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ATV Manufacturer Specific

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    • Yep on line is the way to go.  Not sure where your located @Tiffany Rowland But most stuff gets here in a day or two by me and I still hate the wait but that’s the way things are today. 
    • Nowadays online shopping for parts is the normal. Most times you can get the parts cheaper then a local store. Are there any salvage yards nearby? some take in ATV's and then sell the good parts cheap, that is one option. Mike  
    • https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
    • Is supposed to be snug not super tight. There are a few different types of decompression mechanisms. Polaris is one of the far different ones I’ve seen.  The spring is a small round baby spring that sits in a hole?  Go to YouTube and take a look.  Keyword Polaris cam decompression.  I want you to try one more thing please.  Can you kinda do a bench test on the carburetor.   Take the carburetor and mount it firmly.   Use some tie wire if you have to. Make sure it’s in the proper upright position and make sure the throttle cable and slide is all back together as if it were ready to be used.  You have to see what that thing is doing.   Hook up the fuel line and open the petcock  Watch that baby for a day and see if any fuel is leaking out of it. Put a piece of cardboard under it as I mentioned earlier.   Could be an internal failure that your not seeing. Maybe a fracture or something.       
    • Ok I will have to tomorrow it has like a pin that goes in end of cam has a spring on it and a weird looking piece of metal on the end just not sure how tight its supposed to spring back I'll do something so you can see what I mean 

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