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  2. Hi bought this quad with a few leaks and other issues which thanks to excellent advice from these forums I thought I’d sorted them till I washed it down and found oil underneath. It is coming from the seal around the gear changer pedal as it looks like someone has banged the housing flat on one side. Knowing how easily aluminium is broken I don’t wanna risk tapping it back into shape. Would a new seal fit or would the distortion of the housing render it useless. thanks in advance
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  4. I have had similar problems on a couple of machines, one solution was replacing a faulty aftermarket cdi box, another problem for a different machine was a vacuum leak at boot between carb and cylinder head
  5. Are you sure the wires are correctly installed. The black bolted to the frame and the red going to a relay with two nuts on it ? And did someone possibly install the battery and put the wires the wrong way ?
  6. Guidelines are posted here: https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  7. Do you know how can I get the bayou 220 repair manual? thanks!
  8. 2009 can am renegade 800 almost caught fire upon inspection rubber melted on wires run to battery looked like they chaffed on frame and shorted.... replaced both battery wires and still seeing sparks any ideas??
  9. Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid
  10. Looks great, nice work! Nothing like bringing a bike back from the dead. Be sure to post pics of that new project. Ride safe
  11. Well I contacted the seller of the defective carburetor and they sent me another one. This one works great, tons of power, not lean at idle or off idle, idles great and starts great. Couple of pics of my 100 dollar atv after all the headaches. I love a challenge. Next is a 81 Honda ATC its the worst I have seen. anyway enjoy
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  13. Thank you very much for the answer I will try to see if I can get it running today.
  14. If the carburetor is clean and no junk got in there from either a dirty tank or whatever then it may just need an adjustment on the air fuel screw. If you can reach the screw turn it all the way in until snug (do not over tighten) and turn it 1-3/4 turns back out. Start the bike up and see how it runs. You will need to adjust out a little more would be my guess and the bike will start to rev up. Continue to turn until the reving starts to die off and go back a hair and you should be good. Adjust the idle after that and you should be good to go. This should all be done with the air box on including the cover as if the bike were ready to ride. Now that’s if it’s juts an adjustment issue. You may have to move the E clip on the main jet up a notch if someone moved it. If the top end was rebuilt, was it a bore out bigger piston ? Reason I’m asking is then you would most likely have to rejet the carburetor for larger jets due to the larger piston/cc size. If the top end was done by a pro then the timing should be good to go. lastly is out a brand new spark plug in so your not making changes/adjustments with a dirty plug
  15. Sounds good! I did the same test on my r/r and CDI... basic diode resistance test. I'll try that out when I get a minute this weekend and report back! Thanks for the help!
  16. Engine off and tester on ohms, phase to phase you should get a reading. Somewhere in the 100’s maybe, It’s in the manual. Test each wire to wire and see what you get. Do this with the pick up coil also. I like to test both ways. One when the bike is ice cold. Second is when the engine is hot. Most of the time stators go bad and you don’t have the option of testing while hot because you have no spark. The acceptable range will be listed in the manual.
  17. My lakota has a new carb and just had a top end redone by a professional, but it will not start. The electric start turns it over great, there seems to be compression. It seems like its trying to start, getting right there and just doesnt catch. It does start occasionally, but wont run for more than a couple of minutes and smells rich. Im assuming the carb needs to be tuned, but im just wondering if anyone else has any ideas before i get a chance to work on it. Thanks
  18. I'm having the same problem. Checked the spark already. Turns over just fine, but no start.
  19. Well it’s a last ditch effort. You should test the stator on ohms setting phase to phase and see if the numbers are within range.
  20. I just did a no-load test on the AC stator. Set the meter to AC 200V... only getting about 50v per each leg when held at high revs. Me-thinks it may be the issue... which sucks. 3x opening the damn engine, the last time to install this new Caltric stator. So upset.
  21. I just tried all 3. The results are: Battery was a steady 13.00v prior to test. Electrosport: 14.0v idle, 14.4v rev. Caltric: 13.8v idle, 13.9v rev. Suzuki (original): 13.9v idle, 13.6v rev. The ride and running videos were all with the Electrosport unit installed.
  22. Awesome. Thanks. Found the OEM part numbers and seal dimensions here. That narrows it down a bit. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1998-suzuki-king-quad-lt-f4wdx/o/m139197#sch276279
  23. Have you checked the rectifier and voltage coming to the battery ? I’m curious to see what you have as far as voltage. Rev the engine a bit and see what’s happening.
  24. Go onto motorsports.com or bike bandit. They have reference numbers for each bearing. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk Or take them out and bring them with you. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  25. I have some wobble in my right rear wheel. Too much wobble. So I've torn into it and will need two bearings and two (different) seals. I'd like to get them locally if possible but need to know the number on the sides of the bearings and seals as I don't know that my bearing shop can source them by vehicle model. I'm told they're very common bearings. Any idea what the numbers are if mine end up being illegible? Thanks, Warren
  26. Yep. Thanks for the reminder. This one will just buy me some time. Now that I know the thing runs I feel better about ordering some parts for it to get it back into great condition.
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