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  2. Yes definitely clean the tank too. Get all the old gas and any sludge that settled out of it out .. I have an ol tiller that gas was never drained out of and it sat for years . There was still liquid in the carb but a sticky goo had settled out of it .. The seat for the float pin was plastic and swollen up as well as jets and passages were plugged .. I ended up replacing the carb. I had to completely fluch the fuel tank because it also had that sludge in it .
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  4. Thanks for the reply. Do you think it is worth draining and flushing the fuel tank?
  5. THe small jets being plugged are most likely the reason it's not running at all. The big jet is the main one for large throttle openings . The smaller jets and holes are for idling and part throttle.. You can use welders torch tip cleaners to poke out the clogged jets. Blow the passages out with "canned air" like they use for dusting out computers .
  6. Picked up a 89 moto 4 250 for cheap a few years back from a friend that was moving. It ran and drove then, but wouldn't idle without quitting. Anyway, I pulled it out recently after it has been sitting to see if it would start with a new battery. It cranks but won't run. Fuel is getting to the carb from the fuel tank and I have good spark. If I pull the plug and pour a little gas in and replace the plug, it will run for a few seconds and quit. I figured it has to be carb related so I pulled the carb and have been inspecting it. There is some gunk in the bowl. The big jet looks ok, but
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  8. Hi all, I have just come into possession of a 85 lt230 shaft drive but I cannot find any clutch adjuster on it anywhere.... Can someone help me out here or do I have to replace the clutch... Tia
  9. You need to determine whether it is a DC or AC CDI. Remember, simply because you lost spark does not necessarily mean the CDI is the problem. Could be low voltage, poor ground, bad trigger, bad kill switch...etc
  10. You can test the CDI for a short by isolating from circuit. Then test for continuity between the ground wire and the other wires. If there is continuity, then the CDI has shorted. Is the CDI for a DC or AC? Are the others you used while testing, AC or DC? What was the reading when you tested the trigger coil? How much AC voltage?
  11. Hi im new to this site thanks for letting me on I have a 1986 Suzuki LT 230 GE quad-runner shaft drive .I got it for a great price a few weeks ago i did some maintenance work fixed a few wires and it runs incredible.My question is what kind of gear oil does this atv use I use 10w40 motor cycle oil for engine J know that helps with wet clutch as well but what about gear oil do you chk it by opening plug and looking how much is in and what type do I use in it
  12. Hey I just blew my front shocks on my 2009 can am renegade 800x. Does anyone know of a cheap replacement brand that won't break the bank? I'm not looking for anything fancy like the original adjustable ones basically just want my tires to quit hiting the fenders so the cheaper the better. Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N986W using Tapatalk
  13. Doesn't have a thermal protect like that. If you've checked the wires then I'd start unplugging things related to the ignition like the cdi for example.
  14. Looking for 1998 300 Arctic Cat 2WDService manual
  15. I'm having same problem. Got a klf 220 engine unknown year. But the wiring harness I bought the wires aren't hooking up correctly. Does anyone know if you can use a different cdi. I can't find the wiring diagram for the engine anywhere
  16. okey, great, thanks. I want to torque it to spec just because it was leaking water, but im also going to double check that the water pump is actually working also so not that is the problem.
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  18. will a 1998 500 engine fit, guy said it came out of a 98 king quad but dont think suzuki ever made a 500 king quad any help would be great also any advice to increase low rpm power not very snappy off the throttle even in !st gear thanks
  19. I got a 1996 300 king quad 4x4 wondering if a 1998 500 king quad engine will fit and will it hook up to the 300 transmission thanx
  20. Could be trash on the magneto side of the case, one way bearing on the clutch making noise, might even be something as simple as a heat shield vibrating at a certain frequency generated by RPM. Can you post a video so we can hear it and maybe help diagnose?
  21. Found in a Polaris forum 20-22 ft/lbs. I don't see a service manual either, but honestly tight is good enough. I don't torque head bolts or rocker cover bolts most of the time on older ATV's because of metal fatigue. You can sometimes strip the threads trying to get to factory torque spec.
  22. I’m looking for a tow hitch for my 2006 Sawtooth 200. An image of a stock hitch would help me fabricate one if I can’t find a hitch to buy.
  23. 1700 miles on the machine, all trail riding. Second ride of the day and I get an overhead light, shut it down, let fan run, fan shuts off, light still on, ride back to camp, clean radiator, let machine cool for a couple hours. Start up, head over to the campgrounds, ride for 5 minutes or less, overheat light comes back on and the machine blows the ignition fuse. Tow it back, replace fuse, turn on key, fuse blows immediately. I've ran all the wires, no mouse chews or rubbing, etc. Does the KingQuad have a thermal protection system that would explain this?
  24. Hi I have been given a lakota quad which has been sat in a garage for 6 years was aware it might need a lot of work......I have changed the oil and filter new spark plug and new battery got it fired up all good. Problem is it seems to be idling really fast so wontered whether the carb would also need taking off and cleaning
  25. Hi, i have a polaris 4x6 -89 and im not sure if there might be something wrong with the engine. It makes a kind of scrabling sound like when a rod bearing is bad, but i can only hear it when revving quite high, usually bearing fault is heard mostly on low revs. Could it be bearings? piston? Or just something loose that is vibrating?
  26. Hi, Im replacing head gasket on my 350L because it started leaking water and i think the previous owner did not use correct torque. I dont have the service manual so do anyone know what torque to use, anyone know?
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