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  2. Changed the coil and that took care of it. ATV runs out great!
  3. Yeah, not saying it wouldn't end up being a total boondogggle, but definitely a cool find. Now if it were a pair of mint Banshees....
  4. Yesterday
  5. Machines that have been sat for that long tend to rust up internally with many years of moisture and no oil flow around things. They might require a bit of work to get going reliably, plus probably a new carb, lines, tank because the fuel will be well off by now. Also those tyres have probably started to perish too. But still, Warriors are cool. I still remember mine - so much torque off the bottom end / mid range, and they make a great sound!
  6. KQ 700s are EFI. It's likely the throttle position sensor that's faulty or out of adjustment, or a faulty fuel pump. You can see what the EPU thinks the TPS is doing by looking at the lines on the bottom of the dash when you turn it on with the diagnostic jumper wire in.
  7. Last week
  8. Basically, one clutch is for engagement and the other is for when shifting gears. If it slips, then further inspection is needed but I'd assume you'd be replacing weights and springs if the damage isn't too ugly.
  9. There's a pretty good chance that the dying out problem is a failed fuel pump. Pretty common on those older 420's and not hard to repair. Of course a ticking sound could be many things, an oil change & valve adjustment would need to be done first. As for the steering being welded? Sounds like impact damage, not unless it turns out to be the factory weld?? With the issues that you noticed it does sound like a crap shoot - the price would have to be pretty cheap to consider it.
  10. Hi guys, first post here. I have a Big Bear 350 that I purchased for yard work. First job was to drag a small harrow around with to level my back yard. I bought it used, worked fine on the test ride around the neighborhood. I've never licensed it or taken it on any trail rides. I've literally put less than two miles on it. Almost all the work was done in 1st or 2nd gear in low range. As I was dragging the harrow, it began getting progressively harder to shift, even with the motor off. It's like something was out of alignment internally and binding up. Now I can't get it to shift at all. The shifter feels like it won't move through the full range to complete a shift, like something is blocking it. I already know I got screwed on the deal. What do you think it's going to take to fix? Common issue? Thanks
  11. It cost me a KFX80 that a week prior was a mouse condominium. I bought it as parts for my kiddos LT 80, and managed to take and swap what I needed, and put back together something that ran and rolled. The kid I got the Blaster from head done the same thing basically. Except he had it all ass backwards. as it sat when I unloaded the trailer beat up DG bumper FMF Silencer. Not sure about the pipe- might be OEM, haven’t actually looked at it or cleaned it up yet. definitely putting it all back together, not sure if I’m gonna keep it or flip it.
  12. Looks like a nice find! How much did this blaster cost you? Its good you're mechanically inclined! Is there a pic of the entire ATV before you took it apart? Are you putting it back together or parting it out?
  13. View File 2019-2020 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD Service Manual 2019-2020 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD Service Manual LIT-11616-32-13 Includes Models: Base, Hunter, SE, SE Black, XTR Submitter GrizzlyRider Submitted 10/20/2021 Category Yamaha ATV  
  14. Thanks for the reply, ill change that tomorrow and see what happens. I'll report the results here.
  15. I have a 1996 Suzuki QuadRunner 250 LT-4WD I am working on. I have it running now and putting it back together and noticed there’s a number of wires and connections that don’t seem to be used but want to know what they are for. I have taken several pictures to show these on the front of the atv. Any help knowing what they are would be much appreciated.
  16. Ok so I have this bear tracker it sat outside for around 2yrs I finally had the time to get on it and the battery was dead i bought a new one put it in and i have nothing like none of my electronics work (gear lights, ignition, rear lights, front lights ,ECT.) help please lol
  17. I looked up the quiet core and it looks like it goes inside the pipe to increase resistance to exiting the pipe which gives the exhaust more time to quiet down. I did the same sort of thing with my 250 by sticking the next size down pipe in the tail pipe. The reduced diameter causes just enough backpressure to make it quieter. But what it looks like you have is a pipe over the top of the other pipe which doesn't increase backpressure and you've covered half of the holes which seems like it would make it louder. It will work but it might not be very quiet. The muffler works by dumping energy into each of those holes as the wave moves along the length. If you reduce the holes along the length, you reduce the damping capabilities. The inserts can't go over top of other pipes because they have screens on the ends.
  18. So I'm assuming then, that if the quad seems a little sluggish to start off, like the clutch is slipping that its the centrifugal clutch that needs replacing? Can you just replace the weights and springs like on other quads or do you have to purchase the whole clutch as an assembly? Thanks Ray
  19. If it wasn’t there, if the core would not make connection with the tail end of the silencer, and just be blowing glass out the end
  20. Needs more garlic powder man. Maybe some black pepper corns. What's the purpose of the sink drain pipe? Looks like it's covering half the holes.
  21. I had the same problem, changed the CDI and the 220 started right up.
  22. Repacked it last night, made a video with the GoPro to test it, and can’t find the cable, so pics will have to suffice. The sheer luxury of my workspace is breathtaking, I know. Rest assured they don’t do justice to the craftsmanship and materials choice. Once again I’ve selected the finest available repacking kit available in my attic. I like to use the backer paper like a rolling machine to get the mat nice and tight 😂 I forgot to mention that I discovered the core was about an inch short of where it ought be, which was disappointing but not enough to rain on this parade of jury rigging. I found that the tailpiece from a bathroom sink drain is approximately the proper ID on both ends to accommodate the core, and the actual tailpiece of the silencer itself. Pretty much acts like a quiet core insert. I think I should get extra points for that bit of ingenuity and/or frugality. I don’t think it should amount to enough added back pressure to foil the efforts of the exhaust tuning, as I believe it’s well beyond the stinger and shouldn’t have much effect on power. 🤞
  23. Just FYI, it was suggested to me to get a bigger rectifier, @JustRandy said he uses a 50 amp one for a big old Triumph road bike on his KQ.
  24. Looking at a project rancher/foreman 1. I saw one today in person that is an 2008. It is having an issue where it will die after running for a little bit. At first I thought it was only when you shifted into gear but I left it in N and eventually it died out as if it was being starved of fuel. When you startd it after it started right back up though? 2. The unit has a tick sound (metalic). It's definitely there as I have a 2021 machine and don't have that tick. It seemed to mellow out a bit after it warmed up. The owner said hew top end was done awhile back, could it be a valve adjustment or would this mean something more? 3. The steering column was welded near the bottom where it connects into the knuckle part at the bottom. It almost looks like it snapped at one point and they welded it back together? Just trying to decipher if these issues sound like they can be worked out fairly easily or if this is a basket case
  25. Not my ad, but DAMN what a pair. https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/64608092 2 New 2002 Yamaha Warriors Clearfield, UT | 2 Days ago $9,400.00 8 photos | View All Description Condition New Yes it's true pictures taken 7-14-2021....Long story due to old back injury I have 2 unused Yamaha warriors 350cc ....Stored indoors since new, one has about 1/2 hour ride time and the other has about 3 hours total..Haven't started them in a while I just bought two new batteries, You can text any questions to 385-294-9629 I'd like to sell both as a pair for 9400.00 firm, See to believe serious inquiries only, No codes, No Scammers, New machines averaging over $8500.00 in this category do the math and save $7 or $8k thanks for looking.
  26. View File 2015-2017 Sportsman/Scrambler 850/1000 Service Manual Factory service manual 2015-2017 Sportsman/Scrambler 850/1000 Service Manual Submitter colin james Submitted 10/18/2021 Category Polaris ATV  
  27. View File 2017-2022 Sportsman 570 6x6 Service Manual This is the factory service manual for the 2017-2022 Sportsman 570 6x6 Submitter colin james Submitted 10/18/2021 Category Polaris ATV  
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