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This ATV & Off Road forum category is broken down by Census Bureau-designated regions and divisions. Here you can post more local topics, ATV & off road riding, groups, clubs, meet ups, etc. Please be specific in your topic titles and include the state and location if it is relevant.


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    Division 1: New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)
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    Includes Puerto Rico and other US territories that are not part of any census region or census division. Also includes other countries and regions around the world.


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    • I have a service manual. I just gotta get after it and get it figgered out. The owner is starting to get antsy. It's been here about 2 months already. But, I had to send the cylinder out for re-plating, etc. Shipping these days is a crap-shoot. Mightbe 3 days..might be 3 weeks... Thanks for the input and encouragement! 
    • Basketcases are always so much fun. There used to be a Raptor service manual in the downloads section so I'd start there and run down any loose wires and odd items hanging around.  Sounds like you do indeed have a fuel related issue but it could be harness or ground as much as pump. I think you're real close, just one more hurdle to hear it run. 
    • Its kind of a long story...but..from the beginning. I never heard this bike run. When I got it the owner said he thinks it needs  a new starter. LOL. It did.....but, it needed a whole lot more. So, after doing the overhaul it would start die, start die, repeat. I had a small water leak out of the head, but I tightened down a little on it and it stopped. But, I did put a new head gasket on and no leaks so far.   I tested the fuel pressure. According to the manual it's supposed to be tested while the engine is running. I didn't have the right fitting to do that. But, I could test it without starting it and I did that. The pressure went up to about 45 psi (the book calls for 46) and then it would drop off. So, I figured a cheap fuel pump would tell the story. So after the fuel pump change, same thing. I adjusted the valves, just because I hadn't done it. Then the thing wouldn't crank over. Whenever it would hit the compressions stroke, it would almost stop. So I figured I did something wrong. I checked the cam timing and I was 1 tooth off and that made the changes that I made to the valves way off. I got that straightened out. Now it would crank over, but not start unless I gave it shot of ether. So, now it's getting no fuel at all. I changed to more expensive pump, and it did the same. Now, yesterday, my wife asked about these wires and this plunger looking thing hanging down. I said I didn't know what they were, so I grabbed the plunger thing and hit the starter and it fired up! And then died. It fired up a couple times, a couple of times it wouldn't. The plunger thing didn't have any effect on it. Or the other 2  wires. So, that got me thinking that there's a short or a loose wire somewhere.  I'm not sure what these 2  things are. They weren't hooked up when it came here.   
    • CDI either runs or doesn't, normally.  Any intermittent issue with CDI is frequently once they get hot or wet.  I'm still betting it's fuel pump.  You said "more expensive one" but that doesn't always mean as good as OEM.  this is all assuming though that it's a fuel related issue.  Could be heat shutting down a coil, compression leak on a sticky valve or head gasket...quite a bit to narrow down.  What made you go to fuel pump as the possible culprit?  Just curious.
    • I'm also looking this manual, did u found it?

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