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  2. I got it in neutral but when I put it in gear and give gas it doesn’t move
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  4. It’s already available in our downloads, if you have a different version please upload it to the downloads section where we maintain a library of sorts. thanks!
  5. Hello All, I have multiple Yamaha Timberwolfs, and I'm rebuilding a 92. I would like to replace the Ball Joints on the control arms. Does anyone know where I can purchase them? I don't want to purchase entire control arm. Ebay only has upper ball joints (Funny I don't see Upper Ball Joints, I have struts) and Cheap Cycle Parts, Partzilla and others don't even show the part number for the lower ball joint. There has to be something out there, these are just pressed in ball joints with castle nut and cotter pin. Please help cross reference. I have another Timberwolf I want to rebuild.
  6. To me. Sounds like it’s jammed up. Does it roll in gear? Can you select gears while it’s rolling? Does it run if you jack up the drive wheels, or at all? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. @Michael Kastanis I moved your status update to a new topic in our forum.
  8. Hey I have a Kawasaki 300 boyu and it die in 5 gear and can’t get in Neutral try rocking it and moved it back and forth but nothing can same one here help me pls
  9. I have the book for this bike if you need pix I can scan and send
  10. Hey brother buddy Gardner if you want I am having the same problem with my bayou I went and got the book on it I can send you the wiring schematic so you can print out and go from there
  11. Old topic but wanted to share that I just bought a set of these Amazon Basic impact gloves and they are very good. I ordered a large pair last week and paid $5.46, must have been on sale so I couldn't refuse. They are now showing at $9.01 for large but XXL is $6.78 and medium is $6.01. I'm going to keep checking to get some more. They are better than the home depot gloves I bought for more.
  12. Last week
  13. ok thank you i will take cases of tomorrow and check for that thank you doyou have any pictures of this i cant see anything on that link ?
  14. Then the problem is likely in the shift drum. There is a spring and shaft in there and likely the spring broke. Here is a better explanation from a Kawasaki forum I found a while back. "If you take a look at the parts diagrams on Kawasaki's web site, look for the gear change mechanism picture to get an idea of how the reverse system relies on the gear change drum assembly to lock in neutral before shifting into reverse. Then take a look at the picture for the gear change drum and shift forks. Look for the total assembly that is named drum-assembly-change. On the inside end of that unit is the neutral lock named "holder-neutral switch." Between the holder-neutral switch, and the drum itself is a roller, a spring and a pin. One or all of those have failed, or the holder-neutral switch has broken. The fix is relatively straightforward, and I would recommend you pick up the repair manual from http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum/beartooth-kawasaki/, open the unit and identify what is broken, then make the repair. There is a downside to running with the holder-neutral switch not functioning other that it is dangerous, and that is if the broken roller, spring, or pin drop out they can lodge in the gears and that generally brings the machine to a screeching halt and snaps the transmission case that holds the mainshaft - kind of expensive."
  15. i have fully removed the cable and the the thing doesn't move down and i have took the cable of and it still just knocks into reverse
  16. Have you unhooked the reverse cable and see if it still drops to reverse? I'm pretty sure the most likely culprit of your situation is a cable that is too tight, cable is bound, or reverse switch is sticky and not releasing fully. I'd disconnect the cable and if that resolves it work through the cable and then the switch. Is the reverse switch a twist knob on the left side like the later KLF220?
  17. i also have messed on with the reverse cable that didn't do anything either
  18. hello guys i have another question my klf 220 jumps straight into reverse without turning the leaver this concerns me because i dont want to knock it down into revers when going at a decent speed any advice why this is doing this and how i can fix it ?
  19. Sounds like it may be starving for fuel. Did it sit a while? I had a suzuki carb float get stuck in the past because of a corroded float pin.
  20. doesn't idle at times but sometimes when it does as soon as I touch the throttle it just shuts off, what could possibly be the problem? I thank you very much for any help, Thanks.
  21. Pretty much. I usually start at the battery though and work forwards.
  22. Thanks, I should have got it, someone else snatched it up
  23. Sorry it took so long. I have a 2000 bayou. Just white and brown from the key switch. On mine the white wire comes from the 20A fuse to the keyswitch. Keyswitch turned on routes power through the brown wire to the starter relay. When the starter button is pushed it closes the circuit to the starter relay and the black wire from the through side of the starter relay is jumped through the engine on /off switch through the red /yellow wire to the CDI which then distributes it to the starter.
  24. Thanks I really appreciate it.. so I guess just start at the front one wire at a time and work my way back correct? Just look for breaks in the wires and re-wire it back to factory specs and see what happens huh?
  25. This is first part of several from our very good ride in Stara Planina mountain. Really great sunny weather and of course some dust, but most of the time trails was under green trees and providing amazing conditions and view. For the first time on that trails with the Quad, but definitely will return again soon Next Monday on June 1-st I will upload part 2 - more new areas meeting other riders with Quad, UTV and Dirt bikes.
  26. I would think so but not sure without seeing it. Normally the black wire is closer to the outside if memory serves correctly. The fact that the push button is directly wired is odd, that means some parts are taken out of the normal flow. I'd run it down with the wiring diagram and put it back to normal before doing too much digging with the no spark. It might be that the CDI is simply bypassed since there has been some wiring changes.
  27. I put the original CDI on and still no spark. My push button that the previous owner put on is wired directly to the starter solenoid, one wire on each side. i do have a question tho...the ignition coil that goes to the spark plug that I bought has 2 terminals..one has a green marker at the bottom..I assumed that the green and white wire goes there and the black and yellow goes to the other. Is this correct? I consider myself somewhat mechanically inclined, but a 4 wheeler mechanic I am not 😬so pardon me if I ask stupid questions but I have tried all I k ow to do at this point..
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