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    2021 ATV Goggle Guide: Reviews, Top Picks and Best Brands


    With a ton of brands and models available, shopping for ATV gear isn’t easy. Today at Quad Crazy, we’re going to discuss the best ATV goggles on the market from a few of our favorite gear manufacturers. 

    We’ve combined our experience with different ATV goggle brands alongside reading online reviews, comparing prices, specs and more. From all that research, we’ve been able to determine the five best products for 2021.

    Our picks include one product for each category below: 

    • Overall top pick
    • Top premium roll offs
    • Best cheap ATV goggles
    • Most suitable OTG (over the glasses) ATV goggles
    • And not forgetting the budding pros...we’ve also included our top pick for kids!

    100% Racecraft Goggles w/ Mirror Lens

    The 5 Best ATV Goggles This Year

    Our Top Rated ATV Goggles: 100% Racecraft

    Want the best ATV goggles on this list for the money? Look no further than the 100% Racecraft Goggles. They weigh in at around $75 with a mirrored lens, or, head for the standard Racecraft ATV goggles with a lower $65 price tag. 

    The first thing we like (apart from them looking super-cool with a mirrored lens), is the wide field of vision. It gives the rider a slightly wider peripheral than the likes of the Oakley O Frames, which are also featured on this list. And, that’s important whether you’re looking ahead on track, trail, or in a race.

    Breathability is better than most. Not only do the 100% Racecraft ATV goggles get air intake channels built into the face foam, but that foam is triple layered too. 

    For warmer days riding that means less sweating, as moisture is wicked away with ease. In the colder months that breathability is going to mean less fogging, which is helped along with the Lexan lens which includes a strong anti fog coating.

    Ready to hit rocky trails with your buddies? The 100% goggles have got you covered, thanks to their removable nose guard that keeps you protected, and the tear off compatible lens helps to give you clear vision all ride long. Better still, the Racecrafts won’t be slipping on your lid, thanks to the 45mm silicon coated strap.

    Looking for the best ATV goggles in terms of value for cash? We’re picking the $75 Racecrafts - you can grab them here at an absolute steal.

    Oakley Front Line MX Matte Roll Off Goggles

    The Best ATV Goggles with Roll Offs: Oakley Airbrake 

    If you’re on a tight budget, we’d suggest looking away now. Although we’re highlighting the Oakley Airbrake as one of the best ATV goggles (with roll offs), they have a price tag to match; around $200!

    But, you do get what you pay for. For a start, you’ll have a lens changing system that’s easy to use, as well as a full on roll off system to keep vision at its best, even on the muddiest of rides.

    Impact resistance compared with cheaper goggles is much higher, so they will stand the test of time. And, rather than taking different goggles with different lenses (clear, mirrored etc) to the track to suit all weather conditions, simply take the Oakley Airbrakes with some spare lenses. Changing lenses is a breeze thanks to their Switchlock technology.

    Field of vision is comparable to the 100% Racecraft, which we love, and is certainly above par when it comes to the 99.9% of other ATV goggles.

    And, like the Racecrafts mentioned above, these goggles aren’t just comfortable, they’re exceptional when it comes to battling fogging. The layered foam wicks away moisture, and the F3 anti-fog coating on the lens ensures that you keep maximum field of vision at all times. 

    The price tag might be off putting for some. But if you have the budget, the Oakley Airbrakes are a must for any ATV junky’s gear bag

    Oakley O-Frame MX Matte Goggles

    Top Pick for Cheap ATV Goggles: Oakley O Frame

    If you’re on the lookout for the best ATV goggles on a budget, we have something pretty-cool for you; the Oakley O Frames.

    O Frames have been used in ATV and dirt bike riding for over two decades and they’re still a hot seller; that’s a testament to how good value for money they really are. And, if you’re looking for cheap ATV goggles from a leading brand, then these are the ones you want. Tons of online reviews are going to back up that statement.

    Like all the best goggles, you’ll get a triple layered face foam. That’s for comfort, to wick away sweat when the adrenaline’s pumping, and to help stop fogging. 

    Prepping your gear back for a race? You’ll need a vision system. You have the option of the Airbrake roll offs mentioned above, but you’ll need to invest a hefty $200. 

    The O Frames? You’ll get a 2-pin tear off system to load up 15+ tear offs for a race, and you’ll be able to grab these set of goggles for a ridiculously low price of around $40.

    Want to stock up your gear bag with some cheap ATV goggles? We’d be headed straight for the Oakley O Frame, and we found a great deal on them here

    100% Accuri OTG Goggles

    ATV Goggles Suitable for OTG: 100% Accuri 2 OTG

    Years ago, if you rode ATV trails and wore glasses, well, tough luck. No manufacturers produced an ATV goggle suitable for people wearing glasses. 

    That changed when Oakley introduced the L Frame, and since then, a ton of OTG (over the glasses) ATV goggles have hit the market. 

    Want the very best? We’d be headed straight for the Accuri 2 from 100%, inclusive of a feature list that’s comparable to the 100% Racecraft goggles mentioned above. And it’s not just our top pick. Read guides like this one covering dirt bike goggles and you’ll see the Accuri OTG are the ones you need in your kit bag. 

    You’ll get a wide field of vision, in a goggle frame that’s going to accommodate your glasses easily, triple layer foam for comfort, and an anti fog lens. 

    Even better is the fact you can grab them here for around $15 less than the mirrored version of the 100% Racecrafts; exceptional value for money.

    100% Mini Strata Goggles
    The Best Goggles For Kids: 100% Mini Strata

    Our final category is the best ATV goggles for kids. Again, we’re headed for the 100% brand, and the Mini Stratas.

    The first thing you’ll notice is they’re ridiculously cheap. Expecting to pay $75 like the Racecrafts? Nope. $40 like the O Frames? Think again. 

    They’re more than half the price of the O Frames; you’ll be getting change from $20!

    Naturally, they come with a smaller frame size to suit kids helmets, and a 35mm silicon strap rather than the 45mm on the adult 100% goggles. But apart from that, you’ll get the usual comfort, ventilation from the face foam, and anti-fog lens to stop fogging. 

    There’s nothing else to it. If you want the most bang for your buck and the best ATV goggles for kids, you don’t need to be looking at any other product, just head for the 100% Mini Strata.

    Quad Crazy’s Picks: Best ATV Goggle Brands

    Hopefully, you’re loving our top picks above. But, if you want to keep browsing ATV goggles, just bear this in mind…

    Cheap brands don't offer all the features ATV goggles need: scratch resistant and anti fog lenses, layered face foam for ventilation, a large frame for a wide field of vision, tear off lens, roll offs and more. 

    So, how do you choose? Simply stick to Quad Crazy’s list of the best ATV goggle brands (all of which are on offer here😞

    • 100%
    • FXR
    • Fly Racing Dirt
    • Fox Racing
    • Leatt
    • Oakley
    • Scott
    • Shift
    • Spy Optics
    • Thor

    That’s a wrap to our guide to the best ATV goggles. 

    Looking to read more reviews, and all things ATV? Jump over to Quad Crazy’s ATV Magazine, we’re constantly uploading cool content like this.

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