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  1. suzuki lt230e

    Bogging under part throttle is almost always due to fuel starvation. Clean the carb again.. Look for tiny jets plugged.. Some orifices are easy to miss. Use "canned air" to blow our passages if you don't have a source of compressed air.. Welders tip cleaner sets have wires that fit nearly every jet and orifice.
  2. You can make your own spacers out of aluminum round stock . Drill and tap the spacers if you're going to weld them on; otherwise through drill them and deepen the holes in the case to re-thread them. . Use sealant on the new bolts if you break into the interior of the case. Make sure new bolts don't interfere with the internal parts. If welding spacers on the case, be very careful not to warp the case or damage the bearing and seal behind the output sprocket.
  3. Is there enough depth left in the bolt holes to deepen the threads enough to hold a new guard on ? You might be able to drill them a little deeper if necessary and if you break into the interior of the case , you could use sealant on the bolts . You'd need to make sure the bolts are long enough to hold without being so long as to not tighten down if the bottom out or interfere with the internals if they holes got right into the interior of the case. I'd smooth out both mounting points and cut spacers to bring them out to original length if you can find a new, old stock or used guard, or if unable to do that fab up a new sprocket guard yourself.
  4. National Recreational ORV Park (KENTUCKY)

    Just how dry is the county considering the history of the area ? Old traditions and thirsts die hard and there's all sorts of us like reviving some old traditions. Somehow I can picture quads replacing the old hot rods albeit on a much smaller scale
  5. 89 LT250r Resto/Mod project

    I'd weld up the crack and also gusset to both bars
  6. I don't think the idler gear could fall out without the cases being split apart. If you couldn't find anything else loose in there that could have fallen down and interfered with rotor and one way clutch behind it . I don't know where the noise would have been coming from.. As I said, I've never had to tear one apart, so I can only make semi-educated guesses from my automotive experience. Try rotating the gear train that makes the clutch engage to start the engine and see if you notice any noise or roughness there .. I doubt it will engage the motor and lock up to start since the rotation speed would be so slow and I think the one way clutch would need a fairly fast rotation to engage.
  7. Likely something in the gearing for the starter. That would be why it was locking up with the starter in place.
  8. 87 warrior with no spark

    Check the Warrior service manual in the downloads section for a wiring diagram. Possibly the start relay is faulty. Since you have changed all the ignition components , it must be something in the circuit is open.
  9. 87 warrior with no spark

    Did you also change the pick up (trigger) coil and check the spark plug ? Often it is just the pick up that fails.
  10. 99 big bear 350 new carb install

    I haven't had to mess with the ignition and cam timing on a quad motor so I cannot be sure , but I believe the sprockets are keyed to the shafts and are not adjustable. I believe about the only thing that could take them partially off center would be wear on the sprocket teeth and chain stretch.. Neither should have a great effect on the timing and how the engine responds.. If the chain jumped a tooth or more due to wear and a loose slack adjuster, I believe the timing would be much farther out and the motor would be greatly effected at all speeds from idle up. I don't believe that is your problem. The most likely is fuel problems , with a much less likely possibility of weak spark.
  11. 99 big bear 350 new carb install

    It sounds like it is starving for fuel.. I'd start by adjusting the idle air screw. Start at about 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from seated. and try in 1/4 turn adjustments out or in to see if that cures the idle and accelerate from idle problem .. also check for air ( vacuum) leaks. If that doesn't do it then I'd suggest taking the carb apart and recheck float height and carb jets and passages for blockages. . Even a brand new carb could hacve some manufacturing debris in it , and rebuilt could have a missed blockage or float height set wrong .
  12. 1998 LT250 fuel issues

    I did a search on your quad to find out what the diaphragm on the fuel valve was all about. .Found out it is for an automatic fuel shut off and seems to be problematic. Check this thread I found if your valve has that feature .. Says you can block the vacuum lines and run the quad with the valve in the Pri position. http://www.suzukiatvforums.com/forums/repair-maintenance/3970-vacuum-operated-fuel-tank-valve-petcock.html
  13. Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Downloads ok with Firefox too, and opens with my Adobe Acrobat no problems. It should open without problem in any .pdf reader.
  14. 2003 Polaris Magnum 330 parts manual View File Parts manual with exploded views Submitter davefrombc Submitted 11/07/2017 Category Polaris ATV  
  15. Free Polaris Manuals

    Couldn't find a free download of the service manual , but did find a parts manual that might help . I uploaded it to the Polaris section in Downloads