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  1. Was the new carburetor an oem or a cheap replacement? China carburetor?
  2. Honestly heres my take. If its at the point where you feel its bad and a possibility that the tank my have skunk gas as well then pull the tank and clean the carburetor and tank properly. I've very rarely had luck by rotating and cleaning the carburetor in place. You only wind up pulling it all out again.
  3. You don't have to take the tank off. Sometimes it makes life easier but it should be able to come off without taking the tank off. I like to loosen both clamps first. Disconnect the gas lone, pull the carb out so you can take the throttle cable and the choke cable off. Re assemble in the same way.
  4. Yep seen that. They has an outside booth set up in tye back but I guess maybe people weren't showing up?
  5. Hey @Meg Sam welcome to Quadcrazy. I don't think that atv has reverse. Here is a website that may have what your looking for. https://www.ud-spareparts.com/Spare-parts-ATV-Bashan-Bashan-Parts-ATV-250cc-BS250S11-c-1535_564.html
  6. Good way to distance yourself!! Ride safe.
  7. The regulator can cause these symptoms and easy enough to test or cheap enough to replace. The magnets have been known to move on the flywheels the only reason I'm agreeing with you about it NOT being your problem is the fact that you state it runs fine until hot. In my case it would run like shit right out of the gate. Your pick up coil could also be the problem when hot. Get your tester and check the spec book on it. Then go ahead and test the coil when its cold and then when the engine gets hot or starts to act up to see if the numbers are the same.
  8. I just recently went through a similar problem on my Suzuki Eiger. Turns out it was my flywheel. My magnet configuration was off. The image you posted is called a cdi box. The cdi is what gets and tells the spark/ignition when to fire. The pick up/trigger coil (located by the stator coil) gets its signal from the flywheel which has a small metal tab on it that passes by the pickup/trigger coil. When is passes by the coil sends a signal to the cdi and that cdi delivers spark to the ignition coil. In some instances the cdi fails when the diodes or the small capacitors inside go bad and the electrical current that's meant to flow in one one direction no longer does that and creates a haywire flow of current. If its a capacitor that goes bad inside it usually kills the cdi completely (no spark) when a diode goes bad it allows current to go in either direction and that is where you get the misfire. unfortunately there is no way to test or repair the cdi box and its an expensive part to gamble on. Back to the flywheel, the magnets have a glue that holds them in place. That glue has failed on a run for about 3 or 4 years of the artic cat and Suzuki engines. This allows the magnets to move around and cause havoc on the ignition system. The way to inspect this is to pull the side cover off and inspect the flywheel magnets. Start with the flywheel and go from there. Then inspect the cdi for any moisture or cracks/damage. It should be located in the rear under the plastics by the storage compartment.
  9. That's a good question! Ive personally never seen much with regard to upgrades on the China atvs other then improved ignition coils, cdi boxes, colored chains and graphics.
  10. Very cool. Its nice to see a utv point of view for a change.
  11. Its all private plus some of my neighbors which is all clear to ride. Also do a little antler hunting.
  12. Good for you and great pics. Im out of here this weekend! Need to ride or im going to lose my shit!
  13. Nope honestly i look on eBay for a used oem if its in good condition
  14. Ive honestly not seen anything better then an oem cdi. Aftermarket ones are garbage unless its a performance one and thats double the cost of an oem.
  15. No i was thinking more along the lines of seeing if any small pieces of gears ⚙️ Come out or any burnt smell etc.
  16. I love it! You can buy some fabric and cover that seat, its easy. But it looks great.
  17. It could be the belt, i would drop the oil first and see what the color, smell and if any metal pieces are in there. Then check the belt and see what it looks like.
  18. Aside from having my own small company, i manage construction projects on high rise buildings for Tishman/Aecom. All union work and it allows me to have benefits etc. The structural steel end is what I manage so i get to go up pretty high. I am a NYC sandhog and always preferred tunnel work since i truly love it. But after this last big tunnel job ended two years ago there has been no work. So I transferred my union book to the trades above ground for a change. its been nice and it allows me to also run my small business.
  19. Have you checked the linkage underneath to see if its hitting something? Or is the shifter moving just no action ?
  20. Your very welcome. There is a topic on cleaning carburetors that's helpful. Be sure to post a few pics of the progress. I like seeing old bikes that have been sitting around being brought back to life.

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