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  2. MtBob

    2003 Kodiak 400 brake problem.

    Not a critical thing.Slide the lever on,so that the rod(or cable,as I do not know your machine),and the adjustment should be near the end of it.If you go too far,you may not be able to adjust it up enough to have the brake pedal activate the brakes.Unless yours is hydraulic,I did not look.Bottom line,you want around 2" to push down on pedal,to activate rear brakes,unless you always wear sneakers,lol,and you want the brakes to fully release .
  3. As title says , my dad was given a 03 400. It didnt run. I got it running and got the front brakes working, new calipers and master cylinder. The rear are drum and its my 1st time really messing with them. I replaced shoes , cam was all froze up so cam wouldnt rotate , i took it apart and cleaned it up good , my problem is, how do i know where to line up the cam with the lever , there is no needle that shows shoe wear on this , its missing. Any pics or help appreciated.
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  5. Bubblehead

    Grizzly 600 CDI

    Have a 2000 Yamaha Grizzly YFM600FWA with no spark. Checked the troubleshooting chart, and all checks were within specs. CDI has part # 5GT-00 F8T36071. Friend has a 1998 Grizzly 600 but his CDI part # is 4WV-00 F8t34671. Are they the same? Thinking about taking my CDI and put it on his ATV and find out if it works, but don't want to damage something if not interchangeable. Thanks
  6. DKW

    Suzuki 250 quadrunner 2wd 1987?

    I have a 88 quadrunner 4x4. The vin is located on the left rear down pipe. It's a welded on tag and pretty obvious once I got down there and looked. Found all my info online. Not sure if yours is the same.
  7. IDaman

    Just bought a CForce 500

    Yes, I have found that the only way to get it out of park or reverse is to manually relieve the pressure on the drive train by rocking it back and forth. Definitely a design flaw, IMO.
  8. Jhyman1984

    2002 quadmaster 50 2stroke

    Hey everyone,been dealing with quads since I was a kid,now I have a son who loves my raptor 700 and had gotten him an electric power wheel quad but it didn’t cut it for him.so for his birthday “xmas eve” I picked up a used 2002 quadmaster 50 for 500 bucks. It started and moved but needed work.. got it home drove it for a few feet and it started bogging down and would shut off. so I stripped quad down to the frame cleaned it up as best I could without removing motor from frame. replaced top end new head piston rings etc cheap kit off eBay along with carb that will be here today.the filter that was on carb was degraded and soaked with gas. Also new cylinder doesn’t have vacuum line so how do I block that off without getting new petcock valve? tightened chain. guy said quad doesn’t take oil as it’s a closed case right then I knew the guy knew nothing about the machine. So I changed oil,was black and thick and just nasty like sludge. suspension in rear seems good but the fronts are very stiff,any way to adjust these or should I get a new set? also upon stripping everything down I noticed the exhaust restrictor was gone so without that do I need to update jets in new carb,old carb has original jets?? and also I’m new to cvt tranny so how would I know if it’s bad etc? sorry for all the questions just want to make this thing safe for my 5 year old knucklehead. added some photos of my current progress didn’t take any inbetween cleaning everything though please any info will be appreciated. i haven’t rebuilt a quad since 1999 when I had my blaster and my buddies had other 2 strokes I was the mechanic with no knowledge but always seemed to get things right!! also if you notice the old head looked chipped and damaged and I’m wondering if those chips made it into motor how would I go about finding them?i would think by now they would be chewed up? I did not strain oil that I drained but might do that later when the kids are sleeping and I have time to check it without kiddo seeing!
  9. Stephen Nelson

    Kawasaki Bayou 220 - No Spark

    Wow. That looks bad.
  10. Stephen Nelson

    1995 Bayou 220 no spark issues

    check starter. put power straight to starter and see if it turns over.
  11. Stephen Nelson

    1988 Kawasaki Bayou 220 Issues

    Having similar issue. Old ignition switch is 4 wire, new bike only has 2.
  12. Stephen Nelson

    i need help with bayou 220 know nothing about them

    Had issue with mine not starting. Turns out brushes in the starter were bad.
  13. Stephen Nelson

    1999 KLF220A - Parts search

    i have used partzilla.com
  14. Stephen Nelson

    1995 Kawasaki Bayou 220 - No Spark Issues

    Have you tried replacing the coil?
  15. Stephen Nelson

    Just got a Bayou 220

    Download manual and look at the wiring diagram. It is pretty straight forward.
  16. BradF80

    2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd No Spark

    Well after replacing the Ignition coil I still didn't have pulse for spark. I bought a DVA adapter for my multimeter and checked the stator circuit going to the CDI. The CDI had signal coming in, power, and ground. So the CDI was presumably bad. I went ahead and replaced it and got spark back. She's been sitting for who knows how many years but now she runs!
  17. slide187

    Just bought a CForce 500

    I also have a Cforce 800. And I experience the same. The bike has to move a hair to get the gear shift to drop in to park and reverse. It’s actually not unlike the Canam I had before this. So when you’re stopped on a hill trying to shift into park or whatever, just stand up and give ‘er a little wiggle front to back. That said I really wish these had a handbrake lock like most other bikes. ESP for hauling. CFMOTO says not to tie it down and haul it in park cuz you can damage the “gear” lock. Normally I would put it in neutral and lock the brake, but this one I have to crank down and chock the front wheels in the truck bed. And some of them are actually made with parking brakes now if you look at the US manuals for the newer models. Just really inconsistent with the configs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Last week
  19. I thank you for the offer. I will go back to the site and try some more but I'm having trouble finding a manual that I for the Kodiak in English. But I will try again. Thank you for the input.
  20. Your Yamaha has a limited slip front diff. When they get low on oil, they will tend to growl in a tight turn. I'd drain the oil and refill with a good 80w90 gear oil. The other thing that helps is adding 1 ounce of friction modifier, made specifically for limited slip diffs., to the oil. Some of the gear oils have the friction modifier in the oil already. Royal Purple is one of them. If you can't find one, the auto parts store should sell a 4oz. bottle of friction modifier. The early Honda 4wd's were bad about chattering front diffs. also.
  21. If oil can get out, mud and other crap can get in. especially if its a cv boot
  22. yea this same guy posted a link on another thread that was about the same... be careful! There are service manuals on this site if thats what you are looking for.
  23. This is not a secured website so be careful downloading * Topic moved to Yamaha ATV Forum
  24. These types of sites traditionally charge you are are filled with malware, so be careful downloading. * Topic moved to Yamaha ATV forum and added issue to topic title.
  25. Steve Howard

    2007 Polaris Hawkeye 300 Clutch Slipping?

    Got the drive clutch off yesterday the nut was a 30mm rollers and everything looks good
  26. mugwampbro

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 wiring problem

    free service manual here..... http://pdfmotomanual.com/manuales/yamaha/eng
  27. mugwampbro

    2014 honda foreman 500 runs rough

    Damn computers
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