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  1. 4 stroke engines all the same?

    All their engines are similar but their transmissions and drive systems can have significant differences Some have gears and clutches , both manual and automatic and some use a belt drive and 2 variable clutches to create a Continuously Variable Transmission type of automatic.
  2. ATV won’t move except in 4 wheel drive

    . It is either splines have worn out on the pinion shaft,or possibly between the crown gear and output to the axles. . When you have it in 2WD, the rear differential is what moves your machine . The reason it moves in 4x4 is because the front differential is pulling the machine along. You'll have to take the rear drive apart to find just what is gone .
  3. 2001 Quadrunner 500 Running Problems

    Sounds to me it is too lean . Try turning the idle air screw out a little more. You might also pull the carb apart again and check for tiny posts on the side of the the tube the main jet needle is in. One or more of those tiny orifices could be plugged. I is not starving for fuel instantly when you give it throttle , it isn't getting the right mixture. That points to a blockage of or setting > make sure there is no hole in the diaphragm of the carb and the vacuum line and any breathers are routed and connected properly .
  4. 2007 500 4x4 manual keeps losing its timing...

    Can't help you there . I've never had to service the timing chain on mine. If it is the timing chain itself that is the problem it has to be jumping on the sprockets .. Simple stretch won't change the timing that far . Are the sprocket teeth badly worn ?
  5. 2002 Honda TRX 250 EX Gas leak

    My petcock started leaking on my old '91 Honda 300FW.. Took it apart and found the bowl/ water trap was corroded through. Cleaned the bowl,coated the inside with JB weld epoxy and leak cured. I'll pick up a new assembly when I'm able, but in the meantime that repaired one will likely last years more now the epoxy coating protects it from any corrosion by moisture settling in it. Iwon't be in a big hurry to get the new petcock.
  6. 2007 500 4x4 manual keeps losing its timing...

    Check the sprockets They should be keyed to the shafts and if there's a key missing the sprocket will slip on the shaft. Unless the chain is very slack it should not jump on the sprocket teeth. Those are the only two ways I can see it physically coming out of time .
  7. 1999 King Quad - general advice

    Best to use the same size battery as OEM, brand doesn't really make much difference. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you checked closely some of the American branded batteries are actually made offshore for them. Doesn't really matter whether your battery is made in America , Canada , China or anywhere else. Look for capacity and dimensions that fit.and you can also consider warranty terms. The batteries will all perform nearly identical. I am price loyal. Best price gets my nod when all else is equal.
  8. 2007 Honda recon 250es

    Check the spark plug for fouling and go through the carb again . It may be more crud fouled the jets .. Also check for any loose connections in the wiring for the ignition circuit that might have occurred when you worked on it last time.
  9. 2007 Honda recon 250es

    It sounds like fuel starvation. Possibly something in the fuel valve, line or carb restricting flow to the float bowl. .
  10. That's a new one on me if it has both a mechanical and electronic shift. Sorry I couldn't be more help on that one.
  11. 1999 King Quad - general advice

    Clicking sound is usually from adead battery or a bad connection battery to start solenoid . The clicking is the solenoid dropping in and out from insufficient voltage/current .
  12. I don't know about your Kawasaki but my Honda has a separate on/off switch from the high/low switch, and they are all also separate from my ignition sqwitch.
  13. The starter will not run if it is in gear. It it is not running when you are certain it is in neutral it becomes a chore of tracing out the circuit to see where the fault is.. It could be a dead battery, broken wire, bad ground, a faulty switch or relay, or the starter itself. To be sure the starter itself is ok, you could run 12v directly to it with a jumper cable to see if it spins over.
  14. Neutral light could be burned out .. Mine is . The yellow buttons up and down may be for headlights. They have nothing to do with shifting gears. Neutral light is a convenience since it does let you know when you are in neutral, but if it doesn't light and your quad won't start in gear then the safety switch is working and either the light is burned out or the it doesn't get the signal to light from the switch. I don't worry about the light out on my quad.
  15. You can download the owners manual for the 1994 Bayou 220 and the 1988 -2002 service manual from the forum's Downloads section. There are very likely some Youtube videos that may help you also.