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  1. Frank Angerano

    1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    Worked out perfect! Bike runs like new. This happenes to be on of the most powerful bikes I own. It’s amazing how theses parts were still available. But in the end 100% worth it and a ton of fun ripping it apart and putting back together. Thanks for asking!
  2. Frank Angerano

    Ds650 baja starting problem

    It’s shows the TDC and how it’s done.
  3. Frank Angerano

    Ds650 baja starting problem

    It looks good. Check this out maybe it will help.
  4. Frank Angerano

    Ds650 baja starting problem

    Cam lobes facing down, sprocket marks parallel to the head cover and the sprocket should have a small hole on the top side about 1 o’clock ish.
  5. Frank Angerano

    Ds650 baja starting problem

    So let’s back up for one second and recap. Did you pull the head off of so why? Did the bike run while you own it? reason I’m asking is in my experience I’ve missed things during a rebuild back in the day and had to go back to see where I failed. You are missing something. I looked at the manual and can see that there is only one timing mark that’s labeled “c” ? The lobes state they should be facing downward and there is a small hole on tye cam sprocket that should be on top ? I would go back double check that. If all looks right then I would look at tye triggger cool maybe it’s loose ? Can you post a few pics of the timing marks you see on tye engine as well as the top end cam and sprocket ?
  6. Frank Angerano

    Ds650 baja starting problem

    It’s most likely 180 deg out of time. It’s very easy to make this mistake. There are also a few different marks on the flywheel. Make sure that you have the correct mark and make suite it’s on the compression stroke when aligning with the cam. Aside from the few things listed above the only other things I can think of is the timing chain is jumping off of the sprockets ? Or the pick up coil is loose delivering the spark at the wrong time.
  7. Frank Angerano

    99’ Yamaha bear tracker 250cc engine problems

    Welcome back Allen. It honestly sounds like the engine has seized. I would take the head off exposing the piston and cylinder to see if there is any damage inside the cylinder walls. And maybe go further into this by taking the cylinder off completely. But prior to any of that make sure your not missing something else like the starter bearing or in the stator coil area Did you drain the oil? I have the same bike and it’s reliable and tough. But if there was no or low oil well that’s that! Hopfully you will find out and keep us posted. I’ve been a little busy since I opened up my own company but will try to check in from time to time. Goos luck.
  8. Frank Angerano

    Kawasaki Lakota carb problem

    There are only a few reasons for that diaphragm to not open. One being there is a small hole in the actual diaphragm or it’s not seated properly. Two the air flow into the carburetor is restricted at the air filter intake. Three the neede at the bottom of the diaphragm is bent or not sliding in and out of the main jet properly. Four is the carburetor has gotten something inside the main vacuum port or oraface that allows vaccume to pull that diaphragm open “up”. The carburetor works on a vaccume system. When you hit the throttle it’s connected to a butterfly damper. The butterfly opens allowing air to be sucked into the carburetor which in turn has a small vacuum port that goes to the top of the carburetor that sucks the diaphragm up hence lifting the needle up allowing more fuel and air to mix and enter the engine. If that vaccume system is blocked or any one of the above listed items are compromised you will have a problem. I would bet the diaphragm is not seated right or has a hole in it. I attached a link for your use to see how this works. It’s worth a watch. You will have a clear understanding of how it works. Good luck.
  9. Frank Angerano

    Pleas help identify my atv

    It looks like a Yamaha based on the way the engine sits but not sure. Have you been able to locate the vin number on the frame ?
  10. Frank Angerano

    Suzuki LT-F4WDX 1994 carburetor

    Have you looked on eBay for a used one ? I’ve picked up an oem carb before from eBay in good shape put a rebuild kit in it and for $100 I had a very good oem carb. im assuming yours is beyond repair or the bike cane without one ?
  11. Frank Angerano

    Suzuki LT80 nightmare

    Very good. Should be a sold engine after that. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Frank Angerano

    Suzuki LT80 nightmare

    You are missing something, did you wire brush the top of the piston and the head for carbon build up to make sure there aren’t any pinholes or cracks? I would also check the head where the gasket sits to make sure it’s not warped. And lastly the rings could be bad even though they look ok. I would think it’s just a piston and ring replacement job. There could be a hairline crack in the cylinder jug or head but that would probably have shown up with a dark spot or hearing air coming from it. I would put a new gasket kit and piston and rings and see where you are at. Ive heard of the 50cc engines losing compression from the crank case bearing seals but not on the 80.
  13. Frank Angerano

    99’ Yamaha bear tracker 250cc engine problems

    Welcome to Quadcrazy. From your description it sounds like you heard a noise and then it shut off? Is the bike in neutral ? It’s possable that the engine is seized up. I would take the spark plug out and try to pull start it to see if the engine turns over. Then drain the oil if there is any oil in the engine and see if any metal pieces are present. It’s also possable that something else is locking up the engine causing it not to spin like a blown clutch bearing, maybe something came apart in the stator coil area or transmission.
  14. Frank Angerano

    1998 Suzuki King Quad Oil leak

    Wow that’s a lot of oil. Prior to breaking it down I think I would give the engine a complete wash down with a can of gunk engine cleaner and make sure you have the location of the leak nailed down. Just to be safe.
  15. Frank Angerano

    1998 Suzuki King Quad Oil leak

    Yes most likely a head gasket but this happens some times bc you loose a valve seal and the head gets oil inside the cylinder and during the compression stroke the gasket blows out. Have you done a compression test? Hopefully not the case here and just a gasket swap. And yes generally easy. Download the manual and get fimillar with the engine as well as YouTube the work. Between that and Quadcrazy member support I think you will have it up and running in no time. Post some more pics when you tear into it if you can please.