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    • i got a 2002 sportsman 500 ho with 4000 miles run and go like new just keep up on repairs
    • To me its a $200 bike all day. $350 is a lot for that bike but hopefully you can get her back to good and flip it.     On the positive side i always say the plastics and racks are always worth there weight in gold. So you will get ur money back if it does not work out.   
    • Thank you @James Mason.  I pretty much for the most part will always  find the problem and to be honest I'm a little excited that its giving me a hard time. I think for the most part the quads i find are more straight forward repairs and find myself doing more cosmetic/body work. Don't get me wrong i love all that stuff but a real problem for a change is something good and i think keeps us all sharp learning about new problems, especially for the next guy.  So we will see!     A ton of very good reply's to this topic so a big shout out to our members that commented on this.  Keep em coming. Always grateful! 
    • Congrats on an awesome looking bike hope you figure out its demons
    • Thanks @Dra O, definitely going to get to the bottom of this one. And yes i have  checked the choke.  Even if i put $1000 into it i can tell you i would still be way ahead. Its in perfect condition with a plow and winch.   As of right now total money spent on parts is $65 for a harness and $20 on a carb kit. Oh and about 10 hours of shop time!!!  Good luck on the new find. Hopefully it works out and you can snag it for a good low price. I happen to love those year bikes.   Be sure to post pics if you do wind up getting it.    

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