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  1. How do you think that is better than our universal system? I suspect if you checked into what your company pays to provide less coverage to you than the taxes they and you would pay under our system you would find your company would actually be paying less . Cost to you for your daughter's check up under our system on top of what was paid in taxes for the system? $0.00
  2. Business taxes pay a big part of our universal health care but so do income taxes. It is not all on businesses. It's useless trying to explain the fact that health care expenses for both business and individuals is actually cheaper in our universal systems than it is under your for profit system, The brainwashing the military/ industrial complex and the ERW have been giving Americans for the last century has been far too effective. Too bad there are too few who remember the tax system of the late '40's through to the beginning of the '60's that actually encouraged businesses and the rich to invest in the US and the boom it created. Those days are long gone. They started going away with business's "tax reforms" and really accelerated with Reagan and the decline continues with the rich getting richer and the erosion of the middle class those "reforms" have created. But of course all that is fake news to the true believers.
  3. I doubt Hunter Biden would have been stupid enough to drop a laptop off for repair if it contained evidence of wrongdoing on his part. Would you? tRump is not the businessman he makes himself out to be. The proof of that may not be long in coming. tRump's donating his presidential salary is a red herring. He is making far more than that steering government events trough his businesses.The money he makes staying in his own facilities and charging the security that must accompany far exceeds his salary; and then there are the other costs for his far too frequent golfing trips at his own facilities. I know how we live in our country with universal health care and environmental regulations. The rest of the west would also very likely compare themselves very favourably with the US also. You really need to seek better information on life and standards of living in western countries outside the US. One example you might compare is our cost in taxes to support our "free" health care with the real cost in premiums, co-pays and other costs of your for profit system. finally you must realize there are no truly communist countries no matter how you want to name their systems. Every business is capitalist whether privately or government owned. Even China operates on a capitalist system despite their communist tag; and no, I would not want to live under their government controls. They try to physically control what the west largely controls with the almighty dollar. Every service the government supplies is a form of socialism. You confuse social responsibility with socialism. If you are a Christian you are worshiping someone who was a far left "socialist" in his teachings. Without socialism you would have to build your own roads, maintain your own security, health and welfare and exist without the help of any other person. as soon as you form a community and divide responsibilities you are instituting socialism.
  4. Biden suffers from the same kind of attacks and false accusation from the right ,and I have no doubt certain foreign operators. Loose cannons rolling around on deck crashing into things have resulted in more than one sunk ship. I definitely don't share your view of Biden or what you think his agenda is. I know enough of the workings of our respective governments to know a lot te accusations against him use statements taken out of context to try to blame him for things done by Congress and the Senate that he had no real control of even though he was supposed to be steering the legislation. ..it's the polls in the Congress and Senate that determine the final wording and results, no matter how he or any other committee head would like to see it go. For example Obama care would have been far different than what you got if there had not been so many concessions and changes made to the right and far right ruling the GOP just to get even that flawed First step towards the universal health care enjoyed by the rest of the Western world. I won't bother to try to debate you Quadmaniac. I see your version of the last 4 years is very different than most others. and compared to what is happening and has happened in the US in the last 4 years the rest of the west is doing very well. I'll take our COVID statistics and responses over those under tRump any day. Oil prices are governed by international markets , not by anything tRump or the US oil industry has done for another example. I'll leave it at that .
  5. I meant to include this video with my request for an explanation of just how anyone can support him with all the evidence and his own words and actions supporting the accusations against him. It's only his tenure in the White House keeping him from facing charges for many things, including his "unindicted co-conspirator" charge in the 2016 election corruption. The real "fake news" comes from Fox and other right wing and extreme right sites on the internet. November 3 is fast approaching . Think long and hard before you vote; but get out there and vote either for or against tRump and his enablers. Make you voice heard where it counts. https://youtu.be/NX-DdOUlcqs
  6. Please explain to this Canadian how anyone can support the most incompetent and corrupt individual to ever hold the Presidency of the U. S. of A. I cannot understand how he can hold such a cult as he has worshiping him.
  7. LOL Jimmy Dore and the truth are not exactly compatible. I see your post as that of a true tRump cultist. If it makes you feel any better , we have more than our share of them up here too. Minds are made up, don't try confusing them with facts and figures that don't fit their preconceptions. As far as tRump not saying anything so sinister as Biden's comment (taken out of context) you haven't listened very closely to many of his comments and actions, Many , if not most of the things Biden has been falsely accused of both morally and legally have been presented against tRump by witnesses and federal investigation conclusions , but tRump cannot be charged while in office thanks to the GOP's unproven slant on the Constitution. It will be interesting if the "unindicted co-conspirator" will face charges for his actions in the last election and for the many financial and business practices he as been accused of not exactly sticking to the law in.
  8. Medicare for all is really Obamacare under another name. Biden is a lot more middle of the road than Bernie. You can see that by how the far left cry he is on theright and a supporter of the rich over them ; and the right cry he is taking everyone to "socialism" The left have to face reality that the right is going to be kicking and screaming at any move towards a single payer, medicare for all. It has to be done a step at a time just as it has been done in every other western nation. Ours has been a work in progress since 1947 and it is still evolving with our right wing Conservatives trying to gut it and bring back private insurance, A lot of the attempts by the right to take us back are funded to some extent by the US private healthcare industry. I must say I see a lot of Jimmy Dore Utubes posted up in other forums I'm in and they all twist the truth and facts to an ERW slant. Dore , Carlson , Hannity and most of Fox "news" are all as full of it as a major stockyard There are others that may have been a better choice than Biden, but for the realists that see improvements to healthcare and other social issues can only be achieved through middle of the road policies that neither too far left at once nor allow the right to continue as it has. America has been kept divided and controlled by the military / industrial complex through their "anti-socialism" rhetoric and scare tactics for the last century. Changing that doesn't come swiftly or painlessly. Americans have been told the lies so long they are very reluctant to realize they are not the truth.
  9. I voted in the poll too but unfortunately I can't vote in the US election. I do hope there is an overwhelming vote in all states by those not blinded by the tRump cult. The GOP of today is definitely not the GOP of Lincoln's time. To far too many of us it mirrors Germany of the 1930's.
  10. A big part of deciding how big a quad to start a 10 year old on depends on the father and the lessons he teaches the kid .. Are you a risk taker that drives on the insane edge, or a cautious driver ? It makes a huge difference seeing the lessons you teach in your own driving habits. Smaller, lighter quads are easier for a preteen to handle, but on easy drives on trails they can handle larger ones. I would look at 90cc ones for a good balance between reasonable power and lighter weight and they'll be sufficient for adults too in most riding scenarios.
  11. Yes, they are doing it in the UK too but Canadians and people in the UK are relatively much harder to fool with the cries of socialism and "they're trying to steal your freedom" than Americans who have been deluged with it every time any suggestion of improving social programs that benefit everyone. People in the Commonwealth are far less afraid of and have more control over our governments than Americans do. We can force an election anytime the government gets too far out of line that people want to revolt. With your Republic, the most you can do is try to impeach and remove individuals, and you've seen how hard that is to do. We can force and entirely new election of all our federal politicians at any time through a non confidence vote. You have to wait 2 years to try to get rid of half of them and 4 years to remove an incompetent such as your stable genius if the senate won't ratify an impeachment of him. The beauty of the internet and its ability to bring virtually instant communication to all is that the old scare tactics of the military / industrial are far less effective in scaring those that have enough of an open mind to be able to discuss social programs elsewhere, see how they work and realize they in now way threaten your freedoms. Those screams of "my rights" "socialism and communism" are having less impact all the time as people across America are increasingly realizing they are bullshit. They are still far too effective in the US but it's changing; more so in the cities where there is a lot more contact through their being hubs of trade and international connections than in the farm states and rural communities where there is far less exposure to people from other cultures and political systems. It's far harder to hate someone or their system when you are interacting with them and in doing so can sort through the facts and BS claims much easier. Closed minds such as of at least one demonstrated on this forum will never change, but anyone who will take the time to discuss and argue points will. The 1% should feel increasingly threatened, and it isn't going to end. Americans are getting much harder to beat down by them and you in many ways can thank the WWW for helping toughen them up.
  12. I know someone here that had a heart attack and quad bypasses....... ME..... Our universal health coverage covered all my medical expenses at the time ( 20 years ago now) and my supplemental coverage from work covered enough of my wages that I did not fall behind on my bills. I have friends who also have needed bypass surgery. All have done well since except for one who unfortunately had a fatal attack the day after her surgery. They didn't say whether it was a failure of the bypasses , a subsequent clot or other problem , but whatever it was it was fatal for her . Even though we have had universal care in varying form here for years across Canada, the for profit health care industry is still spending millions every year trying to gut it. So far the provinces , even those with more right wing Conservative majorities have resisted letting them back in. They know all too well the drubbing the voters would give them if they did. We get our share of fighting and butting heads here too, but with multiple parties to make it more interesting. We don't have a President to try to make himself a dictator. In our parliamentary system the head of the party with the majority number of members sitting forms the government. If no one party has a working majority they may form a coalition with one of the others with sitting members to form that majority. Should the government suffer a vote of non-confidence, there must be a new election. It doesn't matter if it is only weeks from the election or the maximum 4 years. Coalition governments make for a little more cautious legislation and can at times be frustratingly slow in getting things passed, but it is sure a lot better than an absolute majority pushing through poorly thought out legislation. Like you , we have those that only vote for the member of their chosen party no matter how poorly equipped he or she may be for the job. We have no primaries here . Candidates are chosen for each party by the members in each of the ridings . The general public only gets to choose between the ones chosen in the general election. I belong to no party. I try to choose the one I think can best represent my interests and those of my community , no matter which party he or she may belong too. My leanings are definitely to the liberal view, not the Liberal party as such. Federally the Liberals are left leaning , but here in BC the Liberal party is anything but liberal. They were taken over several years ago by members of the old provincial Conservative and Social Credit parties that were basically wiped out by a third party, the NDP.. LOL ( Social Credit was a very right leaning populist party that ruled here for several years in the 1950's and early 60's) Ialways encourage everyone to vote for who they think best represents them despite the party they may or may not belong to.
  13. Have you checked for a loose or corroded connection ? There may also be a carb problem causing it to go lean when you open the throttle .. Have you checked it for contamination, plugged jets or a faulty diaphragm?
  14. I find it disappointing more people don't chime into this thread from both the Dem and GOP sides of it. When you have only two choices ( not voting is NOT a choice. It is a choice for the worst outcome ) you really have to think, look and listen to the contenders and try to make your choice on where they stand, not on whether they are a member of the party and philosophy you support or not. Yes, I personally detest the likes of tRump and all those that think and act like him; and it goes back long before that narcissistic incompetent ran for the Presidency. He has done nothing for the country and all for himself since the Electoral College put him in there. Believe it or not , but tRump ran , not to win the job and do for the country , but to get very cheap air time to hype his name for purely business gain. That he won was a huge bonus for him that he has tried to take full advantage of ever since. I do hope to see debates between him an Biden, and real time fact checking on line and in video commentary during those debates. Biden has a disability that often has him misspeaking .. Trump has a personality disorder that has him very difficult to speak the truth, and even if he does say something truthful , ends up embellishing it until there is little truth left in it. "It's gonna be interesting in November"
  15. I remember one of the big stars of the 50's saying one of the big reasons he sponsored so much medical and educational institutions was because his income was so high that in Federal and state / local taxes of the time he was paying closer to 90%+ in taxes. Individuals had to support "social programs" so they could reduce their taxes and see the money they paid out in lieu of taxes went to programs they chose rather than where the politicians wanted to spend it . There was very little "corporate welfare" back then. Again , profits were taxed. If they wanted to reduce the tax burden they could re-invest those earnings in the company infrastructure and employees AT HOME. The could not take the money and run offshore with it; claim losses domestically like they do now and claim subsidies. Gad , how "socialist" both the Republicans and mainstream Democrats were back then. The GOP held the mantle of being for the little guy and freedom / equality and it was the "Southern Democrats" that were the extreme Right Wing that pushed Segregation and the White privilege of the day. How things have changed, mostly from the Reagan days to now . The Dems and GOP have pretty much switched platforms with the ERW in the GOP and the ELW in the Democrats where before it was just the opposite. I can never understand the thinking that social programs like Medicare , employment benefits and other "social programs" take away your freedoms as so many on the right scream . Instead they save people from the "Freedom" of going bankrupt or dying because they can't afford the medical treatment they need , or recover from job loss from injury or other things not under their control. Crying why do I need to pay taxes to support those that refuse to work is a non-starter in reality. Yes, there is that small proportion that could be called parasites by choice , but the vast majority that need those programs are there because of mental illnesses and abusive family backgrounds that did not put them on a responsible path. Tots are colour blind, don't care what their playmates look like or what religion they are growing up in .. Those prejudices are taught to them by prejudiced parents and society. Everyone should have the freedom to have a safe and prosperous life. Free from restrictions put on them by others that don't agree with how they look or worship. Americans, like us Canadians all have the same freedoms of choice, good or bad. We all also have the "freedom" of paying for our bad choices. Government sponsored social programs in no reduce those freedoms. No matter how much those on the right want to complain about Unions, it's those unions that are mainly responsible for there being a "middle class" in North America now. If you really want to see the truth in that , just look at what states unions are the strongest in and what ones they are weakest in , and the n compare their economies and the ration of lower , middle and upper "classes" . fo the most paret , it's the ones with the strongest unionization that have the largest ratio in the middle. Yes, I well know that the last century of the right and elite complaining about "socialism" and "Communism" have been able to keep much of the masses scared of anything that benefits all . Their propaganda has been very effective over those years. With today's connected society, those old cries are not nearly so effective in keeping America snowed.. That's about the only good thing tRump has done for America.. It has brought out some of the weaknesses in American democracy and Constitution. At least for those that want to open their eyes and ears and really look at the society today. tRump has taken your government closer to Fascism than it has ever been , and hopefully never will be .

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