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  2. ran it on a dyno , hit 100+ ltz484
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  4. My riding mower did this last year. Even tho I cleaned the terminals ,it wasn't good enough? I re cleaned and re tightened and away she went
  5. ride Chad Wienen Dominates the 2017 Daytona ATV Supercross! View the full article
  6. also check the gears to make sure they aren't worn to a point that the chain will jump over the teeth causing excessive stress and snapping the chain. Pay particular attention to the gear on the crankend. Make sure it's not slipping on the crank. Good luck
  7. i never said valve seals will let coolant into the crankcase i simply asked a question re the valve seals as were they replaced. Blowby comes from a broken or worn rings and usually when a valve job is done valve seals should be replaced. a broken gasket anywhere in the coolant train will allow it to gather up in the sump.
  8. Yes, that's a nice feature and much better than the old one!
  9. Same here, I'm getting tired of it and can't wait for Spring! Good morning everyone!
  10. atvs Another Craig Weston Masterpiece Craig Weston has returned in a big way with his new "Thrill Billy Hot Wheels Edition" of Can-Am's 2016 Outlander 1000R XMR 4x4 Mud ATV. Weston, who brought us the "The… View the full article
  11. ride 2017 Can-Am X Team Contingency The program includes more than a $350,000 in total payouts. View the full article
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  13. Where's Fox and Scully when you need them ?
  14. If your start button wiring is shorted you are hitting a kill button. Disconnect the starter button from the harness and jump across the solenoid with a screwdriver and if the bike starts and then dies after removing the screwdriver then it's not the starter button, but i'm betting it is.
  15. This being a twin cylinder engine it's not all that complicated to time up. Each cylinder has a chain and a cam shaft at the top of each cylinder. Remove the side cover to get at the lower part of the chain where i runs around the crankshaft sprocket (gear) and look for the marks. Then remove the cover on top of each cylinder and check the marks on the cam shaft. Turn the engine over until the intake valve opens and closes on each cylinder and when the piston comes top dead center block it so it doesn't move then line up the T mark on the top gear and then do the same for the other cylinder. Both pistons will then be timed when the pistons come to the top. Check both tensioners at the same time and make sure there isn't any slack in either of the two chains. If there is then you may need to invest into buying new parts. Without knowing anything else in regards to your problem it's hard to help you out. A service manual is what you need before doing anything so i attached one for you belonging to a Brute Force 750, the timing procedures are the same as for the 700. good luck Kawasaki KVF 750 A-B_1 Brute Force - Service Manual.pdf
  16. i'd check for an electrical issue first.
  17. Take another look at the position of the throttle cable and make sure the clip on the long needle is in the middle. Those shuttles can be a little bit of a torture if the cable isn't connected properly.
  18. Hey everyone, I'm new here and not sure this is the correct area to post this but I figure I'd start here. I have a 95 Polaris Scrambler 400. I got stuck in a pretty good mud pit or what im calling it quick sand last summer. Ever since this incident, my machine will start but won't allow me to put it in drive or reverse without it shutting off immediately. I've asked around and one person told me it soundseems like it could be my transmission, anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm determined to get my machine back rolling, please help!
  19. Where are the ladies at?
  20. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I believe you can get a big bore 700 to 800 kit.
  21. I personally don't care if Obama "wire tapped" Trump tower....I would also to get a leg up for my party! 😎 (J/K)
  22. I have a 86 Moto 4 . There is a fuel valve just under the tank. May be that simple.
  23. I am not familiar with your quad so I can't do any more than guess on those wires. If you bought the quad new , they are likely wires in the standard harness that would go to optional accessories not mounted on your quad . If you bought it used , then I would guess they went to some accessory(s) a previous owner removed .. Either way , if they are taped up and the quads performance has been normal, then they are nothing to worry about .. You might want to trace them to their other ends to see where they go. If they're open at the other ends of them too you may be able to guess what they may have powered, and would know if they might be useful for you to hook up some future accessories.
  24. atvs Collector or Hoarder? It may not be the biggest vintage ATV collection but it’s one of the nicest. View the full article
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  26. PRESS RELEASE By: Jerad Nolinbar So it’s 2017, and the it’s safe to say the internet is not only here to stay, but it’s completely revolutionized the way we life. That’s a fact. With that in mind, it’s rare anything comes across my plate that I haven’t seen before. Today, so many people have their own “brand” and “website”, that I’m starting to forget where I am. Also, if I have to hear another person tell me about their brand new web store, I’m going to lose my cool. The options of where to spend my hard earned money has grown, so I’m far more selective on where I use it. In March 2017, I was presented with yet another “new online store.” Hesitant to see anything I haven’t seen before, I started searching on RPO Powersports for some off-road parts. I’ve been thinking about getting a new set of seats in my RZR for some time, but I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on actually ordering them. When I first got onto the site, I quickly noticed how organized it was. The navigation was very clear to me, and I noticed they had a lot of different off-road parts and accessories. I started browsing and quickly found some from Kolpin, Beard, PRP and even Simpson Performance. The selection was pretty solid. Then I noticed these “Deals Available” buttons across the page. When I clicked on one, I was directed to what appeared to me, a salesman asking, “Lookin to make a deal?”. I thought to myself, “I’ll make an offer, why not?” After using my Facebook account to login, the screen was filled with a character named Walt. “Looking to wrangle with me, partner? Let’s Deal.” was staring me down. Now, at $400, these doors were going to be pricey so I wanted to see how much I could save. I decided to bid a $10, just to see what happened. Walt quickly fired back, “You’re about as sharp as a mashed potato.” Ha! Well that’s kind of cool, let’s see what else I can do. I decided to man up and make a real offer; “$350”. “$389” said Walt. Now wait a minute… I just made a bid and Walt came back instantly with a counter offer. I’ve never seen anything like it. I went back at Walt: $360. “$382” That’s $18 off already! But I think I’ll keep bidding. $370! “You drew the best hand partner. Deal.” Holy cow! I just snagged $30 off with a character I haggled with in real time. This was such a cool concept. Now that I was fully engaged in the site, I decided to search on. I ended up finding some LED lights, a set of wheels and a brand new cooler, all for under $1,000! MSRP on everything was $1800, and I managed to haggle my way down to $1,000. This, was cool. If I can ever recommend trying out a website for your off-road parts, this is one of them. It’s truly something you’ll have to see and use yourself. Very well done. View full post
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  28. ride Hetrick and Brown Round out Main Event Podium Wienen wasted no time and made the pass for a podium position after the first lap was complete, and then second shortly after that. Wienen set his eyes on Hetrick who… View the full article
  29. I want to go but cant do it by my self . any one or two, what to share a ride out and back to UT or ID. most likely this June some one from Michigan, Ohio ,Indiana works best for me . lets talk
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