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  1. I also have only dealt with manual clutch less quads. If the ones that have a clutch lever do start when you squeeze the clutch then yours likely has a faulty safety switch activated by you clutch lever.
  2. If the 300EX starts in gear someone has bypassed the neutral safety switch. Starting in gear can be a serious safety hazard.
  3. Unless the 400ex is different from other Hondas, it shouldn't start in gear. All the ones I know all have a neutral safety switch to prevent in gear starting.
  4. Ramps down low retracted are just asking for them to get snagged off road and destroyed. Nope , not for me or anyone else going off highways. I'll use my regular ramp or my trailer.
  5. Double check wiring.. In many DC circuits with multiple wires at a connector white is ground. The black/ yellow and white might be swapped.. Only a guess since I don't have access to a wiring diagram for your quad.
  6. Have you checked for a short between the starter solenoid and the starter? That would drop the power to everything else and if there is an automatic circuit breaker in the main feed it would open and take a while to cool down and close again. If there is a circuit breaker the problem also could be it is becoming weak and dropping out at a lower current.
  7. Check to see if there is power getting to the input side of the solenoid and out when you press the starter. If there is both power to the solenoid and to its output then the problem is between the output and the starter. If no power on the output then it is between the battery and input. If you have power on solenoid output, check the wiring from there to starter. Have you checked to see if there is power going to the starter when you press the starter? If there is , it is an internal starter problem; most likely worn out brushes. You can get brush kits if that is the problem. They're not too hard to install and are a lot cheaper than buying a new starter.
  8. 4 things could cause that problem. Timing slipped so the intake valve is still partially open when cylinder fires , Intake valve is sticking slightly open, rocker arm is too tight and holsding valve slightly open and finally, a burnt intake valve valve allowing combustion gasses to blow back. Most likely is a timing slip or valve lash on the intake valve is too tight .
  9. Craig's list can be a great source if you can pick up your purchase in person and be paid in cash for sales. be wary of cashiers checks, bank drafts and of course personal checks. Both bank drafts and cashiers checks can be fakes . My sister found out the hard way that a bank draft can be a fake that a bank will cash and then a week later find out from the clearing house it is a fake and charge back your account. Bye bye item , bye bye money and if payment was in foreign currency you end up losing even more because banks charge a fee to convert the currency into your dollars and you don't get that back when they charge back for the fake
  10. Getting older and the progressive diseases that too often go with it sucks.......but it's still better than the only alternative. At 76 I've lost too many of my old friends. Take care and keep on fighting... I've seen some pretty fancy offroad wheelchairs if it comes to that .
  11. That 92153D bolt illustrated looks like it might be a "shoulder bolt" where the unthreaded part is larger than the threads. They are used where they don't want the bolt to clamp two parts together and for the bolt to act as an "Axle" for levers or other rotating parts. Some industrial supply stores may carry what you want but your best bet might be to order them through an ATV dealer.
  12. Rotax is an old name in motors for snowmobiles, jet skis, ultralight aircraft and ATVs. It is an Austrian company owned by Bombardier, Canada. They make several sized motors in both 2 and 4 stroke configuration. Ski-doo and Sea-doo are two of their better known products for snow and water fun. My old 1972 Ski-doo 440 TNT hit 100 Mph indicated before it started fishtailing on me and I backed off in a hurry LOL
  13. It gets to me when some refuse to take this pandemic and the warnings seriously. My daughter and her husband are in the front lines in the battle with it . She is a lab worker in the hospital in her city that is testing hundreds of suspected COVID samples daily putting a serious strain on her and her co-workers handling them and all the other tests they have to do for patients in the hospital. It has been close to overwhelming for them . Her husband is a paramedic / ambulance worker running 12 to 14 hours a day dealing with suspected victims along with all the accident cases they're called for . The extra protective gear they have to wear now and the extra ambulance cleaning they must do is burning them out . I saw an excellent post in a forum that may put it into perspective for those that don't think a 3% death rate ( so far ) really should be something they need to worry about. What would they do if they were presented with a bowl of 100 of their favourite candies and they were told 97 of them are fine , but of them will kill you. How many would take the chance of eating a few because the odds of them eating a poison one was "only" 3 %? Frank.. The only time I want to be that high up looking down is when flying a plane. Like Ajmboy pictures like that give me the willies .
  14. Doing ok here. I'm out in farm area and only go to town to get groceries and fuel. I do visit one friend down the road his dog and mine love to play inside their fenced yard. I haven't hears of any reported cases in the nearest town but I wouldn't be surprised if there are at least one or two. BC and Ontario are the hardest hit by this damn virus, with BC having the largest number of deaths from it; most of them in care homes with the most vulnerable patients. With the border with Washington closed to all but essential traffic businesses on both sides are hurting severely . Cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities are closed; except food industry can only serve take out or home delivery. Stores are all on short hours, limited customers in store at a time and of course limits on how many items such as toilet paper and paper towels can be bought per visit . There's no shortage of them from the manufacturers, it's just the idiot hoarders have been clearing shelves as fast as they're stocked.. Costco is one store rthat has posted items such as toilet parer, paper towels, hand sanitizer and disinfectants such as Lysol cannot be returned. I hope the hoarders soon realize they've got supplies for the next 20 years if all the social marketing sites put the clamps on the ones trying to profit over their despicable "business" practices . Stay safe everyone .. Get out and enjoy the outdoors, but despite what some of those who think they are invulnerable think, ride safe and not in large groups .

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