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  2. Nice work @Arizona!!!!!!! Definitely want to see some pics brother.
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  4. Got it out of the paint shop today lol, Decided to take carb apart since he rebuilt it. Nothing was right as I figured, he even jacked up the coiled return spring for the metering rod slide assembly. Had the a/f screw bottomed out and didn't even clean inside. Main jet was wrong size (at least he gave me old parts) Managed to get an intake boot off e/bay for 8.50 DId I mention 1 of the exhaust bolt holes on cyl stripped. Gonna tap it and reinstall it. I ran a fuel hose to the carb and batt charger to it and it fired up using the key! I guess on the bright side the elect is ok, still have to check charging. Have to shoot some pics in a day or so. Az
  5. Ok , got the motor out.. Took off the clutch cover. The shift shaft is working properly and all springs are intact and working properly. The shift cam assembly seems to only be turning between 1st and 2nd gear. No neutral or 3rd gear. Next I will disassemble the engine and split the case.... It would have been so nice if it was a spring..... More updates coming...
  6. It sucks, definitely post some pictures when u get back into it.
  7. Thanks for the response... I had a feeling splitting the case was going to be needed... All I had left was to put on the plastics.... I will update here with what I find.. Thanks again...
  8. Absolutely, and its a simple test to determine that. Are you familiar with the process?
  9. It honestly sounds like you have a broken spring in the transmission someplace. Especially if the neutral light is coming on on. I would start at the neutral safety switch and see whats going on in there and if it looks ok then unfortunately your going to have to split the transmission again.
  10. Hi All, I did a total restoration on a 2003 Yamaha Raptor 80. Rebuilt the engine and tranny.. Started it up today and it runs great. Took it for a ride and the transmission worked perfectly. Adjusted the carb a little more and went for another ride. It ran awesome, pulled into the workshop shifted into neutral ( Neutral light came on) and shut off the bike. went to roll it and noticed she would not roll. Turned on the key and neutral light was on... After some troubleshooting I found that she is in first gear with the neutral light on and will not shift into neutral... It seems to up shift fine into 2nd and 3rd and then back down to 1st. I am hoping somebody can shed some light on what is happening... Thanks for any help...
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  12. Hello i have a Polaris 2003 sportsman 600 Polaris Sportsman OEM Gauge Speedo Speedometer Display Dash Cluster 3280425 the speedo is not working no 4*4 i can find nothing can i put a speedo 2004Speedometer Gauge Speedo 3280431 04-08 Sportsman if it will work
  13. I ran auto repair shops for over 23 yrs so I can relate. Something as little as crank seals which were only 25 bucks but require a lot of labor. Same with piston etc. I always keep track of the money spent on parts, batteries and tires are the worst. as far as hourly rate I never gave it much thought as I do it to enjoy it but if I did I would figure in about 30 p/hr The going rate is probably 60 - 100 at a stealership and the mechanic never sees that kind of money. Az
  14. I am looking at one right now that my neighbor has sitting under a tarp. Hasn't ran in the 15 years that I have lived here. He just don't want to let it go. It looks to be in pretty good shape though. I also like to pick up projects like this. Good luck
  15. Would this list meet your requirement prior to purchasing an ATV? Remember, I'm at novice level - these are things I think the average Joe could/should check. Feel free to comment and I'll add it to my list. Going to look at what's supposed to be a 1998 Arctic Cat 454 on Saturday - likely a bit too much machine for my level.
  16. Thats bitter sweet brother and i know the feeling. One thing i tend to keep in mind is the hours i put into it as well as parts. Question: What would you feel is a proper/fair hourly rate you would consider? And the amount of hours you put into each project ? I always keep track of my hours just for my own knowledge. Curious to see what you think.
  17. Ok well thats a good sign. Maybe check the wiring going to the ignition to see that you only have one wire with 12v positive on it. If you find more then one power source on that set of wires going to the ignition that it would be a questionable item. The only other thing i would check is to see if there is a recall on that year ignition switch. Maybe do a web search.
  18. Took it apart and it looked fine. No sign of any burn spots at all. I don't get it. New switch is working fine.
  19. Well today I said farewell to my Polaris. I know that thing inside and out but sold it today ended up getting 1700.00 for it so I wont miss it that bad lol. Had less than 300.00 invested but a lot of labor. Each one I do I learn something. And each one I like and would like to keep but the garage fills up pretty fast. I got one torn apart and plan on picking up 2 this Saturday. Gonna keep me busy! Az
  20. I changed the oil to the correct type. ATV 4 cycle motorcycle 10/40 from Napa. The Big Bear has been operating ok now with no clutch jerking. I seen this you tube video for a Yamaha Big Bear about how to inspect/change out the clutches that will be very helpful to anyone going into the clutch area. The SERVICE manual will be good to use in addition to this video. You may have to C/P this link into internet explorer for viewing? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=How+to+replace+the+clutches+on+a+Yamaha+Big+Bear%2c+video&docid=608041014883389422&mid=F1B989DC120398A44A80F1B989DC120398A44A80&view=detail&FORM=VIREHT
  21. Its going to turn out great. I get the same way when I'm out of bikes! Its like a drug.
  22. Yes I agree on a little high, but needed something to work on as I am out of vehicles. Have done about 9 of these things and always turn a great profit. More of a hobby as I enjoy bringing them back to life, a challenge and some times a pain but over all keeps me out of trouble. Will see how it turns out. Az
  23. To me its a $200 bike all day. $350 is a lot for that bike but hopefully you can get her back to good and flip it. On the positive side i always say the plastics and racks are always worth there weight in gold. So you will get ur money back if it does not work out.
  24. No such thing as a stupid question and a very good point. Thats why i always like to test each part while you have the tester out. It only takes a few minutes. And for the members that don't know how... well we can all walk you through that. Bit def a valid question there @MarkinAR
  25. Stupid question, but have you checked the spark plug boot? I had one not long ago that wouldn't fire a spark plug for anything. Finally checked the boot for connectivity out of curiosity and it had none...changed that and it was good to go.
  26. I think I paid too much but needed another challenge. 350.00 The only positive it does have a winch (don't know if it works) These things keep me busy and actually have been making pretty good profit also. Stay tuned Az
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