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  2. I can't listen to your movie.. so does this noise happen at idle, or only with a few revs, and does it get louder if you put a load on it, or does it rattle worse when there's no load on it ? In neutral, if you just gently bring the revs up a little and then back down again, does the noise come in as the revs are building up, or as the revs top out and the load comes off it, or is it worse as it slows down again ? And would the noise be at the speed of the piston going up and down, or only every second stroke, so on the firing, or perhaps something in one valve ?
  3. Well... Did you ride it before taking it apart ? Could it have had the noise before you worked on it ? What was the original problem you were fixing ? So the timing chain stopped the rubbing noise, that's not the noise you have now ? And.. does it make the noise when it starts up cold, does it get louder or quieter as it warms up ? Did you check the piston pin fit in the conrod ? And are you listening to the noise through a screwdriver to your ear when you say the noise is coming from the top end/valve cover, or is that just where it sounds like from a distance ?
  4. Well since the cdi sparks when it wants to I doubt it's faulty. In the smaller models there's a neutral relay that has wires going into it from the neutral and reverse lights and the kill switch and the starter button... If that thing has that relay I'd be checking it out and it's earth wire.. I see in the manual I have here for a 300 that there's also a diode in the neutral circuit.. that might be a suspect too.. You really need a workshop manual and then start tracing the power through one wire at a time going to the cdi unit. Check the neutral switch, neutral diode and neutral relay.. I reckon the problem will be in there somewhere..If your 500 is like the 300.
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  6. Also does anybody know if the recoil starter is a common part that I can locate as an assembly?
  7. Picked up a 98 Quadrunner 500 for a song. It's in rough shape, but funny enough it turned over and fired on starter fluid. Fuel lines are rotted to snot and the inlet tubes to the carb are rusty. I have a rebuild kit for the mikuni, but I'm wondering if anyone has used any of those alternatives on Ebay or Amazon that say they fit?
  8. Something's up with the electrical system sending signal to the CDI, I think. At some point power signal to the CDI is stopping once you release the start button and it's a no-spark situation. Or maybe the CDI is bad?
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  10. Intake valves: .006 +/- .002 in (.152 +/- .050 mm) Exhaust valves: .008 +/- .002 in (.203 +/- .050 mm) They are shim under bucket, so if they need to be adjusted it would be wise to measure all of them and adjust all at the same time. All 2017-2020 Sportsman 570’s are the same.
  11. if you are using a supplier such as Parts Unlimited for example they have a "list" of most popular sold in your region parts. this list may be a good starting point... just an idea mabbee not a good one
  12. Unhook battery and take it out. Make sure it's got electrolyte past the top of the plates. If not top off with distilled water. Throw on charge on it. Hook back up and see what happens. Should be over 12v standing after charge. With everything off while hooking up. Do you see a spark at the terminals? If you do. You have something draining the battery when it shouldnt. When you crank it over have a volt meter hooked up so you can see how much the voltage drops while cranking. Shouldnt drop lower than about 9v or the battery may be shot or the improper size. While running the battery voltage should be about 13 to 15 volts or something is wrong with battery or it's not charging while its running.
  13. Hello, got this bike in to replace the jug and piston. Made the swap, crank looks good, no play in connecting rod. Put it all back together and then heard a rubbing noise in the rear crank case. Ordered a new timing chain and tensioner. Installed them and put it all back together. Fired it up and ran great on the work bench. Took it down and went for a ride and noticed the higher the rpms, the noisier it got. There was a tapping noise on the exhaust side of the valve cover. Removed valve cover. Checked valve clearances, all good. Checked the valve springs, the were a good bit out of tolerance. Installed brand new springs. Same noise. Decided to replace the whole cylinder head with one from a known good bike. Still the same noise. Decided to replace the camshaft with one from a known good bike. Still makes the noise. Replaced lift caps. No change. I’m at a loss on what could be causing this noise. It’s very loud and not normal by any means. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Video doesn’t really pick up the noise good, but it’s there. Thanks IMG_2225.MOV
  14. I’ve took off the side cover and it not engaging the flywheel only thing moving is the I think it’s called the starter bearing And the sprag clutch is missing some bearings inside of it so I think that’s the problem @davefrombc
  15. What should I get done to this guy while she is getting fixed up?
  16. If the starter motor spins but doesn't turn the engine over it is likely something wrong with the sprag clutch. The sprag is like a one way bearing .. When the starter spins the special rollers in the sprag lock the starter to the starter gear on the flywheel. When the motor starts and spins the flywheel faster than the starter does the rollers release and let the starter spin freely. For some reason the sprag is not locking up when the starter spins. There is a service manual in the downloads section that covers your machine
  17. You can merge it! I wasn't sure the policy here.
  18. Initially, I was thinking with no click that charger/booster wasn't working or your battery was shot. You clearly had a family of critters living in there! Do you want me to merge this topic with the one you started before to keep it all together?
  19. Post what you think the problem is before you watch the video
  20. Hey guys I posted a while ago about my two quads but couldn't figure it out. So I gave it to my buddy he is checking them over, what do you guys think?
  21. On our last ride from 2020, we get back on some new cool trails. Weather still was without snow, but ride was great as always
  22. I have an 2003 Kodiak 400 Automatic and for some reason the starter not engaging I’ve replaced it still nothing it spins freely but not engaging. It was running fine the day before I am no expert so can someone please help me
  23. Welcome to the forum @yamahatech72901. I'm from LR and there are a couple of other guys here from AR as well. One from somewhere up in the Ozarks.
  24. So you say new carb...is that an OEM replacement carb or Chinese clone? I ask because I've had 4 or 5 of the Chinese carbs and even with 30 years of ATV experience, I still struggle to get those to run correctly. The symptoms you are describing seem to indicate a fueling issue.
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  26. Anybody know what the valve clearance is for intake and exhaust on a 2017 sportsman 570? I did a search but it came up with nothing. Thanks
  27. I'd agree on this being my first steps as well. Check connections including any chassis ground and then check charging system. Remember it's got to be a decent bit above battery voltage when running. I remember a mention of a low oil cutoff in some reading but I might be remembering that wrongly.
  28. Thanks so much for the info, it is greatly appreciated. In regards to the glasses, I have tried them, however, unfortunately I am more severely colorblind (I am colorblind across more colors and color spectrum) and the glasses are for those who are only colorblind to a couple colors and certain colors, thus they dont work for me. Maybe someday they will have some that will work, ya never know.
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