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  2. @Mike knox anyone out there , i am still trying to find out what could be the problem is with my lakota.
  3. Put a lot of new parts on this and still won’t run more than 15:00 minutes. Will start right back up after it cools. Anyone have any ideas. New coil , new top end, new stator, new carb , new rectifier. Timing is on , valves adjusted right. Runs great for 15:00 minutes then when warm quits and won’t run till cooled. Getting frustrated with it.
  4. I have a 1997 kawasaki lakota 300A just put in a calytric stator, new coil, new rectifier, new carb, rebuilt top end . runns fine for 15 min. then spitts ,spudders and wont start until its cooled off. any thoughts?

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