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  1. Usually a good starting place is about 1-3/4 turns out from a snug bright position. Adjust it as the bike is running the more the bike revs the better. Then just lower the idle as needed at the end. Good luck.
  2. Welcome to Quadcrazy. What did you set the adjustment screws at? Air/fuel an shows the idle? Did you reassemble the float properly? That needle that closes off fuel to the bowl sometimes is tricky making sure it’s attached to the floats. I’m sure your work was good on the carb but I’ve missed stupid things too. It’s clearly a fuel issue so it has to be either the carb or fuel line. I would go back and look. Also the rubber manifold that connects the carburetor to the engine, make sure it’s not cracked sucking in air. Before you do anything try this. Take the cap off the gas tank and blow into the tank putting pressure into the tank will push that needle in the carb down and try to start the engine. See what happens. Sounds crazy but hey I’ve done it.
  3. @JacobSlabach what’s up. Haven’t seen you on. What are you up to ? Working on anything ?
  4. Hey @Deuce welcome to Quadcrazy! Don’t try ! Do it ! Lost trails is a great place and has multiple types of trails. I have rode with @06kfx440and it’s a blast. If you ever feel like coming out for a ride let us know.
  5. Sorry my bad I meant to say weather it’s powder coat or paint DuPont makes a flex agent additive for the paint to make it flexible on plastics.
  6. If you have the paint gun and you know how to spray then your set. Keep us posted and some pics brother. Keep in mind what India’s weather powder coating or spray. DuPont make a flex agent additive.
  7. I know what you meant brother. But the kids are consuming also lol. I would definitely explore painting them. Even if you screw them up then no loss. I can tell you this. I’ve tried everyone of the theories out there. The only luck I’ve had was water sanding with 2000 grit sand paper and buffing out with compound and a wheel. And that’s a pain in the ass!!
  8. That all depends on what brand atv it is, does it have a battery? Most bikes are set up to be able to power what there designed for. So if your bike has no design for power out put other then to keep a charge on the battery then anything you connect to the battery may drain the battery a lot more since the engines alternator will not be able to replenish the draw on the battery form the lights you’ve added.
  9. Understatement of the year !!!! Time consuming!! It looks great and has a nice blue but I have to say I’ve only been successful with one bike I did plastic restore on and it’s still only 90% . Now having said that I can tell you I’ve had 100% success with painting and vinyl and such. With proper sanding, prep work you can spray them yourself weather it be with can or spray gun they come out great. I like a spray gun because you can add a flex agent into the paint for flexibility. Ive also prepped them myself and had a local body shop spray them for me in a booth. Charged me very little as they only take minutes and i set it up so when he was spraying black on a car he was painting I used what was left over and the painter was already to go. It’s not like they went out of there way to mix colors etc.
  10. Nice looking box and the size is nice. So what’s going to be kept in there ?
  11. Nice work. Always good to be able to see Got any pics ?
  12. Well done, the exhaust if it’s got leaks can make the engine run a little off due to a loss of back pressure.
  13. Probably, did you adjust the carb as I explained ?
  14. A full rebuild kit soaking and blowing out the ports would be a big help. That fuel air screw is prob beyond shot. I would go this route before replacing the carb with an aftermarket. Mikuni is a good carburetor and can be rebuilt. The mid level oil if over filled will cause problems with oil leakage.
  15. Why would you want to go through all of that? Unless it’s a specialty item or a very old bike I would think you could replace it. Caltric is a company on eBay and amazon that really produces a decent coil. I can say that’s based on my opinion only from three bikes I’ve replaced them in without any issues to date. Two of the bikes were built two years ago and ridden to hell and back. Still good !
  16. You can probably order a rebuild kit and get that spring for the fuel/air screw with the kit. Is there a name on the carburetor? The idle screw may be wrong. Look up the blown up carb view in the manual and see what you find. If you can post a few pics of the carb. You can also pick up the oem throttle cable and double check the length against the old one.
  17. This should be the red/black wire going into the light. Your light bar will need to be grounded (black wire) attached to the frame or engine and the red/black to the positive wire of the light bar.
  18. I honestly think someone put it in there unless you are the original owner.
  19. Thats a great file to have. I’m currently tearing my bike apart and adding bigger tires, new rims, a small lift kit and a winch. I hope to god I never have to tear into my winch like that but who knows one day I may have too. Good stuff @mikeexplorer
  20. Have you looked the fill plug cap where oil fills in ? Maybe the bottom half of that plug?
  21. Btw welcome to Quadcrazy!! Here are some diagrams for your bike. I also gave you the neutral safety switch layout. I’m only pointing you in that direction since you said it happened when you put it in reverse. I could be way off on that theory though. There are a few different diagrams here for your bike so pick and choose as you need. Feel free to ask any questions.
  22. There going to be a set of wires someplace in the area of the shifter. That set of wires will be a neutral light and a reverse light. The reverse light wire is usually red but don't quote me on that. You should start to go through the wiring and see if something is pinched, crushed or shorted out. I will see if I can find something for you on the diagram.

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