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  1. They kept saying it was going to shut down and we never received any official notice until today. We are to make the work areas safe close up shop and shut down by Friday afternoon.
  2. It all sounds logical and i agree with the valve slop being a possibility, a valve seal coming off will cause the fouled plugs. As far as compression goes i have a feeling it's a lot worse then valve slop and maybe a bent valve or something along those lines.
  3. We are hearing the city may get shut down by Wednesday. If so i will head upstate to do a little riding.
  4. https://orangeimports.co.uk/collections/bashan-bs200s-7-parts Try that.
  5. I have a friend that has the same atv. He keeps it running tip top. So far its still running strong.
  6. Couple of ways to look at this. Double check timing straight away. When you reassemble the top end did you set the timing correctly? Ive done it before and found it 180 degrees out BUT I always slowly rotate the the engine without the spark plug in and feel for any hits between the valves and piston. So if you went ahead and cranked it right out of the gate and timing was off then you could have a cracked piston or bent valve. (worst case) So pull the valve cover off and get to TDC compression stroke and look at your timing, also look at your chain tensioner and make sure you put it all back right and that it had not allowed the chain to jump and cause the above possible damage. Have you checked your head gaskets and did you use quality gaskets?? Cheap head gaskets go bad real quick especially if there is a slight warp in the head. Valves: did you put the valves back where they came from? Each valve if using old valves should go back exactly where they came from. Valve seals, its possible one has come off? Pull the spark plug wire off after you have confirmed the timing is right and crank the engine and listen for air leaks. Spray windex on the top end and look for bubbles if you want. Spray around the head gaskets, loosen the oil fill cap and spray around that as well while cranking. If you get bubbles then there is compression leaking into the crank case.
  7. Nice work and great job explaining the test results. Keep us posted!
  8. Ok lets go through some steps and do a process of elimination thing. If your concerned or think its the carburetor then go through the manual, check the spec on the jets and the sizes and make sure everything is proper according to the specifications including the float height. Check the choke and make sure its not getting hung up or pulled in while the throttle is reving ? This way you will rule out the carburetor. Next would be fuel flow from the tank. Could be restricted or have some sort of vapor lock from the gas cap? Leave the cap off and see if it still gives you a problem After that i would look at the intake boot that connects the carburetor to engine and check for any cracks that may be sucking in air from time to time. A simple trick to test this is spray some carburetor cleaner around the carburetor while the engine is running and listen for any changes in the way the engine runs, lightly wiggle the carburetor as well to expose any cracks on the boot So after all this is done you will have ruled out any carburetor and fuel delivery issues. If that has not fixed the problem i would buy an in line spark tester and attach it to the spark plug and spark plug wire and see if the spark breaks down under a throttle load. Its about $10 bucks on Amazon. Get a tester and start to check the specs on all of the electrical equipment, regulator, stator etc. Even if you replaced them or tested to it again. Rule out all items electrically and write down everything. While the engine is running start wiggling the wire harness around and again listen for changes. After that the only thing it could be is tye cdi$$$$$$$$$ And that sucks!!!
  9. Have you checked the gap on the pick up coil? I remember a post way back about a similar problem and it turns out the gap on the pick up coil was the problem. It ran great in place but after a load was put on it the atv it bogged down.
  10. Was the new carburetor an oem or a cheap replacement? China carburetor?
  11. Honestly heres my take. If its at the point where you feel its bad and a possibility that the tank my have skunk gas as well then pull the tank and clean the carburetor and tank properly. I've very rarely had luck by rotating and cleaning the carburetor in place. You only wind up pulling it all out again.
  12. You don't have to take the tank off. Sometimes it makes life easier but it should be able to come off without taking the tank off. I like to loosen both clamps first. Disconnect the gas lone, pull the carb out so you can take the throttle cable and the choke cable off. Re assemble in the same way.
  13. Yep seen that. They has an outside booth set up in tye back but I guess maybe people weren't showing up?
  14. Hey @Meg Sam welcome to Quadcrazy. I don't think that atv has reverse. Here is a website that may have what your looking for. https://www.ud-spareparts.com/Spare-parts-ATV-Bashan-Bashan-Parts-ATV-250cc-BS250S11-c-1535_564.html

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