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  2. I'd agree on this being my first steps as well. Check connections including any chassis ground and then check charging system. Remember it's got to be a decent bit above battery voltage when running. I remember a mention of a low oil cutoff in some reading but I might be remembering that wrongly.
  3. Thanks so much for the info, it is greatly appreciated. In regards to the glasses, I have tried them, however, unfortunately I am more severely colorblind (I am colorblind across more colors and color spectrum) and the glasses are for those who are only colorblind to a couple colors and certain colors, thus they dont work for me. Maybe someday they will have some that will work, ya never know.
  4. Something around an '01 rancher 350, several years look exactly the same. Decent little utility quad.
  5. Update on this thread: the 420 stayed here for a few months but it's on to better things now. Traded the 420 for an 07 outlander 650.
  6. Update: This one left for a new home last week. Sold it and bought my youngest a car. Should have a LT250 coming in soon though, so we'll have something to work on.
  7. hey guys , I have a question , me and a buddy acquired a cottage and was given a Honda Rancher with it . I can seem to find solid info on the year or model , that being said I am not a expert and dont have acces to the ATV but I do have a picture if it can help you guys. It seems like a 2001 but I'm not sure thanks
  8. So, I got this 07' Polaris Outlaw 90 in the shop to rebuild top end and transmission. Replaced all bearings and gears in the transmission. Replaced cylinder and piston with brand new parts. Put the engine back on the frame and fired it up. Started great, but had a taping sound in the lower crank case. pulled the flywheel cover off and found the flywheel was wobbling and hitting the stator. I then replaced the stator and flywheel with brand new parts. Timing is all set on the timing marks now, but when I turn it over it kicks back when it fires and ends up stripping the starter idler gear. I've replaced the starter gear once already and now have to replace it again. Is it possible that the timing marks on the flywheel are off or maybe this flywheel is not for this exact model? Thinking of advancing the timing to try it, but don't want to keep going through idler gears.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to give an update. I found a couple broken teeth on one of the gears. Ordered a new one, had the correct part number, but was the wrong part. Found a used one on Ebay. Got it in over the weekend and installed it this morning. No more knocking sound. Simple fix I guess. Thanks for the help.
  10. @yamahatech72901 Welcome aboard! I am actually 60 miles north of Conway up US 65. I am going to be moving back to the Tampa FL area in the future.
  11. I should clarify my suggestion to try disconnecting the voltage regulator too. I imagine you know , but just in case I'll mention this, The stator for the charging circuit puts out 3 phase AC current, just as a car alternator does. That 3 phase is rectified to DC by 3 diodes and then regulated to the nominal 13.2 v to charge the battery. If any one of those diodes blows , there will be an AC ripple on the charging current,and when the motor is off the diode will drain current from the battery back to ground through the stator, easily killing a battery overnight. In cars you often notice the problem by a dash light coming on showing battery discharge. Few quads have that indicator light so you have a mystery drain. A side note , Have you tried those glasses they claim gives some color blind individuals color vision again? One friend of mine is red / green color blind and installs security systems for a living. He can install the connectors on the cat. 5 cable without a problem since he's done it since working with his father as a child . He says he can tell which wire is which by the slight difference in grey shade of the wires. He refuses to try the glasses. I'm curious whether they work as advertised or not . My color vision is fine, it's just the print is an increasing problem for me . It seems the quality of it has gone way down and they are making the instructions on bottles and pamphlets much smaller and fuzzier than they did years ago. Strange how it clears up some with dollar store reading glasses on these 77 year old eyes LOL.
  12. I forgot to add, the guy I bought my quad from had told me he thought there was a short in the headlights, however, I used my multimeter and tested every circuit individually but could not find a draw on any of them. The battery is new and I usually have it on my battery tender now but if I dont it will drain within about 24 hrs. after being ridden.
  13. Thank you all for the great information, I must admit you got me on the posting ment for someone else. Really had me scratching my head! LOL! I will try what has been suggested and see if I can locate the culprit. I really hate electrical problems because Im colorblind which makes them exponentially harder to deal with!
  14. hey yall newbie sayin hey over here 🤠 im from Ft Smith Ar area .... ride a yfz450 old skule kool carbed with a few minor mods for trail ridin rock bouncin fun..... yall have a blessed day
  15. hey yall jus pokin my head in On my way thru saw this thread seems to be hoverin over Ark..... Ft Smith area here.... newbie to site .... old guy ridin a yfz450....ish.... 😁 nice to see yall have a blessed day
  16. 1999 YFM350 Big Bear. I replaced the carb & intake tube (new spark plug and fuel cock), because it was extremely hard to start, even sometimes with ether. Same issue. Then I found out about Valve Clearance. I attempted to adjust both intake and exhaust, but missed the step of Top Dead Center. (I now have the Service Manuel) Started and ran. Plenty of power, but severe lifter chatter. I then discovered the step I missed. Went back and carefully set the clearance, would start and run, but only after a small shot of ether. I could stop and restart it several times, until it warmed up, (hot exhaust pipe). After that, It won’t restart. Today after sitting about 4 hours, I again attempted to start, without ether, it would not. Choke or no choke, with little to full throttle. Last time I compression tested it was about 120 psi. (less than 10 hours ago, running time) Does someone have a solution to my issue? After spending hours reading almost everything slightly related, on this site, I thought about a new plug. Someone had suggested Iridium. No one in town had one, but for $7 I found an E3.36 DiamondFire. I put that in, and change nothing else and fired right up and ran nice. Ran it over a half hour with many restarts without fail. I hope and pray the issue is resolved. Next a new battery, so I can put this one back in my Kodiak.
  17. Right now we dont, We usually wash the bikes off at a self serve carwash in winter but that being said if there is a time when there will be lots of snow on our bikes going in well probably just drill a hole.
  18. Clean the carburator remove the float get pair neadle nose plairs there a screan clean under the floate
  19. I've got a 2008 Griz 700. I had the same problem a couple of years ago during an elk hunt. Turned out the stator fried due to the poor cooling design. New battery didn't last a day. Swapped it out and did the 2009 oil system mod and it has been running fine since then. I don't know if your model year has the same cooling problem or not. Worth looking into.
  20. I have a 2000 500 quadmaster lta an just rebuild the gear box an my high gear is like nuetral will not move but all other gears move nothing looks broke just need some help cant figure out what gear that would be or if it could be the shifter fork
  21. That's pretty cool how you get both quads in there. Do you have a drain or something in the floor for when the snow melts off?
  22. We got HEAT in Grizzly Cave! Thanks to Brandon Pitcher Make sure to give this video a like and commment on youtube! It helps us grow! Road to 3k Subs lets goooo
  23. LOL. Mech , I'm glad I'm not the only one to post in the wrong thread in a group and cause a lot of "Huh"s?. My guess would be a bad diode too. I couldn't find a schematic on that quads electronics ,on a quick search , but if a VOM is not handy he could try disconnecting the voltage regulator and then see if it still has the drain down problem after a few days sitting.
  24. Hi. You can't fit a regular clear plastic filter to a fuel injected bike.. They have about forty pounds of pressure in the lines and it could burst and start a fire. I'd be suspecting an electronic fault. That time related aspect sounds like an electronic component getting hot then failing, then cooling and starting to work again. I'd suspect cdi or ecu. That said, there was a case in here the other week that turned out to be a tight valve clearance. Checking the valve clearance would be a good idea. And, in all problem diagnosis they always say as the first step.. do a standard tune and check everything is to specs.. So fuel pressure, voltage, aircleaner, tank vents .. It's boring but you really want to know everything's right before you start fitting parts..
  25. Dang... Posted in the wrong thread.. Problems with a slow connection.. Haha So is the battery going flat while the bikes parked up, or after two days of being used.. I'd be checking the charging system's working. Put a multi meter on Dc on the battery while it's running and see it's got at least thirteen volts. Then I'd put the gauge to AC and check the power for ripple.. if it has a faulty diode in the regulator there will be some AC showing, and a dud diode could be what's draining the battery.
  26. Hi. You can't fit a normal clear plastic fuel filter to a fuel injected system, they have about forty pounds of pressure in the line. I'd be suspecting that your problem's an electrical fault, and an electronic fault to be exact.. So cdi unit or something in the ecu. The fact it takes a certain amount of time, rather than load or throttle to cause it is what makes me think that, and the fact it takes a few minutes to cool down again. Overheating electronics do that. That said, there was a case in here the other week with similar symptoms and it turned out to be tight valve clearances.. as the engine gets hot the valves must have been loosing their clearance and holding a valve open.. Perhaps check them before trying a new cdi or ecu...
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