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  2. Francois9314

    My quad idles but dies when i put in gear

    Please anyone????
  3. Hi everyone. I need some help please. My quad ( shineray 250 2007 model) idles great and reves up but when i put in in gear it dies. I checked on youtube and they said it might be sticky clutch so i took it out and cleaned and put it back together but it still does the same. Could it be my air/fuel ratio?? Please help
  4. mtnous1

    Suzuki Eiger ATV smoking after new rings

    sounds like the ring gaps were lined up or not opposite of each other
  5. I think I was 6 or 7 when got my first atc. was a 1979 honda 110. Then I had a little street legal trail 90. Then a 84 atc 125m. Then a 85 200x. Then a 85 250sx. Then I quit riding for some years because i just worked too much and one day i went and bought a 85 350x and my daughter a lt-a50 quad and i was hooked again. Now Ive got the 85 ATC 350x, and just bought an 85 ATC 250r and few months ago bought a 05 Honda Rancher 350 and I like it but im still moren fond of 3 wheelers because I like the drift style of riding. Pitching it and powering out instead of steering. Its just a crazier style of riding. Anyone who grew up on 3 wheels knows what im talking about. I ride them both but Atc riding was always more fun to me
  6. so this plate needs to be cut out? what is it made of? What would be the outcome if i dont re-jet the carb? Is there any exhaust restriction that could be removed as well? Thank You guys so much for your help. Maybe i wont have to buy a bigger one right yet after all! Again, Thank You
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a manual or wiring diagram for a 1984 Kawasaki prairie 250 three wheeler, it's manual clutch chain drive with locking hubs in rear. I got it real cheap and wiring is a mess.
  8. Brock Lovelace

    What does your quad weigh ?

    Nice you got a 250sx, same didn't know they were that light. Thought it was little heavier
  9. George Henry

    What does your quad weigh ?

    My Honda ATC 250SX has a dry weight of 357 Lbs. Our Honda Recon ES has a dry weight of 414 Lbs. I love light ATVs that you can toss if around easily if you feel like it
  10. Before quads went watercooled,some had oil cooling,a remote "radiator" hooked to the oil system.Worked well overall,but not for the high speed and guys that hammer stuff.Hondas seemed to be the worse for cooling.Search youtube,there are several good conversions for putting oil coolers on older hondas.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Brock Lovelace

    What does your quad weigh ?

    Oh and forgot, I got a 2001 blaster, it only weighs 250 lbs dry. I can lift it with one hand lol.
  13. Brock Lovelace

    What does your quad weigh ?

    Also my dad's 2009 Arctic cat 550 weighs 692 lbs dry
  14. Brock Lovelace

    What does your quad weigh ?

    My 2008 sportsman 800 weighs 770lbs dry.
  15. Brock Lovelace

    How fast have you had your ATV?

    Had my dad's 2009 Arctic cat 550 efi at 50mph and my moto4 only to 40 and Polaris express 300 2 stroke to 45.only moto4 was pegged out other 2 stopped as don't really have any good straight roads.
  16. Brock Lovelace

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Hi everyone, new to the site. My main ride is a 87' Yamaha moto4. Hope to meet new people here
  17. 57. 1992 Suzuki Quadracer lt250r
  18. Hi new to the forums should've joined sooner. My first atv was an 87' Honda 250sx. I got it when I was 14 years old. Still have it, but first four wheeler I got is an 87' Yamaha moto4 225.
  19. Last week
  20. KevRock

    1995 Suzuki quadrunner 4wheeler

    Clean the carb, its probably dirty.
  21. KevRock

    1995 Suzuki quadrunner 250

    The Carb is probably dirty, take it off and clean it.
  22. I use an auto lift with a sheet of plywood on it.
  23. Karen Higdon

    ATV Laws and Information - By State

    Awesome thread. Good job!
  24. I don't ride up the side of mountains or anything, but the Kanda Laws work great.
  25. Karen Higdon

    Can Am 1000 vs. Polaris 1000

    I have always heard that can-am's are the best. Although Polaris is making a comeback with their fan base and their sales are about tit for tat
  26. 2017 Carry On trailer, 2008 Honda TRX450R, 2007 Yamaha YZ250F all stolen from apartment complex parking lot. At some point between September 1 and September 16, my trailer, my 4wheeler, and my husbands dirtbike were stolen from our apartment complex. Pleasssse reach out if you see any of the trio The post Stolen Trailer, Racing 4wheeler, and Dirtbike appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  27. Karen Higdon

    ATV Front End Alignment How To

    Good video and article to go by. Thanks
  28. Karen Higdon

    Hello from Leland Ms

    I am new to this site, so be patient with me.
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