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  1. it will be fine. Just need to figure out what diagram fits your atv. Can you post sole pics of the cdi and the ignition. Make sure there aren’t any wires that your not seeing that may be disconnected?
  2. This is the US diagram. Sorry about that mix up. You might have them wrong cdi if that’s what you purchased or that atv is the Europe model which I doubt.
  3. I just realized that diagram is the Europe model. Hang on a sec
  4. That grey wire goes from the cdi to the ignition switch.
  5. No worries, that’s what we are here for! keep us posted.
  6. Welcome to Quadcrazy! My guess is third gear is probably shot. Unless the shifter is blocked by something I would assume it’s an internal problem. This would only be corrected by pulling the engine and splitting it open. As far as any mods/new engines I would probably stay with my existing engine and just repair it. If this type of repair is beyond your capabilities then send the engine out to be repaired.
  7. Pressure washer ! Small one like we spoke about a week or so ago.
  8. Only thing I can think of on the simple side would be a dirty carburetor or stuck choke, maybe poor fuel delivery from the tank. Second thing would be electrical. The spark could be breaking down so it could be a bad rectifier or ignition coil, maybe water inside the kill switch or ignition switch, a break in the wire harness maybe where you have an intermittent short. You can do some easy testing on some of the electrical parts other then the cdi. lastly I would check the timing to make sure it hasn’t jumped a tooth or two on the cam sprocket. Based on the backfiring it’s a symptom of timing but hit the simple stuff first before you start digging deep. Honestly and I don’t want to sound repetitive we have had members here that swore the gas was fine and the plug was good and after a second look it turned out to be just that. Hopefully this helps you out.
  9. $34 is a great price and it’s a direct fit. I added one to my rancher last year. The previous owner left a cigar on the seat and it burnt the cover. My older project bikes I like to make myself.
  10. Agreed with @Ajmboy could be a foiled plug or a dirty carburetor as well as bad gas.
  11. Good stuff brother. Nice work, try and stay away from them branches. Ride safe and good luck hunting this year. Be sure to post some pics.
  12. I was there at one point. Right now I have four atv’s and one dirt bike. Going to get rid of at least one quad and the dirt bike.
  13. Wow that sounds scary, by the topic it sounded like YOU got impaled!!! The lever/shifter prob just got bent. It should run fine with it bent. Juts make sure there is nothing blocking the shifter so it goes completely into the gear you want. That is the hand shifter on the left side by the fender correct ? When your ready to repair it then remove it from the machine and heat it up and bend it back to where it was. If your not sure what it looked like before it was bent then look the part up and it will give you an idea of what it looked like. You can also buy another shifter just to be safe.
  14. I can’t help but to look as a drive now. I see shit all the time. I actually pressure washed the bear tracker and fired it up. She runs good, took it out for a spin last night. I think I’m going to bring her up to the new property and leave it up there for the hunting season. Time to install the lift kits and bigger rims and tires on the ranchers so I need a little room.
  15. I don't know why the jets are the same but my guess over all would be the air/fuel mixture screw being worn. Put the oem rebuild kit in from ex caliber and see what happens.
  16. That’s a smart move having that extra foot rest. Wiring fixable ?
  17. I’m in NY southern zone. I’ve seen some big deer and a bunch of little guys. They are all spread out now. This new guy here showed up this weekend. Haven’t seen him until now. Nice big bodied deer. Racks are good but not like the monsters near you and Ohio and other states but I’ll take it.
  18. It’s like buying a car on a rainy day there’s no squeaks or noise. Everything else is manageable but the oil plug is a bitch! CANT WAIT FOR RIFLE SEASON!! got some big racks this year. They are all nocturnal now. I went from over 1000 pics of these guys all hours of the day to maybe 20 and they are all in the middle of the night and with a doe.
  19. Nice work @Spartacus Stroppel I started doing this a few years back and have had great success. I order my own material from amazon now and make all kinds of seat covers. They sell material by the yard for $8 and $10 bucks so I get at least two seat covers out of one piece of fabric. I do a lot of molding work for houses and use my compressor for my nail gun so I went and bought an air staple gun, it makes life a lot easier.
  20. I would agree @Spartacus Stroppel IF THE BOOT was not torn in a few spots. But if he’s going to replace it anyway like he said then yes I would open it up/cut it off before it’s taken apart so you can see where and if it’s an alignment problem. A boot with holes is useless. It needs to be replaced along with the seal that’s leaking.
  21. Probably not the battery, it’s either a bad starter/brushes or a starter relay. Easy test is to jump the two wires on the starter solenoid and see if the starter cranks. The wires are the two larger ones with the nuts holding them on the solenoid. ONLY DO THIS FOR A SECOND! If the engine does not crank then the starter need to be replaced.

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