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  2. After hard wiring in a "starter circuit bypass" for testing/emergency use, it never acted up again. I used the bike for another trip or two to the dunes but have now sold it and upgraded my son to a TRX250. I suspect that the battery was the only problem all along and that my make shift jump start method wasn't as good as I thought it was. Thank you to all who offered help.
  3. I HAVE a 2002 big bear 400 4x4. I have two wires atacking to the front of the carb. What are they for?
  4. Sounds like a great project. Immediate downloads access is available with a premium membership: https://www.quadcrazy.com/subscriptions/ Guidelines: https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  5. @Frank Angerano @spock58 I put everything back together well enough to start the 4 wheeler to see if it changed anything, no luck. I did record a clip of how it sounds at idle for you guys to see if it gives you any new clues. When I initially start it it hovers at around 2500 rpm for about 30-45 seconds then works it's way down to sounding like this, which is around 1500 rpm (what it should be according to the book). I forgot to record the initial cold start so you won't hear that unfortunately. I figured it couldn't hurt since you guys are experienced with these 4 strokes. I ended up ordering that cheap amazon carb to see if it makes a difference at all. Should be here mid week. 0816192004a.mp4
  6. @Arizona Nice find and nice find. Definitely worth more. How did you find them, Craigslist?
  7. Def going to make your money back two fold minimum. Keep us posted.
  8. That was my thought too frank. You can tell what happened by pulling the jug off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. In would start by pulling the cylinder off of the engine and then the piston out. Take a good look and see if you can find where the failure happened. Maybe the wrist pin clip came out, the rings maybe went etc. As @06kfx440 stated check the main crank shaft for any play. If all else checks out on then your good to go. If it’s just the cylinder head and piston then try to locate a new or used on on eBay. If you find a good used cylinder head then spend the money and put a new piston in as well. Makes sense to do this since your going through the effort. Make sure your oil pump is working properly and that the oil is getting to the head and lube all areas up good prior to start up. My guess is it was prob a failure of some sort with regard to the piston and the wrist pin clips or rings.
  10. I have seen other posts and I'm not ableto download resources. I was gifted a Yamaha TerraPro and can find 0 online for help getting this running.
  11. little on the high side, 650 for both. But ill probably get it back out of them later. Looking at the Bayou see anything wrong lol, has the pos grounded! Pos wire is broken in half. .
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  13. Pictures and videos are key Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I think I better get started carefully take everything out and see what needs to be replaced?
  15. Time to rebuild. Pull the engine out and work on a bench so you don’t lose anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Wow great finds!!!! You have to be over the moon with that find. What did you pay ?
  17. Went shopping on Saturday, picked up another Kawasaki Bayou 220 and a Yamaha Timber Wolf 250 I really should sell some of these but they are a lot of fun to find, fix and ride Of course neither of them run but that's part of the fun! Az
  18. All done for now a few pics, one other thing. It actually had the original tool kit in the trunk. LOL
  19. there a tank so well made will last 100 years easy if we still have gas then
  20. Bump starting won't hurt the valves . The not starting is likely a different problem unrelated to the valves. Have you run a compression check on it and checked for spark?
  21. You should inspect the crank while your in there. Check connecting rod bearings and maybe inspect the timing chain and or tensioner. Did it seize or just lose compression? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Thank you I will i appreciate your help Thanks Mike
  23. Do you think i damaged the valves ???
  24. Yes. Low compression equals bad rings. Or cracked piston. But pull it off and inspect the jug liner and hash marks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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