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  1. Glad to see the site back up. I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.
  2. If I read the schematic right the neutral light (19) and the path to ground for the starter button relay (11) should only be on when the neutral safety switch ( 20) is closed. That would indicate to me the problem is in the mounting of the neutral safety switch. For some reason the switch is open when in neutral and closed when in gear. There is either linkage not set right or is it possible to mount the switch turned 180 degrees? Disconnect the wires from the neutral switch and check for continuity in the switch .. In gear it should be open ( no reading
  3. Yes it was search results. One of the sites claiming to have a pdf available was either a bait site or had been hacked so that when you went to download the "pdf" a pop up came saying an update to my browser ( Firefox) appeared.. It likely would have substituted the name of whichever browser was being used. It is a fairly common exploit that traps the unwary. Any time I spot something like that when searching to try to help others, or in phishing e-mails, I like to warn others of them. I usually post about them in my Facebook so my contacts know of them an
  4. I hope Jerandangel got the information they wanted and didn't fall for that trojan posing as a browser update on one page claiming to offer a wring diagram download .
  5. Does the motor turn over on the starter or do you get nothing ? If nothing the problem could be the neutral safety switch safety switch or another safety switch is faulty.. If everything works and the motor turns over on the starter then it could be the CDI box ( most likely) or the trigger coil is in the stator assembly is bad. By the way , Be careful if you search for a wiring diagram. I did and found one site that had been compromised by a trojan.. Tried the link to the pdf it listed and got the message the link didn't work. There was another link list
  6. It sounds like a very lean run at idle. If you have thoroughly checked the manifold for leaks I would suspect a carb setting.Did you change the setting on the needle in the throttle slide?. If it is in the top slot try moving it down one notch and see if idle improves. My 300FW runs best with that needle two down from top.
  7. Don't you find it strange that the rest of the real world doesn't agree with your version of the world and the COVID pandemic? COVID - 19 is not the Flu ( influenza) or one of the common cold viruses. It is a variety of Corona virus and the numbers I listed come from very reliable American and other world wide sources . Where you get your numbers from , I have no idea. Since no one else wants to chime into this thread I'll leave it to you to have the last word. I'll be glad when the vaccines are widely available everywhere so this virus can be brought under control and
  8. Other than repeating the obvious I can't offer much more . Start at the battery. Make sure it is full charged .Check for a blown fuse or fusible link. Check the terminals and ground wire for loose / corrosion and then follow the power forward to where it is first lost. Check a wiring diagram to see what controls the power to that point, and so on until you hit on where the failure is .. There are service manuals for earlier Renegade 800 models in the downloads section that may have the same wiring diagram as your machine.
  9. You and the others you claim had the COVID infection as proven by a swab test ?.. It is not a cold or flu strain. It is a Corona virus strain. Most young people don't get serious complications from it , and many never even show clinical symptoms beyond loss of taste or smell. It is a killer of mainly the elderly and immune compromised. Whether you want to believe the statistics or not , I would say well over 500,000 dead and counting is serious. Some areas get away with few suffering from it , others are not so lucky. I cannot change your beliefs.. I can point ou
  10. It is a health issue that unfortunately IS a big issue . It isn't just a big issue for the left in the US, it is a big issue IN EVERY COUNTRY. That should tell you something. It is not your run of the mill Flu bug. It is an entirely different killer that has every possibility of turning into far more infectious and deadly with every mutation. If you would watch mainstream news maybe you would get some clue to that fact. Over 500,000 Americans alone have died from complications of the virus and there will be more. The science and medical communities fear now it may become e
  11. There is a repair manual in the forum's download section.
  12. Calling out uninformed conspiracy theories is not political no matter how much you want to call it that . I call out stupidity whether it comes from the right or the left .. Right now the worst of it that is damaging to both our countries is coming from the extreme right. Whether you want to accept that fact or not . Drop the conspiracy comments from the forum and get back to quadding and I will do the same , but post up BS from the extremists and I will call it out . .I do it here and other forums I'm in. More people need to do it because as it is the conspiracy theorists
  13. It's not political. It's a health issue.
  14. As I said Jacob , enjoy your fantasy world . The COVID strain of the Corona virus is not a strain of the flu no matter what your right wing conspiracy theorists claim. I know very well facts and evidence presented by the mainstream science and health industries will never confuse the true believers. 99% of the world is wrong . Only the true believers are right.
  15. I call BS on having had 2 strains of COVID-19. Enjoy your fantasy world. The real one is much harsher.

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