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  1. I have never seen any such accusations before and I strongly suspect if it was fact it would have come out long ago with all the investigations the extreme right has done on the Clintons.. Yes, Quadmaniac , I am definitely too far left for you .. LOL Anybody left of the extreme right seems to be too far left for you .. Funny thing is , some on the nut case left accuse me of being extreme right .. I hope to be able to continue to twist the tails of the fools on both extremes. I don't feel I'm doing any good for the sensible people if I don't have both extremes pissed off at my posts when I post rebuttals to their idiot conspiracy theories.
  2. Still 14 days to go unless Pence invokes the 25th Amendment to get him out now. Add sedition and invoking a riot to potential charges against tRump. Do the tRump lovers on here see just how badly he's misled the US in building his cult yet.? I doubt it .. He's made the noises they wanted to hear in equating stupidity and selfishness with "freedom".
  3. It sounds to me as though the throttle really isn't opening. Check the carb to see if the slide is actually moving with the throttle . and the needle is moving with the slide.
  4. The deductions and loopholes they had in the 1950's were for re-investing in their companies, and for charitable support for the less fortunate in the US.Business boomed because people were putting their money to work in country , not grabbing it and running out to invest elsewhere. There were costs to take the money out of the country and big breaks investing at home. I remember Danny Thomas , Art Linkletter and others explaining if they didn't donate to the good causes, the government would take it in taxes and waste it . That all turned around in the 60's with Reagan's idiotic "trickle down" and has only gotten worse with successive GOP administrations since. Yes , I'm old enough to remember Danny Thomas , Art Linkletter, Arthur Godfrey and Red Skelton to name a few Stars of TV at the time. I also remember D.D.Eisenhower and his warnings about the military / industrial complex . Ike was the last of the GOP that was for the little guy before the GOP and Dems swapped focus with the old "Southern Democrats" going over to the GOP and the more moderate and left leaning of the GOP going to the Dems.
  5. Yes, I am Canadian living in Canada with no desire to live in the US. As I've said many times in this and other forums , I also have friends and family in the US. I am not anti- American as some seem to think. I am against the extremists on both the right and on the left ..... in both the US and Canada. We are not immune from some of the warts we share with our sister country to the south of us . We are children of a common mother. As such we can be proud of the good we do, but must also acknowledge our faults and strive to eliminate them , not hide them while demanding better of everyone else.
  6. I also find it very ironic that so many of tRumps inner circle have been charged and convicted of the very crimes the extreme right are constantly accusing the Dems of without any evidence of misconduct on their part. How many of Obama's administration were convicted or left office because of illegal activity? How many lawsuits has tRump faced over his business practices compared to Biden and his family? Finally, will the "unindicted co-conspirator" face the charges among many others I'm sure are pending tRump leaving the White House? 17 days to go.
  7. Yes Randy . A better way is to compare the actual taxes paid as a percentage of real income as opposed to the top rates that you know are v very , very seldom ever paid.
  8. The top rate taxes have little bearing on the real world taxes paid . Those top rates are on net income after all deductions. Far too many millionaires pay less income taxes than the cashiers at local stores or service workers . Far to many corporations that were profitable end up paying zero taxes and claim subsidies in both the US and Canada. There's another factor never considered in when surveys comparing taxes are quoted. What are those taxes paying for ? How much goes into social programs and infrastructure, things that benefit everyone and how much goes into military spending in the desire to be the dominant power in the world? How many of those tax dollars go into programs that help internationally and build friends for the country and how much of it is spent on actions bringing hatred to those trying to dominate and exploit other countries resources ?
  9. Far too many fail to realize it is foreign trade that pays the bills at home .. American industry and agriculture would be in terrible shape if they could only deal in domestic markets . every country depends on trade with other countries. It's what pays the big bills and employs people . When you have friends and family on both sides of the border and your job depends on international trade you also should understand at least something about others . Yes, quadmaniac I know a little about US education. As I said it's hard not to when you have family and friends in both countries . I don't know how it is now but I would guess it isn't a lot different when I was in school in the '50's. Most of our text books were printed in the US and very heavy with US content with a nod to our own history and a mention there were other countries ut there somewhere. The right in the US likes to vilify anyone in the center and left. Accusations against the Clintons, , Biden and others before them are constantly being made without a shred of evidence of wrongdoing despite investigation after investigation. Mention social reforms and programs that benefit all , not just the rich and you get the screams of "SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM" without any understanding of what both of those systems are and that they are unworkable except in very small communities, but the military / industrial powers have used those scare words to keep control for the last century. Social programs and social responsibility are not communism ... and democracy is a form of socialism. Without socialism you do not have a society. Where do you think the word came from? If you are a Christian and believe in Christ's principles and teaching then if you put them into practice , you are practicing socialism. tRump has been dividing the country not for any particular agenda. He is a narcissist, thinking only of himself .He has no empathy , or responsibility . Everything he does is to try to enhance himself and he couldn't care less who it hurts as long as he gets what he wants . He is a product of the worst of America , not the best.
  10. I rest my case. Thanks for confirming it .
  11. Glad to see you chip in Mech. There are some here who refuse to see tRump for what he is and has been doing to the U.S. He is a nasty bit with the charisma of the cult leader he is. His actions and inactions affect us here more than far too many realize since the U.S. is Canada's largest 2 way trading partner and we theirs. In many border cities people live in one country and work in the other. Especially in the border areas people have friends and family on both sides. The border actually passes through houses in some towns. I know I'll get flack for this but the farther you go south from the 49th, the more ignorant Americans are of Canada and for a very large part , the rest of the world. You see that displayed more in the farming/ ranching states ( and for that matter in the Canadian provinces towards the U.S. and the world) .A big part of the reason for that is because they are insulated by geography and immigration patterns from meeting people of different cultures. Another huge factor in the xenophobia of many in the south and midwest is not just their relative isolation from other cultures is their education system that barely mentions the rest of the world and focuses nearly solely on the U.S. and their Constitution with its "freedoms and independence" and the interpretation of them by their Extreme Right Wing that is far too vocal. I grew up within 10 miles of the border of Washington and BC. We and the people of Washington lived, worked and played on bot sides of the border and considered it more a minor inconvenience rather than something dividing us. Want proof of much of what I say? Look at a map of the US with the political leanings of the different states . The northeast and the west coast favor the Democrats and largely rely on international trade for their economies. As such they are far more exposed to other cultures an immigrants from them. They are generally more attuned to the world in general. The south and midwest depends more on agriculture than industry and as such are far more isolated from the outside world. In some ways the divisions between north and south because of the difference in sources of livelihoods haven't really changed a whole lot since the the civil war. The distrust of the "Damn Yankees" and the stereotypes of the Southern "Bubbas" is still far too evident. tRump never expected to win when he ran for the Presidency. He looked at it as a way to get free exposure to bolster his businesses. When he found his populist campaign actually got him the support and the money of the Republicans supporting him , gone was his originally professed self financing of his campaign. His narcissism kicked in . His understanding of how government works is lacking in the extreme as is his focus on himself. He spends more time golfing than he does listening to advisors and dealing with the affairs of the nation. Unfortunately his cult members refuse to see that just as those in the religious cults fail to see the failing of their leaders. It is claimed breaking someone from self destructive cults is one of the hardest jobs psychologists have. tRumps support, to me and a lot of others in the US and outside at least, is evident of that .. No amount of accusations and evidence of his misdeeds will sway his "true believers".
  12. Very glad to see the end of 2020. Have a very Happy, safe and prosperous 2021 everyone.
  13. A little NZ to USA translation.. DTI gauge - Dial indicator and stand Gas Axed - cutting torched Gudgeon pin Wrist pin or piston pin 16mm - 5/8 " 160mm - 6"
  14. Can't suggest any dress up mods but you might consider adding an accessory socket to it if it doesn't already have one. Comes in handy to run a small 12v air compressor or other small 12v accessories . All you need is an aftermarket accessory socket , 15 amp inline fuse , some 14 gauge wire and connectors and a hole saw or cutter to bore the hole for the socket in the plastics. Get a socket that has the rubber cover to keep the crud out when it is not in use.
  15. Do you know if a previous owner had any problems with either differential? I'm wondering if one of them has been replaced with one with a slightly different ratio. Another thing that could cause a binding and unloading is replacing the stock wheel sizes with another . Gear ratios and wheel diameters are inter-related . If there is a mismatch between the front and rear you can get binding that might be the cause of the clanking sound as it binds and releases

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