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  2. I can't find any reason to doubt it. You may like this guy Mike Rivero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbXZVzTsVfs He's usually good for a levelheaded analysis.
  3. Biden "it provides 53 death penalty offenses... we do everything but hang people for jaywalking in this bill!" The context is people were saying the bill was not tough enough, so Biden described just how tough it is by bragging how it provides 53 new ways to kill people for trivial crimes as the "hang people for jaywalking" metaphor alluded to. What has Trump said that is comparable to creating 53 new ways to kill people? I'm no giant fan of Trump, but one thing I liked was his pardoning that woman who was locked up (for life I think) for cocaine possession, probably as part of Biden's crime bill... all while Biden's son is the biggest cokehead on the planet. I challenge you to find something Jimmy said that is not true. I'd expect you'd be excited to substantiate your accusation and seize the opportunity to drag Jimmy through the mud. Aversion to facts is a symptom of TDS. I've had TDS myself and it can be pretty brutal. Biden winning the nom and causing me to have to support Trump cured me. How do you know the accusations are false? Whataboutism is no justification for Biden's actions. There are plenty of bad things to say about Trump but none of it excuses Biden and it's beside the point that Biden exists specifically to stop Bernie, progressives, medicare for all, and any help for the people in order to protect the rich which is the greatest evil I can imagine. Trump is mainly just out for himself and greed is far less evil than specifically trying to hold people down so the rich can profit. Biden's wars, drug war, prisons are just mechanisms to get rid of "superfluous people" in lieu of providing jobs or welfare. Herd them into slums where they prey on each other until they're arrested for drugs and put to work for the state for 5 cents per hour. Alternatively they could join the military where they're sent to die in needless wars that only exist to make the industrial military complex richer. So yeah, 53 new ways to kill people is right up Biden's alley.
  4. View File 2014 Hisun Strike 250 Service Manual 2014 Hisun Strike 250 Service Manual HS250UTV/HS200UTV Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 10/19/2020 Category Hisun UTV  
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  6. You can’t really bend the truth behind the CSPAN video, Biden owns the crime bill and all what he pushed for during his career. It is what it is, I think most dems just bank on people not knowing that part of legislative history. I’m curious what everything thinks about the NY POST Hunter Biden article that twitter and Facebook pulled:
  7. LOL Jimmy Dore and the truth are not exactly compatible. I see your post as that of a true tRump cultist. If it makes you feel any better , we have more than our share of them up here too. Minds are made up, don't try confusing them with facts and figures that don't fit their preconceptions. As far as tRump not saying anything so sinister as Biden's comment (taken out of context) you haven't listened very closely to many of his comments and actions, Many , if not most of the things Biden has been falsely accused of both morally and legally have been presented against tRump by witnesses and federal investigation conclusions , but tRump cannot be charged while in office thanks to the GOP's unproven slant on the Constitution. It will be interesting if the "unindicted co-conspirator" will face charges for his actions in the last election and for the many financial and business practices he as been accused of not exactly sticking to the law in.
  8. Kawasaki Prairie 700 is the machine. It’s starts and runs but has a miss. After running it til it’s warm, it’s start smoking like your spraying for mosquitoes. Has oil in the breather also. Checked compressions and getting low 40psi both holes. I know this has a decompression lobe. Any other ideas? Leak down check? I’m guessing it pretty much has to be rings. With it blowing oil back into the breather. Normal typical sign I suppose?
  9. The fault in OEM tires is that they are cheap...VERY cheaply made. Usually 2 ply and soft. While they ride decent and do ok offroad, they are usually pretty short lived. I'm a fan of rip it till it drips and then work on it. So I'd personally run them bald before looking for replacements, unless a I had a need they won't work for. Mud, excessive rocks, etc, then I'd be looking at Big Horns, Mud Lites, something slightly larger and more aggressive. Tires are more opinion than fact though. My oldest boy has Nitto Mud Graps on this truck and rarely sees mud. They are arguably the worst tire made for mud, road, water, mileage. Just garbage. But they look awesome and make great noise on the road...so he runs them.
  10. This 300 is now gone on to the next owner. Ended up trading it with a couple bucks for a 2013 420. The 420 has gone through some changes too with reworking the snorkel, winch, etc. So far the 420 has been pretty solid. My other 300 is in another thread.
  11. That's like saying Biden is Trump under another name, which is actually more true than what you said. Medicare for all (MFA) is 4% tax on income above $29k. So if you make $29k or less, you pay nothing. No co-pays, no deductibles, no bills, no nothing. You just go to the doctor and that's it. Obamacare (ACA) mandates you buy insurance which allows insurance companies to name their price since you have to buy it by law. Wouldn't it be nice if the gov made everyone in the country buy your product? ACA = Insurance company stocks go to the moon = rich people get richer. MFA = Insurance companies go out of business = rich people get poorer. The ave cost of insurance is $6000. 4% of ($179,000 -$29,000) = $6000. MFA = Everyone making less than $179,000 will save money. Someone making $1 million will pay $38,840. ACA = Someone making $1 million will pay $6000. So you can see that ACA puts all the burden on the middle class with high premiums while the rich profit. MFA puts all the burden on the rich while the poor profit. The ACA was designed specifically to prevent MFA from happening. It is a republican plan originally called Romneycare where the intention is to provide at least something to the poor before the people get angry and demand socialized medicine. What could be more evil? Doctor #1 (Trump) will do nothing for you. Doctor #2 (Biden) will do everything in his power to prevent you from getting a cure, but will give you an analgesic. Why would you choose someone who promised to do everything in his power to prevent you from having the cure? I'd rather have nothing at all than to have a stumbling block placed in my path. Biden exists specifically to stop Bernie. Biden is Bernie's antithesis. 1,040,883,133 Reasons Why Bernie’s Supporters Will Never Support Joe Biden https://ridethefence.com/2020/04/09/1040883133-reasons-why-bernies-supporters-will-never-support-joe-biden-seriously-we-counted/ Warmonger: Biden advocated for war with Iraq long before 9/11 and supported the war in Afghanistan. Racist: In the ’70s, he advocated for segregation, claiming the decision was based on “black pride.” He opposed busing as well, and has been called out on it many times over the years, even by Kamala Harris. His choices disenfranchised at least 22,600,000 African Americans at the time. In 1977, he said that if desegregation isn’t done properly, his kids will end up having to grow up in “a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” Prison-Industrial Complex Enthusiast: He took it further in the mid ’90s, writing the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This bill hurt millions of Americans, although it disproportionately affected African Americans. Ageist & Hater of Veterans: Innumerable attempts to cut funding for Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ programs. Anti-Choice Activist: The Hyde Amendment, which prevents tax dollars from funding abortion, arguably prevents mainly poor women from receiving them. Although most democrats vocally denounce it, Biden retained his stance until recently. Xenophobe: From 2009 to 2016, Obama and Biden’s administration was responsible for overseeing the deportation of over 3,000,000 undocumented immigrants, averaging nearly 400,000 a year. Godfather of Orwellian Surveillance of U.S. Citizens: Biden wrote a bill in 1995, The Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, which was tailored to fit the “needs” of George W. Bush in 2001–it became The Patriot Act. Staunch Supporter of Student Loan Debt: Biden helped pass The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention And Consumer Protection Act of 2005. This bill not only made filing bankruptcy much more difficult, but it most notably removed student loans from erasable debt. American Jobs Executioner: Biden voted for NAFTA among other pathetic trade agreements. How could Biden be more to the right??? Biden is even to the right of Trump. We could give more reasons, but if this won’t convince you, nothing will. Just admit that you don’t care how terrible he is. Say it out loud for us: “I don’t mind voting for a War criminal, Prison-industrial complex enthusiast, Racist, Ageist, Hater of veterans, Anti-choice activist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, Godfather of Orwellian surveillance of U.S. Citizens, Staunch supporter of student loan debt, American jobs executioner, Pedophile, Rapist, and Sundowner because I hate Trump so much." It cannot be done one step at a time because with each step the motivation to continue taking steps will decline. The more people who have access to healthcare means there is less motivation to provide care to more people. If there is 1 homeless person will the gov do anything? How about 10? 100? 1000? 100,000? How many homeless must exist before the gov will address the problem? So the key is to keep the number of homeless right at the number where no one regards it as a problem. 100,000 homeless is probably acceptable, so there can never be motivation to reduce the number to zero. Same with healthcare: the more people have it, the less motivation to provide more of it. One step at a time is guaranteed not to work. Because he speaks the truth. Biden "it provides 53 death penalty offenses... we do everything but hang people for jaywalking in this bill!" I can't see Trump saying anything so sinister.
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  13. Medicare for all is really Obamacare under another name. Biden is a lot more middle of the road than Bernie. You can see that by how the far left cry he is on theright and a supporter of the rich over them ; and the right cry he is taking everyone to "socialism" The left have to face reality that the right is going to be kicking and screaming at any move towards a single payer, medicare for all. It has to be done a step at a time just as it has been done in every other western nation. Ours has been a work in progress since 1947 and it is still evolving with our right wing Conservatives trying to gut it and bring back private insurance, A lot of the attempts by the right to take us back are funded to some extent by the US private healthcare industry. I must say I see a lot of Jimmy Dore Utubes posted up in other forums I'm in and they all twist the truth and facts to an ERW slant. Dore , Carlson , Hannity and most of Fox "news" are all as full of it as a major stockyard There are others that may have been a better choice than Biden, but for the realists that see improvements to healthcare and other social issues can only be achieved through middle of the road policies that neither too far left at once nor allow the right to continue as it has. America has been kept divided and controlled by the military / industrial complex through their "anti-socialism" rhetoric and scare tactics for the last century. Changing that doesn't come swiftly or painlessly. Americans have been told the lies so long they are very reluctant to realize they are not the truth.
  14. Been ridding since 8 yrs old , im now 54 lol. Statred on briggs and stratton mini bikes, to a benelli , then scattered the typical, cr,s and xr,s. Then i seen the coomercial for Big red...... that three wheeler was it , had to have it lol did odd jobs, paper routes and worked ass off , got it reduced in price going into winter , dealership needed floor space for snowmachine season, My dad worked the owner alittle and saturday afternoon we were putting in his truck, snow coming down i was so excited lol.....got it home and rode it in snow it was fun. Moved on with my age to now im on a new kodiak 700 , wife has a new 450. ...we use them to work on property , plowing, pulling trees and general work on property ..... i have always been firm believer never skimp on quality or size to save a buck i just waited untill i could afford it .... but to a new rider you just need to be honest with self , if its for work and occasional trail rides , or if you are a full on racer going balls out ..... but for all practical thoughts my utility machine does all i ask. We enjoy trails,and using for work ....i know Honestly im not the age to have a built banshee going all out lol...... and honestly the woods we ride in are not for that ...... so when deciding i think be honest , if its for the occasional trail ride once a month , or are you plowing sunday and monday , then pulling cedar trees all week , then going for trail ride its all what you expect , just my 2 cents .....be safe and enjoy Airborne
  15. Hey Guys/Gals going into my second year on new quad , my kodiak is everything and more then expected ; wife loves hers as well. We got the 450 and 700 ... made sales guy smile when we ordered two ... the question i have is the tires , i have heard many say aftermarkets are just much better , iwe use our machines in woods ,and trails and we do ride in snow, with that i think my stock tires suck. The have plenty of tread left but i just think i could be happier with better tires ........id love comments and input
  16. 1 do you have a spark, 2 do you have gazoline in your cilinder ( wet sparkplug), Still nothing, do your valves, and check compresson. Good luck, and greetings from belgium
  17. Well I didn't see that coming, Loma should have done more in the first half. New champ now.
  18. What kind of car is this, is it an older car? Take a look at viper systems. Put a camera on it outside, like a ring camera or something like that.
  19. Unfortunately it looks like I have some people in my new neighborhood paying a little too much attention to my auto and for the first time I'm feeling a need to add some security system(s) to old yeller. I think just a basic remote arm system would do, not interested at all in remote start or unlock. I'm not familiar with modern alarm systems, but here's what I 'think' I need... - Door switches for all 5 doors (rear hatch). Probably a PITA to install but that's only an initial idea. - 'Bump' alarm (not sure what it would be called) for if a window breaks or if something is jarred - Geo-location function like a low track or something similar Additionally I'd like to install possibly 2 start kill switches. I'm not sure where inline these are normally installed but my impression is that directly in line with the key ignition switch would be common. But then what if someone jumps the starter with a screwdriver...would this type of switch work in that instance? So that leads me to the idea of a second ignition kill switch which would either be wired between the battery and starter motor, or between the starter motor and ground. And last...security lugs. So am I over thinking this here? What's your recommendation for what I really need and maybe a good but economic alarm system that can get this done?
  20. The DNC went to all the trouble of rigging the primary to get Biden in there to stop Bernie and Medicare For All in order to protect the rich. They admitted in court that they rigged it in 2016 for Hillary and it's the right of a corporation to conduct its own election any way it sees fit, including rigging it, and that since Bernie donors knew it was rigged when they donated they were not entitled to refunds and the case was dismissed. I think they're appealing to higher court now. Backstabbing Bernie is the #1 reason I'm voting for Trump. The US general election is essentially a republican primary. If Biden were actually on the left, I would vote for him, but Biden exists specifically to stop progressives and that's why they're propping up a sick old man. https://observer.com/2017/08/court-admits-dnc-and-debbie-wasserman-schulz-rigged-primaries-against-sanders/ http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/wasserman-schultz-dnc-rigged-primary-judge-dismisses-fraud-lawsuit Once Biden is installed, Obamacare (ie Romneycare) will be entrenched which will forever prevent Medicare For All. Obamacare puts the burden of healthcare on the middle class with high premiums while the rich profit. Medicare For All puts the burden on the rich. That is why billionaires support Biden over Trump 2 to 1. That's why Biden is raking in the money while Trump is collecting small donations (like Bernie). That's why the media and every establishment is making it seem so imperative that Biden wins. If Trump wins, then it's a mere 4 years until progressives can try again, but if Biden wins then progressives are done for at least 12 years. Our only hope at this point is the SCOTUS will strike down Obamacare which will leave Medicare For All as the only possibility. Biden and the DNC are the greatest evil and that's why I'm voting R down the line.
  21. I don't see any specific 95 sportsman manuals, do you have this one?
  22. Although I'm not voting for Biden, I'm not voting for Trump because he is a model president...but out of the two I'd rather see him stay in office. I was not a fan of Obama/Biden even though I voted for Obama and then Romney. Lately democrats are just too far left for me and Biden really does have some "old age" coming out, which I don't think is well suited to be the commander in chief. They really should have put up a better candidate. I'm somewhere in the middle but leaning more republican. Polls however show Biden in the lead and if he wins without having any real platform except to get rid of Trump, Hillary is going to freak out....I bet she wishes she got back in it one more time...lol.
  23. I voted in the poll too but unfortunately I can't vote in the US election. I do hope there is an overwhelming vote in all states by those not blinded by the tRump cult. The GOP of today is definitely not the GOP of Lincoln's time. To far too many of us it mirrors Germany of the 1930's.
  24. Boxing has been difficult with COVID, so anyone with some pent up desire to watch a good fight, tonight on ESPN is a real good one not to miss. No PPV fees! Here is the series to help you get pumped up: Presser
  25. Well I got the Polaris fired up yesterday. I was mapping out the wiring harness and found some corroded pins, typical. I also found that the grounding points on the frame were still painted and the terminals were corroded. I also happened to have another ECM that was the original one that was supposedly bad. After cleaning connections I plugged in the ECM to see if I could get any kind of life so I could map power out. Wouldn't you know it the dang thing powered up. I put it some gas and she fired right up. I rode the wheels off it for a few minutes until she started starving for fuel. Gotta get that issue worked out, but I'm going to continue mapping out the ECM inputs and outputs so I can have a bypass solution.
  26. But you didn't vote lol! I am the only one who voted so far (and I guess it's pretty evident for who lol).
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