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    • Since  I am into trail riding, hunting and  pulling tasks around home  I  much prefer the low end grunt of the 4 strokes.  Add  to that the convenience of not having to  mix the fuel and it's 4  stroke without  question .  Racing is a different  matter.  2 strokes shine there, but unless you're race crazy,  go  with 4 stroke. They're so  much more convenient and versatile .  
    • LOL, I found this while researching an issue with an old King quad I was able to figure it out, but being able to download the manual would be nice too! Is there something you have to do besides getting 10 posts? 
    • Good afternoon, or morning. I have a three-year-old TGB blade 425Cc
      that appeared to just die. I have had ongoing problems with the battery going flat the past year, replacement battery seem to resolve it, then it started again. Therefore I've been using a much larger battery and jump leads. At the weekend whilst using it to tow a trailer (it works on a smallholding). It stalled and refused to start thereafter, checking all the fuses, including the sneaky one. They appear all to be fine. No breaks or burns, lights or work starter motor turns, information panel seems to light up and give me clear information regarding fuel and other things. Removal of spark plug highlights there was no spark, testing of spark plug highlights that spark plug works. I have looked for a manual as the general information given at the point of sale is woefully poor. I have looked online for guidance and have seen a variety of similar issues highlighting that a compilation of components need to be all replaced, whilst another person refutes this. I've checked fuel which it is three quarters full, no fuel leak or blockage appears to be in existence. Therefore with my basic knowledge, I have ground to a point where I don't know where to proceed. There does not appear to be a kill switch within the system, other than on the right hand brake lever, which needs to be engaged prior to pressing the ignition button. I am aware that the cable that is fitted into this section is adrift, and looking at it consists of two thin strips like a fork tongue, which can be inserted back into location. I am aware that this was damaged some months ago and has been adrift, so I am not sure if this is the causal factor, as it is unlikely, as until recently. Apart from jumpstarting, The wee Beastly thing was working. Does anybody have any insight. I have checked it for broken wires, damp, and living in North Devon, England. We are prone to mist, which in reality is low. Cloud as we are 750 feet above sea level. WD-40 is part of my took kit  in this location.
    • Yep that as well. The etc believe it or not was corroded and had moisture in the control.  The rev limiter was a hot mess.  Took the controls off and added a rip cord kill switch by passing both and the bike ran great.