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  1. Hey @caperwing Can you explain that a little better ? Are we taking about the fluid in the system and hydraulic ? What did you do and how did you do it exactly?
  2. Could be a bad cdi. I would start by testing some of the regular components to see if there within spec. Stator, pick up coil, secondary coil and the regulator/rectifier. If all of that tests fine then all indications will point to a new cdi.
  3. You got the rpm/tachometer to work ? Sounds good.
  4. Lol well it looks like your better at the bbq then rebuilding carburetors!!!! Lol just kidding. Food looks amazing, call me next time I’m coming over ! Seriously though you did some good work. Unfortunately you have what is called a flat spot in the carburetor , it’s going to take some more time to adjust the carb and test. Did you replace the air/fuel screw ? This could be a problem if the screw is worn or damaged. Maybe adjust the needle on the throttle slide by moving the clip into a different notch. Check the spec for where it needs to be or move it and test ride. You will get it dialed in. It’s just one of them pain in the ass cranky carburetors.
  5. The stator wires coming from the engine are what color ? The color of the sensor wires also for cooling?
  6. I’m sure your pretty much stumped with this but there are really only a few ways fuel can get into your crank case. Stay positive, do a compression test and see what it looks like. Go from there.
  7. Hey @orvilleortiz538 I’m sorry I didn’t see your post. Let me take a look and see what Info I can find and try to help you out.
  8. Well I would suspect a compression test will answer a lot of your questions.
  9. Lol. Today’s items that we all pack are much smaller. When I rode w my friends back in the day it was gas and spark plugs. After that it was throw it in the truck! But todays items like compressors, plug kits jumper packs etc are easy to take a long. Plus the new bags that they have to mount on your bike to store this shit are so cool and easy.
  10. I think you should be able to unplug it. But if it’s deeper then that your going to have to remove the plastics anyway. If this is the case then it’s a good time to take them off, fix the problem and also clean the bike up a bit as well as the plastics while they are off the bike.
  11. Awesome work brother. Let us know how you make out on the bayou. Post some pics of the Kodiak ! Lets get started on that one.
  12. Only thing I can think of is there is a vacuum clog someplace. Have you checked all breather lines and make sure they are all clear ?
  13. Exactly so keep it as is and maybe find a new project to mod out ?
  14. Wow I completely missed that. I thought you meant the bike had gas as in full. Gas on the oil?
  15. None, I think you misunderstood my posts. I would leave it be. These bikes are not a “mod” type bike. The trike racers came with a clutch and we’re more friendly to modding. Sounds like yours is more of a trail bike. If so I would try my best to keep it in as best shape possible and in tact and stock. These bikes are getting tougher to find in that condition.
  16. No problem brother we are here to help. Do some homework on the oem size jets for that carburetor and get an oem rebuild kit and have at it! You should see an immediate reaction in the engine performance when you adjust the mixture screw. If your not then there’s a problem. That o ring, steel waster and spring assembly has to go in right on that mixture screw. Study the carb diagram and make sure everything is correct. Any Questions ask away.
  17. Have you tried to unplug the rectifier and then tested for continuity? I would start unplugging things and testing as you go along to see if you can isolate this. Did anything happen while you were riding or is it possible that the wiring harness took a hit someplace ?
  18. I’m sure you are excited!!! I’m so happy for you kiddo. Now you have to put that thing in some mud and show us some videos!! Cant keep up them 14 hour days, all work no play is not good for anyone !
  19. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Rich1028 Holy crap that’s a gem, I love that bike!!! its like riding a bicycle, you will pick up right where you left off. You will find everything you need here on Quadcrazy! Great job in keeping that bike in such great shape and stay with it and ride safe brother.

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