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  1. To me its a $200 bike all day. $350 is a lot for that bike but hopefully you can get her back to good and flip it. On the positive side i always say the plastics and racks are always worth there weight in gold. So you will get ur money back if it does not work out.
  2. Thank you @James Mason. I pretty much for the most part will always find the problem and to be honest I'm a little excited that its giving me a hard time. I think for the most part the quads i find are more straight forward repairs and find myself doing more cosmetic/body work. Don't get me wrong i love all that stuff but a real problem for a change is something good and i think keeps us all sharp learning about new problems, especially for the next guy. So we will see! A ton of very good reply's to this topic so a big shout out to our members that commented on this. Keep em coming. Always grateful!
  3. Thanks @Dra O, definitely going to get to the bottom of this one. And yes i have checked the choke. Even if i put $1000 into it i can tell you i would still be way ahead. Its in perfect condition with a plow and winch. As of right now total money spent on parts is $65 for a harness and $20 on a carb kit. Oh and about 10 hours of shop time!!! Good luck on the new find. Hopefully it works out and you can snag it for a good low price. I happen to love those year bikes. Be sure to post pics if you do wind up getting it.
  4. Yes thats my first order of business and top of the list. Going down the list right after that, pick up coil and possibly a flywheel swap since this is happening only when rpms go up. Starts right up and idles perfect.
  5. No such thing as a stupid question and a very good point. Thats why i always like to test each part while you have the tester out. It only takes a few minutes. And for the members that don't know how... well we can all walk you through that. Bit def a valid question there @MarkinAR
  6. Actually got the harness in and the carb rebuilt. No luck! Still backfiring and not getting past half throttle. Electrical is one of my strong subjects and was banking on the harness being the problem since it was in such burnt condition and a week ignition spark. New harness installed and the spark was so much better so i thought bang im good. So anyway @quadnut20 im back to square one. Going to check timing and go from there.
  7. Sounds interesting! Don't get lost brother, all the bikes up to par and ready to roll? I am working on a project bike but looking to get the lift kits installed on the two ranchers in the next few weeks as soon as the garage is cleared out of the other atvs.
  8. You can test all the parts except the cdi. Its all in the manual. All you need is a tester to do it. If you need some help or the numbers shown in the manual let me know.
  9. Here's the deal with the wires on the relay. The start relay has four wires, one light green one brown and two black. The the green is connected to the neutral safety switch. The brown wire is 12v+ as soon as you put the bike in neutral it grounds the light green wire and the round aluminum relay gets power and closes the contact in the relay making the two black wires connect allowing the starter too work. The second relay is just for starting purposes. Neither should prevent spark from happening. If you don't have spark then it's something else like a bad stator not starter (Stator coil) or rectifier etc. Maybe a bad kill switch or something else.
  10. Holy crap! How much? This would be the bring back to life of the year !!
  11. Thanks @06kfx440 I will never let an engine beat me. Never
  12. Update: New harness is installed and carburetor rebuilt! I thought for sure this would solve the problem since the spark looked 10 times better. NOPE! The engine refuses to rev past half throttle. Carburetor is 100% good, i have a lot of backfiring as well but that was also going on before all this. Tested all components except the cdi and we all know why we can't test that little fucker, but everything else is well within spec. Now I've gone over the entire engine and nothing looks like its been taken apart in fact its all factory looking and like new but i am leaning toward the timing because the backfire issue or maybe a cam?? Pick up coil maybe ? But it tested good, the rpms coming up seem to throw it off. Flywheel/magnets???? I guess take a look at tye top end first and go from there. Stay tuned! FML......
  13. The next switch that goes bad hold it and to selectively take it apart and inspect the contact board to see if its burnt inside. There could be a fault like @Ajmboy said maybe a back feed of 12v from someplace. Are there any aftermarket parts like a winch or lights on the bike ?
  14. That sucks @mikeexplorer but please let us know when you plan on hitting a trail maybe if its close enough i will join if that's ok ?
  15. Could be but @Dra O knows whats what. Hopefully he has everything proper and all other usual suspects are looked at.
  16. Most likely in brother. Checking my schedule and will let you know asap!
  17. Happens to the best of us brother. Great topic post though.
  18. I think your coil is fine. Tester at 2000 you got a 0.2 reading. (within spec) no? Second test on the spark plug wire your at 4.5 (within spec) no? I think the coil is fine, the cap can be tested with a simple continuity test and worst case cut the spark plug wire back a half inch and put the cap back on. My guess is a ground failure maybe on the kill switch or elsewhere but i could be wrong. And agreed on the $7 bucks for a new coil for shits and giggles. Test your stator coil and pick up coil since your going through the motions.
  19. Agreed. Worst case you wind up with arc marks on the relay from the sparks. Starting it shouldn't be a problem of the carburetor is correct and the choke works. So no starting fluid hopefully.
  20. No problem. Any questions feel free to ask. And pay ot forewrd to the next guy who needs help!
  21. Fyi @Colin Davis you can have access to the download section after 10 contributing posts in the forum or by becoming a paid member. The drop down menu is on the top right side, click on repair menu and then sub category. Scroll down to Yamaha and it's pretty much self explanatory from there.

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