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  2. Wow that sounds scary, by the topic it sounded like YOU got impaled!!! The lever/shifter prob just got bent. It should run fine with it bent. Juts make sure there is nothing blocking the shifter so it goes completely into the gear you want. That is the hand shifter on the left side by the fender correct ? When your ready to repair it then remove it from the machine and heat it up and bend it back to where it was. If your not sure what it looked like before it was bent then look the part up and it will give you an idea of what it looked like. You can also buy another shifter just to be safe.
  3. Yike, I was chain harrowing my food plot with my 2018 Textron Alterra 500 ATV when a tree limb snaked between my left drive shaft and the steering arm passed through the machine and extended out the back about 6 feet before I could stop. The large end snaped and burried itself in the ground. I carry emergence tools and used a hand chain saw to cut it in several pieces and removed the pole. The grease seals are shreeded, which looked like the only damage, however, when I started the machine the shift lever had been bent or moved. nutural is now reverse, forward is nutral and low is high forward. All that to ask, can I just pull the lever back or how to fix. Its hunting season so I do not want down time until Jamuary. If this is a big job can I run without damaging the transmission. I will fassion a temp boot seal. So what do I do Jim
  4. I don't know why the jets are the same but my guess over all would be the air/fuel mixture screw being worn. Put the oem rebuild kit in from ex caliber and see what happens.
  5. That’s a smart move having that extra foot rest. Wiring fixable ?
  6. Yesterday
  7. looks like he'd go in the freezer as good as any other. I tried to snap a pic of the buck I've been watching as he strolled across my driveway in front of me the other morning on my way to work but I was too slow getting phone up and with him moving it turned out blurry. Here is his little brother that’s also been hanging around my backyard. That’s about 50 yards behind my house.
  8. I’m in NY southern zone. I’ve seen some big deer and a bunch of little guys. They are all spread out now. This new guy here showed up this weekend. Haven’t seen him until now. Nice big bodied deer. Racks are good but not like the monsters near you and Ohio and other states but I’ll take it.
  9. where are you located Frank? I'm in Southern Indiana and still seeing several during the day. I've got a nice one picked out that keeps strolling across my back yard in the mornings between 2 fields. The bastard destroyed 2 of my cypress trees that mark our rear property line. My two labs have chased after him a couple of times, I'm going to be pissed if they run him off. They're about to get locked in their kennels until the season is over hahaha.
  10. It’s like buying a car on a rainy day there’s no squeaks or noise. Everything else is manageable but the oil plug is a bitch! CANT WAIT FOR RIFLE SEASON!! got some big racks this year. They are all nocturnal now. I went from over 1000 pics of these guys all hours of the day to maybe 20 and they are all in the middle of the night and with a doe.
  11. thanks Frank and Spartacus. I'll try to get in there one evening this week and see what's going on with it. Deer season (firearm) comes in this weekend so probably going to have limited time to mess with the bike the next few weeks haha. Lesson learned on this thing...... be very cautious when looking at a bike that is freshly washed off and sitting in grass area so as not able to see oil spots under it. I especially like how previous owner mentioned the "fresh oil change". I'm now 0-2 with bad luck purchasing used bikes.
  12. I ended up buying 2 on ebay used in January 2018 so the other one was laying around. Over the summer it finally broke so before the winter comes I figured let me get it installed. Alvin chewed through my wiring for the winch remote (which I can't even find anymore)..lol. The other side I had fixed still going strong.
  13. Yes it is 125. But I was wondering why, or what would cause it to run good with both the starter and main jet set the same. I use just doing trial and err just to if it would fix it and it cleaned up with both of them Jets set the same, 125.
  14. I would agree @Spartacus Stroppel IF THE BOOT was not torn in a few spots. But if he’s going to replace it anyway like he said then yes I would open it up/cut it off before it’s taken apart so you can see where and if it’s an alignment problem. A boot with holes is useless. It needs to be replaced along with the seal that’s leaking.
  15. I would not cut boot.. just unhose clamp it and pull boot back to get a better look... if you cant just take it apart... boots can be $$$$ and that one doesn't look to bad
  16. Start by jumpering directly from the battery to the starter momentarily to see if it spins over. Give the starter a rap if it does not most likely the brushes in the starter are bad . If you have a meter check to see if when you press the start button voltage goes to the starter. Try rapping on the starter while holding the start button. If you have no power to the positive on the starter the problem could be in several places . Start at the battery . Does it show 12v or a bit more ?.. Next make sure battery terminals are clean and tight .. Check battery ground cable to make sure is has good contact to the frame check starter solenoid .. Do you have battery voltage to it ? Check output from the solenoid. If no voltage there the relay may be bad. Power on the output then check wire to the starter for a break somewhere .In all this I am assuming the click you hear is the starter solenoid pulling in . If there is no power to the solenoid the problem could be simply the quad is in gear and the safety switch stops power to the starter ..
  17. Probably not the battery, it’s either a bad starter/brushes or a starter relay. Easy test is to jump the two wires on the starter solenoid and see if the starter cranks. The wires are the two larger ones with the nuts holding them on the solenoid. ONLY DO THIS FOR A SECOND! If the engine does not crank then the starter need to be replaced.
  18. Holy crap @Ajmboy which one was it, Alvin, Simon or Theodore? You had the footrest laying around ? That’s great. My bear tracker had a mess as well. Just not sure what type of rodent did it. Why do they always go for the battery or the air box compartments???
  19. Last week
  20. Installed new battery was told that’s what was wrong when hit start button I hear 1 click then nothing? Can the battery just not have enough amps to crank the starter the first time ? I trickle charged it overnight thought it was enough!
  21. Well today I started on the other side because I only did the one side when I started this topic. I Actually started off today taking my front wheels off to check a brake squeal but ended up pads were still good. I think my wheel bearing is squealing. I sprayed some lube and it seemed to stop, so we’ll see. Thought it was the backing plate or cracked pad but they were fine. Still have this used footrest, drilled out the broken screws. Just coated it with some rust converter and will spray it tomorrow. Chipmunks made a mess of under the seat wiring. Had to address that..
  22. Should be 125. Look up ex caliber oem carb kit. It’s factory sized jets and also includes the air/fuel screw. Should be 125 if I remember right.
  23. Nice work with the oil plug. That boot does not look like it’s sitting correct, it seems cocked and could also be the cause of that seal leaking under the boot. Maybe it’s just the pic but it looks like it’s not aligned right. That rear swing arm does have to be I bolted so it can swing away from the engine. The four bolts have to come off. What I would do if I were you is since the boot had holes in it already is cut it off and find the leak. See if it’s coming from the rear seal of that bevel gear. You will also have a good look at the alignment with that boot off. Lastly I would check the bushings on the swing arm right at the frame.
  24. x just bought this expedition 425 and the Speedo needle does not work. The lights work for the shift indcator. So is this an electronic Speedo or cable? Is there a way to fix it or will I have to replace the unit? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  25. Ok great. I’ll have a highlighted diagram to take you through it. Btw amazon has that ignition switch if you need it. It’s like $15 bucks.
  26. Depends on what you want to spend, you can get a universal for cheaper or something designed for your king quad like this from Vip-Air and on amazon:
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