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  2. exhaust bolts

    I need new exhaust on my 92? 250 Timberwolf. I am afraid that I will snap the bolts off in the head when I try to loosen them. I was wondering if it might be better to warm the engine up first as the aluminum should expand more than the steel bolts
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi guys, working on a 96 Sportsman 400, The 4WD Was not working, So I bypassed the shifter switch splicing the Red and Gray wires together, Now I have 4WD, Only problem is it only works in Forward Gear, Nothing in reverse, Even while pushing the Override button, What should I do? Thanks for any help!!!!
  5. '99 King Quad carb issue

    Sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Float may be stuck or the needle inside the bowl is not free slowing the fuel into the engine.I would take the carb apart give it a good cleaning and make sure all the orafaces are clear as well as check fuel flow from the valve on the gas tank. Sometimes this valve can have an obstruction inside slowing fuel delivery. Good luck.
  6. Last week
  7. I need to know the vacuum lines connections for the bottom of the carburetor... ALL of them really. They are not in the shop manual and I can not find an image googling. :( If you have a picture of how these connect on a Can-AMATV please reply. THANKS!
  8. 2004 Vinson Parking Pawl

    Finally took it apart last week, the parking pawl was broke, I have the factory service manuals both the pdf and printed, the pictures in the manuals are really not that informative in either. The parts are on order will try to post some pictures later. The parking pawl looks to be made of some kind of cast pot metal, fortunately it just broke in two pieces and fell down into the parking pawl housing away from the input shaft
  9. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    The original carb and the new carb don't have any connections at the bottom. (see picture of original carb) I think this may be the issue... I see some pictures where a new, stock carb has a brass screw in the throttle side of the carb next to the pilot screw. I don;t know if this applies to the can-am carb or not.The problem is I have never seen these connected, so I don't know the correct setup. I can't find an image or drawing showing any hoses connected to the bottom of the carb. Anyone got a picture of this from the bottom?
  10. '99 King Quad carb issue

    Hi, I'm having some issues with the carb on my '99 King Quad 300. It idles, runs and revs smooth and without hesitation when the choke is on, but when I take the choke off, it still idles fine, but no longer revs smoothly and hesitates and hiccups. I've adjusted the pilot screw and it helped some, but it's still not right. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    Everything is the same now as when I started. I can start the engine this morning, but again the choke does not have any affect and it won't idle and runs rough. This is the exact same symptoms that I started with a week ago. So if my logic is correct. The original carb was fine. Perhaps it needed some minor adjustment but it was very close to where I am now. I haven't found any loose wires or corroded connectors. I am not sure what to do next? I really do not want to try re-adjusting the carburetor again. Perhaps this is required, but I'd like an expert to chime in on this if I can find one. I would appreciate it.
  12. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    Thanks. I am going to take another look at all the wires. That could explain some of the sudden issues after it appeared to be working (mostly). I am confident the green hose is just supposed to hang in place now... I found another drawing that shows it does NOT connect to anything at the base of the carb. See picture. I am going to assume the cap on the other side should be in place since it appears to be a black rubber cap like all the others. I'd really like to end this today with some good news so I can go riding with my 10 year old daughter soon.
  13. 90 suzuki lt230 no spark

    hello my dad had given me a 90 suzuki lt230 quadrunner. I brought it home and started working on it. Found couple of wires broken repaired them. Still have no spark. Started to testing I believe all tested ok. I think the cdi box is bad. The question I have is there a way to modify a cdi box. I have price a new one about 250 dollars. I really not wanting to that much in it at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Triton ATV trailer "ramp rattle"

    I have the ATV88 model for 10 years now and the ramp always rattled a bit. Putting rubber stops on the end might help but it won't help for up/down rattle noise. Mike
  15. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    I found a thread on another forum describing much the same problem you have .. I'm copying and pasting his problem and solution : i just got a used 2003 Bombardier Quest 500 with the rotax motor and the po said it needed an oil change because the oil light was on and that was making it cut out. it cranks and idles great, runs good, good trans, steering, tires, etc, but when you give it gas, it cuts out like it has a rev limiter, but it does it in all gears. when i first crank it, it will rev all the way up, but after a minute it starts cutting out. if i cut it off and wait a few minutes, it will rev all the way up again for a minute or so. does anyone know what i can check? ive checked the intake boot, the carb is clean on the inside, ive changed the oil, the oil sending unit is bad, ive grounded out the wire so the light would go off and it still cuts out. what else can i do? thanks, chuck got it fixed! it was a ground wire pulled out of the MPEM box. now i need a good speedometer and the half round light section beside it, the guy i had fix it flipped it over and messed that stuff up. maybe someone is parting one out. it was a ground wire coming out of the box bolted to the air box. seems like it was black and grounded to the frame and pulled loose from the plug. I also saw it noted there is a rubber section connecting the carb to block. . Check there for vacuum leaks too. That's the best I can do to help. From other forums I gather the problem can also be from a rev limiter not reading a sensor right , or a bad sensor so maybe a check of the wires to the various sensors is also warranted.
  16. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    It looks from those drawings the fuel pump is vacuum operated by the hose connected in the intake right at the cylinder block .. Could there be a vacuum leak there ? I have no idea on the green hose and have no pictures other than what you supplied to make any guesses from.
  17. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    So I literally flipped through my 2002 Quest shop manual and reviewed all the diagrams and pictures. On pages 04-0205, 04-02-1 & 2 there are some details that show the hose attached from the throttle side and going over the carb and down by the fuel intake line. There is no connector there between this vacuum hose and the fuel line, so I guess it just hangs in this location. See green line in images. If you have a picture of this and looks different please post it. thanks!
  18. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    Anyone got some detailed pictures of the 2002 quest 650 carb from the top and sides showing all the hose connections?
  19. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    I'm not familiar with the setup on that carb and motor but I'd guess maybe the dangling hose fits the carb where the black cap is?....Just wondering if it fell off the original carb since you indicate it was open there rather than capped. Where does the connected end of the dangling hose connect? That might give you some clue ... I can only make guesses from the symptoms described and those symptoms point to a vacuum leak or blocked jet .. Since the carb is new , then I would guess a vacuum problem , but from where I can't say . Didn't find a free download of a service manual without joining an e pub site and my anti virus blocks connecting to ones I found. I'm leery of re-directs when searching for one item . There are some low cost ones though. If you do get a download of one , I'm sure the forum would appreciate you adding it to the library .
  20. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    IMAGES - New and Original carbs.
  21. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    I thought perhaps I found something. The hose at the rear of the air box was not seated well. I fixed that. I did notice the hose on the throttle side of the carb that just dangles there. Is this supposed to connect somewhere? It doesn't appear to connect to the air box for example. See green arrow in picture.
  22. The 2018 Yamaha Grizzly looks pretty awesome, just not the price!
  23. New to the group!

    I guess it's just the 2 of us, but what the hell...gotta start somewhere!
  24. How did you get into Quads?

    It's amazing to me to see some of the new utility ATVs vs how there were in the early 90's. Fuel injection, dashboards and suspension alone have come a long way. I'm thinking my next machine should be some sort of SxS, but who knows. I do like the price point of the Textron ALTERRA VLX 700 at $6k, just don't know much about them. However the new grizzlys are pretty nice!
  25. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    Perhaps a vacuum issue. The rest doesn't seem to apply since the carb is new, clean and I have a new fuel filter in place. It was running earlier with choke and idling and now it won't start. This happened after I attempted run it in gear.
  26. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    If you have to keep the choke on to get it to idle there is a problem with either with a vacuum leak, a jet plugged in the idle circuit or possibly the floats are set too low and not allowing the float bowl to fill to the proper level . Something is stopping it from drawing enough fuel, making it run lean at idle.. Take the carb apart . Blow our the passages in the carb. Blow them back, against normal flow .. "Canned air" such as that used to blow dust out of computers works well.. Check the jets , especially the main one for tiny holes plugged. You would need a fine wire to poke out any that won't clear with just an air blast. In many carbs there are tiny holes in the side near the bottom of the main jet that are easily missed when checking for blockages.
  27. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    NOPE. FAIL. GAME OVER! I decided since it was idling for some time and it was warm that I should try to shift it into gear (nicely) and verify that it would stay running. It stopped running immediately after putting it in gear. So then I tried to reduce the choke a bit and give it a bit more gas after engaging either forward or reverse. It dies each time. Now I can't get it to start at all. I checked the plug and it was very foul and black. This may be from when I have been adjusting the carb from lean to rich. So I changed the plug and it will not start. FRACK. Part of this may be the CVT is still engaging perhaps? I think I have it set quite well... If this is true and the CVT is engaging at a low idle (improperly), do I then need to have the clutch looked at?
  28. 2002 Can-Am Quest 650 - Won't idle

    I have some good news! I got the carb dialed in and then adjusted the idle. The choke has to be on to keep it idling by itself. A question about the choke. I have the shop manual and it states that you can adjust the cable tension just below the choke knob area so that it stays in place. I think this is complete BS. There is a small black plastic nut that you can tighten but it seems to make no difference in whether or no the choke pull will stay up (fully choked). The choke always pulls back down to not choked. Has anyone figured out a good method to adjust this or mod it to work correctly? Using a small pair of vice grips to hold the choke seems pretty crappy.
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