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  2. Anyone with experience in the Edelbrock carb for the Raptors? I'm wondering why the slide doesn't open at all until the throttle is like 1/2 way down. Adjusting the idle screw moves the throttle linkage but the slide stays fully closed. At full throttle the slide is only 1/2 open. The only way I can get the slide to move with the throttle is to install my cable into a different hole which brings the accelerator pump half way up and makes the idle screw useless as it isn't long enough.
  3. 96 Yamaha Big Bear Replacing carburetor jets

    Have you checked your timing? If you have it running and idling around the correct RPM, that would be the next thing I looked at. When you cleaned the carburetor did you verify that everything was in spec? Did you put a carburetor rebuild kit in, when you cleaned it? Pay very close attention to the float height measurement, especially if you are having any starvation or flooding issues. Also, if you didn't put a carb kit in you might want to. If the gaskets and O-rings or needle seat are not 100%, it can cause a lot of grief. A kit for my Suzuki is worth about 15$, and if I remember the last time I bought one for a Yamaha it was about the same. Clean-up or replace your plug, if your bike hasn't been running properly. Also make sure that the gap is close to what is recommended in your manual.
  4. Looking for Manuals for 2001 LT-F500F Quadrunner

    I ended up buying the manual yesterday, so I added that to the downloads as well. It is for all Quad Runners (LT-F500F) from 1998-2002.
  5. honda sportrax 400ex turns over but wont crank

    What have you checked so far? If it cranks then battery and starter are good and you have a fuel, ignition, or timing problem. Start with looking at your fuel source and what I would do is spray a little starting fluid or fuel into the intake and see if it starts. If it does, you have a fuel starvation issue. You can also take the plug out and see if its firing.
  6. Linhai Bighorn 260cc

    So it goes into gear and when you say it doesn't move it just revs up when you hit the gas as if its in neutral or it boggs down?
  7. I saw you uploaded a 2003 in the downloads section. 👍 I'll have to take a look to see if I can find a 2001, but there are some members on this site that have manuals in pdf also and hopefully someone can share 😁
  8. New to the Forum

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  9. View File 1998-2002 Suzuki LT-F500F Service Manual Suzuki Service Manual for LT-F500F 98-2002. Contains bike specs, maintenance and service procedures. Submitter Coyote251 Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Suzuki ATV  
  10. LT-F500F 2003 Service Manual

    View File LT-F500F 2003 Service Manual Suzuki service manual for 2003 LT-F500F Quadrunner 4x4. Contains vehicle specifications, service and maintenance procedures. Submitter Coyote251 Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Suzuki ATV  
  11. View File 2000 Yamaha Big Bear YFM400 Owners Manual This manual contains all information for owners of this vehicle including operational directions, safety and maintenance procedures Submitter Coyote251 Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Yamaha ATV  
  12. View File Suzuki LT-A50 2002-2005 Service Manual Suzuki LT-A50 vehicle specifications, service and maintenance procedures. Submitter Coyote251 Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Suzuki ATV  
  13. 96 Yamaha Big Bear Replacing carburetor jets

    Well it's been several day and I finally had a chance to get the original carb back on after I cleaned it. It starts right up better than before but now I get what sounds like a misfire on one cylinder and I know there's only one cylinder to start with so does or has anyone ever had this problem and is there a way to take care of the problem? By the way I did take the plug out and clean it and also when I had the other carburetor on it wouldn't miss just buck, cough, and spit when I tried to add power.
  14. Winter returns

    We got next to nothing from this last storm, but its still colder so the slopes will hold up fine. Mike
  15. Polaris Magnum 425 - No Top End

    Thank you very much for the detailed message i will see if i can get to it this weekend What is funny I mounted a small gas tank to the front because I was tired of removing all that stuff as well I will respond as soon as I can thank you
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  17. Linhai Bighorn 260cc

    My linhai 260cc runs, it goes into gear but it doesn't move. What are some suggestions as to what could be wrong.
  18. 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Lining Up TDC Mark

    It could've that,I have no idea. When I physically move the wheel to find TDC there is the one spot while turning it that it wants to.spring ahead. That is where the TDC mark is thus it won't stay on the mark. I was thinking maybe it was because the valves were to tight on the exhaust side but I loosened that side right off and it still does it.
  19. 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Lining Up TDC Mark

    The only way I know of if it doesn't stay on TDC when you set it there is to physically jam the motor from turning over. I have no idea what is making it move unless it is the magnets in the magneto. If that is the case , the motor is still close enough to TDC to set the valves.
  20. 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Lining Up TDC Mark

    Not yet no one has replied. Very strange .
  21. Well I posted the question to the aftermarket seller of the part, and they replied that though the description states it IS for the ATV in question ; it is in fact NOT the right part. So taking it off and sending it back, they'll refund me and pay for shipping... on the hunt for a new one.
  22. Winter returns

    #damgroundhog 12-16 here, maybe a little night ride later on with my boys. It is March right ? Be safe everyone. 😁
  23. Hi All, First post here. Just bought a 2001 LT-F500F Quadrunner and am looking for any manuals. I would like to get a copy of the original Suzuki owner and service manuals, and would also like the Clymer as well. I have looked at the sticky's and these manuals are not there. I was able to find the 2002 manual but i'm not sure how accurate the information is. In the 2002 manual it says the carburetor for that year was a Keihin CVK36, but the one that I took off the bike is a Mikuni (not sure of the size, it was pretty gummed up and is in the soak now). If someone had any of these in .pdf to share that would be great but, I'm not opposed to paying to download these manual's. I just don't know what sites are reputable places to download manuals from. Any help any one could offer would be appreciated.
  24. New to the Forum

    Hey all, New to the forum. Just picked up a 2001 Suzuki LT-F500F Quadrunner. It's not running right now, but seems to be a pretty clean bike. I'm waiting on a carburetor kit and a new battery, then I can see what I have. Hopefully with this forums help I can tackle any other issues that come up.
  25. Winter returns

    Only calling for 2 -5 her in Northeast PA. Normally my local ski area would shut down this Saturday but there are plans to go longer. This time of year very few are skiing and the resort is empty, no so this year, not crowded, but more then enough skiers they are still making money, so they will stay open longer, I don't mind, season is a short one compared to quadding. Mike
  26. Polaris Magnum 425 - No Top End

    Hey Rwoody, I have been through all of the frustrations you have mentioned. My 98 425 magnum went bad on me just over a year ago. While hauling a very heavy load of wood out and through the field it seemed as though there just wasn't the power there should have been. Usually it would practically bury my trailer with thrown mud but this time I made it out without much spinning, matted all the way home. Over the next few weeks it continued to decline till it got to the point to be nearly unusable, no power, backfiring, blown engine oil smell etc. I'll try and keep this short but... Anyhow I replaced the carb with a $40 special cuz the needle & seat were shot/leaking & the rebuild kit cost nearly the same as the carb. No help. Replaced diaphragm pump cuz it was easy & cheap. No help. Replaced coil with a $10 Ebay deal. Nothing changed. Metered all test points OK. I was not yet retired during that time and just did not want to take on replacing the cam which much of my research led me to. So I parked it and took the advice of the Mrs and bought a new 570 Sportsman Utility Edition. Problem solved temporarily. Within the last couple of months I got the bug to start poking away at it again and through some friends I ended up put in touch with a retired good factory trained Polaris technician that gave me a reasonable price and a 4 or 5 day turnaround to replace the cam so I loaded it up and 5 days later had the machine back with the new cam. I did run much better and would rev if I accelerated slowly but it seemed to flatten out at around 60% power. Also if I punched it off just above idle it would bog, spit, sputter and just basically tell me it ain't happening. So now what? With all the thing I had done I thought I had introduced another problem. I decided to first focus on the carb, checked the float level & raised the needle from the middle notch to the bottom. Seemed to help a little but not much. Got & installed a new air cleaner (without the foam outer cover), replaced the broken air cleaner hold down bracket & installed a new spark plug. No change. Are we having fun yet? SO getting tired of taking the tank and all associated parts off to get to what I was wrenching on I decided to temporarily mount the tank to the front rack with bungee cords and tie down straps. This allowed me to tinker without having to do so much BS to get to the goodies. Well with no seat, except for a boat cushion and the tank mounted to the front rack I started making test rides and forcing it into failure mode. Riding slowly, punching it and trying to reason out what was wrong. Apply the choke did not seem to make any difference. On one test ride after punching it and getting the bogg & slight blowback through the air cleaner inlet tube I put my left hand over the tube to try and prove whether it was a fuel/air issue or electrical and BAM it takes off like a raped ape. Take my hand off the inlet and it would nearly die, back on & we're off to the races. Deciding that I didn't want to ride with my left hand on the inlet, the same inlet that had not had the prefilter on for years, I made up a pre filter out of some filter material I had and installed it over the intake. This somewhat solved the problem but it would blubber from an obviously rich mixture because the prefilter I had made was being to restrictive. My next attempt at a permanent repair was to place the oil bath outer filter back on the air filter and to make a less restrictive prefilter over the intake with a spacer in the intake made of a coat hanger (much like the OEM part) to keep the prefilter from being sucked into the intake and my machine runs like it should. So my last problem was definitely fuel/air. I had seen one post somewhere in the last year about the need for the prefilter having to be on the intake but kind of discarded it as I had run mine for years without the prefilter on. It seems to me like there needs to be a certain amount of restriction on the intake for the carb to work properly. Hope this helps you and anyone else that has had these problems.
  27. well that battery is hooked up right. I'll price out a new stator, just in case and if cheap enough go ahead and replace it. seems awfully coincidental that the OEM fried, the first after market fried and now the second after market is really hot.
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