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  1. @Frank Angerano so i got it running the N safety switch was bad so i grounded it out an fired up. A couple days later it had no spark at all i know the motor pretty much runs off the blue an yellow wire an the red an black wire. I believe the exciter coil maybe bad or the stator but the only wires coming from the case are the black an red an blue an yellow ( not eorried about 4th gear limiter) what reading should i get from those wire volts an ohms. Honestly the more detailed the better
  2. @MarkinAR will atc70 parts fit the trx90? 1 who should I go through for front rear sprocket 2. where can I get the fly wheel removal tool.3. Smaller tires who should I get 4 i want to extend the swing arm an give it more of a pronounced look.5. Also want to put decent power out too.
  3. okay I'm looking to get a performance carburetor or a aftermarket one any ideas
  4. @Frank Angerano what do you mean phase to phase in electrical really isn't my forte but I do have a cheap meter
  5. I have a 2000 Honda trx90 I got from a buddy for free he said it needed a carb so I put his old carb back on it to try to get something out of it and it does not have any Spark. I already replaced the ignition coil I don't know much about four wheelers but I am a technician so I do know my way around a motor any electrical help would be wonderful or specs I don't have the best digital multimeter either.
  6. @MarkinAR ok what should i go for on the sprocket for the rear an front if u have a link that would help an same with the 106cc kit an other mods
  7. @Lance Workman what kind of exhaust should i put on an what jets should I put on it. What other mods can i do. I want to keep it more for my self i am 20 an a smaller framed guy about 140ish. Probably look at spending 3-500 at the moment an continuing to upgrade over the summer an winter.
  8. Hey guys I'm new to the Forum I just got a 2000 Honda trx90 looking to make it go a little bit quicker I don't know much about four wheelers but I am a technician at a dealership so I know my way around a motor.

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