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  2. atvs Prices guide on used parts Are you looking to buy or sell used Honda 250R parts? This will give you an idea of what they are worth. View the full article
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  4. Wow, thanks for sharing. That's interesting and I kinda like the idea of arctic cat being solely for snow. Although arctic cat has had name brand recognition in the ATV world, will be interesting to see how this works out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. Hi Im having an issue with my kawasaki bayou klf 220ccThe problem i am coming across is that the quad will start for about 30 seconds then stop but after it has stopped the engine seizes up until i get a socket on to lossen it up again, It keeps doing this over and over again.Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry if i have done this wrong im new here
  7. This is a sick ride. You can tell you put a lot of TLC into it. I know you're looking for that price, but if you want I know some buddies over at will give you a price if you're having a hard time getting rid of it. You may not need it, but if you want it's there for you.
  8. Duder if you have a problem selling your ATV I know the guys over at will give you a free quote for it. They make take a second to reply, and you may be looking for a different price, but they'll definitely buy it.
  9. The segmented copper ring is called the "commutator". The assembly it is part of is the armature.. The most common reason for a starter not working or working intermittently is just as you described ..caused by fouling on the commutator or a stuck brush not making contact. When a starter doesn't spin , first check to see if there is power at the starter terminal when the starter button is pressed /key turned. If there is , then the most likely scenario is a brush / fouling problem. If there is no power to the starter , then it's time to check the rest of the circuit. Far too many starters have been scrapped when a simple cleaning would have fixed the problem. Occasionally you'll find the commutator badly worn or pitted, but usually the problem is a stuck brush or fouling.. Brushes wear, so they could be worn to the point they do not contact properly , but they are inexpensive and easy to replace.
  10. I just finished our 1999 suzuki 300 king quad. Same exact symptoms. Got to the starter and bench tested it with a Battery charger and it worked sometimes and not others. It wouldn't work at all off of the quad battery which was fully charged. Took the starter apart and the I think it's called an armature (The copper thing the brushes touch) was covered in grime and residue from the brushes. One brush was stuck because of the grime in it. Sand papered the armature nice with extra fine, got it all cleaned up. Blew it out with Compressed air. Didn't even have to change the brushes. And it started right up.
  11. atvs Is this what Suzuki has been working on? Someone in Italy built an Electric ATV with a manual transmission using a Suzuki LT-R450 chassis. We bet it can fly. The quad is now three years old and we are gathering… View the full article
  12. news The Sky is the Limit! I think there is a place in the industry for high performance, electric ATV's and UTV's, and here's ten reasons why it could be a wildly successful venture. View the full article
  13. Phase 1.. we have a problem. I think it's a stupid idea Textron Off Road to release Wildcat XX in spring 2018April 20, 2017PrintEmailShareRepublishTextron Off Road announced on Wednesday that it will be releasing its first side-by-side as the result of the Arctic Cat merger in the spring of 2018. The Wildcat XX will feature a 125-hp Triple 998 engine, 17.5 inches of front and rear suspension travel, King Shocks, KMC 15-inch wheels, 30-inch tires, full doors and a race-inspired ROPS. Click this bar to view the full image. Report this image It was also formally announced that Textron Off Road will be the name of all dirt product going forward, while Arctic Cat’s sub-brands Wildcat, Prowler and Alterra will remain under the Textron Off Road Brand. Arctic Cat will be the snow brand only, going forward.Arctic Cat originally announced that the Wildcat XX would be made available in the fall of this year, however, Textron Off Road wants more time to perfect the model, reported John Collins, vice president — Consumer, of Textron Specialized Vehicles. Textron Off Road is aiming for a spring 2018 debut, though the release could come earlier, if the model is ready before then. Click this bar to view the full image. Report this image Textron Off Road will also be revealing a yet-to-be-named 100-plus horsepower side-by-side with class-leading suspension and an extended cab this fall. That vehicle was in development by Textron before the Arctic Cat acquisition.These announcements were made Wednesday at an event in the Dallas, Texas, area. There, Textron Specialized Vehicles staff introduced media and about 50 dealers in attendance to the new Textron Off Road and Arctic Cat. The event was also simulcast to Textron Specialized Vehicles and Arctic Cat dealers across North America, as well as Textron Specialized Vehicles staff in Georgia and Minnesota. Textron Specialized Vehicles acquired Arctic Cat in March. Click this bar to view the full image. Report this image Powersports Business senior editor Liz Keener was on hand at the Dallas event and will have full coverage in the May 22 issue of PSB.
  14. I guarantee I'd find a way to flip it lol
  15. Here's a few. First two don't have rear spacers or bush lights yet lol
  16. Not my pic, but what a great photo!
  17. Not my pic, but one of my favorite sand ATV photos.
  18. Not my pic, but also one of the better shot ATV sand photos!
  19. They say the kit will be in retail stores by the end of the year.
  20. I ride with a group of 6 guys. One of them started the Belair Atv club here. Pretty neat
  21. Last week
  22. So my battery light came on but i figured because I'm on a small average I start and shut unit off a lot so battery wasn't charging enough I decided to take it for a good long ride to charge battery up. Got about a half kilometer from home and I heard a load pop and she quit. Main fuse had a large hole burnt through it and after I installed a new one I had no spark! Like you I tested every thing but the manual is sketchy. So I replaced the coil and wire and theCDI unit. Fired up and quit again. I read somewhere on the web you have to replace four units together cdi, coil, rectifier and stator. I'm dealing with a company here in Alberta and when I find something out I'll let ya know as I need this unit running
  23. ride Hunter Hart Claims XC2 Pro-Am Win The racing action was nothing short of exciting with heated battles taking place all day long at the second annual CST Tires Camp Coker Bullet GNCC. View the full article
  24. 98 sportsman 500,2 inch lift with spacers,27 inch swamp lites ,bush lights on front bumper ,clutched ,aeen silencer, hand/thumb warmers and windshield with rear storage box,and jerry mount on rear bumper
  25. I find Tapatalk kinda irritating lol
  26. The wife is normally on the home putter (business stuff)so I haven't got much of a choice doing the phone thingy lol. I find its way to easy to post while waiting in a line up ,on break at work or just wherever. Became normal for me
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