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  1. 03 arctic cat 400 4x4 starter clutch bad?

    I agree with that but it may be your only option at this point to diagnose.
  2. 03 arctic cat 400 4x4 starter clutch bad?

    Sounds like the starter is fine. I had a similar problem on my Yamaha and I was actually able to put the starter back in and take the side cover off to see what’s going on as you engage the starter and see whats taking place during rotation, but spray the gears down with lube prior to testing to avoid lubrication problems.
  3. 03 arctic cat 400 4x4 starter clutch bad?

    Are you bench testing the starter ? If so when you put power to the starter does the starter gear engage in and out when power is applied ?
  4. ATV Bags & ATV Luggage - What do you use?

    Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag - Mossy Oak Breakup - 91150 Take a look at this bad boy. Love it ! May have to pull the trigger on it.
  5. ATV Bags & ATV Luggage - What do you use?

    Great thread/topic. I picked up the bag that @Ajmboy has on his Suzuki in the photo a while back. It’s good but everything I kept in there got thrown around. I bought a piece of foam and cut it to size and installed it. It was about 6 inches deep and I cut out the middle to keep things in order. Works ok. I like that Coleman one and that kwik tek that @quadmaniac has shown also. May have to give that a try. I also just bought this side bag from Kwik Tek ATVFB-MO, ATV Fender Pack (Mossy Oak) I’m still waiting on it. Keep you posted!
  6. Next project

    So I picked up a new project. Going to need a littl engine work on the top end to fix a slight knock but it’s a great bike! Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4! Needs a rear carrier rack but other then that it’s a completely orignal never taken apart or damaged bike. The rear rack was taken by somebody. Not sure yet what color or if I’m going to keep it stock but either way it’s getting torn down, cleaned and fresh painted frame etc. Pictures to follow soon of how it turns out !
  7. 1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    Thanks @Ajmboy for getting back to me. So the oil was good. The problem I think was I found a leak on the halve adjustment cap there is an o ring or gasket if you will, that was missing and silicone put in there as a fix. Previous owner said he ran it low when he found the leak on the top end but thought there was no damage. So anyway the journal is scored, not terribly but it’s noticeable. So I’m assuming that was causing the knock up top. Oil pressure is good and the new o ring/gasket is in place. And the bike is running great. But when you rev it up i can hear it. So having said all that I reached out to that eBay link that you sent and asked for some pics of that head assembly esp the journals. Thanks a million. This bike has never been touched by anyone. It’s orignal and completely in tact. So that’s why I like it. The gears shift like its right from the dealer. The problem with this bike is the first gear is a SL super low gear. Makes for a very high rpm I’m thinking that’s where a lot of the damage comes from. So to sum it up I think I’m going to change the top end If the one that’s on line it’s in good condition and go from there. I have reached out to a few machine shops that do this kind of work and looking into both options. Only because I got the bike for $300 bucks and it’s in amazing condition. Keep you posted. Thanks
  8. 1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    After hearing this bike run for a while I def hear something in the head. It’s not a tick but a slight knock. So I tore into it and found that the journals that support the cam on the opposite side of the timing chain are worn leaving a little wiggle room for the cam to kinda flop around. Im looking into a semi new valve body and see a lot of used ones in good condition for about 200 bucks. My question is am I wasting my time ? Is this normal ? Is there another fix ? Should I ride it out ? Is it going to tear the top end apart ? @Ajmboy @davefrombc any ideas ?
  9. 1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    Thanks @quadmaniac I ripped into the carb it was packed with solidified gas and the float and bowl needle were jammed in place. After a good soaking and rebuild kit I reinstalled it and fired up the bike. I noticed a little oil coming from the top of the head but no ticking, I did not have much time to look into it. I think I’m going to rip the plastics off and tear the top end down for an inspection and fresh gaskets and seals. I seen a lot of posts about this engine on you tube with upper end problems with cam issues where the cam is seated. Hopefully this is a simple gasket problem and nothing more. Thanks for the input.
  10. 1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    Hey QC people, hope everyone’s doing well. I just picked up a 1998 bayou 400 4x4 in great condition for a song and a dance! Good deal. It has been sitting since 2014. Original owner!!! Anyway he put the bike away in 2014 and has not touched it. He said the head has a little tick that’s about it. I love the way the bike looks and it seems like a well built bike. Im posting because I’m curious if anyone has any input on this bike? Good bad ? It’s in amazing condition but the fuel was left in it and gas peacock turned on of course so a carb rebuild is in order and some really stanky gas In the tank. But any input on this bike would be appreciated! Thanks.
  11. CanAm Ds70??

    I agree with @Ajmboy at the very least i would ask for another bike. This sounds like one of those bikes that’s going to have problem after problem. A new bike should not have to be taken apart and or have a new carb put on. And why up the jet? Makes no sense.
  12. Need service manual 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200

    Start at the battery and check the solinoid as well to make sure no wires are shorted out. Work your way back on the harness all the way up to the controls and check the push start button to make sure it’s not stuck. The key ignition switch as well. Look for any old work that may have been done on the wiring like additional electrical tape and things that were added on. Go through it all. You can also unplug one plug at a time and see if it continues. As far as the carb goes was it an original or aftermarket carb ?
  13. Need service manual 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200

    Wow! Sounds like you have a project bike on your hands. Honestly you have to see if this bike is worth the effort. Parts for this bike I found have been expensive. Was the carborator new or used? it’s possible and sounds like the float or needle has an issue. Maybe stuck or the float has a hole in it. Or the needle is stuck or has fallen out into the bowl if not put together correctly. I would start with taking the carborater apart and going through it to see what’s going on. If it was a new carb I would send it back before you think about taking it apart. Was the start button you installed an original part or from another bike, hole made ? You can find used controls on eBay as I did. Start button controllers, brake handles and so forth. I would try to find the correct controls instead of adding aftermarket or “custom” start buttons/controls. The wiring with this bike is over designed and a pain in the ass when it comes to trouble shooting but the proper controls have wire color markings that all match up making it somewhat easy to connect in the proper place. It sounds like your push button is stuck or not a spring type maybe when pressed? Disconnect it and see if you can connect the battery and go from there. I would tackle one problem at a time and move forward, crboraters are manageable and can be somewhat inexpensive when it comes to rebuilding them. Replacing with an OEM carb can me expensive.
  14. Need service manual 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200

    Hello big country and welcome to QC. I have the same bike. No manual but I have broken the bike down and rebuilt it as well as fixed various problems that have occurred. So any questions you may have I might be able to help You with should you have a problem.
  15. App?

    I have a question that goes out to the creators of QC. Have you ever thought of creating an app ? Just curious if so or no ? Pros cons ?