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  2. I got it in neutral but when I put it in gear and give gas it doesn’t move
  3. Yesterday
  4. To me. Sounds like it’s jammed up. Does it roll in gear? Can you select gears while it’s rolling? Does it run if you jack up the drive wheels, or at all? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. @Michael Kastanis I moved your status update to a new topic in our forum.
  6. Hey I have a Kawasaki 300 boyu and it die in 5 gear and can’t get in Neutral try rocking it and moved it back and forth but nothing can same one here help me pls
  7. Hey brother buddy Gardner if you want I am having the same problem with my bayou I went and got the book on it I can send you the wiring schematic so you can print out and go from there
  8. Last week
  9. Sounds like it may be starving for fuel. Did it sit a while? I had a suzuki carb float get stuck in the past because of a corroded float pin.
  10. doesn't idle at times but sometimes when it does as soon as I touch the throttle it just shuts off, what could possibly be the problem? I thank you very much for any help, Thanks.
  11. Pretty much. I usually start at the battery though and work forwards.
  12. Thanks, I should have got it, someone else snatched it up
  13. Sorry it took so long. I have a 2000 bayou. Just white and brown from the key switch. On mine the white wire comes from the 20A fuse to the keyswitch. Keyswitch turned on routes power through the brown wire to the starter relay. When the starter button is pushed it closes the circuit to the starter relay and the black wire from the through side of the starter relay is jumped through the engine on /off switch through the red /yellow wire to the CDI which then distributes it to the starter.
  14. Thanks I really appreciate it.. so I guess just start at the front one wire at a time and work my way back correct? Just look for breaks in the wires and re-wire it back to factory specs and see what happens huh?
  15. I would think so but not sure without seeing it. Normally the black wire is closer to the outside if memory serves correctly. The fact that the push button is directly wired is odd, that means some parts are taken out of the normal flow. I'd run it down with the wiring diagram and put it back to normal before doing too much digging with the no spark. It might be that the CDI is simply bypassed since there has been some wiring changes.
  16. I put the original CDI on and still no spark. My push button that the previous owner put on is wired directly to the starter solenoid, one wire on each side. i do have a question tho...the ignition coil that goes to the spark plug that I bought has 2 terminals..one has a green marker at the bottom..I assumed that the green and white wire goes there and the black and yellow goes to the other. Is this correct? I consider myself somewhat mechanically inclined, but a 4 wheeler mechanic I am not 😬so pardon me if I ask stupid questions but I have tried all I k ow to do at this point..
  17. I appreciate the advise, and yes I bought a Chinese CDI so I will put the original back on and go from there. Thanks again!
  18. Sounds like wiring gremlins. The starter button would only work regardless of key position if it were wired around the key. If key was off and button still worked it would likely not have any spark. I would put the original CDI back on because I am assuming you bought a $30 chinese one? Those only work about 10% of the time. My first step would be try original CDI and then move on to a wiring diagram and work through each wire. Those are really simple bikes to work on, I've had several. This is a youtube video but has the clearest wiring diagram I can find. Just pause it and screenshot.
  19. Hello everyone! I recently purchased this quad for a mere 300.00 and it is pretty clean for the year. I bought it from a guy who bought it in a storage unit. He didn’t know anything about it. I got it home and noticed it did not have an ignition coil for the spark plug. I bought the ignition coil, a new battery, new CDI box, new starter relay, new safety neutral relay, new carb and so on... I got it to turn over, but when I pull the plug and check for spark I have nothing.. it has a non factory starter button that works when I push it and turns the engine over no matter if the key or stop switch is on or off..not sure what that’s all about, but it does turn over..just no spark at the plug. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  20. Topic moved to Kawasaki ATV forum and added issue to topic title.
  21. You may never get the rear diff to look clear because bearings and even the dry upper 75% of the ring gear tend to rust if they sit long. I'd just ride it a while and come back later and change it. Chances of the bearings getting a bit loose are high too if it sat for long so you may need to go back into it with new bearings and seals after it's ridden a while.
  22. I included a picture of the wiring. Have a browse. Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkBY would be ground. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. 96. And the 2 wires going to the pick up coil 1 is black and 1 is bk/y, what one of them is the actual signal wire and what one would be ground. Bk/y would be my ground and solid black would be the actual signal wire correct
  24. What year. I have the manual in front of me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Does anyone have the cdi box wiring? I'm trying to hook up aftermarket cdinbox and i keep confusing myself with the trigger signal wire trigger ground wire and 12v. Any help would be appreciated thank you for your input
  26. I got the new exhaust studs and nuts today. I should have my new lefty drills/extractors tomorrow. The intact stud came out really easy even being bent quite a bit. Glad I bought a set. I hope the broken stud comes out as easy. I changed the oil and filter. The oil was very dirty. I changed the rear diff lube again. It was still pretty dirty . I'll keep changing it pretty regularly until it starts to stay clean. I also put slime in the front tires and pulled a nail out of one of the rear tires and plugged it. All are still holding air after a few days. I pulled the rear wheels again. I originally thought I could live without replacing the bearings but I'm going to have to add that to the list. Both sides are pretty sloppy and the seal on the right side is shot, which trashed the brake shoe. Guess I'll go ahead and replace the brake shoes all around. They're cheap enough. Hopefully I can salvage the brake cables. After all that, I'll start on the front end. The kingpins are shot and the alignment is off. This free 4 wheeler is getting kinda spendy.
  27. Thanks. I got lucky with my motor. With everything else going on with mine, I probably would have scrapped it if I had engine trouble too @MarkinAR 's advice on lapping the valves sounds like a good plan. I hope it works out. I'm assuming this is in reference to your 2000 220 Bayou cam, valves, timing thread. I'll be watching that thread for updates.
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