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  2. Disconnecting the ground wire doesn't fix the issue, but will cause the electrical system to seek out another ground since that one is broken. i'd bet it's a faulty plug, internally broken wire, or bad ground point that needs to be cleaned. The worry with disconnecting a ground is that sends additional load to another ground, potentially burning the ground wire.
  3. Blowing fuses nearly always will trace back to bare wire causing direct short or overcharging by the stator. I'd trace the harness starting at the battery and going forward. Almost guarantee somewhere there is a bare spot that touches metal occasionally.
  4. I can’t tell you guys how dumbfounded I am that I just found this post (9-22-2020). I have been all over the Internet and have spent countless hours of frustration chasing possible fixes on my quad : 2014 Suzuki king quad 750 power steering. I’ve owned it for 3 years and have tried everything to get it to stop STALLING Thanks to Mkibbe for posting that his friend told him to disconnect the ground wire coming off the wiring harness and going to the rectifier as pictured. My KQ has not stalled since.
  5. Can't figure out whats wrong, battery good, charging fine but speedometer needle flashing. I know my fuel sending unit is not working but atv was working well last year. Now it was blowing fuses. I did engine code check but none there. Gas gauge flashes and shows FUEL in capital letters. Need help as just cannot figure this out, I might pull the fuel pump out and put new float as likely saturated. Don't know if that would give me all these problems ?? thanks
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  7. Hey guys i have a 2002 yamaha wolverine that needs a new wire harness. Does anyone have a clue where i can get one new or used. ive looked all over and cant find much on a 2002 model. Any help will be greatly appreciated . thanks so much
  8. Has ignition switch been replaced? Only a genuine Yamaha switch will work. Any aftermarket will have NO spark. There are 2 pickup coils, 200Ω each and 1 source coil 300Ω.
  9. Ok so just picked up an 02 ds 650 and the guy said he couldn't get it to start. He had a shop put new shims in it and I had them checked and they were ok now things I've done is new plugs even though guy had just put new plugs in it.. got new carb 42mm just like the one that was on it.. bought new intake manifold because the one that was on it someone got way to tweaked out and ported the shit out of it excuse my language but yeah so installed new intake manifold and it just won't start like its not getting enough fuel. Timing seems to be right it does fire every now and again but just barely.. did a compression test today and it was at 90psi.. i know thats low but don't know where I'm losing compression.. valves we at .06 and .07 when checked im lost ive tried everything I know and can't figure it out
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  11. 1997 Yamaha 350 Warrior, should there be oil in the stator area? Have a no spark situation.
  12. Does this quad have a source coil? It is much like the pickup but a little bigger. On the 350 Warriors this is a very big problem. Engine oil heat kills these coils. The best way to get this coil is just buy the whole stator. Your showing voltage says the pickup is working. I'm starting to wonder if you are actually testing the source coil? Have you tried reversing the polarity just to see if it sparks? Does it have 2 coils there? Or just one? If it has two then one is the source and one is the pickup.
  13. Thank you for the service manual. I checked a few places online, but nobody seems to offer new front shocks for this quad.
  14. Hello I am new to this site and I havea problem. I have a 1987 big bear 4x4 that will not spark. I tested pick up coil per repair manual and I tested my new coil both ok. It puts out 9 volts at the coil but It is reversed polarity. So when I hook my meter up to it she shows -9 volts while cranking. When I put a test light on it it flashes. Being an electric system this should tell me something but I don't know what its telling me. I have yet to meet one i could not fix but this old girl has me stumped. Any help would be awesome. Thanks to all. Nick
  15. Alright SO. Ended up finding out the code and it was 42. Which was crank shaft sensor. Hours of googling, and it was actually started solenoid relay. Got everything installed and now quad is turning over strong! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t start. And now it’s not throwing a code. It just illuminates the check engine light the whole time I’m trying to start it. Then the light goes off when I release and just have a neutral light on. I imagine whatever the problem is, has to do with it sitting for a long time not being ran. But not positive. Any help is appreciated
  16. Yes there torqued to spec. I have an torque wrench to do it with and also the head gasket that was on it is metal so there didn't seem like I had to clean anything. This is the new oem one I just ordered to and just ordered a new head for it to.
  17. if its leaking cooland its the head gasket or (very rarely) a cracked head. if its leaking air into the exhaust its a valve. did you torque your head bolts to spec and did you thoroughly clean the old head gasket off before rebuilding? it could mayb be a warped head but if its an internal leak its most likely the head gasket
  18. It had compression before it started to leak but now it's leaking it doesn't have any. And yes I'm sure its coolant and not gas or condensation. I know this because when first started to fill the radiator up with coolant it would take a long time for it to fill up so a thought there was a problem or it was leaking from somewhere so I heard a leaking noise and it was coming from the front of the motor out of the exhaust port on the top end. And I know the gaskets aren't bad because there brand new and I didn't see any leakage from the head where the head gasket was anywhere.
  19. you said it didnt have compression whats it making? and are you sure its coolant coming out and not condensation or gas?
  20. I wonder what the specs are on that capacitor ?
  21. I just zapped another piece of electronic equipment connecting it hot, they wont tolerate arcing during hookup. knew better. Also the type capacitor you are looking at is an electrolytic. Has the insulating material between plates grown or etched on chemically. they wont tolerate reversed polarity, if that helps.
  22. theres no way it could be leaking coolant from the exhaust because in order to fill the manifold and pipe to the point where the coolant reaches the exhaust, the motor would have to be hydro locked with coolant
  23. How is the battery? Seems like some of the Yamaha's use the battery as a capacitor, essentially lowering the system voltage to 12ish volts. Without a battery or with a bad battery it may be dumping 14-17V into the system and burning components. If the battery isn't the issue then I'd shuck the plastics and start running down the wiring harness from the battery forwards. It's either a jump in voltage or a direct short to ground that's burning the CDI. Curious though why it wouldn't pop a fuse if it's a direct short...
  24. Sounds like a massive head gasket leak or cracked head if you have coolant leaking. Does it run? Its not just condensation, right? Normally if you have a bad head gasket and coolant gets into the combustion chamber, you'll get white smoke. But coolant leaking out is a first for me..its just dripping out of the muffler?
  25. I’ve heard that the regulator wasn’t in the cdi circuit on the Grizzly 600 ? Be nice to know what the 12 pins do on this cdi ? Not sure what to check for grounding . I know how to check trigger and charge coils .
  26. There are really only 2 ways to toast a CDI and that's a bad regulator or direct short somewhere in the harness.
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