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  1. whats everyones suggestions for the meanest ATV swamp tires, looking for some aggressive tires for an old honda in 25x12-9
  2. hi i am from australia, looking for anybody else on here into old honda quads, keen to trade parts etc. cheers
  3. i have a trx250 with low compression, does anybody have any suggestions on how to do the top end? do i measure the bore and choose a piston and ring to suit ?
  4. i like to go with 2 inch bigger all round for 1 inch lift
  5. does the increase / decrease play adjustment on the side of the case affect this ?
  6. hey everyone , from australia here. I have a couple of those old trx250 fourtrax. one is in good condition, one is low on compression. Has anyone ever done any performance upgrades on these?

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