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  1. I have a Kawasaki bayou 4WD that started squealing when giving it the gas from a stop. It almost sounds like a fan belt but the dealer replaced the belt about 30 hours ago, so I don't think it is that. As best as I can tell, it actually sounds like it is coming from the front end. Once I am running and moving at a speed, I don't hear the squealing anymore. My first thought was to put fan belt dressing on the fan belt, as a quick test for the problem. It makes the noise when hot or cold. Another problem, that started before the dealer changed the fan belt, is that you give the quad a little gas, and nothing, give it more, and nothing, give it more, and it lurches and takes off. The dealer said it needs a new clutch, which I don't buy. less than 400 hours and it needs a clutch? I would say it needs an adjustment. When the quad is cold, as in I just started it for the first time in hours, it does not lurch. It is just fine. It lurches only when it gets hot, as in when you can hear the fan once in a while to cool the oil. Any help or insights would be great. Russ
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    We use quads all the time. Even our grand children use them. Seen here, left to right, Isabel, George, Pasquale, and Mia, get ready for a run through our vineyard.

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