We went out again this morning and but only got 1 (eaten for lunch), think they are moving into their post spawn locations now, 3 days of 20 C temps and bright sunny days... Where I am Northern Pike are open all year round so I was out Friday trolling for some large pike, caught a couple of small ones... turned them into a soup... I'll post the recipe in the other forum.
  7. Exactly that. Here, the regulations state that in order to ride on Municipal streets and roads the seat must be permanent from the factory. It cannot be removable. I figure if I could find one specific to the 2005 Suz KQ700 where you remove the back rack and bolt the 2-Up there, that I could weld it to the frame where it bolts on. Not factory but permanent The rider also needs separate foot pegs from the driver. Now that is for streets and roads. My problem is that where I live I am locked in. An impassable creek behind me, and Municipal roads I can't drive on but can cross 90 degrees when safe to do so. So I can travel the streets with a passenger as long as I meet the above, and then can cross Municipal roads I can't drive and can get to trails I municipal roads I can drive and thus escape! 😆 I can't see them being able to slap me with Highway traffic act or municipal By-Laws if I am back country. So the fall back would be to ramp it into my F150, and offload it in the bush with the 2 up and my passenger
  8. Round five of the 2018 ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX), an AMA National Championship, hit High Point Raceway head on as predictions of rainfall were forecasted throughout the week leading up to this past weekends event. View the full article
  9. racers

    2002 yamaha warrior 350 has no spark

    Ck. reverse switch and clutch switch @ handle bar mine didnt fully engage and caused no start.
  10. SilentNoise

    Replacement cylinder question for 90 Quadrunner LT4WD

    Oh, just remembered that another friend has a 1993 (I think) King Quad 300 4WD that he's been using for parts. Can't remember if he still has the jug and piston from that thing. I know that there's not many differences between the 250 and 300, but also not sure what can be swapped over either
  11. BrettWilliams

    2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 Choke Plunger Backward??

    The screw for the air/fuel (bottom of the pilot screw) is definitely on the bottom of this model, but.. found why it probably wasnt making much of a difference. UPDATE: Took the carb apart, took every bolt out, float, needle, jets, everything and cleaned it all. Took a little less than 1 hour total time. Definitely gunk in the pilot jet, which is what the screw turns..and also probably why turning it to open wasnt making much difference before. (SOLUTION/SOLVED😞 After cleaning the carb completely (easy, since there is a video on YouTube showing step by step) and replacing the old fouled out spark plug with a new one, it fired right up and runs fine. Note: It's still nowhere near as powerful as our 2004 Bear Tracker but it starts in about a half second now, runs good with great throttle response and power throughout the rpms with no stuttering, in-fact better than it ever has..and maybe its unfair to compare it to our other Bear Tracker since this one is a 2000 and the other is a 2004, and is much more powerful. Both run great now. * * CARB SETTINGS * * - Mixture screw is turned out 1 + 3/4 turn - Carb Needle has the clip set on the second notch from the tip. (Still wouldnt start for a minute, until i remembered that the spark plug was still the one used when the carb had issues..and even after cleaning was still fouled out.. and Just quickly replaced it with a new NGK plug and the quad fired right up within a second and has been completely fine since.) FOR ANYONE READING THIS: If you are bogging out and losing power/backfiring: clean the carb fully (youtube video below making it easy), set your pilot screw to factory setting which for a Bear Tracker is 1.5 turns out, ensure your needle clip is in the factory setting which for a Bear Tracker is first notch or second notch, be 100% sure you aren't getting air through a leak near the carb by spraying carb cleaner around the outside of the carb and rubber to see if the idle changes(a new carb intake boot is less than $15 on Amazon), AND replace the spark plug. ALSO if it does it when you go through water, try unplugging the little electrical plug next to the left hand brake lever since some have a parking brake safety switch which will cause the backfire/no rev issue if the plug, connector or wiring gets wet below..better just to try it unplugged at the handlebars. Also, the airbox HAS TO BE CLOSED TO TEST IF IT RUNS WELL. If the airbox is open when you start it and try to rev it, it WILL bog, backfire and not act the way its supposed to. Some quads will(like our Yamaha Warrior), but the Bear Tracker NEEDS the recirculated valvecover air AND to be closed in a sealed airbox. Last, set your idle to be comfortable while the choke is in the "IN" position and adjust the carb from there. THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HELP HERE! I tried to document everything well so the next person with this problem will hopefully find it here and work their way through this forum to their own solution too.
  12. SilentNoise

    Replacement cylinder question for 90 Quadrunner LT4WD

    Not sure, but that's a good question too. Haven't looked into that option at all, since we just presumed that the jug swap would be much less involved.
  13. Ajmboy

    Maiden Run

    What a great write up! I couldn't agree more. I started with ATVs years ago. My first was an old yamaha warrior 350 that I fixed up. I soon found that I loved riding trails in the woods and "exploring" so I bought my first NEW quad wanting racks for storage and not so much a sport quad. It was bayou 220, 2WD. Two other friends did the same and the following year we all sold the Bayous and got bigger quads. 2 of us got king quads (700's) and the other friend got a suzuki eiger, all 4WD. What a difference...it really is something to be able to experience the outdoors on a quad. I'm also a fisherman, so I can appreciate that! I want to see those fishing pics, walleys, bass, trout, etc. We have an outdoors forum here also: https://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/82-hunting-camping-outdoors-forum/ I just put my rowboat back on the reservoir, getting out next week over the holiday weekend:
  14. Backyardchef29

    87 Quadsport wont shift past 1st

    Hey everyone, Just picked up a 87 230s, got it running pretty good. Kinda new to quads so help would much appreciated. It shifts down from neutral to first just fine, but coming back up to second the shifter doesnt seem to want to move at all. Any ideas?
  15. I used to have a 700 king quad, what exactly is a 2-up? Dual seat built into rear cargo? I have this on my grizzly for a few years now and love it.
  16. Ajmboy

    New owner of bayou 220, 300 4x4, 400 4x4

    It's important to make sure that the oil has the additives for the clutches which regular motor oil does not. I've always used ATV oil, like Valvoline ATV oil and it's worked well. I've used the Valvoline atv oil in my kawasaki bayou 220, kingquad 700, and grizzly 660 without issues. You can get in on Amazon, and also look at the auto parts stores like Advance Auto
  17. I want to change oil in these three machines, what is the recommended oil? Rotella t4? Is atv oil really needed or is it a fear thing that makes you feel you need to pay double for special oils? I drove ATVs years ago, big reds, Yamahas and Suzuki's in the 1980s and just used regular oil with never a clutch slippage issue. I know oil got more evolved since then and tons of additives. Thanks.
  18. Shonko72

    2003 LTZ 400 Not running right. Need Help!

    Any Luck
  19. stoner1969

    96 polaris explorer no crank

    The service limit on your compression is 115 PSI.
  20. stoner1969

    96 polaris explorer no crank

    I would try doing a compression test. If it shows low then run a leak down test and see where you are losing your compression through. That would be the start. I suspect you are losing compression.
  21. Last week
  22. Avery Johnson

    2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 Shuts Off

    Try the tps look it up on YouTube. If that doesn’t work your injector may be clogged. That’s what mine ended up being. I did the tps thing and it still done it. Took it to a local shop and he found the injector was running on only two ports out of four.
  23. Hey all. I am looking for any leads on a 2-Up for my KQ700. I'm reading up here on regulations and it seems it needs to be factory or frame mounted, I can't strap it to the back rack as an example. Anyone have any idea on brands, web sites, anything..? Are they normally called "2-Up" ? Should I be searching with a different term?
  24. LMI

    2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 Shuts Off

    my 2005 King 700 will hard quit. doesn't sputter … die out slowly, its like hitting the kill switch. After this happens I do occasionally have restart / idling issues. In my case it settles down after running, so not sure it is the same issue. A friend of mine said my issue could be related to throttle position sensor which he says could be adjusted by jumping 2 pins on the diag port. I haven't researched this and haven't done anything about it as I've only run it once since taking ownership later winter. In my case hitting the kill switch and back on again I can hear my fuel pump. Is it possible the TPS is "off" sufficiently to cause your issue? I don't have much else... new to quads as well as my KQ 700
  25. LMI

    Maiden Run

    Got my 700 all prepped up. I took it for a little spin while there was still significant snow on the ground, but wanted to avoid getting stuck back country especially since I was solo. So I didn't really consider that a "Maiden Run". I take these 2 weeks off for walleye opening, and after I was ready for that I had a day so ramped it up into my F150 and went off to a place I snowshoe in the winter. I've know this area for more than 35 years and I knew I could walk out if I had to without the weather killing me. 2 years ago while snow shoeing and finally with a GPS I confirmed where I was and the stream was in fact a stream I had discovered in my younger days but couldn't confirm it (no GPS tech back in the day). That following spring I put some speckled trout on a string. This winter past I wanted to explore another trail and I did on snowshoe again, I confirmed again by GPS the mount of this stream into a river... the junction I was looking for. This was my target for my maiden run. The first thing I noticed, beside there being no snow is that the experience from snowshoe to quad was vastly different. I found the difference between truck and snowshoe to be mind boggling... in the truck there are different tangibles. landscape is different you are worried about trees encroaching the trail, the narrowness. On snowshoes it was the opposite, you noticed much smaller things due to the speed of travel, shapes of trees, trees rubbing together, snow drifting down from wind blown snow tipped pines. the quad was somewhere in between. Not the lonesome silence but certainly not the sealed cab of the truck. I could smell the bush I could touch it without the slow space of the snowshoes. …. and the ground I could cover! The exploration factor was through the roof and I am wondering why I waited for middle age to have the versatility of a quad. That day, I not only retraced my track to the stream, but also the track to the junction for which I drove down the sandy embankment and climbed back up with some concern I couldn't (4 wheel dr and diff lock), and 2 other trails I could never get my truck down, which were far to distant to cover mid winter on snowshoes. I ran all the trails, I discovered one bypassed a bog on a pole line, 3 more down to the main river, turning north up a diamond drill road, I climbed a rock strewn hill, football size up to boulder size, I ran 2 more trails all leading to the same pole line, I drove abandoned gravel roads. I did it all … in just 4 hours... snowshoes back country are about 20 min per km (my pace anyways)… I could never do it all, it would be many seasons. Now I can't wait for hunting season, back in the groove after a departure from the sport for some 15-20 years. I found a stocked lake, mid summer when water is low I intend to try and find it. There may not be a trail... I don't know what is around the corner, but for certain I would need a partner for that excursion. The quad, it ran like a charm... It hard stopped once, had some minor idling issues on restart, but everything worked. I was so pleased. This being my first small engine ownership (aka toy, lawnmowers don't count) the only thing that concerned me was that the fan was whirling pretty hard... but my car does that then dies down, just like the quad did... so I didn't worry to much. I did do a coolant refresh after buying it, along with all fluids, spark plug, air filter, bulb replacement...etc... The rad does have some damage to the fins …. but it all seemed to work fine and then RPMs of fan died down again... I doesn't seem like anything to worry about. I read a post about teasing the fins straight with a thin/fine blade of some sort but for me … doesn't seem to be an issue. Is there anything I need to lube on the fan? Bottom line, for anyone reading this... who wants to expand their horizons a little... a quad investment is well worth it IMHO. Here is a picture of the junction I've been looking for since my teens....
  26. Jay72

    96 polaris explorer no crank

    Yes I even did a shot under the plug still won’t start. I’m not very familiar with two stroke engines
  27. stoner1969

    96 polaris explorer no crank

    Have you tried giving it a shot of starting fluid before trying to start it?
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