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  1. 1996 - 1998 Polaris service manual View File Service manual for all models 1996 to 1998 Submitter davefrombc Submitted 08/21/2017 Category Polaris ATV  
  2. Found the download for the pdf of the '96 -'98 all model service manual and added it to the Polaris section of the repair manuals. Here is the direct link to it:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Service manual for all models 1996 to 1998
  4. The bolts are most likely metric.. Find a standard bolt that is about the same size and then take it to a hardware store that stocks metric bolts. Choose metric ones that most closely compare to the standard bolt and then pick up a couple of each metric pitch for that bolt. I'd get bolts on either side of the one you take to compare. Without having one to compare, I'd guess the bolts are likely between 8mm and 10mm ( ~5/16" to ~3/8") and could be either a coarse or fine metric pitch. Here is a Kazuma parts source https://www.kazumausaparts.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw_dTMBRDHusz5vZaV1g0SJACkjOf8bkdBoGa1G0Em4Jr3ufgXmL6eCTZRcEa7IFt6mH-5uhoC4kfw_wcB you could check with but most likely it would be cheaper to pick up a selection of bolts locally and see what fits.
  5. The service manual is in the forum's Downloads section. (click "Browse / Downloads" ) Here is the link to the download:
  6. The VIN should be stamped into the tube, not on a sticker. You may need to lightly sand the tube to bring it up.. The letters and numbers are not stamped very deep.
  7. This video of BMW engines being manufactured in China very well illustrates where all the unskilled repetitive jobs have gone, and why they're not coming back in America or anywhere else. What BMW has done in China is being repeated by every industry everywhere. If it can be automated, it will be and except for a handful of operators the only people employed by those businesses will be tradesmen maintaining the robots. Education and trades training is far more important today than it has ever been.
  8. Far too many sniff at Chinese ( and Taiwanese or Korean ) made products and declare them junk without having a clue what they are really like.. and at the same time tout some name brand North American products....... that are in fact manufactured in the countries they sniff at .. LOL. . Kymco is a good example of just one of those companies. Americans aren't the only ones to do it by the way .. I'm afraid Canadians can be just as prejudiced against Asian manufactured goods that come from anywhere other than Japan...... and I can remember when everyone was saying if it was made in Japan it was junk..... Until the Japanese started putting American and Canadian made cars especially to shame for quality. Optics and electronics both saw many Japanese brands become far superior to offerings made in North America. We're seeing the start of a repeat of that with today's China too . . Still lots of junk, but also a lot of top notch products .
  9. Couldn't find a free one. There are downloads offered by pay sites
  10. 1992-98 Yamaha YFB250 Timberwolf 2WD Service Manual View File Service/Repair manual 1992-98 Yamaha YFB250 Timberwolf 2WD Submitter davefrombc Submitted 08/06/2017 Category Yamaha ATV  
  11. Version


    Service/Repair manual 1992-98 Yamaha YFB250 Timberwolf 2WD
  12. Look up Kymco.. They are Taiwanese, not mainland Chinese... They used to be with Honda before they went on their own. They build motors ans clutches for other big name brand Quads . They also build parts for BMW cars. Kymco happens to also be the official scooter and ATV supplier to the NHRA. Kawasaki and others use Kymco built parts, and Kawasaki also rebrands a Kymco scooter .. They are far from being a junk manufacturer. But call them junk as you wish, but those that condemn "Chinese " manufactured parts and equipment really should learn where far too many of their Good ole USA brand tools, machinery, electronics and many other things are made. Kymco manufactured clutches are used in several CTV applications. No, I don't own a Kymco, nor do I have any investment in them or any other Chinese or Taiwanese companies , but I really do think people , especially in the US need to learn where a lot of the parts and equipment they buy that has old time American names on it and have American parent companies should learn where so many components are made and how many items they buy with American brands on them are actually rebranded from an off shore manufacturer; many of them unheard of outside their home country. A lot of junk does come out of mainland China, but a lot of top notch things do too.. Unfortunately the same can be said of Canadian and American manufactured products. The country of origin doesn't necessarily determine whether a product is junk or not.
  13. If you want new rims , all you need to do is choose the brand and style you want and tell the dealer what they are to fit . If you are looking at used rims you need to know the bolt pattern and the offset to know if you can use them .. Here is a site that tells you how to measure rims to find the specs on it , ans even handier charts showing rim specs for a whole range of quads by manufacturers .. Look up your Kodiak to get the rim specs , and then compare them to other makes to see what ones interchange. http://www.mud-throwers.com/atv_wheel_chart
  14. If it is running too lean at idle , it will do that when you give it throttle.. On carbs that have an accelerator pump, if it doesn't work right it will also bog when you go to open it up .. It can idle fine and still be too lean to catch when you open it up. It will stumble. Try giving it a 1/4 turn out ans see if it helps. If it idles fine and refuses to rev up at all, then most likely there is a plugged jet or passage . You might also double check the float setting. If it is not allowing the float bowl to fill to the proper level it could also not want to rev above an idle .. Simplest first .. Try the idle air screw, then if no go look deeper.
  15. It may be just the idle air screw is set a little too lean , try turning it out a 1/4 to 1/2 turn and see if improves before digging deeper into the carb again .. Most start from 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from seated and then adjust 1/4 turn at a time in or out to find the sweet spot .