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    • Simple test is as the starter is running/stuck I would unplug the wires going into the starter solenoid and see if the starter stops. It’s the small plug going into the solenoid, If it does stop the starter from spinning  then maybe the starter button itself is getting stuck. If your handy with a tester you can do a continuity test.        
    • I would take the pull starter cover off and try to spin the engine just to see if it’s all good.  Might  as well repair the pull cord while you’re there.   I don’t think towing it would be a good to see if the engine spins.   Stick with bench testing and replacing the starter maybe and go from there. But having the pull cord work is a really good back up in case the battery dies.  So if the bikes worth it then spend the money. 
    • I had the brushes replaced about a year ago but you got me remembering more details.  A few months ago, when the starter stopped working, well it didn't just stop working.  It sounded like the starter was spinning but not engaging.  Then after a few tries the starter stopped altogether and the solenoid started clicking.  I left it until now.  I'll remove the starter and bench test it. I doubt the engine is seized but I guess it could be .  Anyway, the pull start doesn't work.  Could I tow it and jam it in first gear to check if the engine is seized? It's a 4x4 in case that matters.  It would be easier than removing side covers etc. Thank you for the reply.
    • thanks for your quick response. I'll check out the relay and post back here.  thx again
    • My guess is the starter relay is getting stuck.  I would start there because it’s a cheap enough route to go at first. 

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