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  1. Bump starting won't hurt the valves . The not starting is likely a different problem unrelated to the valves. Have you run a compression check on it and checked for spark?
  2. Here is a fairly long video I found of a fellow doing a valve job on his 2004.. It would be the same for your 2003
  3. Voltage rectifier/ regulator . There may be a blown diode in the rectifier allowing the battery to bleed back. You could disconnect the battery and charge it fully.. Then use you meter set on 10 amps and connect the battery through it to the system and see if it reads any draw.. Don't turn anythnig on while doing that test . Leave the battery disconnected overnight to see if the battery itself is discharging through a [possible internal short.
  4. It's .003 in. / .08mm . The fun with dealing with metrics and inch systems LOL
  5. Is the disconnected cable on the left for the choke or is it the rear brake cable that should be connected to the lever on the grip?. The right lever with the hydraulic cylinder should be your front brakes , at least that's the way their set up on most machines .
  6. This is the service manual for the Yamaha Wolverine 450. There is also a copy in the forum's Downloads section . YFM450FAR_2.pdf
  7. The blockage could be in the port where the fuel line is connected . That leads to the needle valve on the float. If this is your first time doing a total disassembly and clean, watch the video Frank posted , then work on your carb .. Take your time and check all passages and jets for crud blocking them. Keep track of what goes where as you remove the pieces and reassemble the pieces.
  8. Did you remove the carb from the motor and disassemble it to clean all the jets and passages? If the inlet port is clogged or the needle valve in the carb is stuck closed you would not be able to blow through that line into the carb.
  9. What you don't seem to understand is that there is nothing free under our system , and those of the other ones with universal care . We pay through our taxes, but what we pay in taxes is far less than what you pay in your private systems either directly or as a company paid "benefit" which you are really paying for , but the cost to you is hidden as it is not specified on your pay stub. The bottom line is more people are left with more spending cash in their pockets after all the premiums and taxes are paid and no one goes without health care . It is very difficult to explain systems different from your "Free enterprise" system so constantly propagandized by American big business. I certainly can't explain the difference between what the American public has been constantly been barraged with and the facts of other systems . It takes an open mind willing to reject propaganda one way or the other and seek out facts without built in prejudice .
  10. You really need to look into health care and where a lot of advancements in health care drugs and procedures/ equipment come from .. Many do come from the for profit US , but many come from other systems too.. You already have " Socialism" in many of your programs .. It just is not recognized as such by industry and the public so conditioned to panic whenever someone says "Socialism".. It is a Pavlovian reaction to a century or more of conditioning . "Communism" collapsed in Russia for many reasons , but communism was not one of them .. There is no real communist federal governments in any country, and any place where there is cooperation and support between the communities citizens is a form of socialism. The only place you would find no socialism is in an anarchy where it everyone for himself. For profit does not drive all the advances in medicine . Most are driven by research in universities and other supported research groups where the results are normally turned over to business. That is as true in the US as it is elsewhere.
  11. Here's a view from your neighbour from the north. It's interesting to watch the American psyche from outside. Americans have been fed propaganda supporting fear of Communism / Socialism at least since the 1920's and the Russian revolution. Big business doesn't like to see any threats to their cash cows. Any time there is a push for social reform such as Medicare /Medicaid they scream " SOCIALISM " and far too many people start scrambling for cover. Get this straight. Medicare / Medicaid is NOT free, but it is far cheaper for all than the mess healthcare is in the US now. Those with top tier health plans through their company or union have great coverage, but they are a minority. Most have far less coverage with co-pays . caps and "pre-existing condition" limits. Medication costs are outrageous unless you're in one of those top plans . Stop, step back and look at it. What does your top tier plan really cost you? The company is paying a pile of money to cover you and the rest of their employees in the plan ( Company socialism if you want to look at it this way) . Those costs come out of your potential wages that could be negotiated idf the company did not have them . Ask yourself why the US is the only one among the western nations and many less developed ones that does not have a government plan covering everyone. It's a sign of mental illness when one has the attitude " I am the only one with all the answers , everyone else is wrong. Only I can fix it, make it better". All medical plans and systems have their problems and things that could be better, but in our "Socialist" system EVERYONE is covered for basic healthcare. When I say basic , that means all surgeries and treatment necessary for health. You are not denied care because you cannot pay for it , have reached a cap or have "pre-existing " conditions. Extras like private rooms, wage replacement and other non-medical benefits of private insurance are not part of the government plans. If you want them you can buy them private or negotiate coverage through your union or directly with the company you work for. I don't know how the various government plans work , but ours doesn't cover "vanity" surgeries or other "not necessary for health" procedures. Yes , waiting lists can be too long , in some cases far too long, for elective surgeries ( surgeries not immediately necessary ) but emergency procedures are done immediately. With the electives they go by triage. You go on the list by seniority , but those in most need go to the top of the list. Your bank balance does not figure into whether you get care or not . As far as who to choose among the Dem contenders, I really can't say any one of them is outstanding in my view. All have good points . All have their drawbacks . Bernie is too far left for a population that has been fed the " socialism is bad" propaganda for the last century. Biden is accused of being a "Republican " in disguise , but he is the most realistic among the bunch. There is no way the American public is going to make a huge swing to the left. You do what you can do given the circumstances. You need a "Republican in disguise" President just as you need a "Democrat in disguise" President when electing a President . . You need someone who is realistic and can work with both sides of the Congress if they really want to get anything done for the benefit of all. Fot hgat reason I give my outsiders chops to Biden. On another note, Your economy has been doing well for most despite Trump , not because of him. I'm afraid it won't continue and is in danger of a crash because of his idiotic tariffs and refusal to face reality.
  12. It is most likely a rectifier/ regulator problem. It is possible when the rectifier /regulator goes for the AC voltage from the stator to spike up to 30 volts or possibly more and burn out your lights. "Lights going really bright and then off" points to that possibility. Check your headlight by jumpering 12v directly to the contacts on it. Check voltage to the battery terminals with the motor running
  13. Pilot air jests are easy to miss. Some carbs hide their idle mix jets under a seal so most people using them don't mess with the mix. Those can present real head scratchers for those that need to clean and adjust them . When in doubt, it's always best to do a search on what you want to work on .. We can help in forums like this one, but unless one has actually dealt with a specific problem on a machine they own all most of us can offer is general information and "best guesses"
  14. Look on the lower edge of the carb inlet. Search on "pilot air jet location on a Keihin Carb".. Pictures of it will show here . https://www.google.com/search?q=pilot+air+jet+location+on+a+keihin+carb&safe=active&client=firefox-b-d&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=mVseIhf2bf78cM%3A%2CDzSNNJiD7pz1HM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTPGK0qiRjzAraLBfXsA0ZBZCxxmw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjp4JjIoc7jAhUQqp4KHSZPC1wQ9QEwAHoECAQQBg#imgrc=mVseIhf2bf78cM:
  15. Check out this website . It will tell you how to decode a VIN The first numbers you show are the manufacturer and last are the specific vehicle identity . https://www.atvstyle.com/atv-vin-number

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