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  2. sweet find! where d you find this bike?? lol i had a 300 myself and it gave me nothing but issues.. also running under 80psi compression even after a $500 rebuild.. I put a chinese carb on mine too and it didnt run any better or worse than the stock carb that i had rebuilt 3 times.. guess its different in your case. glad you got it running- hope it gives you less crap than mine did for me..
  3. I soar it from the beginning about Chinese carbs Very nice work brother. Ride safe
  4. Update. Ok after re adjusting valves this morning and tearing everything down again I decided to get the original carb which was originally full of dirt and sand inside and went through it again, same as last time, compressed air, carb cleaner through all the jets, air bleeds etc. put that one back on the engine and fired it up and presto, like magic all power there, no more backfiring at idle, reved up great, drove it around and runs almost like new. must be a combination of valve timing, valve adjustments, carb problems all in one to finally fix it. I now agree with most everyone else that the Chinese carburetors are junk. Mimicked other problems, don't know if jets are too small or what, wasn't lean at all. Now the the last thing. I runs great but at an idle its about 300 rpms lean. I tried adjusting the needle at the bottom of the carb while running and no change. How can I richen it up at idle only and not off idle? There are no adjustments on the needle on the diaphragm. Float is fine, If I can fix that lean at idle it will be like new and I might have some hair left lol Thx. Az
  5. So I’ve had this bike for 3 years now. Love it. But there’s one question I never got an answer to. And maybe by now somebody’s figured it out... The instrument cluster has 5 screens... Odometer, Trip, tach, battery voltage, and a screen that says “L 16H 8”. Does anyone know what the shit this means? See pic. It’s never changed. And those aren’t words. Hahah Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. drained the oil and took the side cover off today. this is what the inside looked like. i think i have the black bolts on the clutch adjusted wrong...? The linkage from the outside to the inside looks good. i had those black bolts all the way in.. dont know where they are supposed to ba and didnt want them to rattle loose
  7. Don’t give up. There always an answer. Just going to have to work through it.
  8. I agree and like that idea as well thy @davefrombc definitely will loosen things up.
  9. A trick we've often used to clean small tanks is to put some pebbles or marbles in them and give a good shaking to knock any rust, scale or other solids loose .. Shake out the rocks and crud. and have a look. If there's still build up in there, do it again. Finally rinse it out and thoroughly dry. It would be a challenge to cut a tank in half to clean and weld it back together. Unless you're very skilled and the tank isn't too thin you'll make nothing but a useless mess out of it, A welding shop would charge you more than the cost a new tank to do they job if you could even find one to take it on.
  10. intake is fine, choke wise uses the plunger style, no butterfly. Not stuck. Even checked to see if rubber intake was cracked leaking vacuum, no problem found. Had a feeling it was gonna be a headache but for a 100.00 if I cant figure it out can always flip it. Kinda liked this one as has all the options I like including the locking rear diff. Gonna keep messing with it. let ya know Az
  11. You could but it has to be done by a professional that knows what they are doing and then pressure tested etc. might as well pay the $200 for a new one.
  12. i looked it up and i believe its a 1986 350. would it not be easier to cut the gas tank in half, clean and sand all the rust down and weld it back together?
  13. Usually yes. Camping is free but primitive if you sign up for the ride. Mike
  14. Have you checked the air intake ? Seems starved for air ? Or the choke is not stuck closed ?
  15. It’s just a vent hose that should wrap up and around the rear of the gas tank. 3 turns out seems a little bit much. I was thinking about 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 at most.
  16. Ok, finally received the adapter for the compression test it reads right at 120. I have double and triple checked the cam timing, Its perfect. I re adjusted the valves. I even made sure the piston was at tdc in case the crank key sheared. All looks good. I looked down the plug hole and piston looks super clean. Like I said the previous owner had a mechanic work on it. I tore down the carb and cleaned it out and even put a new one on, have even tried to adjust it while running still same. Plug is perfect color, carb is does not seem rich or lean at idle or off idle. Clutch not slipping, Charging at 14.2 I was going to check to make sure the ignition timing was advancing but when removing the inspection plug with the engine running it spews oil out like a mad volcano so cannot check that. Cannot be sure but it seems like its running hot,( more of a guess) I did remove the exhaust just to rule out plugged exhaust. Ran the same. Are these 300s just a dog? My 220 would run circles around this one. Im stumped. Any ideas? Az
  17. Last week
  18. Ok...we pulled the carb and cleaned the jets again...confirmed air fuel mixture was set 3 turns out... But then we saw this orriface that was caked with dirt and totally plugged outside and on top of fuel bowl. I'm having trouble seeing on diagram what it is...maybe just a breather and a short tube should be connected? I tried to put an arrow to it on photo...its right beside choke connection.
  19. That is really cool! I might be interested as well next year. Put it in the calendar: https://www.quadcrazy.com/calendar/
  20. Just got this one and am sharing... Visit 4wheelparts.com Use Code: POLARISORV at checkout *Exclusive offer ends 6/17/19 at 11:59 pm CT
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