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  5. My `1991 Honda Fourtrax 300FW actually calls for 1 " smaller tires on the front than the rear .... 23" diameter on the front and 24" on the rear because of a slight difference in the gear ratios in the differentials. . That being said most, including me run the same size tire all the way around. The gearing is close enough and since quads are seldom ridden on pavement or hard surfaces that prevent tire slip we don't have a problem with drive train binding. Yes, it is "normal" to have tire sizes front and rear the same on 4x4 trucks and SUV's but it is not necessarily so on Quads , tractors and some other off highway equipment that are 4 x4 or all wheel drive. I don't know the specs on other machines. That is why I suggest checking because although the same size is normal all the way around but if a machine for some reason uses differing ratios it can cause binding and breakage . I would guess newer machines would be the same all around but double check yours to find out. It doesn't hurt and can save grief down the road .
  6. 4x4s in general have the same gear ratio front and back unless specifically designed otherwise. All four wheels have to rotate at the same time with cars and trucks as well. So unless there are specific builds then yes same size tires are required.
  7. It depends on the quad whether all 4 tires are the same .. Check the owners manual or online .. Some have a slightly different gear ration front and rear and use smaller tires on the front .
  8. I'm glad I caught this post. I didn't know 4X4s needed all four tires the same. I never owned a 4X4. Is that for all quads?
  9. All 4 are the same. I just got info that this quad was abused. Hard. Like pushing race cars to start them. And plowing. So I’m not surprised things broke. But my friend wanted to use it before looking into it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Your absolutely correct @MarkinAR and they are accessory connections. My guess is the neutral safety switch or the fuse next to the relay.
  11. Have you checked that all four tires are the same size? It appears that the fronts look smaller then the rear bit it could be the pic. All 4x4's have to have the same size. Just a shot in the dark but hey could be.
  12. I do know it was grinding like a mofo. Then it locked up but freed up. But I will check that out when we get there. Thanks for your help mark. It’s appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I can't be a lot of help either . .I ride an old 1991 Honda Fourtrax 300FW 4x4 quad with winch added .. I usually run tail end to the ones I ride with because some of them are only 2 wheel drive and no winches .. It's no racing machine , but let's face it , you can kill yourself just as easily at 40-45 Mph tops as you can at 70. I'm 76 and still ride like I'm 25 on it. sometimes it takes me longer to recover than it did when I was 25 though.There's not many places around here you can run machines flat out so I've never felt hindered by the lower top end. That's the main question to ask when choosing a ride . What am I really going to be doing with it the most, and how much power and speed do I really need ? I'm also partial to the Japanese machines and A Kymco ( Korean made) machine one of my friends ride has also been a great machine for him.. I'm more a fan of the clutch and gears machines rather than the CV ones with the belt drive .. Those machines often have a problem with belt slippage after a run in deeper water that can get in . They don't slip long once out of the water and the slippage quickly heats the belt and clutches to dry them out , but it's there and can be a real pain in a wet and muddy ride .
  14. If they are on the front there are a couple of accessory wires sticking out that don't go to anything. blue and something else maybe? been a minute since i got into one of those. repair manual is probably in the downloads section, just check the rules on how to access them.
  15. That's a bayou 300. If all 3 wheels locked and it won't roll i'd check the ujoint in the rear axle housing. Just had a Honda 300 blow that ujoint and tear the primary gear drive out of the side of the block when it did. Unfortunately you have to pull the rear diff and slide the axle out of the housing to check but that would be what i would suspect first.
  16. A clip from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) with James Bond riding a very early Honda Trike! Three Honda ATCs come in at 1:54 with the one on th left pulling a sweet wheelie for 2 seconds! Bond scenes are great!
  17. Im a Honda guy 2005 450R so my 2 cents are worthless LOL My buddy has a 2008 MXR 450 and loves it but its a pain to work on according to him !!
  18. I'm a fan of the Japanese made quads, especially Honda and Yamaha. The others, not so much. Stay away from any mods, even with the good ones! stock is best....
  19. Hey @Todd Michael welcome to Quadcrazy. Check your neutral safety switch and make sire its working. Its a light green wire going into the side of the engine just above the shifter. Its a light green and red wire. Green is for neutral light red is for reverse light. All you need to do to test this is to put a jumper wire from a good ground source to the light green wire and turn the key on. If the dash lights come on then the problem is at the neutral safety switch. Make sure the atv is in neutral. If you press the start button and the bike is in gear it will roll. let me know.
  20. Looking for manual for kawasaki klf300c 4x4. 

  21. Im in desperate need for a service manual for this machine. i just installed new carb but am having issues with wiring as i think something got disconneceted on my last ride. once i shut it off, it wont start back up. no power to nuetral or reverse light but power is still going to headlights when i turn key on. i did notice 2 wires red and blue that dont seem to be connected to anything but come from the rear cdi box. help.
  22. Anyone know where I can find service manuals for Polaris Sportsman? Specifically 2014 550. My Sportsman 550 has code = 520269-4 I can't find any info on it. Does anyone know what this code means?
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