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  2. Hey brother sorry been busy. Getting the timing right is a bit of a bitch. It’s a matter of getting that chain in the right spot because when u tighten the chain tensioner it moves the cam spot back a bit. It’s a matter of touch so move it a bit forward on the sprocket and tighten the tensioner and see if it lines up if not go a tooth further.
  3. Loud Mini blue 4 wheeler with little orange was stolen late at night from our yard. Does not have a key only a kill switch no stickers just plane no license plate due to it not being road legal. Was seen drove on four wheeler trails in Hibbing. It was my 5 year olds birthday present and means the world to him. He’s been very upset and hurt that someone could steal his four wheeler and is so little for him to understand that some heartless people in the world do bad things And is trying to do yard work for a reward and to buy a new one we just want our sons smile to be brought to his innocent face. Thank you for taking the time to read The post STOLEN ATV: BLUE RF MINI SPED STAR CLONE 50cc KIDS ATV appeared first on STOLEN 911. View the full article
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  5. @Frank Angerano So i got the new cam and everything and put it all in. but the timing mark on the chain won't line up with the timing mark on the flywheel.... i put it all back together to see how it would act and it turns over fine with no throttle but when any throttle is given is sputters when trying to turn over. i then took the carb off and it acts how it did with the throttle opened. I'm guessing this is because the timing is off but i don't know how to get the chain back in line with the flywheel timing mark. I tried to explain that as best as i could, sorry if it's confusing.
  6. So I Went out and bought the Wife A VW Beatle version of a quad. 2019 Honda 250X
  7. just got a 99 Kawasaki bayou replace the coil because the spark was very weak still have the same issue before it would start after a while that it would start everyday as long as you started it every day but if you let it set you play hell starting it looking for information on what could possibly be wrong maybe the CDI box not sure any help would greatly be appreciated thank you
  8. Red Honda Pioneer 700 side x side and child’s Polaris outlaw 50cc both on black Echo ATV trailer stolen 12:30 pm Last Night 10/14/19 from S Garfield St and Mississippi, in Denver, CO seen going south from 1100 block. . I have reported this information to the police. Suspect Vehicle Black Power Ram Truck w/ NY plates The post Stolen Red 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 deluxe and Gray multi-colored 2019 50cc Polaris Outlaw appeared first on STOLEN 911. View the full article
  9. Attention! Stolen! From a deployed soldier on independence day! 2014 Honda Foreman 500 and 2003 Yamaha 660 Raptor. Please spread the word in helping find them. A report was filed with Franklin County as well. The post 2003 Yamaha 660 Raptor and 2014 Honda Foreman 500 appeared first on STOLEN 911. View the full article
  10. That’s great. Always go the simple route first. Usually something minor especially when you know you have spark. Great work, ride safe.
  11. Very nice. Looks like the coons made friends with the deer. I got out this weekend again and did a whole bunch of different things. I was prob not to far from @Ajmboy. We went to Davis firing range in Goshen to play around with the rifles. I have to say my 30-30 after 10 plus years of replacing my and dialing in my scope it’s still spot on. I posted a pic of the target at 100 yards. I got my oldest a 243 he is a great shot also but didn’t take a pic of the target, he’s all in the kill zone if the opportunity presented itself. Then we took the cross bows out for a little fun on the property and did a ton of trail riding. We are making a ton of new friends by the new property. @Ajmboy the property is surrounding other owners, no state land. We have 50 acres behind us that belongs to a nice older gentleman who has given us permission to hunt and ride so between his 50 and our 30 acres we have plenty of room. We added some tree stands and more cameras as well. Here’s a few pics of the things we did and one camera that we set up on the back end of the property where a big buck is hanging out but he’s solely nocturnal since we have only seen him on camera after midnight. This is one night of pics. The other cam had 1730 pics!!!! Monster bucks and fat raccoons. I will post some prob tomorrow. We also found some really old cars on a piece of property we rode. The land owner who owns the hotel we stayed at gave us permission to ride it and explore. It’s about 300 acres, unreal. Looks almost like moonshine runners cars but prob not and just my imagination. I’m bringing this kid up the right way and truly want him to understand what hunting, fishing and appreciation of the land we have. it’s not about going in the woods and killing an animal. We have let many deer walk away and only shoot a deer when it’s the right time and the right deer!! We make a ton of jerkey and roasts etc. I see him get a little sad when we head back to the city and that’s a good thing because he knows what he has up there so he looks forward to coming back. Side note: he rides like a champ, I see it in him as he makes his turns and the way he leans and maneuvers his atv.
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  13. Hi All, I started stripping the engine down while I am waiting on some parts for the frame. I ran into my first problem... I cannot get the gear selector shaft out... I took out the circlip.. Then the push lever behind the circlip is supposed to slide off, then you take a pin out of the shaft and then two washers and a ball bearing... The problem is the push lever seems to have fused itself to the gear selector shaft... I do see some rust.. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to take it off and nothing has worked... gently prying, heating and tapping to try and rock it back and forth... Anyone have any ideas?... It is really on there...
  14. Very nice! Looks like some nice options for hunting. I was doing the same thing this weekend at my cabin. Collected the cards from 6 cameras that have been out for 2 weeks. Here's a little bit of what I captured. Near as I can tell I've got 4-5 different bucks to choose from. Also had does (can't shoot them this year), a coyote, raccoons, rabbits, and a grouse on various pics.
  15. Yeah you have to hit the rear brake to switch gears. Good video!
  16. i do actually, it works great, tho its hotwired and i never got it road legal.. but its still plenty fun just to run around and tear it up.. at some point i may sell it for parts or use parts off it for something else..
  17. So the clutch still wants to slip a bit if you throw it WOT in middle gears but doesnt slip if you ease it to WOT. Probably centrifugal clutch. But anywho, here's a couple shots from yesterday's ride.
  18. Yea I've been checking everything out but seems like bigger tires only way to raise axles
  19. Got it running. We gas and had to prime the heck out of the new carburetor! thanks all!!
  20. So my Yamaha grizzly 700 wasn't going into reverse for some reason but Jon and George figured it out on what to do to fix that problem for me. Jon Talks about how he was able to fix that problem my Yamaha Grizzly was having with the reverse. On a side note we are so close to 1k subs! hell ya!
  21. I would see about adding a fire extinguisher if you don't already have one. If there is no recall, the manufacturer deems it safe. There have been a bunch of RZR fires from what I've read. Something like:
  22. Did you ever get your headlight and did a yfz450 fit your raptor? Might benefit others in the same boat either way.
  23. @JacobSlabach still got this scooter? Did you ever get it working?
  24. That's a lot of deer. Incredible. Does your land border state land or a park?
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