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  1. I know of some from the days of the early 1980's 3 wheel ATVs still going strong . As Freedomflyer says , maintenance is the key.
  2. The lithium battery in that jump starter also delivers a higher voltage and amps than the lead acid one in the quad . It is that higher voltage under load that spins the quad over faster . The CCA rating does make a difference when it is really cold . No matter what the CCA rating is , it is an adventure starting a vehicle when the thermometer is frozen at 40 below. A battery that matches the OEM rating for the machine should start the quad reasonably fast down to about 0 Fahrenheit but after that one with a higher CCA rating will make a bit of difference .
  3. Trump claimed several times Obama would go to war with Iran to bolster his support for re-election in 2011-2012 .. It never happened as we all know , but now guess what Trump has done in an idiotic attempt to gain popularity for taking Suleimani out. I agree the general richly deserved what he got ; but it was at the wrong time in the wrong place and for the wrong reasons despite what his "intelligence services" claimed about "planned attacks".. I can recall very vividly a war fought under false pretenses that directly led up to this mess. I wonder how long it wil l take and how many are going to have to die before some of the Trump cultists wake up to how badly they've been misled. The last 3 years have seen the one percent and the better off members of the middle have had great gains on their stocks and 401ks. Everyone else has seen their situation worsen. Wake up GOP supporters. Trump has ballooned the deficit with his tariffs and then attempts to subsidize the farmers. His trade wars have only cost American consumers dearly while they have done nothing to boost jobs and well being in America. My condolences in advance for all those Americans and Middle easterners who are going to lose family members in the conflict sure to come ; either through terrorist attacks and useless blanket retaliation against Iran , or outright war in the middle east which will only that only result in more hatred towards the US and more terrorism.
  4. Your last picture took all the guess work out of identifying the choke , brake hold and kill switch. . Glad you found the problem and it was as simple as the choke being on all the time . You'll likely find you need to do a little more tweaking for max performance and ending any sign of stumbling , but you're well on the way now.. Happy Quadding , and have a Very Merry Christmas.
  5. I think that red button above the start button is the choke, and it looks to be on full choke to me . Does that red button slide back and forth ? . It looks like an arrow indicator to the right of it and it is fully to the left.. If that is the case , that is most likely your problem. Start the bike with choke button tro the left ,, reduce choke as needed as it warms up and do all your fine adjusting on a warm motor / choke fully off..... slid to the right . The button you're pointing to might be a brake lock button . You squeeze the brake handle and press that button down to lock if it is .
  6. At least you saw it driven out in the right direction ...Up toward the top of the carb from the bottom. I hope that's where the problem is .... one or more of those tiny drilled holes plugged.
  7. Brings me back to blaming a possible plugging of those tiny holes in the main jet tube. They're about the only thing not cleaned or adjusted .
  8. I'm not familiar with that particular carb, but the diagram does show the tiny holes I mentioned that are in many tubes in different carbs .. one thing not mentioned is the direction that jet tube comes out of the carb body . . Down towards the float bowl or up towards the top? trying to drive it the wrong direction can screw up the works .
  9. Bogging is more often a lean problem than rich.. As Frank said , I'd pull the carb once more and look for any tiny, and I mean tiny holes in the tubes to the jets . They can be missed very easily because they're so small and not a brass jet as the bigger ones are . I don't know if your carb has the holes I'm talking about but many do.. Carbs and fuel mixture settings are often accompanied by a lot of my verbal lubrication here. Sometimes I wish I was multi-lingual so I'd have access to a broader range of "lubricant " phrases. They're so handy when fiddling with the small stuff and much better to use them than start tossing tools LOL
  10. I have done next to zero work on ATVs myself other than maintaining my own and helping friends with minor repairs and welding. I have messed with old school cars which are very comparable to non-electronic controlled ATVs. A carb is a carb whether it is on as car , ATV or any other machine .. They may be built and look different but they all mix fuel and air to run. The trick is finding all the quirks in how each is jetted and adjusted .. That's where manuals and advice from owners of similar machines come in. As far as the electrical end of it comes , I'm comfortable with points and coils, but have to rely on advice from others and, again, manuals when dealing with CDI boxes and electronics on newer ATVs. I know my way around multimeters and basic electricity. Got my HAM ticket back in the '70s so learned a lot of electrical theory to do that . I'm a retired Millwright and have tinkered with cars since my first one over 60 years ago, so I do know the frustration of working in tight spaces at times fixing things that engineers designed to be easy to build but hell to maintain. Most of the time when someone has a problem I might be able to help with, Frank beats me to it and gives very good advice . I can only add a little to some of it some of the time . I spend entirely too much time on my computer so I do know my way around searching for answers to all sorts of things. The flexible screwdrivers offered today are a lot more refined than back in the day I bought one.. Old ones were simply a flat head with a cable like shaft and handle. I never saw any with a Philips or any Robertson head. Now they generally all have heads where you can use any of the various inserts. Good luck on getting that carb tuned .. Takes a bit of time and patience ..... and far too often a lot of ummmmm " Verbal lubrication" to get the job done.
  11. You can get flexible screwdrivers . Walmart carries several different takes on them according to the hit on this search. https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/flexible-screwdrivers
  12. Look in the forum downloads section. There is the service manual for the '88 - '94 Honda 300's there
  13. I haven't found a free download of the manual for the newer ones ,but there's several pay ones available .
  14. I can't tell you how they're locked , but if it might be with thread locker , like Loctite , you could try heating them up good and hot with a soldering iron. Empty the tank , leave the cap off and no open flames to heat the nuts with.. Heat on them will kill any locking compound if present and will likely help to loosen the nuts if they are mechanically locked with a star washer or other means.

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