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Regional ATV & Off Road Forums

This ATV & Off Road forum category is broken down by Census Bureau-designated regions and divisions. Here you can post more local topics, ATV & off road riding, groups, clubs, meet ups, etc. Please be specific in your topic titles and include the state and location if it is relevant.


  1. Northeast ATV & Off Road Forum

    Division 1: New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)
    Division 2: Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania)

  2. Midwest ATV & Off Road Forum

    Division 3: East North Central (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin)
    Division 4: West North Central (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota)

  3. South ATV & Off Road Forum

    Division 5: South Atlantic (Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia)
    Division 6: East South Central (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee)
    Division 7: West South Central (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas)

  4. West ATV & Off Road Forum

    Division 8: Mountain (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming)
    Division 9: Pacific (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington)

  5. Other Region ATV & Off Road Forum

    Includes Puerto Rico and other US territories that are not part of any census region or census division. Also includes other countries and regions around the world.


  • Latest Forum Posts

    • What year engine is a 450 Kodiak engine  number   5GHOO 401 CM 3
    • Hey brother sorry been busy. Getting the timing right is a bit of a bitch. It’s a matter of getting that chain in the right spot because when u tighten the chain tensioner it moves the cam spot back a bit.  It’s a matter of touch so move it a bit forward on the sprocket and tighten the tensioner and see if it lines up if not go a tooth further.  
    • Loud Mini blue 4 wheeler with little orange was stolen late at night from our yard. Does not have a key only a kill switch no stickers just plane no license plate due to it not being road legal. Was seen drove on four wheeler trails in Hibbing. It was my 5 year olds birthday present and means the world to him. He’s been very upset and hurt that someone could steal his four wheeler and is so little for him to understand that some heartless people in the world do bad things And is trying to do yard work for a reward and to buy a new one 🙁 we just want our sons smile to be brought to his innocent face. Thank you for taking the time to read The post STOLEN ATV: BLUE RF MINI SPED STAR CLONE 50cc KIDS ATV appeared first on STOLEN 911. View the full article
    • Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP, Kanab on a rental
    • @Frank Angerano  So i got the new cam and everything and put it all in. but the timing mark on the chain won't line up with the timing mark on the flywheel.... i put it all back together to see how it would act and it turns over fine with no throttle but when any throttle is given is sputters when trying to turn over. i then took the carb off and it acts how it did with the throttle opened. I'm guessing this is because the timing is off but i don't know how to get the chain back in line with the flywheel timing mark.  I tried to explain that as best as i could, sorry if it's confusing.

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