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    • Pretty typical symptoms of worn smooth out or broken rings.  Set of good rings, hone, handful of gaskets and i'd bet it's good as new.
    • The short answer is capacitor discharged ignition. 
    • I can't find any reason to doubt it. You may like this guy Mike Rivero  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbXZVzTsVfs He's usually good for a levelheaded analysis.
    • Biden "it provides 53 death penalty offenses... we do everything but hang people for jaywalking in this bill!"  The context is people were saying the bill was not tough enough, so Biden described just how tough it is by bragging how it provides 53 new ways to kill people for trivial crimes as the "hang people for jaywalking" metaphor alluded to. What has Trump said that is comparable to creating 53 new ways to kill people? I'm no giant fan of Trump, but one thing I liked was his pardoning that woman who was locked up (for life I think) for cocaine possession, probably as part of Biden's crime bill... all while Biden's son is the biggest cokehead on the planet. I challenge you to find something Jimmy said that is not true.  I'd expect you'd be excited to substantiate your accusation and seize the opportunity to drag Jimmy through the mud. Aversion to facts is a symptom of TDS.  I've had TDS myself and it can be pretty brutal.  Biden winning the nom and causing me to have to support Trump cured me. How do you know the accusations are false? Whataboutism is no justification for Biden's actions.  There are plenty of bad things to say about Trump but none of it excuses Biden and it's beside the point that Biden exists specifically to stop Bernie, progressives, medicare for all, and any help for the people in order to protect the rich which is the greatest evil I can imagine.  Trump is mainly just out for himself and greed is far less evil than specifically trying to hold people down so the rich can profit. Biden's wars, drug war, prisons are just mechanisms to get rid of "superfluous people" in lieu of providing jobs or welfare.  Herd them into slums where they prey on each other until they're arrested for drugs and put to work for the state for 5 cents per hour.  Alternatively they could join the military where they're sent to die in needless wars that only exist to make the industrial military complex richer.  So yeah, 53 new ways to kill people is right up Biden's alley.
    • View File 2014 Hisun Strike 250 Service Manual 2014 Hisun Strike 250 Service Manual HS250UTV/HS200UTV Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 10/19/2020 Category Hisun UTV  

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