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  2. Frank. I have the white version of the caps on my picket fence. It’s a nice touch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Don't know if this will help
  5. Does any have picture BS29 carb from a Ozark 250 they could send me. I need a pic of inside the bowl, carb side. Looking at the jet. I think something has drilled into that brass plug but wanna verify.
  6. hi is it possible to have the software for the Pim1 (ems) for raptor 700 thank you !!
  7. yes I located I'll send a pic of the owners manual how to adjust it.
  8. I get a low voltage reading, of around 2v jumping +starter to -battery. I feel a strong click in the starter when I hit the button. It really feels like it's trying to spin. Like I had mentioned in the original post when I try to move the gear that the starter gear meshes with it wiggles either every so slightly, but I can't really move it.
  9. Welcome. Congrats on the new Honda, it will give you a lot of service and fun with just routine maintenance.
  10. Thank you Frank. Apparently I just need to use a quality gear lube then. I wasn't sure if this used a "special" lubricant or not. Thank you again. Phil
  11. Yep prob wont work under a load. Feel the starter for any slight click when you press the start button. Im guessing its the starter.
  12. There is spark and it acts the same as when I press the start button. I'll try to get a voltage reading now-it's def powering-it will spin when everything is hooked up, but the starter is outside of the engine.
  13. When you jump the solenoid is there a spark by any chance? Take a tester put the positive lead on the starter wire at the starter and the other on the negative terminal on the battery. Press the start button and see if you hear the relay click and get a voltage reading on the tester. If not jump the relay and see if you get a reading that way.
  14. I don't think its adjusted with feeler gauges.
  15. Ok good pics. I see now, the valve adjustment is done by the bolts on the aide of the head and that should be listed in the manual. Have you located that by any chance ?
  16. I'm back from work and I slept for a while I worked night shift. But here's the pics I was going to send. And the rocker arms are connected separately and they just go one top of the head to adjust the valves.
  17. So as I've looked in my owner's manual and tried to see what the lubricant in the rear diff. is supposed to be. The manual always says "Except for TRX420TM" and that's exactly what I have. Can you tell me what lubricant is used in my rear differential? Thank you Phil
  18. If that starter was bench tested and spun freely and not on the atv it's probably fine. Do this; tap on the starer with a rubber mallet while your trying to start it. If it works then its the starter or brushes. If not then jump the wires (larger ones) on the solenoid with a screwdriver. If the starter cranks then the relay is most likely bad. You know what wires I'm talking about on the relay yes ?
  19. I like the post caps, solar type and they snap right on. Stair risers i like both hard wired and solar. The can go right on the side wall or a recessed type in the tread riser if the deck is built with a tread riser cover.
  20. Thanks Frank-when the starter was out I did put power to it. It spun fast and freely, no hesitation or odd noises. I don't know if it could spin like that, but be faulty in a way where there's not enough torque to spin the gears when it's installed?
  21. Hey @Jeff Miller welcome to Quadcrazy. When you pulled the starter out did you happen to bench test it with a battery ? It could be as simple as starter brushes or just a bad starter. Pull the starter, strap it down to a work bench so it does not jump and then test it with a battery.
  22. I'm trying to troubleshoot a starting issue. For a while, maybe a year sometimes I would hit the starter button and I'd hear a single loud click, but the starter wouldn't turn. Usually if I could pull the pull start or roll it in gear it would then start. (now I'm thinking that was coincidence) Now it only clicks. I tried to check what I could, battery is good, solenoid clicks strong, cleaned all connections (which were 80% clean anyway). I started thinking the starter wasn't spinning. I pulled it and it spins freely. The gear that it contacts in the engine-I can wiggle it maybe 1/16th to 1/8th inch back and forth. When I reinstall the starter I feel it jerk when I hit the button. I'm thinking maybe it's the starter clutch? It seems when there's a problem with them they usually just spin freely and don't engage at all. Is it possibly something is causing it to lock? I'm a bit lost now.
  23. If it runs strong for 25 minutes, even if it's blowing smoke, I don't see engine replacement needed. Even if rings are completely shot there's rarely any variation between perceived power cold and hot. I'm leaning more towards what Frank mentioned above; fuel starvation or some component getting hot like coil, regulator, etc. I'm willing to bet it's a pretty simple answer if you can do some basic troubleshooting.
  24. I power washed my deck and painted with thompson's water seal yesterday. Wife and daughter helped. Power washed our grill as well. Mark this done! Power wash deck and stain/water proofing Cool! we want to build a pergola over our deck and grow grape, but we'll have to see how much I get done off the list first...lol. My wife planted the grape vine by the deck already... What kind of lighting? Deck post lighting or other?
  25. Did you jump the wires that plug into the sensor and if so did the fan come on ? Im assuming thats why you ordered a new sensor ?
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