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  1. For ATVs and snowmobiles the AGM has the advantage in cold weather. They are also a lot less expensive. Lithium shines in solar applications and where very deep cycling is wanted without service life suffering as badly , and of they have a weight advantage when used in a battery bank in a motorhome. For motorcycles, ATVs and Snowmobiles where you want cold weather starting and charging far more than need of reserve capacity, go with AGM or SLA. They're rugged, better in the cold and are far less expensive than Lithium
  2. It would be stable enough but single wheel drive wouldn't have the traction to push the machine in slippery conditions of mud and snow. It might work if the front/ steering wheels were driven rather than the single rear wheel, but I can't see any advantage over a 4 wheeler and can envision a few disadvantages in less than ideal conditions .
  3. There is a service manual in the downloads section of the forum.
  4. Check service manuals or online for recommended oil for the engine, differentials and transmission. They don't have to be Polaris branded. Synthetic oils in the weights and types recommended are best since they remain much more fluid in very cold weather than mineral oils do.
  5. It may have spark in free air but fail under compression. Get an in line spark tester and see f that may be the case. you can likely get one at a local auto supply or order online . They're not expensive and handy to have when chasing down an ignition problem.
  6. And back then the government and media downplayed the severity of the pandemic to keep people focused on the war, You are a little short on your history . The "Spanish Flu" was brought back to the US by returning soldiers AFTER WWI ended. The flu did not cause hemorrhaging .. That is a plague effect .. The flu did likely make some people bluish since it affected the lungs and their oxygen levels fell very low leading to their death .. Covid is affecting younger people and children. The death rate is lower than the flu rate was ,but that could be only one or two mutations away from the virus becoming far deadlier and even more infectious than the Deltas variant is . Listen to the medical profession. Get vaccinated.
  7. Here is the FDA website dealing with the COVID pandemic. You can get all the factual information there. I won't bother to argue with stupidity any longer. You denier lot too easily find disinformation sites to try to support your beliefs. True facts mean nothing to the true believers. Enjoy your alternate universe.I just hope your stupidity doesn't harm others . https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/counterterrorism-and-emerging-threats/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19 If you want information from the WHO, go directly to their website to get it. Stay away from those right wing sites that take articles and quotes out of context to spin them to say the opposite of what they really said. For those that have difficulty going to the actual gov't sites to get unspun information directly from them , here is the link to the WHO: https://www.who.int/
  8. That is the way it is supposed to be . Starting in gear is a safety issue and all quads are not supposed to start in gear. If yours was , there was a safety switch that wasn't functioning , possibly because it was very slightly out of alignment and is now operating properly. Cars or motorcycles, and other motorized equipment like riding lawnmowers all have the start in neutral only feature, unless the safety lockout has failed or someone has foolishly defeated it .
  9. In that video, did you see any of that vapor going straight ahead to contaminate a person even 3 feet away? .. The masks stop the majority of WATER DROPLETS in your breath. They are the carriers of the virus.. The virus is not free floating on its own, so your size claims are foolish and have no bearing on how they are spread. Now , with that mask on and a mask on another person even 3 feet away, how many of your breaths water droplets do you think are going to go through their mask to them ? The masks are not 100% effective .. Nobody claims them to be, but they stop the vast majority of the droplets that spread the infection. If masks didn't work, why do doctors and nurses in the OR wear them ? Stupidity reins supreme among the deniers.
  10. The truth and facts are all out there on legitimate sites. You and those that think like you don't want to accept them . all you want is the BS "alternate reality" of the far right . Try getting information directly from the CDC and other legitimate sites rather than posting up the spin and the statements edited to take out of context from the conspiracy theorists and other malicious misinformation peddlers. Fact is the mask deniers and anti-vax fools are killing people with their stupidity and the pandemic would be much reduced if only people would listen to the medical community and follow their recommendations . Enjoy your horse dewormer LOL
  11. Still enjoying your alternate universe , I see. I've quit trying to post up fact over the bullshit you and some others follow here. Just amazing how the mainstream, doctors, nurses and scientific community can be so wrong and anti-vaxxers can be so right . The world is flat,. man never set foot on the moon, global warming is a hoax. . Have fun.
  12. Spraying carb cleaner into the intake only cleans the throat of the carb and the manifold some .. To clean the carb you need to disassemble it and clean out all the jets and passages .. Especially look for some tiny drilled holes in the jet tubes that likely need to be cleaned out with very thin wire or a welder's tip cleaners .
  13. That sounds like a problem in the starter itself. Most likely the brushes are worn and the commutator is dirty. Brushes don't make good contact so several tries may be needed to get it to spin over at times and other times it spins over right away. You can eliminate the solenoid by running a wire directly from the battery and touch the positive post on the starter. If it spins up every time , it can be in the solenoid but if it doesn't spin up every time you do it, it is definitely in the starter. Brushes aren't hard to change. No special tools needed.
  14. You should be able to power the light bar without any problem. You should be able to find the connector you want to tap the light bar relay into the high beam circuit in many hardware stores or electronic outlets. Look for a "T tap" to connect the relay circuit. The wire is likely 16 gauge.

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