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  1. Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Links to download the service manual in 2 parts were posted earlier in the forum . The second part of the manual unfortunately is too large to download to our service manual section so I'll repost the links here. For the complete manual download both parts. \ https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhkUXVqQ0M4aU94djlVag https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhkUXVwTlFqV0FUWThUQw
  2. 2007-2014 Honda TRX 420 Service Manual View File Service manual for Honda TRX 420 2007-2014 Submitter davefrombc Submitted 10/16/2017 Category Honda ATV  
  3. Honda ATV Service Manuals

    The TRX 420 Service manual is now in the downloads section.
  4. Version 1.0


    Service manual for Honda TRX 420 2007-2014
  5. 250 four-trax 1985

    It is starving for fuel when you open the throttle . . Pull the carb and clean it again. Check all the jets for blockages and blow out the passages. Make sure the float level is correct so the float bowl fills to the correct level. When cleaning the jets , make sure to look for some very small holes in the main jet tube that might have been missed in the last cleaning .. Running good all day and then going to crap tells me the carb most likely picked up some small dirt that was missed in the first cleaning and became mobile to pug a jet . It often happens in machines that have sat for a long time and have sediment missed in the bottom of the float bowl, or maybe got by the screen on the fuel valve .
  6. 1994 Yamaha 4x4 Timberwolf wont shift

    I can't offer any advice on it , but there's a service manual available in the downloads section . Go to browse/downloads/ ATV service manuals ( and more) and then the Yamaha section.
  7. Can Am Error codes

    Can Am Error codes View File Complete list of Can Am error codes. Submitter davefrombc Submitted 10/01/2017 Category Can-Am BRP ATV  
  8. Engine code assistance please. Outlander 800

    I found a complete list of Can Am error codes on another forum and saved it to our download section. Here's the instructions for pulling the codes. 1. Turn Ignition to Lights On position 2. Set speedometer to Engine Hours 3. Press and Hold selector button while switching the Hi-Lo beam 3 times in a row (quickly) 4. Diagnostics mode is activated now 5. Use selector button to go through codes 6. END will come up when all codes are displayed 7. To end mode hold the selector button for more than 2 seconds Here is the direct link to the error codes in the downloads section.
  9. Can Am Error codes

    Version 1.0.0


    Complete list of Can Am error codes.
  10. 2001 Polaris 500 scrambler boggs down

    Pull the carb and clean it . It is quite possible when he rolled it some dirt that was in the float bowl was shaken loose and is now plugging a jet. Bogging, quitting when "nailing it" and backfires are symptoms of too lean or no fuel flow on open throttle.
  11. 05 arctic cat 500 bogg

    My best guess would be to go with the stock jet. In the good ole days of carburetted cars those symptoms would point to a faulty acceleration pump. Sudden opening of the throttle causes a drop in vacuum and with it a momentary starving of fuel . That's where the accelerator pump gives it a shot to make up for that momentary starvation .. It could be with the larger than normal main jet and air screw opened up ( most of them work best around 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from seated ) you are getting that vacuum drop and fuel starvation when you suddenly open it up. By opening the throttle slowly you don't lose the vacuum and fuel delivery.
  12. Here is a direct link to the Warrior service manual in the forums Download section .. The wiring is the same throughout the Warrior model years.
  13. The two metal tabs with the holes are for mounting the coil . The only electrical connection is to the thin flat tab your black probe is touching .. The trigger from the CDI connects there. the spark coil earth side connection is through the mounting tabs .
  14. 2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker help!

    Quite possibly some water laying in the bottom of the float bowl again.. Some carbs have a bowl drain so you don't need to remove the whole carb to drain it out. Very possible there was a little water left after the carb and tank cleaning .... or a little bit of rust/ crap came loose from somewhere and is blocking a jet.. I'd pull the carb and give it another blowing out and check jests and passages . No need for a new kit . .... just pull, clean and it'll likely be fine . If you don't have air available to blow out the carb passages, the "canned air" used for computer cleaning works well.
  15. Polaris 1996 Magnum 425 4x4 Replacing front drive sprocket

    I can't give you any specific instructions on how to access it, but can give you a tip on breaking loose and removing the nut holding in on the shaft. Most try to do it with just putting the quad in gear to try to keep the shaft from turning , but the nut is usually so tight it turns anyway .. Put the chain on the sprocket and then clamp the chain so it holds the sprocket and keeps it from moving while you undo the nut .. There are videos on Youtube showing others changing the drive chain so you can see how it is done and adjusted. I didn't see one on changing the Polaris sprocket though . Search Youtube for changing the front drive sprocket on your machine . You may not get a full video of your machine but you will get videos of others being done . . I didn't see any mention using the chain to keep the shaft from turning when you go to remove the nut but it is a trick I've used many times removing sprockets on machines a lot bigger than a quad.. LOL... Wrap that chain around the sprocket and clamp it so the chain can't move and the nut will come off without the shaft moving.