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  2. For Immediate Release ATV Body Armour Unveils The World’s Leading ATV Fender And Rollover Protection Product Manufacturer Launches New Lightweight, Durable Chrome-Moly Frame To Protect Against Rollovers As Well As Obstacles Such As Cattle, Trees, And Rocks. ARLINGTON, SD — Jan, 1 2015 — ATV Body Armour, the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road vehicle protection equipment, announced today the release of the new ATV Body Armour product, a 360-degree round, tubular frame that’s designed to protect ATV riders against cattle, trees, rocks and other objects as well as help preventing rollovers, which are a leading cause of injuries for ATV enthusiasts. Unlike other ATV frames, which only provide partial protection, the ATV Body Armour product provides a unique, patent-pending protection around the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. The product, which weighs less than 30 lbs., is made out of 16-gauge chrome-moly steel tubing and features added bends for strength. The tubing is also powder coated in black for added durability and scratch resistance. “The ATV Body Armour product was built with cattle ranchers, farmers, and hardcore trail enthusiasts in mind,” says Owner Brandon Bunker. “These are the men and women who are using ATVs as a regular part of their day-to-day jobs and activities, and without this product they are more prone to fender and frame damage and rollovers caused from working in close proximity with large animals and riding in and alongside narrow ditches and trails. The added protection gives peace of mind in rugged conditions.” The ATV Body Armour product is made with pride in the USA, it is designed to fit all utility (i.e. with cargo racks) ATV brands and models, and the full kit takes less than 15 minutes to install. The ATV Body Armour product can be purchased at the ATV Armour website ( for just $550 for the full kit or just $350 for the side kit, and it is available to customers worldwide. Follow ATV Body Armour on Facebook at About ATV Body Armour ATV Body Armour is the world’s leading manufacturer of protective aftermarket equipment for utility ATVs. The company is based in Arlington, SD and ships to customers worldwide. For more information, visit # # # Press contact: Brandon Bunker, Owner ATV Body Armour [email protected] (605) 690-8129 Yamaha half pg flyer.pdf
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  4. Cable is mounted in the bracket. The 2 19mm nuts are snug also. Just not sure which way to adjust the cable. As in or outwards. Thanks though.
  5. Just a stab in the dark because I don't know your quad or how that shift cable is mounted.... I take it the shift cable pulls on the shift arm for the forward gears and pushes for reverse. If this is the case, maybe there is a support bracket that is not connected, letting the cable and housing flex a bit (in effect shortening it) rather than pushing the arm fully into reverse.
  6. I have a 1995 Yamaha big bear 350 and am having issues adjusting the transmission cable correct. It seems when I adjust it to get both forward gears I don't get reverse gear unless I reach down and push the rod on tranny. Anyone have any suggestions? When I got the atv it never ran and was able to tinker my way around everything and now it runs awesome, except I can't figure out the transmission cable.
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  8. ride The top players head to head It’s the great debate, you might have with your buddies, Which is faster an ATV or UTV? The answer is……… View the full article
  9. Out riding with my 12 yr old daughter.
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  11. Sticking float , restricted fuel line or plugged vent could all cause those symptoms . Start with checking for a restricted fuel line or plugged vent before tearing into the carb.
  12. I agree, sounds like fuel starvation under load...the carb is running dry. maybe its a float issue, sticking a bit?
  13. Okay thanks guys! I will mess around with the fuel system tonight and see what I come up with. Thanks for all the input.
  14. One of them. I watched everything on the site.
  15. I would love to take one of these for a rip.
  16. I'd check the float level in the carb for a start .. I'm not sure how that carb is jetted, but there is also a possibility there is a little water in the float bowl....just enough that when you agitate it it gets a sip of it and stumbles.. Beyond those guesses I would say it will be a search...loose wire somewhere in the ignition circuit?
  17. My 1004 honda trx300 starts up and sometimes idles good, sometimes not so good. If bike is running and I grab the bike and shake it the bike will stall or try to stall. What should I be looking at to fix issue?
  18. Try checking the breather hose on the carb. It might be plugged. Had same issue on my 1994 big bear. Had a chunk of mud in hose. After blowing it out it ran like new.
  19. Wide open and not in gear does not require anywhere near the fuel flow it does under load. I don't of any other reason it would die out the way you describe if it is not fuel starvation.
  20. But I can hold it wide open in the garage and it runs fine (little black smoke on the high end but doesn't stall)
  21. Sounds like fuel starvation. Something is restricting the fuel entering the carb. Some carbs have a screen on the carb's fuel inlet and it could be plugged or a pinched or otherwise restricted fuel line would be my guess. For whatever the fuel bowl isn't staying full under high demand.
  22. It idles just fine. I can ride it in the backyard and not have any issues. It only does it after being held open at high RPMs for more than 30 seconds. Then it seems like it is starting to bog down then dies. Then it starts right back up. 2002 linhai 260
  23. OK.. I hope it is an easy fix once you find the problem. When you re-assemble things, use some anti-seize on the bolts to prevent them seizing again.
  24. As usual, the bolts which fasten the winch to the frame let go inside the winch housing (one turned out) and so I'll have to chisel them off and drill them out once I get the winch motor off. This will take some time, but, I will keep you posted.
  25. Cool video, that thing is a beast..
  26. Videos YFZ Woods Riding YFZ 450 Woods Riding… View the full article
  27. My guess is there is a shorted winding in the winch. Connecting the positive to each terminal without the negative connected should not have caused any current flow. You'll have to pull the motor off and disassemble it to see where the problem is.
  28. There is one blue wire (-) and one yellow wire (+) to the winch. I ran 12v directly to the terminals on the winch one at a time and sparks flew. It melted the fuse right into the socket. Got one leg out, the other is welded in. Also melted the top of the socket where the fuses go in, but none of the other fuses were damaged. Would it be that the winch is corroded tight? It has never been in water and seems to be a tightly sealed unit.
  29. Wintertime riding in Northern Maine on my Yamaha Wolverine!
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