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  2. The thing is, it isn't a intermittent revving. From the moment it starts it's like having the throttle lever wide open. Just replaceth throttle cable, and it seems to be functioning as it should. It has the vacuum fuel pump, I've heard a lean condition can cause a high idle.
  3. I searched on the revving problem and found suggestions that the slide could be in backward or the crank seals could be leaking several suggested the crank seals were the most likely culprits. Here's where I found the discussion
  4. Hey there it went!! ^^^
  5. Voice 001.m4a
  6. Yes similar. I have a audio recording of it but couldn't get it to upload BC Im not good with stuff like tht but I could probably text or email it to anyone who wanted to hear it. It gets louder ad rpm's increase and doesn't matter what gear its in,hot or cold.
  7. Turns out that the hot wire from the battery to the main fuse was gone. Now that I have power, on to the next issue. I was told that the carb had been "rebuilt", and that it idled way too high. Fired it up and sure enough, WIDE open. Went through the carb, blew everything out, still the same. Idle screw does nothing, adjusted the clip on the needle and nothing. Any thoughts?
  8. If the motor will rev up ok , I'd suggest blocking the quad up with back wheels off the ground.. Make sure it can't fall off the blocking and can't move. With the cover off the CVT so you can see what's happening , rev the motor up and watch the clutches.. The motor clutch should close until the belt is at the top of the groove and the driven should open until the belt is almost down to the bottom. . Without a load on the tires , it may not open all the way since opening and closing of the clutches is determined by the load on the system as well l as the RPM. The motor should rev well over 3500... should go to around 6000 - 8000. Have you also checked to be sure you don't have a brake dragging ? The tires should turn fairly easily when off the ground. There will be some resistance from the drive train , but it should not be difficult to turn the tires
  9. I've got a 98 grizzly 600. It starts fine, idles and revs smooth up to about 3500 rpm. It's got enough torque to grind the tires into powder if you hold the front brake but only drives about 10 mph... I've taken the CV apart, cleaned out the old grease, regreased it with Yamalube and everything moves freely. However, when it revs up the cones do not move as far as it looks like they should... Any ideas would greatly appreciated.
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  11. Click the VIEW FILE link that will take you to the download page and download it.
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    The much anticipated “Ride till Midnight”. This is the only night you can ride after dark at Rock Run each year outside of guided rides. Make your plans now and don’t miss it!
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    It’s official, Rock Run Crawl 2017 will be held August 5th at Rock Run Recreation in Patton Pa. The event start’s at 11am on the rock courses $50 team entry fee $5 spectator entry fee The office will be open to competitors at 7:30am Aug. 5th to register and sign the waver and get wristbands. Judges meeting 9am Drivers meeting 10am Vehicle tech inspection, 8am to 10am
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    ROCK RUN ATV SUMMER BLAST IS BACK Thanks to an outstanding amount of support from YOU, last year’s event was a huge success! We are happy to announce the event is back again. ROCK RUN ATV SUMMER BLAST 2017 will be August 10-13th. Children 12 and under are always FREE and Adult ticket discount pricing is available until March 31, 2017. Camping passes are now available for purchase. Camping will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Sorry, but we are not offering Sunday night camping. All camping sites are first come first serve, so make your reservations now! We are still finalizing the schedule of events and vendor midways. Please keep checking our website and Facebook page for more details on who will be joining us this year. We look forward to seeing you this summer Tickets are on sale now through ShowClix.
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    11th Annual Rally @ the Rock. Family Friendly. Open trail riding, guided night ride, music, games and prizes. More details to come!
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    New to Rock Run? Come try 140+ miles of trails for a 5 dollar bill. Open to all, ATV, UTV, OHV and dirtbikes!
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    AWRCS : A True American Woods Racing Series at Rock Run. Rock Run is CLOSED to regular riding these two days. But don’t let that deter you from coming and checking out some of the best racing you can find. A true family event, hope to see you here!
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    The last day to Ride in 2017! We are OPEN to regular riding and camping on Saturday, October 28th at regular prices. To ride on 29th for the Toys for Tots ride, it is a donation of $20 or a toy valued at $20 PER PERSON.
  19. I can't get the manual for 220 bayou , how do I get it Thanks
  20. I'm looking forward to finding out which type of led upgrades would work best for many of the forum members. I know there are many cheap led upgrade solutions on the market; however, I'm curious to know whether there is any interest in some of the higher-end led light bars/kits which feature low power draw and concentrated beam patterns.
  21. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm actually from Dumont, NJ which is about 10 minutes from the border.
  22. I only see ones for a 2002 and 2005
  23. Just wondering if there are any 2018 rumors out yet for ATVs, UTVs, and/or SidebySides. New models, enhancements, new technologies, etc. I did see the Can-Am article, really wondering about Suzuki, Yamaha, and Polaris. Is Arctic cat done for 2018?
  24. Topic moved to Polaris forum. Is the noise like this?
  25. Looks like we are still waiting and the ladies have all abandoned us or changed their email addresses! This topic is so old, they've probably all moved on with their lives and families by now, only us dopes are still around....where is the next generation? Oh...on!
  26. Welcome aboard @automatcentral!
  27. Details on the all-new Yamaha YZ450F, updated WR250F and WR450F, YZ250F, YZ250FX, and YZ450FX.
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