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  1. Yep it does. The only thing I can offer is keep it covered in armorall it holds the color.
  2. I’ve seen a ton of posts about that paint thinner and linseed oil on YouTube. I hear good things for short term. I hear it does not last long.
  3. I couldn’t tell you. I only buy, fix and sell. Maybe keep a few . I don’t do tune ups or repairs for people.
  4. Absolutely! Go through the bike and dont look excited. And explain how much money in parts and labor you have to put into the bike to what I like to say “get it back to good” is. Show him the cash and say look I’m here to buy. He will come back at $900.
  5. Lol well said. Looks great. I have to say as much as I have worked to buy, sell, upgrade and buy the bikes I wanted with the money I made I am always looking for a new project. It’s a lot of fun.
  6. The new rebuild kit comes with a float. Some good air pressure will clean anything out along with a set of brushes you can get on amazon. I hear ya on the new cheap carb but they are just too much trouble with the adjusting. Carburetors Carbon Dirt Jet Remove Cleaner, 13 Cleaning Wires Set + 10 Cleaning Needles + 5 Nylon Brushes Tool Kit for Welder Carb Chainsaw Spray Guns Torch Tips Firing Hole Stove Burner Holes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D8LZ2PG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_86.JCb8G8A1C4
  7. I’ve seen some burnt up stuff big time. Wore harness melted butvtye stator was fine and vice verse. It’s crazy how things get affected by electricity.
  8. This also applies if your welding your frame or anything on the bike. The stator coil and regulator should be disconnected as well as the battery. You will do damage.
  9. Jumping with a bigger battery like a car will work as long as the car really is not running. What happens is if it’s running the amperage on a running vehicle is so much greater then what the atv puts out. What happens is the stator coil gets back fed from the higher amperage source and it burns the coil or the cdi or the regulator.
  10. That would suck should that be the problem. Most likely not but still wtf? Why rivet something into a carb that may need replacement down the road. Makes no sense.
  11. Be careful jumping it with to much amperage. You can do damage. Wait for the right battery if possable.
  12. Wow that’s great news for the top end. Hopefully the bottom half won’t be too bad.
  13. Wow that’s a rarity finding a bike that old with tye manulas. Hopdully you wont ever have to get into a tranny project! If that relay is clicking when you press the start button then the relay is working. That battery may not be strong enough to turn the engine over or the starter is having a problem. You can put a tester on the starter wire and press the button to see if your getting power at the starter.
  14. Are you getting any codes on the dash? Unfortunately with these bikes there are quite a few things it could be and most likely one or two in particular. First off is take all the plugs off and check for moisture. Get some dialectric grease and apply it to the inside of each connection before you plug them all back In. Second thing and the most likely culprit is the angle sensor, it’s located at the rear lower section of the motor. It has a plug going to it most likely grey. The wires on it are blue, yellow maybe brown as well and a black. This sensor may be bad. Third may be the sensor on the carburetor if it’s carborated. It’s called a throttle positioning sensor. And some times the screws loosen up and it moves. It’s located on the side of the carburetor and has a plug as well. Two screws hold it in place and you will find slots where the screws are to adjust it. But be sure you mark it before you move it so you can re set it where it was should it need to go back to that spot. There is the mechanism that changes the gears It’s a small motor sometimes the brushes act up in the motor. The battery is also a big factor as far as voltage goes. Make sure your battery is up to par. You should be able to find all of this info and the exact location on your bike in the manual.
  15. Great progress on the bike.What are you using on the plastics? As far as the seat cover goes you can make your own out of some fabric with a T 50 staple gun and scotch guard water repellent spray. It takes literally 30 mins to do and looks amazing. Sounds like your having fun. Keep up the good work.
  16. That really sucks @Freezeman hopefully no damage to the head assembly. Have you torn it all down yet ?
  17. That’s a nice looking bike. I’m sure you will get there sooner then later.
  18. So I looked up that bike in your area and kbb has it at $4300 in good condition. So if it’s in very good or better condition you have to figure $4800 and it has some after market parts. So that’s a very good price this person is selling to for. Plus the owner is expecting a small deduction in price during negotiation prob no more then $200 at best maybe even $100 if you have the cash in hand.
  19. Ok great. Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  20. Not sure what you mean here. Can you clarify a little ?
  21. Wow Very nice. Price range is really good for a bike like that with all the after market stuff. Just be careful when you are buying. Make sure it’s all on the up and up. If they ask you to send them your email address so they can send you more pics etc do not do so. There are scams out there just to get your email addres and obtain personal information. Im not sure of the price range of bikes like that in your area but a bike like that here would be about $5000 K so I would see a red flag but out near you that may be the value.
  22. Cylinders head should be aluminum with a steel cylinder sleeve for the piston.

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