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  1. WOO HOO !!! ...... And YEAH BUDDY !! .......... Thanks for watch'in Ajmboy !!! ..
  2. You are too kind ... THANKS for the sharing thou. And I'm glad you enjoyed the video. THANKS for watching it as well !! It's much appreciated !! ...
  3. Back on the Apache Backcountry Tracks enjoying the snow ... or what snow we have ... PRAY FOR SNOW !! Hope you enjoy the video !!
  4. Oh, well, in a normal snow year there should be between 60 to 72 inches of snow right there where I'm riding at the end of the video. Those drifts in the background should be 10 ft high. And there's maybe, 38 to 42 inches of snow this year & the drifts are babies. ...
  5. THANKS Mikeexplorer Guy ... glad you enjoyed the video. The snow looks good, but there should be a heck of a lot more. And down lower (I was at approx 9000 ft in this video) there's only about 23 inches of snow. We need more snow REAL bad !!! THANKS for watch'in the video too !! ...
  6. THANKS ... And YEAH BUDDY !!! 😨 ...
  7. FINALLY ... I was able to get out & try out my new BRP Apache Backcountry Tracks. And all I can say is .... WOW !!! These tracks are AWESOME !!! We do need more snow ... so Please ... PRAY FOR SNOW !!! ...
  8. I know none of you have these tracks, or if you do, you haven't said anything, but I made a video of installing the mounting kit, so for most, it's just FYI. Hope you enjoy it anyway ........ WHAT ???
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! ... and this thread is about ... New Tracks !! .... 😜 ...
  10. I use to belong to a bunch of forums but most are gone now. Sad really. And this social media crap is ruining all kinds of things IMO.
  11. Hey Mike, Yup, it's me ... still. And I drop in here at Quadcrazy from time to time just to let the admin guys know I'm still kick'in. 😜 Good to hear from ya & LET'S RIDE !!! ...
  12. Why Thank You Ajmboy ... glad you enjoyed the video. Oh man, the Backcountry Tracks are WAY more aggressive then the Tatou Tracks. Nope, the Tatou Tracks, which like I mentioned I've had for 9 yrs, still look like new. They have very short lugs on them. It's the way they're designed being a 4 season track. Some of the newer tracks have taller lugs, 1 1/4 inches being the tallest until these came out. From talking to my snowmobile buddies, they are telling these new tracks are going to be like night & day compared to the Tatou's, because that's how it was with the sleds when they went from 1 inch lugs to 2 inch lugs. And now sleds are running 3 inch lugs. They also tell me the taller lug will take more hp to turn in the snow. I had noticed in all the teaser video's about these tracks, the riders are in low range. So instead of riding in high all the time like I did with the Tatou's, I may now have to ride in low. But I already have aftermarket clutches, so it ought to be a blast !! I hope the ride is about the same if not even better. I'll find out as soon as I can. PRAY FOR SNOW !!! I haven't ridden it yet, except from where it was in the video to inside the garage. And I hope the steering si good like it was with the Tatou's. Time will tell. Yes, biggest advantage is going thru deep snow & climbing hills to I would imagine. As I get some vids made of me riding with these Backcountry Tracks, I'll be sure to post them up so others can see what they can do. Wish me luck !! ... HAHAHAHA !!! ...
  13. I just picked up my Backcountry Tracks. Here's a video with a little comparison of the Backcountry Tracks to my Tatou 4S tracks. I've had the Tatou's for 9 yrs & they have been excellent tracks. I hope the New Backcountry Tracks give me as much enjoyment. Before anyone wants to tell I should of bought a sled, understand, I didn't want a sled. And I did not pay list price for the tracks. My dealer gave me one hell of a good deal. I will say this, it's gonna suck to go back to tires in the spring ... I'll be doing another video next week of the bracket installs & a few other things I've to prepare for running these Backcountry Tracks. Now, I just have to wait for it to snow here. ...