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  1. Def good to do as @spock58 mentioned. Reason I'm asking about damp conditions is my old fourtrax used to lose spark when it was damp. Turned out my cdi outer casing was separating from the epoxy fill and letting moisture in. If it dried out it had spark again.
  2. Your going to need a wheel puller with long arms. Check out amazon they have a few different types. You may have to get the type that has hooks to go into the holes on the drum or take a few large hose clamps and put them around the drum, tighten good and use a standard type long arm puller.
  3. $30 a gal ???? Yep thank god for peak or prestone!! Fuel injectors yes def a good point, it all depends on how long it soaked and if it was fresh or salt water.
  4. Your very welcome, a lot of the cooling systems work that way. If you get stuck let me know we will go deeper.
  5. Soooooooo believe it or not the guy who bought my Mojave reached out to me and said that his son loves the bike and now he wants to ride! Asked me if I had a bike for him to learn an easy rider type atv. You guys know I love that bear tracker but i let it go only because it went to the right person. So he shows up and has a quad in the back of the truck. He said its a Baja and has no need for it to make him an offer. Said it didn't run and it was small for him and it had a clutch. I had no need for it but wound up giving him $50 off the price of the bear tracker and threw it in the garage. I've heard of Baja but never seen one. Turns out it has a Suzuki engine on it and its a 330cc. Im not familiar with it at all. It had no spark but does now due to a wiring fault i found, compression is good and it cranks, carb and gas stink to high heaven of varnish but i have no time to go any deeper right now. Just curious on any background on the Baja's from anyone? Im sure il have it fired up right after the new year but its a strange looking thing.
  6. Hey brian which shaft are you referring to??? Post a pic or two.
  7. Spray it good with penetration oil and use a rubber mallet and tap it a few times all around. That drum looks cracked or is it the pics? If you plan on using any heat here you have to be super careful here not to melt a seal.
  8. Whats up @Kawiherder what year make and model? Im assuming Kawasaki by your name. That light comes on from a sensor in the top of the cylinder head that acts independently from the fan. If its water cooled then there is a sensor on the right side of the lower portion of the radiator. Take the two wires off that sensor and jump them together. If the fan comes on then the sensor is bad. If the fan does not come on then the power going to that sensor needs to be checked. Thats done by using a simple test light or tester. One of the wires on the sensor should have 12V power on it. If not then start tracing that wire back to its source, maybe fuse or there are inline circuit breakers on the wire to the fan on some models. Now if you have power at the sensor and when you jump the two wires on the sensor and the fan does not come on then it could be a bad ground on the sensor or a bad fan so you have to start looking at the fan itself and the wires coming off of it. All of the above testing needs to be done with the key on.
  9. I used all methods, flame, heat, buffing etc. None of which held up very well. I did however water send and send to a auto body shop where they added a flex agent into the paint and sprayed them and the finished product was insane.
  10. I cant see it because i only use my phone but im going to start using my laptop when I'm home.
  11. I agree. It does look good but mine did not hold up that long as well as being a magnet for dust which results in washing the atv and that washes off the oil. its great when ur selling an atv !
  12. Hey Az! Hope all is well pal. I thought it was you that had this problem. Lets see maybe @YamahaBB350 will get lucky.
  13. Is it a very light smoke and blueish ? If so thats oil. Its an air cooled machine so we know its not coolant so it would have to be oil which mens either bad valve seals, rings etc. What i would do at this point is make sure you put everything back correctly and make sure the choke assembly is also correct. Then let it run for a little bit and see how it settles down after its warmed up. The smoke should somewhat clear. Make the adjustment on the air/fuel screw and get the engine tuned. Once this is done if it still smokes a lot then you will have to make a decision on how far you want to go with fixing it.

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