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  1. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Sudsy Cant say you got me beat if mine is a lot cleaner then yours. Buy anyway post some pics and lets see that thang!
  2. I would agree with @BuggyMasters if it was a problem that slowly got worse. BUT for the atv to be running fine one day and the next day have this problem? Polaris did have a cam issue but it showed up over time, not over night. Spark plugs started to foul and the backfiring once in a while. I just don't see it happening over night.
  3. I actually use both and the readings are spot on surprisingly. My father had every type of tester possible and i have very good digitals. So yes thats all good there. New cdi will be here tomorrow so we will see how that goes.
  4. All very good points and have checked out all except the flywheel and the possibilities of the ignition coil being bad. The flywheel and pick up coil is on my list. I managed to grab a used cdi from a reliable source for $50 bucks. Its on the way. The rev limiter was on the top of my list and i tore into it looking for one but there's nothing connected to the throttle to indicate that the engine would react on over throttle condition. Nothing on the handle bars going into the throttle either so unless it's electronically picked up through the cdi that its reving high then i would say no. But i am double checking the spec on that. As far as the burnt wires: I can't verify if the fire happened on the atv like something or someone caused the fire OR if there was a fore near the atv. None of the wires were cooked from the inside like you would suspect. Some really good points you hit on though and its great info! Thanks @northernmi
  5. Welcome back I don't think it would be the cam, maybe its time to start going over the testable electrical parts. Regulator, stator coil and pick up coil. If you have the manual its stated what the readings should be as well as the process. We can also help you along, its not hard to do and all you need is a multi meter.
  6. I haven't really had time honestly since i put the new harness in and checked the timing. I should get an hour or two in this afternoon.
  7. Nope definitely not but thanks anyway. Going to do a few more tests.
  8. Brother i hope your right. I am going to swap the regulator and see what happens. Sit tight and stay tuned.
  9. That's awesome and would be very helpful and i would pay for shipping etc and get it right back to you. Im going to get into it later on today and rule everything else out first. Here are a few pics of mine. If it matches then we can arrange something.
  10. Not even a $50. Its far gone but salvageable, that will come with a hefty cost. The battery is fine for what he was using it for, its actually not a bad idea since the winch draws a lot of juice. Im sure he used it for a work horse. Looks that way. Trx: i did that trick with the cdi and it worked!
  11. Thats some funny stuff @Dra O! But on a serious note, we never stop challenging ourselves, we just keep growing and push our limits! Its nice to revive something old. Keep it up brother, this never gets old!
  12. I hear ya but i went through it all. My last item im going to swap is the flywheel. After that its only leaving the cdi! 😳
  13. No clue. Carb (You know me) is good! Its either a flywheel or cdi which is a pricey item for this atv!

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