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  1. Frank Angerano

    Bike/brand of choice?

    I ageee with you @wanrep it seems like the Chinese bikes are somewhat invading the atv/dirt bike industry due to pricing I guess. But you know what they say. You get what you pay for! I have a Yamaha bear tracker and you can’t kill that thing! It just goes and goes.
  2. Frank Angerano

    Bike/brand of choice?

    So one thing I enjoy about Quadcrazy is the amount of diversity when it comes to the bike/brand of choice. We all hear about so many different brands/types that we need help or helping out with! Myself ive had just about every brand bike except for a Suzuki which I’m currently seeking as my next project. I currently have 5 quads and they are all different in brand except for two Honda’s one of which is a newer bike fuel injected. I have to say so far through all the bikes I’ve worked on my brand of choice would be Honda! I think they make a great product! I love the older carburetor bikes! Now I’m sure some of the other members feel differently and I would like to hear your bike of choice and why? Wether it be the repairs, handling, look, safety, simplicity, electronics etc!!!!!!! One of the reasons I bring this up is I have friend that recently purchased a can am new! I asked him why a can am after all the years of Polaris? He said it’s a nice looking bike and wanted to try something new. He has rode the bike three or four times and hated it! So a trip back to the dealer he traded it in for a Polaris and he’s very happy now. A costly mistake since he lost money on the can am but back to his Polaris that he said he will never stray again. Let’s hear it !
  3. Frank Angerano

    ATV Carburetor Tuning How To

    Great video @Ajmboy it’s pretty straight forward and how I was taught to tune.
  4. Frank Angerano

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    Athena (P400250600300) Top End Gasket Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PLS6ZXW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_77R6BbVRTF3VG Carb cleaner is great but sometime you have to run a small wire through the jets to be sure they are clear. I also like to blow air through the jets to be sure they are clear. I like to use a piece of wire from a bicycle brake cable, one strand of that. There are also small brush kits for cleaning carburetors on amazon as well.
  5. Frank Angerano

    Need used stock pipe for a Honda 400ex

    Look on eBay. It will be a used pipe but most likely in good shape. I’ve picked up a few used exhaust pipes, silencers etc. factory parts that bolted right up. Just make sure of the year and keyword used.
  6. Frank Angerano

    Honda 400ex rear carrier

    It depends, if the bearings pop right out and the old one is not worn or getting oval then leave it be. Me personally, since your going to have it apart I would replace the whole thing. It’s a smal expense in the overall project and a main part of the drive train. Just make sure it’s an oem replacement part.
  7. Frank Angerano

    A Jewish 400ex cylinder head?

    I have looked everyplace and cannot find one reason why that star is there! No manufacturers, nothing. So strange.
  8. Frank Angerano

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    You are not wrong just not aware. I have attached a pic for you to see. This is an adjustment to the needle hight inside the carb. To high the carb will result in too much fuel being delivered. So take a look and see. Maybe a long shot but def worth looking into. Put the clip at the second to last high spot on the needle and try that. Most common spot is in the middle or second to top. Also Manley sure all the meats are clean. After that I would go with a fresh plug and check the spark. Just to be sure it’s a good clean spark. https://youtu.be/7lnURLsBIHg Sorry make sure all jeys are clean . *** Jets* dam spell check!
  9. Frank Angerano

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    Welcome to Quadcrazy! Nice looking bike. I’m not sure how mechanically inclined you are but if so then I would keep the bike! My guess is since you see blue smoke it’s most likely bad valve seals if the smoke goes away after it’s been running. It’s a valve seal kit you can buy and install. If your not familiar then we can help as well as you tube. If the blue smoke is constant then maybe a piston and rings may be in order. As far as the carb goes and if someone had tinkered with it before then my guess is the needle on the carburetor is set wrong. This can be adjusted very easily by following the throttle cable down to the carburetor and unscrewing the slide from the carburetor and making the adjustment on the needle. Its a clip on the main needle in the carburetor Go to YouTube and you will see how this is done. As well as Quadcrazy helping you along. Looks like a good bike but don’t feel obligated as I have a live for old bikes especially since yours is in such good shape
  10. Frank Angerano

    1996 Polaris Sportsman 500

    I agree! First things first; oil,lube and filter. Fresh spark plug and some clean petro. Get familiar with the bike and be safe. Good luck and send some pics. We love pics!
  11. Frank Angerano

    Honda 2013 420 reverse problem

    You may have to get access to the two wires on that shift button and put a tester on it to see if it works. Or replace it if in doubt. If it’s an intermittent problem it’s prob something relatively minor. I would start to go through the system from top to bottom starting at that shift button down. Could be broken or damaged or loose plugs on the wiring. Make sure all fluids are up to operating level so that no safety switches are locking it out from time to time. And look for any damage that might have happened like something hitting a wire or cable? Is this a rancher ? What kind of bike ?
  12. Frank Angerano

    Impressed with the amount of manuals

    Only the best here at QC brother! Then you add the knowledge of the members, I honestly do not think for one minute that there is one problem on an atv we can’t collectively get solved.
  13. Frank Angerano

    Honda 2013 420 reverse problem

    I don’t think it’s the ocean. How does that bike go into reverse ? Is the reverse procedure done by squeezing the left brake handle while pressing the R button and shifter down ? It’s most likely in the contact device that allows it to engage. Maybe a bad switch ? What model bike ?
  14. Frank Angerano

    1998 Bayou 300 4x4 Rear Shaft Boot/Seal

    I’m not 100% sure on the cam lever but I’ve seen a small clip that held some of them in place. You can let it sit 24 hours on it with a good grease and it will work it’s way in and prob move freely after 24 hours. Grease is good bc it migrates into the surrounding metal and will get in pretty good. Also take a piece of sand paper and hit the pads before you put them back in just to scuff them up a bit. Also be selective where you put the grease! The last thing you need is a blob of grease coming loose and getting on the brake shoes after a little riding Did you happen to take any progress phots while you were doing any of this. I would love to see as well as a other QC members. Great work brother!!
  15. Frank Angerano

    1998 Bayou 300 4x4 Rear Shaft Boot/Seal

    Nice work on the rear. you can try to use a torch. The type plumbers use to sweet pipe. Put a cold water rag over the area of bearing to not burn anything up. Stay local on the area your heating. The expansion and contraction of the metal should free it up. Take your time ! Keep all areas that you want to keep cool covered with a cold wet rag! Good luck and let us know how you make out. Also take. A look at the rear bearings while your there since it would be a shame to do all this work and have a bearing go later. Maybe better to swap em out now ?