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  1. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Maxx. Oil levels in the gauge/sight glass wont be accurate when running. Oil is consistently flowing through the engine so its never all in the same place for an accurate oil reading. If your not getting an accurate reading then its safe to say its ok. Engine off, wait 15 minutes and take an oil reading. You will be at 97% accuracy of your dipstick or sight glass. The other 3% is still in the head or lining the engine walls. As far as battery ratings; go on Amazon, there are tons so have at it. I personally like the pirate battery. YTX5L-BS Replacement Motorcycle Battery - Rechargeable High Performance - AGM - Sealed Maintenance Free - Pirate Battery https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XDRYQLZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_vCEWEbG7WTPD0
  2. unfortunately you cant test a cdi. @MarkinAR is correct about that. However cdi inits get moisture inside and they will not work. Especially if its an atv thats been sitting outside for a long time. You can take the cdi and bake it in the oven at 200 deg for 10 min. Oven reaching temp first then put the cdi in no more then 10 min. Take it out and let it cool. Give it a shot, if it works you know its a moisture issue.
  3. Glad to hear you found the problem. I've been tied up with work and stuff around the house so i haven't been on the forum much. Off the top of my head I think the main sleeve hub nut is about 65 foot lbs. the springs are about 7 -8 foot lbs and the spring support bolt was 16 ish. I like to use thread lock on all parts.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/142482811851 Here is a later year. See if its close as far as appearance. Maybe you can make it work. And when i say make it work mean maybe have to bend a little here or there. One thing you don't want to do is make home made brake parts. After all its only to stop the atv!!! Lol. But seriously maybe before you do anything maybe try to remove all the blocked lines from the quad. Hang them up and go buy a can of gumout carburetor cleaner with the small red tube on the nozzle. Spray it inside the lines and let them sit for 24 hours. Blow them out with a compressor and slowly work them clean. Try to snake a bicycle brake cable trough the lines by twisting and spraying. It may take some repetition but i bet you can get the flared line clean at minimum.
  5. Could be just an over fill of oil. Drain and refill with fresh oil and make sure its at the proper level. Start with that.
  6. Ya know the funny thing is all the shit like this up high or even 1000 feet below the surface does not bother me one bit but small things like ticks and fleas freak me out! And I'm always in the woods!!! But when i get home its a full body search. Oh and cotton ball's..... I absolutely cant touch cotton balls. Freaks me out!
  7. @Ajmboy it really does not bother me being up that high. In the second set of pictures I'm literally standing on the corner edge of the building. There is scaffolding not to far below or i would not have done it. I still cant believe how clear and good the visibility was. We haven't seen that in a long time.
  8. Look up oil supply line for any bayou 300. See what you find. Ive taken 300's and 400's apart and have not seen an internal port that pumps oil up to the head to date. Either way absolute way to test the oil pump is as i described in my previous post. The oil filter test is a sure fire way to test the pump. No matter which way you may think the oil flows! Oil MUST pump through the filter correct??? So follow the steps as mentioned and you will know if the pump is in fact bad. No matter what way the oil is pumped!!
  9. I don't think you are aware of how it works. Oil does not flow back down through the banjo bolts and into the oil line back to the crank case. You should try what was recommended since I personally have done it. But thats up to you!
  10. HuntStand is one of my preferred apps. I use it obviously for hunting but as well as marking my trails as i go. Definitely a good app.
  11. If you don't do a drone there are various gps tracking apps that will show you what And where you rode.
  12. Very nice progress. Keep up the posts, this is a good project for the next guy to learn from. Nice work @pablo Blake

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