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  1. Hey @Frank Angerano, we haven't seen you in a while...hope all is well brother!

  2. The city is out of control! They are literally combing the blocks looking to ticket someone. I submitted a request for a new curb since it’s the city’s responsibility. They came out and looked and said it will be done in the next 3-5 year plan. Btw there’s a crack in your sidewalk. (Hairline crack I may add) and the city issued me a violation. If it’s not repaired in the next 90 days they will do it and bill me for it. Lolol Hey @Ajmboy on the way back from lake George I stopped at the property and pulled the camera cards. Take a look.
  3. Working through the same thing here. My oldest’s school is going back full force. My daughters school is thinking the same, 2 days one week 3 the next. No final decisions yet. Same for my little guy.
  4. Hey @bodon , that unswitched fuse is a power feed that is constantly energized even with the key off. It generally is on the fan circuit or a safety circuit, so when the engine is hot and the cooling fan is running and you shut the engine off the fan will continue to run until engine/coolant is satisfactory. Wish I would have seen this sooner and answered to help you along. The draw can be caused by a sensor that’s going bad, maybe a fan sensor. It’s easy enough to isolate though.
  5. Good here in NY thank god. Actually got back from lake George and let me tell you they are 10 times more strict there then in the city. Hoping this thing runs it course and we can get back to a somewhat normal, especially with the schooling end.
  6. Wow cracking down! I wonder what it was that sparked the whole thing. Maybe littering or cutting trees I would guess environmental maybe related. It also could be getting popular as well from a riding standpoint. I have a feeling ALL areas in which issuance of monetary fines can happen will happen. The budgets are Most likely shot across the board with every agency so how else/better way to get it? The city is already seeing it with all agencies writing major violations. Stop work orders etc. I think everyone that reads this thread should take caution now riding on certain pieces of
  7. Thats great. Just don't mistake the gas jugs in the pic for water! 😂 talk about a hot shower. As always a great set up mike!
  8. They definitely do have a lot more places to ride. I am planning on staying there, question is 1 day or 2 and cabin or tent?? My son os going to say the typical 16 year old "lets camp" thing but I'm more of a shower after a day of playing in the dirt so we will see. They also have RV sites so i guess we will discuss over the next week or so and make a decision!
  9. https://www.minesandmeadows.com/ Check out the link, its a cool place. You can also check out a lot of videos posted on YouTube.
  10. Its a cool place to ride but honestly aside from the new mud pits and trails they made i would probably do one or two more trips there before it gets old. Next place I'm heading out to will be mines and meadows i think. My oldest boy is bugging me to go there.
  11. Looks like a great time! Anything with the letters BBQ involved i love!!
  12. Whats up guys. @Bryson Bailey and @Michael Dominguez Whats going on? Explain w happening and we can help you out.
  13. What's up everyone? Hope all are well, I've missed a lot i see..... Anyway i threw the towel in today and took tomorrow off so i could go play today. Yes one of the hottest days but screw it, so i wound up throwing the bikes on the trailer and shot up to Lost Trails in PA with my oldest boy. Great day, we actually sank the bikes today as the mud pits were insanely deep. We had to stand on one foot peg going through the deep shit to get the tires to grip. All the videos you all see watching riders move from one side of the bike or the other or leaning forward or backwards in a mud pit o
  14. Hope you are doing ok bud! We haven't seen you in a while.

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