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  2. That sounds like the transmission might be stuck in both forward and reverse at the same time. The motor will bog because the clutches lock up and the transmission won't let it move. It could be something came loose on the shifting forks allowing both forward and reverse to be engaged at the same time. I don't know your machine so I can't say whether it is an external adjustment or if you'll have to open the transmission to fix it .. Likely an inexpensive fix, but a PIA to do . There is a service manual in the downloads section that should cover your machine .
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  4. I moved your status update to a forum topic, hopefully you’ll get some assistance. It does sound like a timing issue possibly.
  5. I have a 2006 artic cat 500. It runs fine, but once you put it in gear it wont budge, cant push it, wheels are locked. If you try to throttle up, the motor bogs down, almost like its gonna choke out. Put it in neutral and it will roll all day. Is this a belt issue, or am I looking at major repairs.
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  7. I am fairly new to quads, but am mechanically inclined enough to work my way through engine issues. Transmissions/clutches, however, are a little beyond my understanding, and that's where I could use a little help today. I've got a 1998 Suzuki LTF500F I got for cheap last year, and with a little bit of tinkering got it running and riding. When riding it rolls through the gears just as smooth as you could ask for, but at idle and when the engine is off it's really difficult to shift, and sometimes it just won't shift at all. Looking through the manual I've found the clutch adjustment screws, bu
  8. @Finnforest It's fine to run the same size tires front and back. If you were to run it on pavement for miles the ratio difference would become an issue over time, but for a 300 that will never be fast or used for long distance highway travel, it's fine.
  9. I have a 97 Polaris xplorer I just did the head gasket in it and now it won’t start it just keeps turning over I’m not sure if my timing is off or what’s going on I had the chain tied up when I was doing it tight but I don’t know and I’m fairly new to working on wheelers thanks
  10. Waiting 3 months for my Ebay order for a Polaris clutch needle bearing down here in Peru. The chinese clutch is doing well without abuse but the ebs one way bearing turned out to be short lived,already sticking and making gear change tricky. I was wondering if anyone knows the equivalent for this part on SKF, FAG,Timken or other brands? As far as I know the OD is 1 3/4" ID 1 1/2 " and width 1 5/16" , Polaris markets this part as an exclusive product while a cage needle bearing should be available over the counter for other appliances if you have the right numbers. Unfortunately her
  11. I'm looking for a free repair manual for a 1999 Honda Recon 250 ATV. Do you happen to have one? Thanks, Deborah
  12. I recently purchased a 2017 1000r max limited with 800km on it. The tires are brand new really but I want to upgrade to 30"x10" cryptids but I am wondering if I will have clearance issues? Is a lift kit a must? Do I have to cut fenders?
  13. I cant6say for sure without viewing specs, but, the pick up coil resistance appears a little high. Check the voltage and current on that as well. Also check the air gap on pick up.
  14. No shorts, pulled the CDI apart now, almost got all silicone off. I post some pics later 😃 , alteast no diodes where burnt inside, no shorts in the capacitators either. I have to pull the microscope so see at the markings to id some of the circuits.
  15. It is the Regulator Rectifier for sure. Had the same problem with my suzuki king quad 300 lt-f4wdx
  16. You can test the CDI for a short by using dvom to test between gound pin and the other pins. If there is continuity, the CDI is shorting to ground. Also, unhook the kill wire and then check for spark before buying new CDI.
  17. Anyone have any idea where to get a new red rear fender for a Linhai LH300ATV It's either a '20 or '21 not sure which. I can't find any part number or even anywhere to buy parts for this freaking thing. Thanks all
  18. It happen s with in 30mins of run time no pxt I've plug atm but it's goes black
  19. I actually had a box of metric seals and i kind of slid it in because the seal was deff missing when i put shifter down it would move so slitly probably where seal goes so i put a seal on it and it slid right in hopefully it stays but im going take it appart soon and do it the right way if it leaks again thanks for responding!! Next I have the recoil starter to put back in I have the spring and wheel so i need the rope amd to take off cover and actually see whats in there lol Its a pretty good quad so far Obviously the blue one the red one is my never die 86 Quadrunner
  20. Sounds like the seal is bad and tightening it made it worse. I would probably try and replace the seal.
  21. Can you post a picture of the spark plug? How often after installing a new one is it happening?
  22. Hey guys I just picked up a 2003 Kawasaki Lakota 300 sport last night i noticed today the foot gear shifter was loose so I tightened it a drop now i see a leak right around where the shaft goes in trans.Is this a easy fix? Is there anything I can use temporarily to seal it Im sure it would get less in the colder weather or maybe with a thicker oil may slow it up so is there a temp fix for now ??
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  24. I have 2006 king quad 300 keeps fowling plug any suggestions??
  25. Im getting 24,7V AC into the cdi, its 8V from the output to the ignition coil. No green crust anywhere, took every connection apart.
  26. CDI was my first guess. I’ve measured several over the years with an ohmmeter and the factory specs and it’s usually really quick to rule out. You should be getting a bright blue spark. Also 8 volts to the CDI could mean there’s a small section of the wire that’s pinched, chafed, or just a low battery. 8v is not enough to do anything. I’ve had to reword several bikes and Fourwheeler’s due to corroded wires. That green crust will cause a low reading as well
  27. Had some time to take some more measurments, the source coil is putting out AC 24,7 Volt when i run it on the starter. Hooked up an oscilloscope to the pickup coil and it vas about 1,2Vols up n down. So they "seem" to work atleast there is some life in them. Measured the output from the CDI to the coil and dint get any DC reading but 8V AC. I think the cdi should output DC and waay more than 8V. Turned off the light in the garage and there was actually a tiny tiny spark. My money is on the CDI atm. Please prove me wrong 😃
  28. As everyone else has said check those things, also try and locate a service manual. They are miracle workers sometimes. I would check rectifier sign the known good values. They are easy to pull out and check them or leave them in. Also check the battery itself.. I’ve had my fair share of luck with factory dead cells.
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