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  2. you could probably replicate function with either hard PVC or flex hose. That's what I always do on an ATV that may see water/mud anyway.
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  4. Looks like its not available any longer.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I deleted your 2nd topic, which was identical to this one. I renamed this topic with more info.
  6. Where can I find an air intake snorkel part number 0570-062?
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  8. Product warning: Lighting products manufactured by Larson Electronics LLC 9419 E US HWY 175, Kemp Tx. 75143 Hi, I’m G. Randel and I have a small business that does boat and motor service and repair and rigging. I also service and repair off road 4 wheelers, lawn equipment and small engines. I have been doing this type of work for over 40 years, so I have accumulated some knowledge about the accessories and products needed to support those things. I recently installed two high intensity LED lights on the T-top of one of my customers boats. He bought the lights after he had done considerable research and consultation with manufacturers. He wanted to make sure he was getting something that would serve his needs which was to see where he was going at night while underway on the water. He decided on lights manufactured by Larson Electronics out of Kemp, Texas. They were reported to be rugged, weatherproof, waterproof to 3 meters and were warrantied against workmanship or component failure under normal use for 3 years. One light quit working within 10 months, the other is still working after about 16 months. I removed the defective light and sent it back to Larson Electronics for warranty repair or replacement and they denied the warranty claim. Their reason was “failure was due to environmental damage”. At the time of purchase these lights sold for over #365.00 each and the representative that my customer talked to at Larson Electronics assured him that these lights were well suited for the purpose in which they were going to be used. So, if you are looking for electronics, as in lighting, for your ATV, SUV. Boat, or any other outdoor application you might want to keep in mind that Larson Electronics LLC 9419 E US HWY 175, Kemp, TX 75143 might not fulfill their warranty claims if you have a problem with their products.
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  10. Few more things for this build but its coming along!
  11. In this week video we get back to Kokaliane Monastery called " Saint Arhangel Mihail ". This time with bigger part of the group, with some pictures inside of the Monastery garden. Another great ride in the muddy trails of " Plana Mountain ".
  12. It was around that year they had a problem with cam chain guides wearing out. It would be nice to know if yours has the updated ones already. Good idea to keep the u-joints greased regularly and keep an eye on the brake pads as they wear out quickly.
  13. Last piece was lights. Hate not to be a purist but man do cheap LEDs make some light.
  14. One day went to start and nothing, the fan comes on cause its straight wired ,but no lights and no all the fuses show no power with the switch on. Changed starter relay nothing changed thinking maybe switch next and how can I test it.
  15. a 2 wire coil is pretty much a 2 wire coil. I'd look at the run/stop/run switch, make sure the coil is grounding on a clean surface, etc. Likely to be an electrical gremlin if more than 1 coil won't spark.
  16. Might want to gut it and see what is really broken if you haven't already. Pretty unusual to strip the gears AND the axle, it's normally one or the other. Had a Honda 420 apart recently that I just knew the ring and pinion was blown on. Busted it open and it turned out to just be one bearing blew up that let the ring gear move to the side a 1/4 inch which wasn't enough to mesh with the pinion. OEM Yamaha ring and pinon is only $200 or so, you can probably pick up an aftermarket for a hundo.
  17. There's no real magical cubes = jet sizing formula. Given that every motor is a bit different with it's own personality you just have to do some trial and error. Seat testing, plug chops. To really tune it just takes a bit of time and testing. Take into account type of exhaust, air filter type, airbox or not, elevation, fuel type, pilot and main jet setting, needle clip position, fuel screw position. I did some google searches and a few people have asked the same on some Yamaha specific forums, so maybe you can find something to get you close.
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  19. Hey I’m looking to put a big bore kit on my atv I was wondering if anyone knew how big of a jet I would need to put in my. Carb so the atv would run good
  20. Go to ebay and find a aftermarket fan, i got a be kool fan with more cfm than my old fan, i think i spent like 20.00
  21. That sounds pretty steep to fix. I would take it home and find a used read diff on ebay or elsewhere
  22. Ring and pin stripped out along with rear axle ... gonna cost me about 2gs to have it fixed at the shop with all new parts ...wondering if anyone knows of any other bike that would match up or if I could replace whole thing from driveshaft back or from motor back ? ...very broke when it comes to putting money into this bike just want it to ride again lol ....any help out here ?
  23. Has anyone found a good replacement for the stock cooling fan? Mine is going out and OEM parts are outrageous. Polaris sportsman HO XP 850
  24. Thanks but I have 2 new aftermarket coils that don’t work. I was thinking maybe this Lt50 needs a specifically wound coil for it 🤔Excellent spark from the stator wire to ground, but that’s it . Thanks again
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