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  2. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Sudsy Cant say you got me beat if mine is a lot cleaner then yours. Buy anyway post some pics and lets see that thang!
  3. View File ETON Multiple Models ATV Service Manuals Shop manuals from various ETON ATV models. Includes the following service manuals: ETON 2004 VIPER 50-90R & RXL50-70-90 ETON 2009 VIPER & YUKON YXL-CXL-RXL150cc ETON 2011 VIPER SILVER 90R ETON 2009 VIPER SILVER 70 ETON 2009 VECTOR VXL250 ETON 2000 SIERRA DXL90 ETON 2000 LIGHTING 50 & THUNDER 90 ETON 2005 VIPER & RX4 4-CYCLE Submitter northernmi Submitted 01/27/2020 Category Other ATV  
  4. Hello..just bought my first Suzuki quadrunner...got you beat in price but yours is alot prettier lol...curious to know if you solved the problem..hello to all
  5. Yesterday
  6. I would agree with @BuggyMasters if it was a problem that slowly got worse. BUT for the atv to be running fine one day and the next day have this problem? Polaris did have a cam issue but it showed up over time, not over night. Spark plugs started to foul and the backfiring once in a while. I just don't see it happening over night.
  7. I actually use both and the readings are spot on surprisingly. My father had every type of tester possible and i have very good digitals. So yes thats all good there. New cdi will be here tomorrow so we will see how that goes.
  8. Absolutely could be a cam problem. Polaris had big problems with cams wearing out in short order back then. They fixed the problem I think in 2001. But do the test I mentioned above first and report back the results.
  9. Frank Just 1 last thought, you using an (analog ohm meter) instead of digital 1 for the (pick-up coil and stator & voltage regulator) Engine Off tests. I know on most older and some newer Honda's, Kaw's, Suzuki's required a non digital meter for these types of test to get good solid reading measurement, due to the sensitivity of some of the digital meters. I'm Hoping the CDI box solves your problem, it will be interesting what your future posts will reveal for the fix. Good luck!
  10. All very good points and have checked out all except the flywheel and the possibilities of the ignition coil being bad. The flywheel and pick up coil is on my list. I managed to grab a used cdi from a reliable source for $50 bucks. Its on the way. The rev limiter was on the top of my list and i tore into it looking for one but there's nothing connected to the throttle to indicate that the engine would react on over throttle condition. Nothing on the handle bars going into the throttle either so unless it's electronically picked up through the cdi that its reving high then i would say no. But i am double checking the spec on that. As far as the burnt wires: I can't verify if the fire happened on the atv like something or someone caused the fire OR if there was a fore near the atv. None of the wires were cooked from the inside like you would suspect. Some really good points you hit on though and its great info! Thanks @northernmi
  11. Without a factory service manual in front of me, I'm just throwing this as an idea to a possible cause? or it could be some other related safety switch inline the ignition circuit harness. Just curious if the your quad was equipped with some form of (ETC) Electronic Throttle Control switch, like a Polaris product would be equipped with. Or some form of 1? used by Suzuki. In the advent the throttle cable breaks or becomes stuck or out of adjustment the ETC kicks in, Grounding the CDI BOX out. I had this problem before on my 01 trailboss because the cable needed adjusted. normally it should of just killed the engine going from idle into "mid range" throttle. but the switch contacted ground intermittedly (causing backfiring) when it should of just killed the CDI box all together at mid range throttle if adjusted correctly. Knowing you already checked the , 1) In & Ex Valve clearances, 2)Spark Plug resistor cap (Rx Value), 3) Spark plug, even though new? got some out the box that were bad. Flywheel Key half sheared due to the back firing, Flywheel Magnets (magnetic poles become unstable to be not useable). Even if a ignition coil tested good, seen them also cut-out when accelerated due to a internal crack inside the field windings which you can or cannot see. The Stator plate and alternator windings for shorts? After the wiring harness being cooked, your lucky to have spark, depending how good of condition the CDI box and pick-up coil in the stator are? after the fire. Finding were the previous owner left off?, is real treat or sometimes a real headache.
  12. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I like how you got those quads on there!
  13. Welcome back I don't think it would be the cam, maybe its time to start going over the testable electrical parts. Regulator, stator coil and pick up coil. If you have the manual its stated what the readings should be as well as the process. We can also help you along, its not hard to do and all you need is a multi meter.
  14. Got started into ATV"s in early 2000" after riding ATC's clear back into the 1980"s, My brother bought a new 04 Yam warrior 350. After trying out a friends 2000 Polaris TB-325, I bought new 01 TB-325 in a dealer crate in 2004. Still own the Trailboss to this day.
  15. hey sorry I'm back late family problems checked valve lash everything looks good good could it be a cam problem
  16. Last week
  17. Probably bad head gasket. It was leaking oil between the cylinder and case so i stripped it down and put a new gasket set all the way through to fix the oil leak..which it did. It wasn't a cheapie but anything can have an issue once in a while i guess. Ordering up a new top end gasket set again and a pinion seal for the middle gear as it's pouring oil. This bike is in that in between stage....between I've replaced everything and it should be good for many years and I'm tired of replacing stuff and it needs a new home! Can't decide which. Given the high/low range though it's tempting to keep because it'll turn big tires.
  18. Why ... Thank You Deadwolf ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! ...
  19. I have seen this modification done on several quads. The marine grade battery is more tolerant of being drained low (heavy winch usage) and the charging system can recharge the battery, slower then a vehicle alternator, but it will do it. The cost is not that much different to put this battery on verses replacing the original. Wiring on this quad is not that complicated, even if its been hacked up, it can be repaired. Mike
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