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  2. I think most are mainly voting against Biden. I already tried explaining how bad Biden is, but you won't listen. And I already said you were right about Trump years ago on the other thread, so you know I'm fair-minded and can admit when I'm wrong, but I don't feel like you're reciprocating. Trump is like a loose cannon rolling around on deck crashing into things, but Biden is specifically intent on sinking the ship. That's the best way I can sum up our choices. So if you say Trump is incompetent, then I say that's a good thing. If he were competent then I might worry.
  3. I meant to include this video with my request for an explanation of just how anyone can support him with all the evidence and his own words and actions supporting the accusations against him. It's only his tenure in the White House keeping him from facing charges for many things, including his "unindicted co-conspirator" charge in the 2016 election corruption. The real "fake news" comes from Fox and other right wing and extreme right sites on the internet. November 3 is fast approaching . Think long and hard before you vote; but get out there and vote either for or against tRump and his enablers. Make you voice heard where it counts. https://youtu.be/NX-DdOUlcqs
  4. @Freedomflyer These pics have definitely skyrocketed Montana to my riding bucket list!! And to be so close must be a dream 😁 The closest thing I probably have that would even remotely get close to that would be the Hatfield trails in WV and from where I rode when I went it looked NOTHING like that.
  5. I haven't been riding too many different places and they've all been wooded trails. Uwharrie, Red Oak Hollow, Outback, Hatfield Mcoys, and a few backwoods trails around the area I live in. Each has a little different type of terrain but ultimately they are all mainly wooded trails. If anyone lives in NC and has some great places to go I'm all ears. I'm up to try any types of trails out there, I just love to ride. When riding, there is nothing that matters except me, the machine, and the thrill of the ride. I'd be out there every weekend if i could be.
  6. Please explain to this Canadian how anyone can support the most incompetent and corrupt individual to ever hold the Presidency of the U. S. of A. I cannot understand how he can hold such a cult as he has worshiping him.
  7. I've had good luck with the Kobalt brand. That's my go-to when I need most new stuff... I'm sure most of the Kobalt is china-made as well, but it seems a bit blasphemous that someone bought the Craftsman name and isn't making it in the US.
  8. Well alittle update on my utility trailer ...i know i need to add some pics sorry ....anyway after two years of contant use , hauling everything , rocks, trees, tools, garbage cans lol you get it ......this is holding up very good , i dont “ overload it , i also grease the wheels and make sure everything is lubed ..simple maintaining goes long way .... i have added a sheet of plywood on the floor of trailer ,whjch is a must when hauling brush , slides out nice .... lol i did have a silly moment recently ...... i got a load of woodchips dropped onto our road, all nice and spread out, then one day im coming up the road and for some reason just started hauling ass to cool off lol , go around turn with empty trailer and i look to my side and damn thing is slidding next to me lol.....yes emlty trailers have a way of doing that lol ..... ill get some pics up ...be safe guys.
  9. Nice plowing ..... i also need to get things ready for this winter, suppose to start getting flurries here on friday ....oh well its here. We just finished all outdoor projects so its fine lol . plowing doesnt bother me I have almost a mile of rough road to clear it doesnt slow the snowfall lol , i just break out the “ carharts and go lol
  10. Awesome pictures....wife and i have been talking about an attachment like this ,im trying to find a used one.....that looks like it does a great job , we do alot of landscaping projects ,on 10 acres in the woods the land has been untouched for over thirty years ......add a monster brush hog and a lot of hauling and stump pulling lol , but now its all mowable ,ugh..... country grass i call it lol , its green and gets cut every week , im always on the lookout for clean fill .......nice work
  11. Great work guys , always love seeing everybodys ongoing projects , only thing id add to any trailers would be two strips of “ Grip tape , thats just me though lol, i slipped and busted ass once,lol. Wife thought i was Dancing lol....so i got the traction tape , i had a buddy that had a long strip it worked well
  12. Hows evryone feel about blasting around in snow ? I love it usually after all plowing is done ill drop the plow and just go lut and have fun. From drifting all over lol to packing snow trails in woods its fun , never been into snow mobiles , where we live its very rural and our roads seem like an afterthought when it comes to plowing lol , usually last to get cleared , so we will hit the back roads to powerlknes and such , we have several people around here with side by siedes ,and the usually hit the powerlines , pack the trails and then we hit them good fun ....Anybody else ?
  13. Hey guys/ gals wife and i purchased 2 new machines in 2020, she actually surprised me when i said lets just look. ....lol next thing i know salesman called us saying our machines were ready for delivery,i fell in love w/ the kodiak 700; she got the 450. Both are the “ SE “ models , ..fast forward winch installed , plow ready for snow. I cannot praise it enough , however ill say theres times i will take her smaller quad out on trails and i actually enjoy it more lol , dont get me wrong the 700 is a Beast ...i pull trees outa woods, use it for multiple tasks on our property , its big. Lol and the power was shocking ....then i hop on my wifes and its a different ride , almost feels like a snappy go cart in the woods. Lol. It just goes and its fun to blast around on .... so i guess im lucky ..... point here if your looking for nice machine for wife ,look hard at the 450 , power steering and plenty of power , weve met several people on trails and the question comes up “ how about a choice for my wife , we point them to this ..... the Be ast is just amazing for work plowing snow is great, and it just works hard but loves to play ...... oh well just smiling with them figured id share some ramblings ...ride safe guys
  14. Welcome 2 QCrazy Jarheadgreasemonkey ! RIDE RED
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  16. I just bought a 1/2 drive long chrome extension bar, 1/2 drive and 3/8 drive 15MM impact sockets and 1/2 and 3/8 impact swivels all from lowes, but not all craftsman. Giving their other brand a try also..
  17. Yeah, but the "new" Craftsman is mostly Chineseium... Only Craftsman I really look for now are "USA" stamped pieces in pawn shops.
  18. Will be voting for Trump, but as a Libertarian, I really pick the lesser of evils at every election... Sad state we're in.
  19. Friday evening went riding, rode for a good hour or so everything was fine. I went to take a short ride to the restroom (less than 100 yds away) and all of the sudden everything flickered and then just died out. Accompanying the problem I noticed the killswitch completely locked up. Once daylight hit took the killswitch apart to find it had shorted out and melted the plastic inside. Has anyone else had anything similar to this and if so what did you do to fix the situation? I have a new killswitch on the way to replace the obvious problem but was wondering could there be a bigger issue at hand. We tested with a voltage meter to make sure everything was still getting power from the battery and as far as we could tell it was. Any advice/info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Just picked up a '95 Magnum from a local auction for $300 as my first project ATV... Engine looks like it's tagged as EPA compliant for '98. Everything else looks factory, and generally in good shape. I'll post updates here as I make some progress on it.
  21. New member from Arkansas. Just picked up a '95 Polaris Magnum and hoping I can get it back on the trails.
  22. nah it came camo already, i just covered the seat in waterproof fabric and canvas over the original vinyl. i did hydro dip the radio housing and will dip the cb radio housing once i figure out where to put it
  23. Most tend to get started at an early age. However, I myself didn't get started until about 3 years ago when I was 29. The first thing I rode was a 2003 Polaris 330 Trailboss. "One Eyed Willie" they called it. It was a bike that got past around the community for ones that didnt have a quad yet. After that first ride I was hooked and spent the next year saving up to either by something second hand or put a down payment on one. Ended up going the finance option and happier because of it. Now I ride 2018 570 Sportsman and I have to say so far out of all the quads Ive rode since, mine is still the most comfortable enjoyable ride. Owners bias I'm sure but nothing really compares to that Polaris cushion seat.
  24. Just my 2 cents, but if you are trying to spray starting fluid into the carb and you can see that you have spark(and you know that you don't have it flooded)... you could try to take plug out crank it several times 1st-(good time to check spark again, and to make sure it wasn't flooded) -pour a SMALL amount of gas into the spark plug hole -Replace plug and try again cranking.... if it hits and dies quickly try gas into the carb again- -Try gas back in the carb again... if that doesn't work (and gas in the spark plug hole did)... you may have an issue with the inlet valve
  25. Wow , what a kind thing to do for a friend .. fantastic work , very neat ,professional...impressive ....
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