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  3. 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Yes I did and took out all the jets as well. Going to get staring fluid today.
  4. 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD

    OK... Thanks Ajmboy... UPDATE - I believe it is an air/fuel mixture issue now. I checked the starter cable to make sure it was not stuck and it was moving freely. I checked air box and no restrictions. Once I had air box cover off and the foam sleeve off the air filter element, the machine stayed running!! As soon as I placed the cover on the air box, it died. I tried this many times and the same result. Mixture screw is at 3 1/2 turns out. I noticed there is a crankcase vacuum line from the cylinder head to the air box and then another one from the air box to the carb. Could either of these be the issue? Thanks for your help...
  5. New Member - Hello All

    It looks like a Chinese quad to me or something other than the main steam manufacturers. Are there any numbers stamped anywhere on the frame?
  6. 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Yes. i would spray a little starting fluid in there and see if it starts. When you cleaned the carb, did you take it a apart and inspect the float and bowl?
  7. New Member - Hello All

    I'm new to this forum and new to quads. My friend gave me his old mini quad - looking to clean/fix it up for the kids. Does anyone know what type of quad this is/how to tell what type it is? I've been trying to locate any numbers but haven't found any yet.
  8. Hi my bear tracker is jerky on acceleration like it is coming out of gear briefly could this be the drive shaft rear diff was allmost dry of oil ?
  9. 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Hey thanks for your help. It has been sitting all winter with a quarter of a tank in it. The inside of the tank is rusting so I am in the process of cleaning it out now. I'm sorry, is the intake where the filter is ? Right in front of the battery if the seat is taken off? Thanks again!! Dave
  10. 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I changed the title of your topic to 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting and moved it to our Honda ATV forum. Is it cranking and just not catching? If it's been sitting a while it could be bad gas, could be flooded, could have a spark issue. I would spray some starting fluid in the intake and see if it starts, if it does its a fuel delivery issue.
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  12. Can somebody please tell me if 250x or 250ex nerf bars will fit on 96 300ex, and will 93-98 300ex nerf bars work on my 96 300ex? Thanks
  13. 1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Hi thanks for letting new subscribers to your forum. I have a problem with my 84 Honda 200 trx not starting. I cleaned out the carb and changed the spark plug and still no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Could it be bad gas? Thanks dave
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  15. 1998 Suzuki King Quad frame

    I did remove and heat bent it, worked fine except it removed most of the paint also🙄 so sand job and repaint but only had purple Rustoleum, don't tell anyone! It's like wearing flowered underwear😎
  16. Polaris Magnum 425 - No Top End

    First I want to Thank Everyone that commented on this post. I have finally got these things going. I first had issues with a 4x4 425 Magnum with the top end as I thought 4 years ago. I pretty much left the machine sit for some time and when I got back into figuring it out. The funny part is I ended up with 3 Polaris 425's, 2 4X4's and one 2X4 all with the same issues. After getting them all back together with all parts installed. The 2 I acquired were pulled apart by previous owners trouble shooting. So needless to say I had to acquire some parts. So the over running theme was the same All would start and Idle but would not accelerate. One had bad valves and out of tune carb. One had bad valves and cam and out of tune carb. My original 4X4 had cracked carb (still have no idea how that happened) but new carb and fine tuning and she is running strong again. The reoccurring theme here is the Carbs and the air cleaner set up. The jetting on the 425 seems to be real critical for the older machines. At least with these 3 machines it was. The rebuild kits I installed apparently were not the correct ones so I induced a lot of the problems when I rebuilt them. So now with my pocket quite a bit lighter I am now educated a bit on jetting and its importance. It took me a while and lots of questions on this forum and reading others to finally figure it out. So again Thank you to all those who post here and other places about the issues and what you discover. So now the only issue I have is the starting issue when hot. I have not dug into this yet but I believe its the Starter being corroded. When hot you can actually see the spark trail off with a spark window tool. cold the machine has great spark but after you ride and get it good and hot it will only start with a pull on the rope. The spark fires once then after that is so week you can barely feel it, so something is stealing the spark or shorting it out. Once I get a chance I am going to go over all grounding connections and terminals to ensure I have good grounds and connections. this machine has a lot of rust so I am pretty sure it was out in the elements for some time or used as a salt spreader and plow. Have a good day and keep em running
  17. 2005 brute force 650 oil leak

    I find the easiest thing to do is look at a parts diagram like That tube might be the oil return tube. Leaking oil could be an issue, but I'm not 100% sure what's causing it. Could be oil over fill or overflow, a bad oil pump seal, or something else.
  18. 1998 Suzuki King Quad frame

    A little heat will make it easier and less likely to snap.
  19. 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD

    I was leaning on a carb issue but since you swapped it out and have the same issue...check your choke, fuel delivery, air box for restriction. When it starts to die out, see if spraying some fuel or starting fluid into the intake keeps it running to see if its actually a fuel issue. If no different, check your spark plug and coil.
  20. Welcome to QUADCRAZY. How many times is it blinking in increments? That's a diagnostic issue and the gear indicator light blinking will relay an issue. * Added ATV info into topic title.
  21. 2010 Polaris 125 Overheating

    Is there a fan on the ATV that's not turning on?
  22. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! That's going to be pretty cool. 😁 Look in the Gallery, you may find some pics like:
  23. 4 stroke engines all the same?

    I added a bit to your topic title to be more descriptive. @davefrombc gave a great answer. Some manufacturers also share engines and engine components. The principle behind a 4 stroke engine and how they function are all the same. You may find similar or even same parts between manufacturers if they contract their engines out to lets say suzuki or their is ownership over the brand.
  24. ATV won’t move except in 4 wheel drive

    You can find a service manual for free here
  25. 4 stroke engines all the same?

    All their engines are similar but their transmissions and drive systems can have significant differences Some have gears and clutches , both manual and automatic and some use a belt drive and 2 variable clutches to create a Continuously Variable Transmission type of automatic.
  26. ATV won’t move except in 4 wheel drive

    . It is either splines have worn out on the pinion shaft,or possibly between the crown gear and output to the axles. . When you have it in 2WD, the rear differential is what moves your machine . The reason it moves in 4x4 is because the front differential is pulling the machine along. You'll have to take the rear drive apart to find just what is gone .
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