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  2. Well the gas is not magically getting into the oil. It could just be a slow drip. See what happens.
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  4. I'll try anything once. I'll keep you informed. Its just my gas has never went down at all. I put a mark on the side of the tank just to make sure and in 2 weeks so far hasn't moved. But I'll still give it a try.
  5. https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  6. Is supposed to be snug not super tight. There are a few different types of decompression mechanisms. Polaris is one of the far different ones I’ve seen. The spring is a small round baby spring that sits in a hole? Go to YouTube and take a look. Keyword Polaris cam decompression. I want you to try one more thing please. Can you kinda do a bench test on the carburetor. Take the carburetor and mount it firmly. Use some tie wire if you have to. Make sure it’s in the proper upright position and make sure the throttle cable and slide is all back together as if it were ready to be used. You have to see what that thing is doing. Hook up the fuel line and open the petcock Watch that baby for a day and see if any fuel is leaking out of it. Put a piece of cardboard under it as I mentioned earlier. Could be an internal failure that your not seeing. Maybe a fracture or something.
  7. Ok I will have to tomorrow it has like a pin that goes in end of cam has a spring on it and a weird looking piece of metal on the end just not sure how tight its supposed to spring back I'll do something so you can see what I mean
  8. Ok take a deep breath there is a reason why and you sound like the type of person who will certainly get to the bottom of it as well as some help from us here at Quadcrazy! The springs on the cam should be the assisted compression release. Post some pics.
  9. If I remember right that’s the compression release and possibly what keeps the engine from rotating the wrong way.
  10. It's kinda hard to explain on the end of the cam I would call it a balancer but not exactly sure what you technically you would call It on opposite side of the sprocket there what I would call a balancer on the end of cam. Theres a spring and looks like a balancer. When I put the new cam in spring seemed loose so I spun it around once then put I it back in so snaps back kinda quick instead of very loosely hard to explain but heads off now everything looks good beating my head against the wall I dont understand it at all
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  12. I’m sorry but I don’t understand the second part of what you wrote. Can you explain it to me a little better?
  13. Yup undid the little screw and pulled the seat out looks great. I got the head off right now taking a look at it. I'm damn good at fixing quads I do it almost every day but this one has me horribly baffled I no why gas is getting in the oil I have to turn it over about 50 times for it to start but when it does idles perfect when it doesn't start I pull spark plug nothing is coming out of spark plug whole its just kind of a little damp like you start it. Got the cam out now I didn't by rockers just the cam now the spigot and not sure what it is is it supposed to snap back really fast or just put in just for it to work when I put it in I spun the spring around once so it was a little stiffer but not sure if that's right
  14. Ok that’s good. Now that float needle seat that the pin sits inside have you removed that and checked that it’s properly seated and the gasket or o ring is in good shape ?
  15. Sounds right to me. If your pulling the carb off try something please to kill my curiosity. Put a clean hose on the fuel line of the carb and then turn the carburetor upside down and blow into the hose as hard as you can. See if there is an air leak. Even if it’s minor it’s not good.
  16. Well put it 100% in time got the compression down to 138-140 but that's all it did still doing the same exact thing. Question though will it still give gas to the carb if your not turning the bike over like if I take gas line off to the carb gas still comes out. I checked the carb it is not leaking gas any where pulled the spark plug and nothing blew out of it it's not getting liquid locked at all. So I'm tearing the head off of it today to take s look at it. I lashed all the valves at .006 just figured I would ask you guys if it sounds right that's what my book says.
  17. Hi, im searching for this service manual, but I'm not allowed to download what steps I must follow? Thank you very much.
  18. Stator got the bike running ok, still have to get the carb rebuilt. Shop has been crazy busy, just havent had time.
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  20. Could very well be the case @davefrombc good point.
  21. Reading this thread rang a bell for me. In page one Hewas mentioned the keyways are opposite of what the videos show when the marks are all lined up... I suspect the previous owner lined the marks up as per Frank's diagram , but instead of using the exhaust cam to start ( #1 lined up with head gasket ) he used the intake cam. All 3 would be lined up as illustrated , but 180 degrees out of time .
  22. Lol take a deep breath and maybe a step back. To much time at it will make you crazy. My feeling is that spring is exactly what I think it is. But I could be wrong. If it fell down Into the cylinder it could have easily been mangled up in the cam chain into pieces and basically been pumped through the engine. I’m thinking along these lines like I said earlier based on the top end work. I would change the oil a few more times with cheap oil to make sure you get it all out. You can use paint strainers to catch any debris as you drain the oil and re use the oil over to keep flushing the system. Once it’s all clear put a better grade oil in. If it’s just the small spring chances are it’s not going to do much. Go through all the gears to make sure it’s shifting, you can do that just by rocking the bike back and forth and go through the gears. Stick with the timing to make sure it’s correct and get it fired and listen to it run. Take it from there. That pic I sent you is a cam that’s for your machine. The only other option is to pull the engine off the frame and set it on a bench and tare it down. Not sure how far you want to go but it is what it is. Lastly is the previous owner: did he or she give you any background on this machine ? It seems like you don’t have much background history with it as to what was done etc?
  23. Most 4 strokes have a compression releif mechanism on the exhaust cam right? This doesn't have anything on the ex cam. Nothing. It looks exactly the same as the IN cam. ANd if there was a spring on the ex cam, how would it get to the stator? IDK. I'm about to light this thing on fire! LOL
  24. I’m thinking possibly a compression relief spring ? Not sure if the engine has that. But based on the short history of the cam replacement and top end work that would be my guess. See that small spring on the cam ? It’s possible that it has come off prior to the last owner rebuilding the top end.
  25. Yes, exactly. That round pc was stuck on the drain plug. What kind of seals are in this engine? It doesn't have crank seals like a 2 stroke does it? Water pump seals come to mind, but, there's no water in the oil or oil inthe water. It hasn't leaked any oil either.
  26. Oh boy. Any idea where there from ? So you found them inside the stator cover and also in the oil when you drained ?
  27. Heres the pcs that I found around the stator. There's parts of a spring that would be found on an oil/water seal. The drain plug.
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