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Other Region ATV & Off Road Forum

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Includes Puerto Rico and other US territories that are not part of any census region or census division. Also includes other countries and regions around the world.

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  1. ATV riding in La Tuque, Quebec

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  2. Atv challenge cup bulgaria 2009

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  3. any australians here?

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  4. saint john nb canada

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  5. Trails in Ontario

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    • I was there at one point. Right now I have four atv’s and one dirt bike.  Going to get rid of at least one quad and the dirt bike.  
    • Wow that sounds scary, by the topic it sounded like YOU got impaled!!!  The lever/shifter prob just got bent. It should run fine with it bent. Juts make sure there is nothing blocking the shifter so it goes completely into the gear you want. That is the hand shifter on the left side by the fender correct ?  When your ready to repair it then remove it from the machine and heat it up and bend it back to where it was. If your not sure what it looked like before it was bent then look the part up and it will give you an idea of what it looked like.  You can also buy another shifter just to be safe.    
    • Yeah me too man. You find all kids of crap as you drive, lol. I too have ran out of places to keep my toys. My wife wants to murder me. She said last night, why do you need 4 quads and 2 dirt bikes? Your one guy. I said that’s the fun of it all. I won’t buy anything till I get rid of 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • I can’t help but to look as a drive now. I see shit all the time.   I actually pressure washed the bear tracker and fired it up. She runs good, took it out for a spin last night.  I think I’m going to bring her up to the new property and leave it up there for the hunting season. Time to install the lift kits and bigger rims and tires on the ranchers so I need a little room. 
    • I agree frank. I’ve done that a lot too. I also drive around and look for things in the woods or in abandon places that are ran to the ground. I once found an Indian 50 from the 60s which was free. Restored everything and it sold for 7000. Talk about a vintage score. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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