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  1. No shorts, pulled the CDI apart now, almost got all silicone off. I post some pics later πŸ˜ƒ , alteast no diodes where burnt inside, no shorts in the capacitators either. I have to pull the microscope so see at the markings to id some of the circuits.
  2. Im getting 24,7V AC into the cdi, its 8V from the output to the ignition coil. No green crust anywhere, took every connection apart.
  3. Had some time to take some more measurments, the source coil is putting out AC 24,7 Volt when i run it on the starter. Hooked up an oscilloscope to the pickup coil and it vas about 1,2Vols up n down. So they "seem" to work atleast there is some life in them. Measured the output from the CDI to the coil and dint get any DC reading but 8V AC. I think the cdi should output DC and waay more than 8V. Turned off the light in the garage and there was actually a tiny tiny spark. My money is on the CDI atm. Please prove me wrong πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Sorry for double post but i dont know how to edit my previous post, if you follow my link No12 and No13 are gaskets under the nuts, may its from there the oil is leaking? Or the plug No17. Doesnt seem to be a gasked there, but a little bit of the liquid gasked Permatex the rightstuff, its expensive but works good, gasolin resistent aswell πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Here is another site in EU, i have bought a lot of stuff from this site. https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-lt-f300f-king-quad-2wd-2001-k1-usa-e03-kingquad-king-quad_model34571/partslist/BLCK0015.html#.YO7FCUyey70
  6. i broke my cdi on my honda last year and got one from ricks electronics , and i know they listed atleast two types of cdis so i had to remove it first and double check.
  7. You can get a Noctua IndustrialPPC NF-A14, takes 0,55A 12V , its a computerfan with 6 year warranty. But it takes some work to protect it if you are riding alot of offroading. I have a honda 300 trx and its getting very hot when im driving slow in the terrain, just hooked a fan up in zipties to try it out and is "seems" to work. Dont have any tempgauges on it so i really dont know how much difference it makes. i took it off after a while because i dont do offroading so much in 1st gear.
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Henrik and i live in Sweden. Riding atvs for 10+ years. My family and I usually makes ATV trips every weekend at our summer cabin to go swimming / looking for animals / berry picking or just joy riding. We ride old machines with kickstart / pullstarts so a dead battery wont leave us stranded in the woods πŸ˜ƒ Honda 300 TRX, Suzuki 250F, Suzuki LT80 and Yamaha Champ 100
  9. Not really what you asked but i removed the separate oil mix all together, got rid of the pump, hoses and the oil container and premix the gas for it. Feels alot safer for the engine. The little metal piece that runs the pump looks very weak. I used the space i got where the oil container was and made a big battery box so i have a 18Ah battery in it now.
  10. Hello everyone, this is one of my first posts here πŸ˜ƒ , im having some trouble with the kids bike, no spark. What i measured so far at the CDI is: Shutoff wire works ok It has ground It has connection to the ignition coil. Pickup coil measures 325 ohm Source coil measures 393 ohm The ignition coil seems fine when i measure it. new sparkplug too. Flywheel spins and the key is in place. Havent found a service manual for the champ so checked the pickup coil and the source coil values in a yamaha badger manual. Is the cdi a common problem on the
  11. Hello, sorry to ask you this but did you check the fuse (5A) for the charging system? Always start with the little things πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Seems you have the same tire size front and back, on my Honda (300 trx) i have different sizes front and back, have you changed the gear ratio somehow? I want big fat tires on mine aswell but i think rip the 4wd apart if the ratio is not correct.
  13. Hello, i had a similar issue with my 300 TRX , no spark (1991) , thought it would be the CDI but it was the connections to the CDI that had some green crust on it. Cleaned it and runs like champ now.

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