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  2. Blowby in the crank case is a tight valve or leaking ring issue...and doesn't affect idle quality. Now, if valves are too tight and causing blowby, then idle may be affected just because of the tight valves. Also, you're better off to start a new thread than to tack on to an existing unrelated thread.
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  4. Round two of the 2021 ATV Motocross Championship Series (ATVMX), an AMA National Championship, headed to the Lonestar state while another epic battle was on tap as defending champion Wienen Motorsport/Maxxis/SSi Decals/Fly Racing/Yamaha’s Chad Wienen was looking to capitalize on his win at the opening round. View the full article
  5. Will this manual work for a 450 sportsman 450 HO? I'm trying to find a manual for valve adjustment and finding TDC.
  6. I'm trying to get my atv to TDC to check valves. Im attempting to do this with the engine still on chassis. Can someone tell me where I can remove a plug to ensure I am on TDC? Thanks
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  8. Can I put malossi race parts on to my Apache 100cc
  9. I'm not a mechanic but I've been attempting to get my three bikes in perfect running conditions. The grizzly has wiring ignition problems, the Brute force needs a carb cleaning and then comes the Kawasaki 300 lakota. I had originally thought i blew the motor but come to find out, one of the gasket behind the front sproket is leaking. Also, the bike has to much pressure in crank case causing it to not idle correctly. I wish I knew how to get the main bolt off the sprocket shaft so i can get to the problem. Any ideas on how to approach this issue without ruining shit, i have a tendency to break
  10. Where can I buy an after market shock to replace the rear shock? Would it be better to find someone to rebuild shock?
  11. Just want to close the loop on this. My machine has been back up and for 4 days with no issues. Reverse works as intended and when I am moving I can confidently downshift without worrying it will go into reverse while moving. Yup the little knob kind of sucks when you want to quickly go into reverse but totally worth it to know the machine is safe. I will add for anyone else that is looking for a gasket for this that I ended up buying both gaskets and found although the below part numbers are different and show for different years on the parts diagram THEY ARE IDENTICAL. You can us
  12. About 4 years ago I bought a Chinese made carburetor for a spare just in case I needed it. This last Duck season my 2004 Yamaha Bruin 350 4x4 started running terrible it would not idle it would die so I decided to try the new Chinese carb I had. While I was removing original carburetor I noticed one rubber tube connected to the carb was cracked over half way so I proceeded to remove and install new Chinese carb. After the installation of the Chinese carb I started smelling gas so I found gas leaking from new carburetor so I figured I would install the original carburetor because I replaced cra
  13. This week our snow Adventures begins at " Stara Planina " Mountain near my home town Sofia. As we riding up in the mountain, snow was becoming deeper and deeper and at some point I was in need of some help with Raptor. Please, click the subscribe button so you won’t miss next part of this riding adventure and many more that will come in the future. Thank you for the support!
  14. The front wheels of my quad have a ton of slop. Its the spindle as shown in the picture. There appears to be an outer plastic bushing of some sort and then an inner metal hollow rod that the attaching bolt goes through. The slop in between the inner attaching bolt and the hollow rod going through the plastic bushings. I see kits for bushings for sale, but I have not found just the spindle parts. The length of the spindle where this bushing goes through is about 80mm. Does anyone have a source for these parts that you could point me to? Thanks.
  15. Me too, crazy few days. Had to procure a new server and good thing we run backups! Will be keeping an eye. The datacenter that housed our old server had a fire and took them a few days to see what was recoverable and what was not.
  16. Glad to see the site back up. I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.
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  18. Yeah could be a leaking float needle valve, or the float level might be set too high, or there might be a leak between the float needle valve's brass housing/seat and the carby body. Take the carby apart and pull the float out, then the needle and then the needle's seat. Check the "O" ring or washer that seals between the seat and carby body, then put that in and check the needle's clean and put that in, then fit the float and check it's height adjustment.
  19. I don't think they sell any aftermarket add on like they do for a Phoenix 200. You may need to fabricate something. You can try shortening the cable. Is there a screw adjustment?
  20. Another great photo! Must be fun to ride.
  21. If I read the schematic right the neutral light (19) and the path to ground for the starter button relay (11) should only be on when the neutral safety switch ( 20) is closed. That would indicate to me the problem is in the mounting of the neutral safety switch. For some reason the switch is open when in neutral and closed when in gear. There is either linkage not set right or is it possible to mount the switch turned 180 degrees? Disconnect the wires from the neutral switch and check for continuity in the switch .. In gear it should be open ( no reading
  22. Just out tooling around. Great weather!
  23. Since this picture the wife has added a rear rack (Can Am official), replaced the hand guards and added fender flares for the mud. For our neck of the woods, this XxC hauls butt through trees and the Fox shocks have soaked up everything we've thrown at it. KFI winch plate nicely accommodates a Superwinch Terra 35 and the Can Am plate for the plow we just leave on year around and in the picture below shows how flush it sits with the belly.
  24. Yeah I am having problems with my Bayou. Have no idea what year it is. Can't find the VIN. theres no spark. I replaced the stator,pickup coil,CDI and the coil itself. Still nothing.
  25. Just replying here again. The reverse light is all good fixed. The main issue of only starting in gear is not solved. im not super skilled at reading wiring diragrams nor troubleshooting wiring. i thought i had it narrowed down to a relay. ordered the relay but still not fixed. quad will still ONLY start if the neutral light is off. It is starting in gear, but wont start in neutral. is it possible that a wire is reversed somewhere? seeing as it is doing the opposite of what is supposed to be doing.
  26. I have an old 24" 3/8 extension that I use as a long punch and knock the caps out with a BFH. It's crude, but works.
  27. I'd lean more towards the Outlander. They will haul ass and still have fenders to keep you from getting hosed every time you jump off in a mud hole.
  28. Float valve not sealing properly in the float seat. Is it a chinese clone? Those usually have hard rubber and can cause all kinds of issues. Try taking the float valve out and polishing the seat with a q-tip in a drill and a touch of carb cleaner and hopefully it'll seal.
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