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  1. davefrombc

    1986 TRX200 choke spring woes.

    Here is a ad for the carb where you can see the assembly of the choke mechanism.. I'd just drill a small hole on the choke lever you held with your finer and replace that with a lawnmower cable to the choke and mount it so you have a simple pull /push to operate the choke . If you have all the parts , it should be easy to reassemble it, otherwise McGyver it like I suggested. https://www.amazon.ca/Carburetor-HONDA-TRX200-1984-Wheeler/dp/B00KLKIZIS
  2. davefrombc

    Honda Rancher 2013 starter issue?????

    Starter is toast. Those magnets are supposed to be permanently attached to the case.
  3. davefrombc

    Hi from SC

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. davefrombc

    89 Honda fourtrax 300 runs bad

    That should work as a spark test too..... and with a brighter ,easier to see light. When you finally find the fault, please let everyone know just what it was . Every time someone posts a problem solved it helps the next one with similar trouble .
  5. davefrombc

    89 Honda fourtrax 300 runs bad

    If that's the case there could be electrical problems causing it. Get a spark checker like this one and it'll tell you right away if the spark cuts out when you try to accelerate . https://www.amazon.com/JND-Fool-proof-Engine-Ignition-Tester/dp/B0042KJV9U/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_263_lp_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XPM0TCGERPD45V7VN6DG
  6. davefrombc

    89 Honda fourtrax 300 runs bad

    It is possible a weak spark or faulty plug that fails under increased pressure could cause the problem. I still think it is a lean burn problem though. It could be from a plugged passage or a tiny hole that you're missing in the jetting ..Check for a leak or crack allowing air to enter on the block side of the carb too. There is no rev limiter on your quad.. My own quad is a 1991 Honda Fourtrax 300 FW .. basically the same machine you have except it is full time 4 wheel drive. Here is a video on servicing the carb.
  7. davefrombc

    89 Honda fourtrax 300 runs bad

    Clean the carb again. You have a classic "running lean" problem when you open the throttle . It could be a plugged passage or the tiny drilled holes in the main jet tube, the idle air screw maladjusted or possibly the float level set too low so the float bowl doesn't fill properly. There is a download of the service manual that would cover your machine in the forum's download section .
  8. davefrombc

    2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 breather hose location

    Can't be . it comes off the intake port of the block downstream of the carburettor. It is connected to the vacuum of the intake manifold .
  9. davefrombc

    2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 breather hose location

    There is a service manual for your Polaris in the download section . It is in multi-part pdf sections .A quick glance at some of them on the engine and carb didn't show that hose , but you might find it in a more thorough read through the complete manual. Could it be the impulse hose for the fuel pump since it ports off the intake on the engine side of the carb. If there is a separate pulse hose from the crankcase , you could try blocking that hose off and see how the engine runs. With it open the engine would be running very lean. That looks like a 90 degree connector to join to another hose leading possibly to a vacuum motor to operate something on the quad.
  10. davefrombc

    Greets from Croatia

    Welcome to the forum Mario. Ihaven't seen any Linhai quads in our markets but yours looks like a nice one and well equipped .
  11. Eating or drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while driving in itself is not illegal , but if a cop sees you weaving or doing some other driving errors that can be attributed to distracted driving you could get a ticket for that. Cops here are exempted from some of the rules on fiddling with electronics while driving, and it has led to a few cases of them getting into accidents while using a cell phone or checking their on board computers. Use of a hand held microphone that is used as a microphone only is exempt from the no hand held electronics laws here. That covers CB's, police radios and HAM gear ..It is illegal to use the mike to tune the radio to a different channel or any other function than push to talk because it leads to the driver diverting his attention to driving. Yup, it's a fine line , but its there to allow use of communication gear not held and tuned in the hand. Yeah , in that campaign photo what could go wrong ?..... Other than him blowing a new navel into that lad . Your mid terms are going to make for some interesting watching this coming November. The Dems need to really work on getting the vote out and find some very good candidates to run in the red states to turn them as bright a shade of purple as they possibly can. Let tRump and the ERW carry on much longer they way they've been going and I can see a lot of Americans waking up one morning wondering "What the hell happened"? I'm afraid they're putting America and all her trading partners on a path to a repeat of 1929.
  12. By the same token of taking "freedoms" to extremes , we should remove all speed limits and traffic signs because we shouldn't interfere with peoples " freedom" to speed with reckless abandon or their "freedom" to speed through intersections with no consideration of others. We should be able to park anywhere we want and how we want. In any society there has to be some reasonable limits to "freedoms" for the good of all. Freedom is not total anarchy and total anarchy grants no-one any " freedoms". A crash because someone was exercising his "freedom" to ignore traffic rules and common sense is the ultimate denier of "freedom" for the victims maimed, paralyzed or killed by that fool. By the way , in many jurisdictions there is a ban on tinted windows of the drivers and front seat passengers windows and limits the the amount of tint in the windshield. Those limits to "freedoms" are there for the "safety" of LE officers so they can see the driver and front seat passenger . Admittedly it actually does little to protect them, but it is a law that few take as any assault on their "freedoms". I draw the law on all limits to "freedom" that are unreasonably extreme, and to definitions of "freedom" that are also taken to extremes.
  13. You have the freedom to take risks with your own life and limbs but you should not have the freedom to risk other's. When you knowingly risk the safety of others, that is not freedom. That is stupidity and selfishness . No phone call is worth risking anyone's lives , no matter how safe you think you are using a handheld cell phone while driving or how much you want to risk your own life in the name of "Freedom" .
  14. davefrombc

    1991 Honda Fourtrax TRX300

    I have a 1991 TRX 300 FW I bought used about 5 years ago. So far , the only major mechanical repair it has needed is a new rear axle and wheel hubs. The splines wearing out on them is a fairly common problem for the older machines. The hubs nuts must be kept lubricated and tight. Mine wore to the point the left wheel spun freely on the axle. I didn't notice it because being full time 4x4, it wasn't obvious until I got in a situation where the right rear wheel was in the air and one wheel on the front had no traction. My winch saved the day, and a new rear axle and hubs made sure of no repeat of that problem. The only other repair ? New front brake shoes. Here is a link to the shop manual for your TRX 300.. It's in the sites download section.
  15. Yes . tRump is the consummate circus barker. Tell the people what they want to hear and ignore the facts. I won't begin to try to argue universal health care with you except to say it is not free, nor does it cater to the "freeloaders" . We pay for our healthcare through our taxes and it covers everyone with no co-pays, exclusions ( for necessary healthcare, vanity surgeries are not covered)and no caps. Everyone is covered. Yes . "freeloaders" too, but nobody goes bankrupt because they had the misfortune to get sick. The ERW has done a fine job of poisoning peoples minds as far as universal health care goes . .You'd think good caring Christians and working Americans would want universal health care that covers everyone and at less cost than health care in the US costs now. Health care should not be something anyone should have to worry about; whether the have a "Cadillac " plan through their union or company plan or a minimum plan because that's all they can afford working for the less than best company, or the bum on the street that "good Christians" tend to ignore Christs teachings on the subject and look down on them. Not all of those bums are freeloaders by choice . Some are there because the US system of health care failed them , and others because they were unable to keep up with changing technology, the realities of today's workforce and the profit decisions of the 1%, and yes , the"War on drugs that has done more harm than good to the vulnerable while enriching those that profit by jailing them.