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  1. Clean the carb and look closely at it for plugged holes in the sides of the jet tubes . Blow out the passages in the carb too. Your description of the problem is classic lean running from fuel starvation caused by a plugged jet or passage .
  2. I know the laws of Fla. are a lot different from those here in many things, but here ATVs used to be sold without vehicular registration ( titles). They changed that a couple of years ago, using the excuse it would cut down on theft, but I suspect it was more on the lines of more tax each time the ATV changes hands just as it is on other vehicles. New ones are now registered when sold and all old ones needed to be registered. There was no problem if you bought used from a dealer, or from a previous owner who had registered it and gave a bill of sale. Those of us who had ATVs never registered had to get a notary to certify a declaration that we legally owned the ATV. With that declaration and the serial number, we were able to get our DMV to register the ATV to us. From that point on they are treated like any other vehicle . Hopefully your DMV will do the same : accept a notarized declaration of ownership and register the ATV to you after clearing the serial number
  3. davefrombc

    84 Honda TRX200 front wheel cylinder

    You might be able to find some rubber cups the right size in automobile parts and just hone / clean up your old cylinders rather than try replacing them with new . Here is an ad on Amazon.com for rebuild kits for your cylinders .. Pricey at $39.95 a side though . https://www.amazon.com/Front-Wheel-Cylinder-Repair-OCP-06-502/dp/B00Z70L2LY There are also other advertisers on the Amazon.ca site listing them , but at US prices and of course insane shipping charges from the US. If you're in Canada , get a friend inthe US to order them for you and they get free shipping . Shouldn't cost a bundle for them to parcel post on to you; or if you can do down for a visit and pick them up there .
  4. davefrombc

    2004 Suzuki LTZ 400 dies when I give it gas.

    Sounds like you have it idling a little too lean . Try adjusting the idle air screw .
  5. davefrombc

    1997 Bayou 300 4X4

    Just go directly to the starter terminal with jumper cables to see if the starter spins over .. If it does then it's time to trace the circuit out to find the problem. It could be in a relay, connection or broken wire. I'm assuming the battery is charged and there's no blown fuses .
  6. davefrombc

    2007 Kawasaki Bayou 250 I think. Electrical issue

    OK . It won't be the rotor. I'd suspect the voltage regulator, or the stator if you were getting bad readings from it. Can you possibly borrow another voltage regulator to try ? Voltage regulators can fail low as well as high . It is a little easier changing it than the stator. I like to try to eliminate the easy before going for the harder . Is the ac voltage the same across all 3 windings on the stator? Are you using a true RMS reading voltmeter or one of the cheapie utility ones ? . The cheaper ones usually read low, and some can read considerably low especially if the ac has a varying wave form or cycle rate. Have you opened it up to get a Look at it and the pick up coil for the ignition. I don't know your particular machine model but at least on some machines the pickup coil for the ignition could come loose and the gap could be wrong .. Gap between it and the rotor should be about .010" Is the clip in the top notch on the main jet needle. If it isn't, try that to lean it out. Otherwise the only way to tune it for your altitude would be to rejet to a size or two down. Sorry but beyond those suggestions I can't be of more help.
  7. davefrombc

    07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic - NO POWER

    Check the battery voltage . . Even a month old battery can fail or be dead if there was a drain on it while sitting .
  8. davefrombc

    2007 Kawasaki Bayou 250 I think. Electrical issue

    When you checked the voltage at the battery, what readings did you get ? .. Engine off battery should read around 12.6 volts. . Engine running revved up a bit voltage should read 13.8 to 14 v. If it does , your alternator and regulator are fine. The running symptoms you describe sound more to me to be fuel related. If you are getting any smoke and carbon fouled spark plug it is running too rich , and if the plug is dry and very light brown to whitish it is likely too lean. Check the carb again for holes in the diaphragm and plugged jets . Check also for good fuel flow to the carb. There could be a restriction in the line or in the inlet needle not allowing the fuel bowl to stay full under full throttle demand. The rotor will not be the problem. Magnets do not lose their magnetism and unless the very unlikely occurrence of one coming loose there is really nothing else to make it fail electrically . Most often when there has been a problem with the ignition breaking down at higher revs, it has been voltage regulator problems others have found . If running voltage remains around 13.4 to 14v at the battery the regulator should be fine. There is an inline spark checker you can get to see if the spark plug is getting spark all the time. If there isn't one available from you suppliers you could order one online . `There is the possibility of the CDI box or ignition coil breaking down at higher rpm, but I'd thoroughly check out the fuel and carb before blaming other components. Something else to consider, some quads won't run right at off idle speeds if the air cleaner box is not closed and the filter is clean and in place .
  9. davefrombc

    2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 Choke Plunger Backward??

    OK. .Sounds like you need to pull the carb and clean it . .You likely have a plugged high speed circuit. either the main jet or passages . The idle air screw should be on the side of the carb rather than the bottom. It is definitely too lean under load off idle.. I believe that carb has a diaphragm that opens the main jet . Check it for holes too. Changing the setting on the idle air screw should have large effects on the quad running . .in fact , it turned in too much it should stall. That's why I suspect the screw you were turning was not the idle air .
  10. davefrombc

    2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 Choke Plunger Backward??

    That sounds to me like it is running too lean at idle. Try setting the idle down to normal with the choke in and then work from there. You may find you have to readjust the idle air screw a bit richer when you do that .. At speed I think you are losing power and fouling the plug because it is running way too rich when off idle and warm.
  11. Try going up a notch on the main jet needle to lower it in the jet (lean out the main) Idle air needle has little effect on the mixture when off idle. Sounds like you're still running rich.
  12. Head scratcher for sure . About the only thing I can suggest is a possibility of a restriction on the inlet to the air box or filter causing it to draw hard and run lean and possibly draw air from the crankcase vent, and with it a little oil. Idling, running cold and at lower rpm the restriction wouldn't affect it as much as it would at higher rpm and hot .
  13. SPARTAN 500 Owners Manual View File Owners manual for the SPARTAN 500 Owners Manual Submitter davefrombc Submitted 04/27/2018 Category CFMOTO ATV  
  14. davefrombc

    CFMoto 500 owners manual

    CFMoto 500 owners manual View File Owners manual for the 2007 -09 models. Those for newer versions are downloadable from CFMoto at their website https://cfmotousa.com Submitter davefrombc Submitted 04/27/2018 Category CFMOTO ATV  
  15. davefrombc

    CFMoto 500 owners manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Owners manual for the 2007 -09 models. Those for newer versions are downloadable from CFMoto at their website https://cfmotousa.com