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  2. neo71665

    1993-1999 bayou 400 aftermarket

    Listen I know where to buy parts. I want to see a real bayou with the part installed not some stock photo of a honda or suzuki with a part that "fits" a bayou or a part laying on the shop floor.
  3. Big J

    1993-1999 bayou 400 aftermarket

    Yep eBay have cheap parts. Sometimes you can get a used original part though.
  4. CJ River Rider

    Checking Oil on an Older Yamaha

    Newbie question here. When checking the oil on a 94 Timberwolf 4x4, do you screw the dipstick all the way in or just place it in at the top of the threads? I did check the owners manual and it didn't indicate either. Just changed the oil, filter, & cleaned the oil strainer for the first time.
  5. wjmedic

    Repair Manual 2006 Polaris Sportsman 450

    Hi there new to the site, just purchased a 2006 Polaris Sportsman 450/ Browning Edition has 139 hours looking for free repair manual for the starter, frequently when starting the starter grinds and does not appear to be engaging the flywheel, however most of the time on second try it starts with no problem. To me grinding is bad sign of worse things to come or is it a common trait with the 450"s. Thank you for any thoughts you can provide.
  6. Recently picked up a Sportsman 90 with a bad transmission / gearbox. I had to rebuild the gearbox with all new bearings. It had been run underwater and the bearings were all rusted. Also tore into the secondary clutch and replaced the bearings in there. The primary (variator) seemed ok but I cleaned it and lubed the needle bearing with Super Lube. The issue i'm have is when riding it or revving it up, the front primary makes a load whine when it gains some speed. Is this normal? Other than the needle bearing in the primary, i dont see what else could be causing all the noise. thanks in advance for any help
  7. Picked up a Phoenix 200 yesterday with no spark. Have not had a chance to do any diagnosing yet. I am curious if anyone has had any common "no spark" issues with these machines before I tear into it. Thanks for any help
  8. Jteam

    BRP Can Am Rally

    Picked up a non running Rally awhile back. Didn't realize it was a white elephant. Only made for about 4 years. The card was so degraded that the jet towers were crumbling. Turns out that card was only produced for that single engine, which was only produced for those few years. What a nightmare. I have tried several generic carbs and it has been a tuning nightmare. It runs and is a strong little machine that is perfectly sized for teenagers, but man I am turning grey trying to get it running right. Anyone have any experience with this model?
  9. I just bought two 1985 TRX250's from my father-in-law. One runs great, the other not so much. The one is having issues with the shifter. The shifter seems to be resting lower than normal. When I press the shifter downward, it just pops back up. Any thougjts as to what the issue might be?
  10. Flanstone

    1985 Honda TRX250 Fourtrax info.

    Do you put any additives in the oil? I was told additives may be required?
  11. Flanstone

    1985 honda fourtrax 250 shiftier sticks

    Ajmboy. What additives exactly? I am having similar issues. If an oil change fixes the problem...sweeet!
  12. Flanstone

    1985 - 1987 Honda TRX250 Service Manual

    Awesome. Just what I've been lookin' for!
  13. Michael Lee

    1998 Suzuki King Quad Red hot exhaust

    Is it getting hot at idle or when riding?
  14. Michael Lee

    1998 Suzuki King Quad Controls

    Good practice to release the throttle before shifting. Extend the longevity of the clutch. Enjoy!
  15. Vertigo

    Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Is yours the AIR COOLED model, like mine? It has a small oil cooler, and cylinder/heads are finned, no water jackets. That manual seems to be missing...been searchiung for year. I was unaware they offered a water-cooled, belt drive BigBear that year.
  16. Last week
  17. Ajmboy

    Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    This should be it:
  18. Ajmboy

    yamaha moto 4 225 carburetor

    Can you take a picture of than VIN # and post it? That VIN doesn't come up with anything even with the 7 changed to a 1.
  19. Ajmboy

    Yamaha Big Bear 350CC 1991 Reverse Reving Problem

    @Martin Carrière I merged your two topics since they are basically the same.
  20. Ajmboy

    2002 Yamaha Warrior Wont Fire

    What do you mean by push forward, are you rolling it in gear to try and start it?
  21. Ajmboy

    Yamaha Big Bear 350CC 1991 Reverse Reving Problem

    That's an interesting issue. I would check all the cables and levers and make sure when you put in in reverse, nothing is hanging up.
  22. Martin Carrière

    Yamaha Big Bear 350CC 1991 Reverse Reving Problem

    Recently bought a 1991 BB. Everything works great. Only thing is, each time I put it in reverse, it either starts to rev high and start moving without giving it gas or I'll give it a bit of gas and let go and it will still rev at the same rpm or higher and keep moving. Doesn't do it for high or low. Adjusted the carb to idle lower to the point where the bike basically stalls and the problem still occurs. Could it be that it needs a clutch adjustment? I also just ordered a new carb for it and all the fluids have been changed.
  23. Admin

    2002 Yamaha Warrior Wont Fire

    Topic move to Yamaha ATV Forum and added full ATV info and issue into topic title.
  24. davefrombc

    1986 TRX200 choke spring woes.

    Here is a ad for the carb where you can see the assembly of the choke mechanism.. I'd just drill a small hole on the choke lever you held with your finer and replace that with a lawnmower cable to the choke and mount it so you have a simple pull /push to operate the choke . If you have all the parts , it should be easy to reassemble it, otherwise McGyver it like I suggested. https://www.amazon.ca/Carburetor-HONDA-TRX200-1984-Wheeler/dp/B00KLKIZIS
  25. Thelostsinner

    1986 TRX200 choke spring woes.

    Bump. No one has a quick rundown of how the choke lever/spring assy goes together? This is my only hurdle at the moment, the high idle makes it impossible to ride.
  26. David Tiffany Pack

    2002 Yamaha Warrior Wont Fire

    I got a 02 warrior that seem to fire perfect if pushed backwards but if you push it forwards it sounds like your pushing over the start and it won’t fire going forward but will backwards any help please
  27. Brandon Nichols

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4 - Service Manual

    Came looking for the same. Thank you
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