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  1. Agreed, not bad at all. @MarkinAR smacks it right on the head every time!!! Its not as bad as it seems. If the rings aren't flying up that high then my guess is the rings will settle in fine and be good.
  2. @Hondasher that's a great approach. Definitely keep us posted on the fixes as they happen or if you get stuck.
  3. I looked at the manual and it does not show anything about changing it over. Have you tried to call a dealer and ask ?
  4. Wow its in pretty good shape for a 94. That was a simple atv. Just look under the front end, theres nothing to it. Simple and effective design. Same thing goes for the engine. If your mechanically inclined you should be able to pull the motor and split it open. BUT before all that have you drained the oil and looked for pieces of gear that may have broke off In the drain pan? How does the shifter feel when you shift up? Do some simple checking first before anything crazy and make sure of what's going on. But this all depends on how handy you are.
  5. I would guess regular loosen due to the fact that its not a rotation thing like a shaft. Its more of a motioning up and down in each direction. Try it the right way just go slowly.
  6. Great news brother. Get that puppy up and running and lets see some pics !
  7. Great video @Gunny and great service! Keep em coming! 🇺🇸
  8. Nice work! Keep us posted brother.
  9. That thing does look crushed. Was that o ring part of the same gasket kit?
  10. Hey @Michael France welcome to Quadcrazy. Agreed with @MarkinAR on all points. In addition take a look at the neutral/reverse relay as well. It should have two black wires going into it as well as two others. The two black complete the start circuit. Jump the two black wires and see if you get dash lights, start button etc. Just curious to see if that works and you can rule out that circuit as a problem.
  11. Welcome to Quadcrazy! Post your problem as a new topic and we can help.

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